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al-Ma`arij (The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Ascending Stairways, The Ladders(al-Ma`arij)
70:1 Someone asked about the punishment in Hereafter
70:2 Which will be imposed upon the disbelievers whom no one can save from
70:3 By God, the Lord of ascending stairways
70:4 Whenever the Angles and the Spirit ascend to God, it takes only a day for them while during this one day 50,years is passed by in earth
70:5 Mohammad be the most patient
70:6 From the disbelievers point of view it will take forever for them to be subject to the Hereafter’s punishment
70:7 From God’s point of view, however, their punishment is much closer than what they perceive
70:8 When the end comes, the sky will look like melted copper
70:9 And the mountains will be pulverized to look like the flakes of wool
70:10 The event will be so awesome that no one will care about his body
70:11 Although the eyes will see each other…
70:12 … the fear will be so overpowering that the guilty one will not mind to offer his own beloved children&hellip
70:13 …, wife, brother, those who kindly sheltered him and&hellip
70:14 …. whatever is in the earth to save his neck
70:15 But no offer will save the guilty one from Hellfire&hellip
70:16 … which is eager to roast the one who turned away…
70:17 ….. and fled from the truth and&hellip
70:18 …. did nothing but making and saving money
70:19 One of the man’s deficiency that he has to work upon is his impatience
70:20 When man experiences hardship, he becomes depressed&hellip
70:21 and when God makes the man wealthy [instead of showing his gratefulness by becoming generous], he becomes stingy
70:22 Except those who always worship God and&hellip
70:23 devote a portion of their wealth to those who ask for financial help and&hellip
70:24 … those who&hellip
70:25 … are needy
70:26 These generous people are the ones who…
70:27 believe in the Day of Judgment and&hellip
70:28 … do not want to be convicted by their Lord
70:29 The patient ones are those who do not engage in sexual activities except&hellip
70:30 … with their wives and the ones that God has approved for them
70:31 Those who look for sex outside what God has permitted them are indeed sinners
70:32 The patient ones are the one who respect their words,&hellip
70:33 … are trustworthy and truthful in their testimony
70:34 Those who have overcome their impatient nature are the one who regularly worship God and…
70:35 …. will live in the gardens of Paradise with honor
70:36 O’ Mohammad what is wrong with these disbelievers who&hellip
70:37 … rush in toward you from every side to mock at you
70:38 How can they even think about being admitted to paradise
70:39 Indeed they dream on; they themselves know their true nature
70:40 Your Lord solemnly swears that as He is able to make the stars to rise and to die,&hellip
70:41 …. He is able to replace them by better creatures
70:42 Be patient with them and you will witness the Day that your Lord has promised
70:43 The Day that they will come out of their grave in such a hurry as though they are in a race to be the first to reach the shrine of their gods
70:44 But instead of their gods they will meet their Lord and their eyes will be downcast of shame when they realize that the Day of Judgment is a reality as they were promised


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