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al-An`am (Cattle, Livestock)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah Cattle, Livestock(al-An`am)
6:1 Praise be to Allah, Who created the Heavens and the Earth and made darkness and light; though the disbelievers hold up others as equal to their Lord
6:2 He created you from clay and fixed your lifespan, a lifespan firmly fixed by Him; but you still doubt
6:3 He is Allah in the Heavens and on Earth. He knows your secrets and all that you reveal, and He knows all that you do
6:4 When a sign from their Lord comes they turn their backs on it
6:5 denying the truth when it comes to them, but news of what they joked about will soon come to them
6:6 Don’t they realise We destroyed many previous generations, We gave them far more power in the land than We gave you, and how We sent abundant rain from the sky, making rivers flow. Eventually, We destroyed them for their sins, and raised up other people after them
6:7 Even if We sent down a book written on paper which they could touch with their hands, the disbelievers would say, “This is nothing but magic.
6:8 They said, “If only an angel would come down to him,” if We were to send an angel, that would only be to decide their fate and they would have no more time after that
6:9 Just as We could have made the Messenger an angel, We could equally have made the angel appear as a man, thus confusing them with their own attempt to create confusion
6:10 Messengers were mocked before you, and the very punishment they once mocked swept away those who poked fun
6:11 Say: “Travel about the land and see what happened to the deniers.
6:12 Say: “Who owns what’s in the Heavens and Earth?” Say: “Is it not Allah? He has decreed that He will be kind. Then He will gather you all on Judgement Day; in that, there is no doubt. Those who, through wrong life choices, have failed themselves will not believe
6:13 Anything that is living – be it during the night or the day – belongs to Him. He is the Hearer, the Knower
6:14 Say: “Should I take a protector beside Allah, the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Who feeds and is not fed?” Say: “I am commanded to be the first who submits and not to be among idolators.”
6:15 Say: “I fear the punishment of a mighty day if I disobeyed My Lord.”
6:16 Whoever escapes the punishment of that day, and is treated kindly; will have a clear victory.
6:17 If Allah decides to punish you, no one can remove it except Him, and if He decides to benefit you, He has power over all things.
6:18 He is the controller of His creatures, the Wise, the Aware
6:19 Say: “Who could be the biggest witness?” Say: “It is Allah, a witness for you and me. This Quran has been revealed to me so I should warn you and anyone else its message reaches. Do you believe there are other gods beside Allah?” Say: “I won’t bear witness to that.” Say: “There’s only One God, and I am not involved in what you associate with Him.”
6:20 Those previously given the Book know this is true just as they know their own children. As for those who, through their choices in life, have failed, they will not believe
6:21 Who is a worst wrongdoer than the one who invents lies about Allah and denies His signs? Those who have failed themselves will not believe
6:22 The day We gather them all, We shall say to idolaters, “Where are the partners you claimed
6:23 In their confused state they will say, “By Allah, Our Lord, we never worshipped false gods.
6:24 Look how they proved themselves liars, and how they deserted those they invented
6:25 Some hear you, but We have placed a veil over their hearts so they fail to understand the Quran, and there is deafness in their ears. Were they to see all the signs, they still would not believe. When they come to argue with you, the disbelievers say, “These are only the myths of the ancients,
6:26 they prevent others from listening to it and themselves, walk away. They are unwittingly destroying themselves
6:27 If you could see them on Judgement Day when they stand staring at the Fire; they will say, “If only we could be returned and, instead of denying Our Lord’s signs, become believers.
6:28 No way! What they once used to hide will appear before them. Suppose they were returned, they would simply go back to doing what they had been forbidden; they are liars
6:29 They say, “Only our worldly life exists. We won’t be brought back to life.”
6:30 If you could see them as they stand before their Lord. He will ask them, “Isn’t this real?” They will say, “By Our Lord, it is.” It will be said, “Taste the torment of what you denied.
