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al-Qiyamah (The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah The Rising of the Dead, Resurrection(al-Qiyamah)
75:1 No! I swear by the Day of the Resurrection
75:2 And no! I swear by the self, constantly self-blaming
75:3 Does man reckon that We will never gather his bones
75:4 Yes indeed, We are (always) Determiners over molding (again) his finger-tips
75:5 No indeed, but man would (like) to act impiously in the (life) before him
75:6 He asks, "When will be the Day of the Resurrection?"
75:7 Yet, when the sight (Literally: the beholding) is dazed
75:8 And the moon eclipses, (Or: cave in)
75:9 And the sun and the moon are gathered together
75:10 Upon that Day man will say, "Where to flee?" (Literally: Where is the fleeing?)
75:11 Not at all, no subterfuge
75:12 To your Lord upon that day will be the repository
75:13 Upon that Day man will be fully informed of whatever he forwarded and deferred
75:14 No indeed, (but) man is a demonstration against himself
75:15 Even though he cast forth his (ready) excuses
75:16 Do not move your tongue with it (The Qur'an) to hasten on with it
75:17 Surely upon Us is the gathering of it and its all-evident reading
75:18 So when We have read it, then closely follow its all-evident reading
75:19 Thereafter surely upon Us is its evident (exposition)
75:20 Not at all! No indeed, (but) you (i.e., mankind) love the hasty (world)
75:21 And leave behind the Hereafter
75:22 Faces upon that Day will be blooming
75:23 Looking towards their Lord
75:24 And faces upon that Day shall be scowling
75:25 Expecting that a (back-breaking) calamity is going to be performed upon them
75:26 Not at all! When it reaches the clavicles
75:27 And it is said, "Who is an enchanter?"
75:28 And he expects that it is the parting
75:29 And shank is entwined with shank
75:30 To your Lord upon that Day will be the driving
75:31 So he neither sincerely (believed) nor prayed
75:32 But he cried lies, and turned away
75:33 Thereafter he went to his family striding haughtily
75:34 (It is) more appropriate to you, then more appropriate! (i.e., punishment)
75:35 Thereafter (it is) more appropriate for you, then more appropriate
75:36 Does man reckon that he will be left in vain
75:37 Was he not a spermdrop ejaculated
75:38 Thereafter he was a clot (i.e., a leach-like clot). So He created, then He molded
75:39 So He made him of two spouses, the male and the female
75:40 Is He (Literally: That) not (always) Determiner over giving life to the dead


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