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al-Qiyamah (The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection)
as rendered by Maududi
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Maududi rendition of Surah The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection(al-Qiyamah)
75:1 Nay, I swear by the Day of Resurrection
75:2 and nay, I swear by the self-reproaching soul
75:3 Does man imagine that We will not be able to bring his bones together again
75:4 Yes indeed; We have the power to remould even his finger-tips
75:5 But man desires to persist in his evil ways
75:6 He asks: "When will the Day of Resurrection be?"
75:7 When the sight is dazed
75:8 and the moon is eclipsed
75:9 and the sun and the moon are joined together
75:10 on that Day will man say: "Whither the refuge?"
75:11 No, there is no refuge
75:12 With your Lord alone will be the retreat that Day
75:13 On that Day will man be apprised of his deeds, both the earlier and the later
75:14 But lo, man is well aware of himself
75:15 even though he might make up excuses
75:16 (O Prophet), do not stir your tongue hastily (to commit the Revelation to memory)
75:17 Surely it is for Us to have you commit it to memory and to recite it
75:18 And so when We recite it, follow its recitation attentively
75:19 then it will be for Us to explain it
75:20 Nay; the truth is that you love ardently (the good of this world) that can be obtained hastily
75:21 and are oblivious of the Hereafter
75:22 Some faces on that Day will be fresh and resplendent
75:23 and will be looking towards their Lord
75:24 and some faces on that Day will be gloomy
75:25 believing that a crushing calamity is about to strike them
75:26 Nay; when a man´s soul reaches up to the throat
75:27 and it is said: "Is there any enchanter who can step forward and help (by his chanting)?"
75:28 and he realises that the hour of parting is come
75:29 and calf is inter-twined with calf
75:30 On that Day you will be driven to your Lord
75:31 But he did not verify the Truth, nor did he observe Prayer
75:32 on the contrary, he gave the lie to the Truth and turned his back upon it
75:33 then he went back to his kinsfolk, elated with pride
75:34 This (attitude) is worthy of you, altogether worthy
75:35 again, it is worthy of you, altogether worthy
75:36 Does man think that he will be left alone, unquestioned
75:37 Was he not a drop of ejaculated semen
75:38 then he became a clot, and then Allah made it into a living body and proportioned its parts
75:39 and then He made of him a pair, male and female
75:40 Does He, then, not have the power to bring back the dead to life


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