6:31 Those who deny meeting Allah shall be losers when the Final Hour suddenly overtakes them, and they will be carrying a burden on their backs, and say, “Alas for us, we wasted this life!” Isn’t evil what weighs them down
6:32 This worldly life is a sport and an amusement, the home of the Hereafter is far better for mindful people. Don’t you understand
6:33 We know, Muhammad, you are saddened by what they say. They can’t turn you into a liar, but the wrongdoers are disputing Allah’s signs
6:34 Messengers before you were also called liars, they were patient in the face of the lies and insults they suffered, until Our help came to them. No one can change Allah’s words, and reports of the messengers have already come to you confirming this
6:35 If you find it difficult to bear their rejection then, if you can, look for a tunnel in the ground or a ladder to climb to the sky to bring them a miracle. If Allah wanted, He could have united them all on the path of guidance. Followers of the Prophet, you mustn’t be like the ignorant
6:36 Only those who listen will answer. Allah will resurrect the dead, and they will return to Him
6:37 They say, “If a sign were to come down to him from his Lord?” Say: “Allah has the power to send down a sign,” but most of them do not know
6:38 There is no creature on land or a bird flying in the sky that does not belong to a community just like yours. We haven’t left anything out of the Book. They will be gathered before their Lord.
6:39 Those who deny Our signs might as well be deaf and dumb, and groping about in the dark. Anyone Allah wills, He lets him go astray, and anyone He wills, He puts on a straight path
6:40 Say: “Suppose Allah’s punishment, or the Final Hour, was to come; now would you call anyone other than Allah
6:41 No! You would call Him alone, and if He so willed, He would sweep away whatever made you do so, and you would forget what you associated with Him.
6:42 We sent messengers to many communities before you, and put those communities through sufferings and hardships so that they might submit to Allah
6:43 They should have submitted when the sufferings came but instead their hearts hardened, and Satan made their works appear attractive to them
6:44 Once they forgot what they should remember, We opened up the floodgates of worldly provisions for them and, just as they were revelling in what they had, We suddenly seized them, and they were left in utter despair
6:45 The last traces of the evildoers were razed to the ground. Praise Allah, Lord of all the realms
6:46 Say: “Suppose Allah were to take away your hearing and sight, and seal your hearts, which god beside Allah would make them work for you?” See how We explain the signs, but they turn away
6:47 Say: “Suppose Allah’s punishment was to catch you unaware or fully aware the fact is only the wrongdoers would be destroyed.
6:48 We only sent messengers as bearers of good news and as warners. So, whoever believes and puts his life in order will neither fear nor grieve
6:49 whereas those who reject Our signs will taste the punishment for their sins
6:50 Say: “I don’t say, ‘I own the stores of Allah’s riches,’ or ‘I know the unseen’; nor do I say, ‘I am an angel.’ I only follow what is revealed to me.” Say: “Are the blind and the seeing equal? Why don’t you think?
6:51 Warn, by means of the Quran, those who fear being gathered before their Lord. Beside Him they have no protector or intercessor, so they may be mindful
6:52 and don’t drive away those who worship their Lord morning and evening, seeking His pleasure. It isn’t for you to judge them, nor for them to judge you. Were you to drive them away, you would be a wrongdoer
6:53 That is how We test some of them by means of others, so they say, “Are these the ones that Allah has favoured over us?” Doesn’t Allah know best who is grateful
6:54 When believers in Our revelation come to you, say, “Peace be on you.” Your Lord has decreed that He will be kind. Whoever unwittingly does evil and then repents and reforms himself, will find Allah Forgiving, Kind
6:55 This is how We explain the signs, so that the way of the sinful may be clearly distinguished
6:56 Say: “I am forbidden to worship those you serve beside Allah.” Say: “I will not follow your desires because, if I did so, I would go astray and fail to be guided.
6:57 Say: “I have clear proof from My Lord, the one you have rejected. What you want to hasten is not in my control; the decision is Allah’s, Who tells the truth and is the best Judge of truth and falsehood.
6:58 Say: “If what you seek to hasten were in my control, then the matter that divides us would have been settled by now.” Allah knows well the wrongdoers
6:59 He has the keys of the unseen realm, only He knows them. He knows all that is in the land and sea. Not a single leaf falls without His knowledge, no seed buried in the darkness of the Earth, nor any fresh or withered plant is left unrecorded in a clear Book
6:60 He receives your soul at night and knows what good or evil you have done during the day, and He raises you up every morning so that your fixed term may reach its conclusion. After that you shall return to Him, and it is then that He will inform you of what you did
6:61 He is Dominant over His servants, and He sends forth angel guards so that whenever death overtakes one of you Our angels bring back his soul, never failing in their duty
6:62 Then they will be returned to Allah, their True Master. Doesn’t the final decision rest with Him? He is the swiftest of reckoners
6:63 Ask them: “Who rescues you from the dark forces of land and sea when you call Him humbly in secret for help, all the while saying, ‘If He rescues us from this we will, indeed, be thankful’?”
