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as-Saff (The Ranks, Battle Array)
as rendered by N J Dawood 2014
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N J Dawood (2014) rendition of Surah The Ranks, Battle Array(as-Saff)
61:1 ALL THAT is in the heavens and on the earth gives glory to God. He is the Almighty, the Wise One
61:2 Believers, why do you profess what you never do
61:3 It is most odious in God‘s sight that you should say one thing and do another
61:4 God loves those who fight for His cause in ranks as firm as a mighty edifice
61:5 Tell of Moses, who said to his people: ‘Why do you seek to harm me, my people, when you know that I am sent to you by God?‘ And when they went astray, God led their very hearts astray. God does not guide the ungodly
61:6 And of Jesus son of Mary, who said to the Israelites: ‘I am sent forth to you from God to confirm the Torah already revealed, and to give joyful tidings of an apostle that will come after me whose name is Ahmad.‘¹ Yet when he brought them conspicuous signs, they said: ‘This is sorcery manifest.&lsquo
61:7 And who is more wicked than he that invents a falsehood about God when called to Islām? God does not guide the wrongdoers
61:8 They seek to extinguish the light of God with their mouths; but God will perfect His light, much as the infidels may dislike it
61:9 He it is who has sent forth His apostle with guidance and the Religion of Truth that he may exalt it above all religion, much as the idolaters may dislike it
61:10 Believers! Shall I point out to you a profitable course that will save you from a woeful scourge
61:11 Have faith in God and His apostle, and fight for God‘s cause with your wealth and with your persons; that would be best for you, if you but knew it
61:12 He will forgive you your sins and admit you to Gardens watered by running brooks; He will lodge you in goodly mansions in the Gardens of Eden. That is the supreme triumph
61:13 And He will bestow upon you other blessings which you desire: help from God and a speedy victory. Proclaim the joyful tidings to the faithful
61:14 Believers, be God‘s helpers. When Jesus son of Mary said to the disciples: ‘Who will come with me to the help of God?‘ the disciples replied: ‘We are God‘s helpers.‘ Some among the Israelites believed, while some did not believe. We aided the believers against their enemies, and when morning came they were triumphant


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