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Faridul Haque

al-Munafiqun (The Hypocrites)
as rendered by Faridul Haque
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Faridul Haque rendition of Surah The Hypocrites(al-Munafiqun)
63:1 When the hypocrites come in your presence (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him) they say, “We testify that you surely are Allah’s Noble Messenger”; and Allah knows that you indeed are His Noble Messenger, and Allah testifies that the hypocrites are indeed liars
63:2 They have taken their oaths as a shield, thereby prevented others from Allah’s way; indeed they commit extremely evil deeds
63:3 That is because they accepted faith with their tongues then disbelieved with their hearts, therefore their hearts were sealed - so now they do not understand anything
63:4 And when you see them, their appearance would please you; and when they speak, you would listen carefully to their speech; like wooden blocks propped against the wall; they assume every cry to be against them; they are the enemy, so beware of them; may Allah slay them! Where are they reverting
63:5 And when it is said to them, “Come! Allah’s Noble Messenger may seek forgiveness for you” - they turn their heads away, and you will see them turning away in pride
63:6 It is the same for them, whether you seek forgiveness for them or do not seek forgiveness for them; Allah will never forgive them; indeed Allah does not guide the sinning people
63:7 It is they who say, “Do not spend upon those who are with Allah’s Noble Messenger until they get distraught”; whereas to Allah only belong the treasures of the heavens and the earth, but the hypocrites do not have sense
63:8 They say, “If we return to Medinah, then indeed the honourable group will soon expel the lowly one”; whereas all honour belongs to Allah and to His Noble Messenger and to the Muslims, but the hypocrites do not know
63:9 O People who Believe! May not your wealth or your children cause you to neglect the remembrance of Allah; and whoever does this – so it is they who are in a loss
63:10 And spend from what We have provided you before death approaches any one of you and he then says, “My Lord! Why did you not give me respite for a little while, so I would have given charity and become of the virtuous?&rdquo
63:11 And Allah will never give respite to any soul when its promise arrives; and Allah is Aware of your deeds


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