6:64 Say: “It is Allah Who rescues you from that and every other danger, but then you go back to associating false gods.
6:65 Say: “Only He is able to punish you from above or from beneath your feet, or create conflict and factions; so some may taste the violence of the other.” Consider, how We explain the signs so they might understand
6:66 Your people, Muhammad, deny all this, even though it is the truth. Say: “I will not be your guardian on Judgement Day
6:67 Fulfilment comes to every prophecy, as you will discover in due course.
6:68 Whenever you see anyone mocking Our verses, turn away from them until they change the topic of conversation, and if Satan made you forget, as soon as you remember leave the gathering of the wrongdoers
6:69 Those that are already mindful of Allah are in no way accountable for the wrongdoers; their role is to remind so they might become mindful
6:70 Stay away from those who regard their religion as a sport, amusement, and are deceived by the attractions of this worldly life. To prevent any person being needlessly lost to Hell because of the fruits of their actions, mention the fact that they will have no protector or intercessor beside Allah, nor will any ransom be accepted. They will be in Hell as a result of their actions; they denied so they shall have boiling water and painful punishment
6:71 Say: “Shall we worship beside Allah things that can neither benefit nor harm us, and turn back on our heels once Allah has guided us, like someone who is distracted and tempted by Earthly demons, even though he has friends calling him to the truth, saying, ‘Come to us’?” Say: “Allah’s guidance is the only guidance; and we have been ordered to submit to the Lord of all the realms
6:72 and to perform the prayer and to be mindful of Him; before Him you will all be gathered.
6:73 He created the Heavens and the Earth for a purpose. A day will come when He says, “Be!” And it will be; His word is the absolute truth, all things will return to Him on the day when the last trumpet sounds. He is the Knower of the seen and unseen realms, the Wise, the Aware
6:74 Remember when Ibrahim said to his father, Azar, “Have you taken idols as gods? I see you and your people are misguided.
6:75 That’s how We showed Ibrahim the splendour of the Heavens and the Earth, so he became a firm believer
6:76 As the night grew dark around him, he saw a star, he thought, “Could this be My Lord?” After it set, he said, “I don’t like things that set.
6:77 Similarly, after seeing the moon rising, he said, “Could this be My Lord?” But, after it set, he said, “If My Lord doesn’t guide me, I will stray.
6:78 When he saw the sun rising, he again said, “Could this be My Lord? This is big.” After it set, he said, “My people, I am free from what you associate with Allah
6:79 I naturally turn my face to Him Who created the Heavens and the Earth; I won’t associate partners with Him.
6:80 On hearing this, his people began to argue with him, so he said, “Are you arguing with me about Allah, Who guided me? I am not afraid of those you associate with Him, unless My Lord wants something else. My Lord has knowledge of all things. Will you not listen
6:81 Why should I be afraid of things you associate with Him, when you are not afraid to associate others with Allah about which He sent you no authority? Which of our two parties, you or me, deserves to enjoy security, if you have knowledge?
6:82 Those who believe without confusing their faith with idolatry who shall enjoy security, and it is they who are guided
6:83 Such was the evidence that We gave to Ibrahim to use against his people; We raised him high as We wanted. Your Lord is Wise, Knowing
6:84 We gave him Ishaq and Yaqub and guided both as We had previously guided Nuh – and among Ibrahim’s offspring were: Dawud, Sulayman, Ayyub, Yusuf, Musa, Harun – that is how We reward the righteous
6:85 Zakariyya, Yahya, Isa, Ilyas – each one was upright
6:86 Ismail, al-Yasa, Yunus and Lut – every one of them, We favoured over all the people
6:87 and some among their fathers – offspring and brothers – We chose them and guided them along a straight path
6:88 Such is Allah’s guidance, by which He guides His servants as He pleases. If any of them had associated partners with Allah, then the reward of whatever good deeds they had done would be worthless.
6:89 We gave the Book, the law and the prophethood to them. Even if these people reject it, We nevertheless entrusted it to people who accepted it.
6:90 Allah guided them, so imitate them in their guidance. Say: “I don’t ask you for any reward for this; it’s a reminder for all people.
