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at-Taghabun (Mutual Disillusion, Haggling, The Cheating)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah Mutual Disillusion, Haggling, The Cheating(at-Taghabun)
64:1 God is being glorified by whatever which owes its existence to Him in the heavens and on earth. To Lord belongs the dominion of the existence and He is the only one Who should be worshipped and thanked. God is capable of doing whatever that pleases Him
64:2 God is your Creator. Among you some have chosen to believe in Him and some has chosen to deny Him. God watches over everything man does
64:3 God has not created the heavens and the earth on vain. Your Lord has created you of the best quality. Know that one day you will return to Him
64:4 God has absolute knowledge over what is in the heavens and on earth. Your Lord knows anything that you reveal and whatever you conceal and He is fully aware of any thought that passes into your mind
64:5 Have you not heard of what happened to those people before you who denied their Lord? They were subject to a miserable end; but their misery is not finished yet as a terrible punishment is yet waiting for them
64:6 They were punished in this world and will be punished in Hereafter for the reason that they did not listen to the messenger that God (out of His mercy) sent to them. They were to proud to listen to a man like themselves and their false pride led them to disbelief. God indeed did not “need” their belief. God is the wealthiest (as everything belongs to Him) and He is the only one worthy of worship
64:7 The disbelievers believe that they will not be resurrected. By Lord they will be resurrected and held accountable for what they have done; this is not difficult for God at all
64:8 Therefore, believe in God, His messenger and the light (Qur’an) that I (God) have sent down for your guidance. Have no doubt that God is aware of what you are doing
64:9 The Day that I (God) gather you all together, will be the Day of counting your gains and losses. The one who believed in God and his overall good deeds (during his worldly life) exceeds his wrongdoings, I (God) will cover his sins and make him enter in the gardens that rivers flows in it. He will stay there forever; this is indeed the greatest accomplishment
64:10 On the contrary, those who disbelieved and did not listen to Me (God), they will be the inhabitants of the Fire and have to live in Hell forever; indeed Hell is the worse place to be in
64:11 Know that any hardship that you go through, is permitted by God [directed to some ultimate goal not understood at the moment of affliction]. The One who trust in God, will be directed to the right path. Have confidence that your Lord knows everything that you are going through
64:12 Therefore, follow God and the prophet. If [under the pressure of hardship] you choose the disobedience, know that the only mission of my prophet is to relay my words to you in plain language
64:13 God is the One beside Whom there is no divine power. In God the believers trust
64:14 The believers should realize that their wives and children (who invite them to deviate from the right path for their sake) are their enemies. Beware of them (and do not ruin your eternal life for their sake) but do not treat them harshly. May God, out of his mercy, forgive them and guide them to join you in the right path. Surely God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
64:15 The love toward your wealth and children is only a trial for you. Have faith that God’s final reward worth more than what your are so in love with
64:16 Therefore, keep God in your mind as much as you can. Listen and obey your Lord. Spend your wealth in charity to please God; this is for your own good. Anyone who overcomes his stinginess is truly a successful one
64:17 The one who devotes a part of his wealth to charity, has indeed advanced a loan to his Lord. God is going to return this loan many folded and forgive his wrong doings. God is the Most Appreciative and the Most Patient
64:18 God knows everything; whether it is open or secret. God is Almighty, the Most Wise


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