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al-Qiyamah (The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection)
as rendered by T.B.Irving
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T.B.Irving rendition of Surah The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection(al-Qiyamah)
75:1 I do swear by Resurrection Day,
75:2 as I swear by the rebuking soul,
75:3 does man reckon We shall never gather his bones together [again]?
75:4 Of course We are Capable of reshaping even his fingertips.
75:5 Yet man wants to carouse right out in the open.
75:6 He asks: "When will Resurrection Day be ?"
75:7 When one´s sight is dazzled,
75:8 and the moon is eclipsed,
75:9 as the sun and moon are brought together,
75:10 on that day (every)man will say: Where is there any escape?
75:11 Of course there will be no sanctuary;
75:12 recourse will be only with your Lord on that day.
75:13 Man will be notified that day about anything he has sent on ahead or else held back.
75:14 Indeed man holds evidence even against himself
75:15 although he may proffer his excuses.
75:16 Do not try to hurry it up with your tongue;
75:17 it is up to Us to collect it, as well as [to know how] to recite it.
75:18 So whenever We do read it, follow in its reading;
75:19 it is then We Who must explain it!
75:20 Indeed how you (all) love the fleeting present
75:21 while you neglect the Hereafter!
75:22 Some faces will be radiant on that day,
75:23 looking toward their Lord;
75:24 while other faces will be scowling on that day,
75:25 thinking that some impoverishing blow will be dealt them.
75:26 Indeed when it reaches as high as one´s collarbone
75:27 and someone says: "Who is such a wizard?",
75:28 he will suppose that it means leave-taking
75:29 while one shin will twist around the other shin [to keep it from moving];
75:30 towards your Lord will the Drive be on that day!
75:31 He was not trusting and did not pray,
75:32 but said: "No!" and turned away.
75:33 Then he stalked off haughtily to his family,
75:34 [though] closer to you and even closer!
75:35 Then closer to you [lies your doom] and still closer!
75:36 Does man reckon he´ll be left forlorn?
75:37 Was he not once a drop of ejected semen?
75:38 Then he became a clot, so [God] created and fashioned [him]
75:39 and made him into two sexes, male and female.
75:40 Is such a Being not Able to revive the dead?


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