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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali
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Muhammad Mahmoud Ghali rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 A questioner asked of a befalling torment
70:2 For the disbelievers, for which there is no repelling
70:3 From Allah, The Owner of the Stairways
70:4 To Him the Angels and the Spirit ascend with difficulty to Him in a Day whereof the determined (length) is fifty thousand years
70:5 So (endure) patiently with a becoming patience
70:6 Surely they see it far off
70:7 And We see it near
70:8 On the Day when the heaven will be as molten metal
70:9 And the mountains will be as wool-tufts
70:10 And no intimate (friend) will ask (another) intimate friend
70:11 (As) they are made to behold them (i.e., each other). The criminal would like that he might ransom himself of the torment upon that Day (even) by his seeds
70:12 And his female companion and his brother
70:13 And the nearest of his kin who gave him abode
70:14 And whoever is in the earth all together, so that thereafter it might deliver him
70:15 Not at all! Surely it is a fierce Blaze
70:16 Constantly plucking forth the scalps
70:17 Calling him who withdrew and turned away
70:18 And (who) gathered (riches); (so he) prudently kept them
70:19 Surely man was created most fretful
70:20 When evil touches him, (he is) most impatient
70:21 And when charity touches him, (he is) a constant preventer of it
70:22 Except the ones who are (constantly) praying
70:23 They are the ones who are permanently preserving their prayers
70:24 And (they) are the ones in whose riches is a truthful (duty) known
70:25 For the beggar and the dispossessed
70:26 And the ones who sincerely (believe) in the Day of Doom
70:27 And they are the ones who are timorous of the torment of their Lord
70:28 Surely the torment of their Lord (leaves) none secure (Literally: other than to be secure)
70:29 And they are the ones who preserve their private parts
70:30 Except with their spouses or what their right hands possess; then surely they are not blameworthy (Literally: other than being blameworthy)
70:31 Yet, whoever inequitably seeks (anything) beyond that, then those are the ones who are the aggressors
70:32 And they (The thought continues from verse 29) are the ones who pay heed (i.e., rightly observe) to their deposits and their covenant
70:33 And they are the ones who keep up their testimonies
70:34 And they are the ones who (strictly) preserve their prayer
70:35 Those will be in Gardens, high-honored
70:36 So, for what (reason) are the ones who have disbelieved (hurrying with heads) protruding, facing you
70:37 On the right and on the left in sundry batches
70:38 Does every person of them long to be made to enter a Garden of Bliss
70:39 Not at all! Surely We created them of what they know
70:40 Yet no, I swear by The Lord of the easts and the wests; surely We are indeed (the) Determiners
70:41 To exchange a more charitable (i.e., better) (people) instead of them, and in no way will We ever be outstripped
70:42 So leave them out to wade (Or: be engrossed "in vain talk") and play until they meet the Day of theirs which they are promised
70:43 The Day they will go out of the graves swiftly, as if they were rushing to a standard
70:44 Submissive will be their be holdings (i.e., gazes).They will be oppressed by humbleness. That is the Day which they were promised


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