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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 A sceptical questioner demanded a punishment to fall
70:2 upon the disbelievers; nothing can ward it off once it comes
70:3 from Allah, the Lord of the spiritual stairways to the Heavens,
70:4 by which the angels and the Noble Spirit ascend to Him on a Day with a time-span of fifty thousand years.
70:5 So Messenger! Be patient in a beautiful manner!
70:6 Indeed, they consider it a long way off,
70:7 yet We know it is near.
70:8 The Day when the sky will be like molten brass,
70:9 and the hanging mountains will be like masses of fluffed wool
70:10 It will be a Day when no close friend will bother to ask anything of his close friend,
70:11 yet they will be within sight of one another. The wicked person will wish to give away everything to save himself from punishment that Day, even his children,
70:12 his spouse, his brother,
70:13 his blood relatives who sheltered him,
70:14 and everyone on Earth, to save his own skin.
70:15 That will not happen! There will be a raging flame
70:16 that peels away the skin.
70:17 Hell shall call out to all who turned their backs and turned away,
70:18 the one who gathered wealth and hoarded it
70:19 Humans were created anxious;
70:20 when misfortune befalls them, they are impatient,
70:21 and when good fortune befalls them, they are selfish;
70:22 except the worshippers,
70:23 who perform their prayer constantly,
70:24 in whose wealth is a due share
70:25 for the beggar and the deprived,
70:26 who believe in Judgement Day,
70:27 who are fearful of their Lord’s punishment,
70:28 their Lord’s punishment from which no one is safe
70:29 Who guard their sexual purity,
70:30 except from their spouses, or their slave maids; for that they can’t be blamed.
70:31 But those whose lustful desires go beyond that, they are the transgressors.
70:32 Who fulfil their trusts and promises,
70:33 who give honest testimonies,
70:34 who are focused and regular in their prayers.
70:35 They will be honoured in delightful gardens
70:36 What is the matter with the disbelievers? They all stare at you Prophet,
70:37 from the right and the left.
70:38 Does each one of them expect to be admitted into a Garden of Delight?
70:39 That will never happen; We created them from something they know.
70:40 So I swear by the Lord of the Eastern and the Western horizons, indeed We are fully capable
70:41 of replacing them with people better than them, and no one can stop Us.
70:42 So leave them pandering to their idle talk and playing games, until they face Judgement Day, which they are promised.
70:43 The Day they will quickly come out of the graves, as if racing towards goal posts,
70:44 their eyes cast down and faces covered with humiliation. That is the Day, which they were promised


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