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al-Insan (Man)
as rendered by Maulana Muhammad Ali
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Maulana Muhammad Ali rendition of Surah Man(al-Insan)
76:1 Surely there came over man a time when he was nothing that could be mentioned
76:2 Surely We have created man from sperm mixed (with ovum), to try him, so We have made him hearing, seeing
76:3 We have truly shown him the way; he may be thankful or unthankful
76:4 Surely We have prepared for the disbelievers chains and shackles and a burning Fire
76:5 The righteous truly drink of a cup tempered with camphor -
76:6 A fountain from which the servants of Allah drink, making it flow in abundance
76:7 They fulfil vows and fear a day, the evil of which is widespread
76:8 And they give food, out of love for Him, to the poor and the orphan and the captive
76:9 We fed you, for Allah’s pleasure only -- We desire from you neither reward nor thanks
76:10 Surely we fear from our Lord a stern, distressful day
76:11 So Allah will ward off from them the evil of that day, and cause them to meet with spendour and happiness
76:12 And reward them, for their steadfastness, with a Garden and with silk
76:13 Reclining therein on raised couches; they will see therein neither (excessive heat of) sun nor intense cold
76:14 And close down upon them are its shadows, and its fruits are made near (to them), easy to reach
76:15 And round about them are made to go vessels of silver and goblets of glass
76:16 Crystal-clear, made of silver -- they have measured them according to a measure
76:17 And they are made to drink therein a cup tempered with ginger -
76:18 (Of) a fountains therein called Salsabil
76:19 And round about them will go youths, never altering in age; when thou seest them thou wilt think them to be scattered pearls
76:20 And when thou lookest thither, thou seest blessings and a great kingdom
76:21 On them are garments of fine green silk and thick brocade, and they are adorned with bracelets of silver, and their Lord makes them to drink a pure drink
76:22 Surely this is a reward for you, and your striving is recompensed
76:23 Surely We have revealed the Qur’an to thee, in portions
76:24 So wait patiently for the judgment of thy Lord, and obey not a sinner or an ungrateful one among them
76:25 And glorify the name of thy Lord morning and evening
76:26 And during part of the night adore Him, and glorify Him throughout a long night
76:27 Surely these love the transitory life and neglect a grievous day before them
76:28 We created them and made firm their make, and, when We will, We can bring in their place the like of them by change
76:29 Surely this is a Reminder; so whoever will, let him take a way to his Lord
76:30 And you will not, unless Allah pleases. Surely Allah is ever Knowing, Wise -
76:31 He admits whom He pleases to His mercy; and the wrongdoers -- He has prepared for them a painful chastisement


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