6:91 When they said, “Allah has never revealed anything to a human being,” they failed to recognise the true greatness of Allah which is His due. Ask: “Who revealed the Book Musa brought as a light to guide people which you keep in scrolls. You openly declare some of it and hide a lot of it; and you were taught what neither you nor your ancestors knew?” Say: “It is Allah,” then leave them to amuse themselves with their foolish chatter
6:92 This is a blessed Book that We have sent down, confirming what came before it, so you might warn the people of the Mother of Cities and of its surroundings. Those who believe in the Hereafter, they believe in this Book,taking care to observe their daily prayers
6:93 Who is more wrong than the one who invents lies about Allah, or says, “It has been revealed to me,” when in fact nothing has been revealed to him, or says, “I will send down the same as what Allah has sent down”? Were you to see the wrongdoers in death throes, when the angels stretch out their hands, saying, “Let out your souls, today you will be rewarded with the punishment of contempt because of what you falsely said about Allah, arrogantly rejecting His signs
6:94 You will come to Us all alone like the first time We created you. You have left behind the favours We gave you; nor do We see your intercessors with you, those whom you claimed were Allah’s partners. The ties between you and them have been severed, and whatever you used to claim as a partner has deserted you.
6:95 Allah is the one who splits open the seed and the fruit-stone; He brings the living from the dead and the dead from the living. Such is Allah, so how were you misled from the truth
6:96 He splits the darkness with the dawn, and made the night for resting, and the sun and moon for accurately measuring time. Such is the precision with which He reassures, the Almighty, the Knowing
6:97 He made the stars for your guidance through the darkness of land and sea. We explained the signs to a group of people who know
6:98 He created you from a single soul, with a place of settlement in life and another where you will be buried. We have explained the signs to a group of people who understand
6:99 He sent down water from the sky, by which We produce blossoms of every kind, and lush greenery. Furthermore, We produce pods with seeds packed together and from the flowering part of palm trees, low-hanging clusters of dates, and orchards of vines, olives and pomegranates, some look-alike and others different. Look at their fruits as they grow and ripen; there are signs in that for people who believe
6:100 Some people have taken jinn as partners of Allah, yet He created them, and falsely ascribed sons and daughters to Him without any knowledge. Glory be to Him! He is Exalted far above what they describe
6:101 He’s the Originator of the Heavens and the Earth. How could He have a son when He has no mate? He created everything, and He knows everything
6:102 Such is Allah, your Lord; there is no god but Him, the Creator of everything, so worship Him. He governs everything
6:103 Our eyes cannot perceive Him, but He perceives what our eyes see. He is the Subtle, the Aware
6:104 Say, Muhammad: “Visible proofs have come to you from your Lord; anyone who looks at them, it is for his own benefit, and whoever remains blind to them, on his head be it. I am not sent to watch over you.”
6:105 This is how We explain the signs, but the disbelievers say, “You have learnt it.” So, We wish to make them clear for people who know the truth
6:106 Messenger, follow what is revealed to you from your Lord – there is no god but Him – and turn away from the idolaters
6:107 Had Allah willed, they would not have associated anything with Him. We’ve not put you there to watch over them, nor are you responsible for them
6:108 Believers, don’t insult anything they worship beside Allah, then they will insult Allah out of hostility and ignorance. That is how We made every community’s actions appear attractive to them, they will return to their Lord, and He will inform them about what they did
6:109 The idolaters swear solemn oaths by Allah that if a miracle came to them they would believe. Say: “Miracles come only from Allah.” What would make you realise that even if a miracle came, they still wouldn’t believe
6:110 and that We would turn their faculties of intellect and sight upside down because they failed to believe in it the first time, leaving them to wander blindly about in their wickedness
6:111 Even if We sent down angels, or the dead spoke, or We gathered everything before them, they wouldn’t believe unless Allah so willed. Most of them are ignorant
6:112 For every prophet We assigned an enemy, demons from humans and jinn, who inspired one another with flowery speech to deceive. If Your Lord wanted, they wouldn’t have done this; so, leave them and what they invent
6:113 They do so that the intellects of disbelievers of the Hereafter might turn towards their flowery speech, and be pleased with it, and so that they might get what is coming to them because of their wicked ways.
