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an-Naba` (The Tidings, The Announcement)
as rendered by Rashad Khalifa
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Rashad Khalifa rendition of Surah The Tidings, The Announcement(an-Naba`)
78:1 What are they questioning
78:2 The great event
78:3 That is disputed by them
78:4 Indeed, they will find out
78:5 Most assuredly, they will find out
78:6 Did we not make the earth habitable
78:7 And the mountains stabilizers
78:8 We created you as mates (for one another)
78:9 We created sleeping so you can rest
78:10 We made the night a cover
78:11 And the day to seek provisions
78:12 We built above you seven universes
78:13 We created a bright lamp
78:14 We send down from the clouds pouring water
78:15 To produce with it grains and plants
78:16 And various orchards
78:17 The Day of Decision is appointed
78:18 The day the horn is blown, and you come in throngs
78:19 The heaven will be opened like gates
78:20 The mountains will be removed, as if they were a mirage
78:21 Gehenna is inevitable
78:22 For the transgressors; it will be their abode
78:23 They stay in it for ages
78:24 They never taste in it coolness, nor a drink
78:25 Only an inferno, and bitter food
78:26 A just requital
78:27 They never expected to be held accountable
78:28 And utterly rejected our signs
78:29 We counted everything in a record
78:30 Suffer the consequences; we will only increase your retribution
78:31 The righteous have deserved a reward
78:32 Orchards and grapes
78:33 Magnificent spouses
78:34 Delicious drinks
78:35 They will never hear in it any nonsense or lies
78:36 A reward from your Lord; a generous recompense
78:37 Lord of the heavens and the earth, and everything between them. The Most Gracious. No one can abrogate His decisions
78:38 The day will come when the Spirit and the angels will stand in a row. None will speak except those permitted by the Most Gracious, and they will utter only what is right
78:39 Such is the inevitable day. Whoever wills let him take refuge in his Lord
78:40 We have sufficiently warned you about an imminent retribution. That is the day when everyone will examine what his hands have sent forth, and the disbeliever will say, "Oh, I wish I were dust."


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