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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 The skeptics ask about the torment that is bound to land
70:2 Upon the unbelievers! Nothing can ward it off
70:3 (It is) from Allah, the Lord of the means of ascent (to the heavens)
70:4 The angels and the spirits rise up towards Him during a day that spans fifty thousand years
70:5 So endure (all adversity) with grace and patience
70:6 Indeed, they consider the punishment to be far in the future
70:7 While We see it close at hand
70:8 The sky that day, will be like molten copper
70:9 And the mountains like the fluffy tufts of wool
70:10 Even the closest friends would fail to inquire about (the welfare of) their close friends
70:11 Although, they would see each other! The criminal, that day, would like to escape punishment by offering his own son as ransom
70:12 His wife and his brother
70:13 And (all) relatives _ (even those) who had sheltered him (through the years)
70:14 In fact, (he would be ready to offer as ransom) every single soul on earth, if he could (in return) save himself
70:15 No! Of course not! It is a blazing inferno
70:16 And it will scald away the scalps (of the unbelievers)
70:17 It will summon (by name), all those who turned their backs and ran away (from the truth)
70:18 And amassed (wealth), and hoarded it
70:19 Indeed, man is created impatient (and fretful)
70:20 He (frets and) panics in the face of adversity
70:21 And acts niggardly when he encounters good fortune
70:22 Except those who perform ´salat´
70:23 (Successful are) those who are steadfast (prompt, and punctual) in their ´salat´
70:24 Those who accept a due share in their wealth
70:25 For people seeking (alms), and for the deprived
70:26 (Successful are) those who believe in the Day of Judgment
70:27 Those who were fearful of the torment inflicted by their Lord
70:28 Indeed, None may feel (wholly) secure and indifferent to the torment of their Lord
70:29 (Successful are) those who rein in their sexuality
70:30 Except with their spouses _ those whom their right hands possess; because then, they are not blameworthy
70:31 While those seeking anything beyond that are really the transgressors
70:32 (Successful are) those who discharged their trusts faithfully, and honor their pledges
70:33 And when they bear witness, they stand firm (and are truthful)
70:34 Those who perform their ´salat´ devotedly and diligently
70:35 Such (righteous) ones would be honored in paradise
70:36 So what is wrong with the unbelievers? Why do they run towards you
70:37 (They are ever so ready to denounce you) in groups, on the right and on the left
70:38 Does every man among them aspire to enter the blessings filled paradise
70:39 No, of course not! We have created them out of (base) matter that they know (and are familiar with)
70:40 Certainly not! I swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests, that We are indeed capable
70:41 Of replacing them with (other creations) better than them. We shall certainly not be surpassed
70:42 So let them stay engrossed in their idle talks and their games, until they come to face their promised day
70:43 That day they would rush out of their graves fast, as if they were hurrying towards their goal
70:44 Their eyes shall be down cast (with shame). Humiliation and disgrace shall overwhelm them (completely). They are being promised (just) such a day


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