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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Abdel Haleem
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Abdel Haleem rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 A man [mockingly] demanded the punishment
70:2 It will fall on the disbelievers––none can deflect it–&ndash
70:3 from God, the Lord of the Ways of Ascent
70:4 by which the angels and the Spirit ascend to Him, on a Day whose length is fifty thousand years
70:5 So be patient, [Prophet], as befits you
70:6 The disbelievers think it is distant
70:7 but We know it to be close
70:8 On a Day when the heavens will be like molten bras
70:9 and the mountains like tufts of wool
70:10 when no friend will ask about his friend
70:11 even when they are within sight of one another. The guilty person will wish he could save himself from the suffering of that Day by sacrificing his sons
70:12 his spouse, his brother
70:13 the kinsfolk who gave him shelter
70:14 and everyone on earth, if it could save him
70:15 But no! There is a raging flam
70:16 that strips away the skin
70:17 and it will claim everyone who rejects the truth, turns away
70:18 amasses wealth and hoards it
70:19 Man was truly created anxious
70:20 he is fretful when misfortune touches him
70:21 but tight-fisted when good fortune comes his way
70:22 Not so those who pra
70:23 and are constant in their prayers
70:24 who give a due share of their wealt
70:25 to beggars and the deprived
70:26 who believe in the Day of Judgemen
70:27 and fear the punishment of their Lord–&ndash
70:28 none may feel wholly secure from it–&ndash
70:29 who guard their chastit
70:30 from all but their spouses or their slave-girls––there is no blame attached to [relations with] these
70:31 but those whose desires exceed this limit are truly transgressors–&ndash
70:32 who are faithful to their trusts and their pledges
70:33 who give honest testimon
70:34 and are steadfast in their prayers
70:35 They will be honoured in Gardens of bliss
70:36 What is wrong with the disbelievers? Why do they rush to peer at you [Prophet]
70:37 from right and left, in crowds
70:38 Does every one of them expect to enter a Garden of bliss
70:39 No! We created them from the substance they know
70:40 and, by the Lord of every sunrise and sunset, We have the powe
70:41 to substitute for them others better than they are- nothing can prevent Us from doing this
70:42 So leave them to wallow in idle talk, until they come face to face with their promised Day
70:43 the Day they will rush out of their graves as if rallying to a flag
70:44 eyes downcast and covered in shame: that is the Day of which they were warned


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