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al-Insan (Man)
as rendered by Muhammad Sarwar
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Muhammad Sarwar rendition of Surah Man(al-Insan)
76:1 There was certainly a time when there was no mention of the human being
76:2 We created the human being from the union of sperm and egg to test him. We gave him hearing and vision
76:3 We showed him the right path whether he would be grateful or ungrateful
76:4 We have prepared chains, shackles, and flaming fire (for the disbelievers)
76:5 The virtuous ones will drink from a cup containing campho
76:6 which flows from a spring from which the servants of God will drink
76:7 The servants of God fulfill their vows and are afraid of the day in which there will be widespread terror
76:8 They feed the destitute, orphans, and captives for the love of God, saying
76:9 "We only feed you for the sake of God and we do not want any reward or thanks from you
76:10 We are afraid of our Lord and the bitterly distressful day"
76:11 God will certainly rescue them from the terror of that day and will meet them with joy and pleasure
76:12 For their patience, He will reward them with Paradise and silk
76:13 They will recline therein on couches and they will find neither excessive heat nor cold
76:14 The shades of the garden will be closely spread over them and it will be easy for them to reach the fruits
76:15 They will be served with silver dishes and crystal clear goblets
76:16 Also there will be crystal clear goblets of silver containing the exact measure of drink which they desire
76:17 They will drink cups containing (soft flowing) sparkling wate
76:18 from a spring named salsabil
76:19 They will be served by immortal youths who look like scattered pearls
76:20 If you were to see it, you would find it to be a great kingdom with great bounty
76:21 They will have fine green silk and brocade, and they will be decked with bracelets of silver. Their Lord will provide them with a drink of pure wine
76:22 This will be their reward and their efforts will be appreciated
76:23 (Muhammad), We have revealed the Quran to you in gradual steps
76:24 So wait patiently for the command of your Lord and do not yield to any sinful or disbelieving person among them (people)
76:25 Mention the Name of your Lord, mornings and evenings
76:26 Prostrate before Him and glorify Him extensively during the night
76:27 These people (disbelievers) love the worldly life and neglect the terrifying day which will come
76:28 We have created them and have given them strength. Had We wanted, We could have replaced them with another people like them
76:29 This chapter is a reminder. Let those who want, seek guidance from their Lord
76:30 (The virtuous mentioned in this chapter) want only what God wants. God is All-knowing and All-wise
76:31 He admits to His mercy whomever He wants. For the unjust He has prepared a painful punishment


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