6:114 Say: “Should I seek a judge beside Allah, when He has sent down the Book to you, clearly explained?” Those given the Book know it has been sent by Your Lord with truth so, listener don’t be among the doubters
6:115 Truly and justly has your Lord’s promise been fulfilled; no power can change His promise. He is the Hearer, the Knower
6:116 If you were to obey the whims of most of those in the city, they would mislead you from Allah’s way. They do nothing but follow speculation and tell lies
6:117 Your Lord knows best those straying from His way, and those guided
6:118 So eat of the meat on which Allah’s name has been invoked, if you believe in His signs
6:119 Why wouldn’t you eat that on which Allah’s name has been invoked, after He has explained in detail what He has forbidden you to eat except out of necessity? Many of them are misled because of their desires and lack of knowledge. Your Lord knows best the sinners
6:120 Stay away from open and hidden sins; those who commit sins will be punished for what they gained from it
6:121 Do not eat that meat on which the name of Allah has not been invoked; to do so is sinful. Believers, the human demons inspire their followers to dispute with you; and if you were to obey them, you would be guilty of associating partners with Allah
6:122 Take for example a person spiritually dead who We gave a life and a light to walk among people, is he like someone who lives in utter darkness which he never leaves? That is why what disbelievers did appeared attractive to them
6:123 In the same way, We have placed sinners in every town who go about plotting evil, but they are only unwittingly deceiving themselves
6:124 When a revelation came to them, they said, “We shall not believe until we are given what Allah’s earlier messengers were given.” Allah knows best where to place His Message. Those who break the law will face humiliation in front of Allah, and severe punishment for their former plotting
6:125 The person Allah wishes to guide, He opens his mind to surrender to Allah; and anyone He allows to go astray, He closes his mind, as if he were struggling to climb skywards: by such means Allah allows evil to come about on those who do not believe
6:126 This is the straight path of your Lord, and We have explained the verses in detail for people who are open to reminders
6:127 They shall enjoy a house of peace with their Lord, and He shall be their Protector for what they did
6:128 On the day when He gathers them all, He will say, “Company of jinn, you derived much pleasure from misleading humans,” and their allies among the humans will say, “Our Lord, we benefitted from each other, but now we have reached the end of the span of life that you appointed for us.” He will say, “The Fire is your eternal abode, unless Allah wishes otherwise.” Indeed, messenger, your Lord is Wise, Knowing
6:129 This is how We give some sinners influence over others because of the deeds they earned.
6:130 Allah will ask: “Company of jinn and humans, did messengers not come to you from among your own kind, telling you of My signs and warning you that you would meet Me on this day?” They will say, “We testify against ourselves,” but the worldly life deceived them, and they testified against themselves that they were disbelievers
6:131 Your Lord was never unjust, He would not destroy towns whose inhabitants had no knowledge of the truth
6:132 Everyone’s rank in the Hereafter will be based on what they did in this life, and Your Lord is not ignorant of what they do
6:133 Your Lord is Self-Sufficient, Most Kind. If He wanted, He could get rid of you altogether and replace you with whomever He pleases, just as He raised you from the offspring of other people
6:134 What you have been promised is coming, and you will not be able to stop it
6:135 Say: “My people, do it your way, and I’ll do it my way. Soon you will know who will gain the happy home in the Hereafter.” Evildoers don’t succeed
6:136 They set aside for Allah a share of the crops and cattle that He has produced, saying, “This is for Allah,” as they claim, “and this is for our partner gods.” Whatever is for their partners doesn’t reach Allah, and whatever is for Allah reaches their partners. How badly they judge
6:137 In this way their partners in falsehood have made it appear attractive to many of the idolaters to kill their children. Their false gods do this to destroy them and to dress up their religion. Of course, if Allah had so wished, they wouldn’t have done it; so leave them and whatever they have invented
6:138 They say, “These cattle and crops are set aside. No one may eat them without our authorisation.” Some cattle are forbidden to ride; and on other cattle they do not invoke Allah’s name when slaughtering, falsely attributing these rules to Him. He will deal appropriately with whatever lies they invented.
6:139 They say, “What is in the wombs of these cattle are exclusively for our men and forbidden for our wives. But, if it is stillborn, then they all share in it.” He will reward them appropriately for their false description of Him. He is Wise, Knowing
6:140 Those who kill their children foolishly without knowledge, and who forbid what Allah has provided them, falsely attributing it to Allah, they have already lost: they have gone astray; they aren’t guided
6:141 He grows gardens, both with and without trellises, date palms, plants of different flavours, olives and pomegranates, some alike and others different. Eat of their fruits when they are ripe, give the needy their due on harvest day, and do not squander; He dislikes spendthrifts
6:142 Some cattle are for carrying loads and some are for food; so eat what Allah has provided you and don’t follow in Satan’s footsteps, for he is your open enemy
6:143 There are eight animals in pairs: two sheep and two goats. Say: “Is it the two males that He has forbidden, or the two females; or is it perhaps what lies within the wombs of the two females? Tell me based on some sound knowledge, which is it if you are telling the truth.”
6:144 Likewise, there are two camels and two oxen. Say: “Is it the two males that He has forbidden, or the two females; or is it perhaps what lies within the wombs of the two females? Or were you even present when Allah ordered you to do this? Who is more wrong than the one who ignorantly invents lies about Allah to mislead people? Allah does not guide the wrongdoers.
6:145 Say: “I find nothing in what has been revealed to me that people are forbidden to eat except carrion, blood products, pork, which is impure, or else meat from animals slaughtered in the name of anything other than Allah.” However, if anyone is compelled, not because he desires it or wishes to disobey Allah, then your Lord is Forgiving, Kind
6:146 We forbade the Jews from eating animals with claws; and the fat of oxen and sheep, except whatever fat clings to their backs or to the offal, or is stuck to bones. That penalty was imposed because of their rebelliousness. We are Most Truthful
6:147 If they accuse you of lying, say: “Your Lord is gracious, and yet His punishment will not be deflected from the sinful people.
6:148 The idolaters will say, “If Allah wanted, neither we nor our ancestors would have associated anything with Allah, nor would we have forbidden the eating of anything.” In the same way, people before them used to lie outrageously, until they tasted Our punishment. Say: “Have you got any knowledge? If so, produce it for us. You only follow speculation and tell lies.
6:149 Say: “Allah has conclusive proof, If He so wished, He would have guided you all.”
6:150 Say: “Bring your witnesses who will testify that Allah forbade this.” Even if they testify, you do not testify with them. Do not follow the desires of deniers of our signs and those who don’t believe in the Hereafter, and hold others up as equals to their Lord
6:151 Say: “Step forward and I will tell you what your Lord has forbidden for you: Associate nothing with Him, treat parents well, don’t kill your children due to poverty, We provide for both you and them. Stay well clear of gross indecency, whether openly or in secret. Don’t kill anyone, Allah has made life sacred, unless by some lawful right. This is what He has commanded you, so that you might reflect
6:152 Stay well clear of the property of orphans, except if it be to do good by investing it wisely, until they come of age. Be honest in your weights and measures, because We do not task any person beyond its capacity. Whenever you speak, be just even regarding your own relatives. Be true to the contract of Allah. This is what He has commanded you, so that you might pay attention
6:153 This path of Mine is straight, so follow it and do not follow other paths, as they will cause you to deviate from His path. This is what He has commanded you, so that you might be mindful.
6:154 After that, We gave Musa the Book as a comprehensive manual for the one who strives for righteousness, explaining everything in detail, and as a guidance and kindness so that people might believe in meeting their Lord
6:155 And this too is a blessed book that We have sent down, so follow it and be mindful, so that you might be treated kindly by Allah.
6:156 This is just in case you should say, “The Book was only sent to two groups before us, and we were unaware of what they had been taught,
6:157 or you say, “If only the Book had been revealed to us, then we would have been better guided than them.” Now clear evidence has come to you from your Lord, along with guidance and kindness. Who then does greater wrong than the one who denies Allah’s signs and turns away from them? We will award those who turn away from Our signs the worst of punishments because of what they used to do
6:158 Is this what they are waiting for: that angels should come to them, or your Lord, or some signs of your Lord? On the day when some of your Lord’s signs come, there a person’s faith will be of no benefit unless it already believed, or had earned some good because of faith. Say: “Wait and see, for we too are waiting.
6:159 You have nothing to do with those who divided their religion and made sects; their case rests with Allah, and He will inform them about what they did
6:160 Whoever on Judgement Day produces a good deed will have the reward of ten like it, and whoever produces an evil deed will be awarded just one like it; and they will not be wronged in the least
6:161 Say: “My Lord has guided me on a straight path, an upright religion, tending naturally towards Ibrahim’s way of worship, he wasn’t an idolater.
6:162 Say: “My prayers, my sacrifices, my life, my death; are for Allah, Lord of all the realms;
6:163 He has no partners. That’s what I have been ordered to do, and I am the first to surrender to Him.
6:164 Say: “How can I long for a lord other than Allah, when He is Lord of everything? No person earns anything except towards its own account, and no one will bear the burden of another; then to your Lord shall you return, and He will inform you about whatever you differed over.
6:165 He made you representatives on Earth, raising some of you over others in rank in order to test you with what He has given you. Your Lord is swift to punish but always Forgiving, Kind


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