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al-An`am (Cattle, Livestock)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah Cattle, Livestock(al-An`am)
6:1 All praise belongs to Allah alone, Who created the heavens and the earth and produced darkness and light; yet the disbelievers set up (false gods as) equals to their Lord
6:2 (Allah) is He Who created you from mud (i.e., originated from it the chemical genesis of human life on the planet Earth). Then He fixed a term (for you to die). And with Him alone is the appointed time (for holding the Day of Resurrection); yet you doubt
6:3 And He alone is Allah (the True God to be worshipped) in the heavens and the earth Who knows (all) your hidden and your open (things). And He (also) knows that which you are earning
6:4 And there comes to them no sign of the signs of their Lord but (that) they turn away from it
6:5 Then indeed (the same way) they belied the truth (the Qur’an as well) when it came to them (as a sign of Allah). But soon there is coming to them the news pertaining to what they have been making fun of
6:6 Have they not seen how many a generation We eliminated before them whom We had given (such an indomitable) dominion (and stronghold) in the land as We have not given even to you? And We sent upon them persistently falling rain, and caused streams to flow beneath (their dwellings and castles). Then, (despite giving them such a luxurious life,) We destroyed them because of their sins and raised other communities after them
6:7 And had We revealed to you a book written on paper which these people could also have touched with their own hands, (even) then the disbelievers would have said: ‘This is (nothing) but sheer magic.
6:8 And these (disbelievers) say: ‘Why was an angel (whom we could physically see and who would verify him) not sent down to this (glorious Messenger)?’ Had We sent down an angel, (their) affair would have been settled once and for all, and they would not have been granted (any) respite
6:9 And if We had made the Messenger an angel, even then We would have made him (the form of) a man, and (even in that case) We would have put them in the same doubt which they are (already) in (i.e., confused over his physical appearance, they would say: ‘He is a human being like us.’
6:10 And indeed, before you (too) the Messengers were laughed at, but then the same (torment of the truth) they ridiculed besieged those of them who ridiculed
6:11 Say: ‘Travel through the earth and see (with a warned eye) what has been the end of those who denied (the truth).
6:12 Ask (them this question): ‘To whom belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth?’ And (then) proclaim (this as well): ‘Allah’s it is.’ He has made mercy incumbent upon Himself (as a gracious obligation). He will gather you together on the Day of Resurrection in which there is no doubt. Those who have brought (eternal) loss upon their souls will not believe
6:13 And to Him belongs (all the creation) that reposes at night and during the day. And He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
6:14 Say: ‘Shall I take (for worship) anyone as (my) friend other than Allah, Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and He feeds (all) and is not fed (Himself)?’ Say: ‘I have been commanded to become the first Muslim (who bows his head before His Holy presence), and (this too has been commanded) never to be one of the polytheists.
6:15 Say: ‘Surely, I fear the Day of a mighty torment if I disobey my Lord. (So how is it possible?)
6:16 He from whom that (torment) is averted on that Day shall have been shown great mercy (by Allah). And it is this (deliverance on the Last Day) which is an evident success
6:17 And if Allah afflicts you with some suffering, there is none who can remove it but He, and if He bestows some good upon you, then He wields full power over everything
6:18 And He is the One Who is Dominant over His servants and He is All-Wise, All-Knowing
6:19 Inquire (of them): ‘Who is the greatest to bear testimony?’ Proclaim (yourself): ‘Allah is witness between you and me. This Qur’an has been revealed to me so that with it I may warn you as well as every such person this (Qur’an) may reach. Do you really bear witness that there are (also) gods other than Allah?’ Say: ‘I do not bear witness (to such a wrong thing).’ Reiterate: ‘God is but He, the Only One, and I despise (all) these objects you associate (with Allah).
6:20 Those to whom We have given the Book recognize this (Last of the Messengers) as they recognize their sons. They are those who have brought (eternal) loss upon their souls, but they will not believe
6:21 And who can be a greater wrongdoer than one who invents a lie against Allah or who belies His Revelations? Surely, the wrongdoers will not prosper
6:22 And the Day when We shall assemble them all together and ask those who used to associate partners with Us: ‘Where are your partners you assumed (to be your gods)?
6:23 Then they will be left with no other excuse except that they (will) say: ‘By Allah, our Lord, we did not associate partners with Allah.
6:24 See how they lie against their own selves, and the blame they used to fabricate (in the world) has vanished from them
6:25 And amongst them are (also) some who keep their ears towards you, and (in view of their evil intentions) We have wrapped their hearts in veils. (So, it is not possible for them now) that they may understand it (the Qur’an) and (We have) plugged their ears. And even if they see all signs (naked), they (still) will not believe in them, so much so that when they approach you and quarrel with you, the disbelievers say (at that time): ‘This (Qur’an) is nothing but fabricated stories of the old folk.
6:26 And they hinder (others from following) this (Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him] and the Qur’an) and (also themselves) flee far away from it. They ruin but their own souls, and have no awareness (of this destruction at all)
6:27 If you see (them at the time) when they will be made to stand (on the verge of) the Fire, they will say: ‘Would that we were sent back (to the world), then we would not (at all) belie the signs of our Lord and would be of the believers!
6:28 (This affirmation contains no truth.) In fact, whatever they used to hide before (all that) has become visible to them. And (even) if they were sent back (to the world), they would (once again) do the same that they had been forbidden. And undoubtedly, they are (seasoned) liars
6:29 And they will keep saying (what they said before): ‘There is no other (life) except the life of this world, nor shall we be raised up (after death).
6:30 If you see (them at the time) when they will be made to stand before their Lord and Allah will say (to them): ‘Is this (life) not a truth?’ They will submit: ‘Yes, of course, by our Lord (it is the truth).’ Allah will (then) say: ‘So (now) taste the torment because you used to disbelieve.
6:31 So those who belie their meeting with Allah incur loss, so much so that when the Last Hour comes upon them all of a sudden, they will say: ‘Oh, woe to us! We committed a (serious) blunder with regard to (believing in) this (Day of Resurrection).’ And they will be carrying the burdens (of their sins) on their backs. Beware! Most evil is that burden which they are bearing
6:32 And (the luxury of) the worldly life is nothing but play and funfair, and certainly, it is the home of the Hereafter which is better for the Godfearing. Do you not understand (this reality)
6:33 (O Beloved!) We assuredly know that (what) they say grieves you. So they are not denying you, but (in fact) it is the Revelations of Allah that the wrongdoers are denying
6:34 And indeed, (many) Messengers were rejected before you (as well), but they remained steadfast facing this rejection and persecution until Our help reached them. And there is none that can alter the Words (i.e., promises) of Allah. And surely the accounts of the Messengers have come to you (for peace of heart)
6:35 And if their disinclination and turning away is distressing you (and you ardently desire them to believe in any case), then, if possible, manage a tunnel, (going down) into the earth, or seek some ladder, (climbing up) to heaven, and bring them some (exceptional) sign (to show them, even then they will not believe). And if Allah so willed, He would indeed assemble them together on guidance. So (owing to the overwhelming enthusiasm generating from your compassion, kindness and concern) do not be unaware (of their ill fortune)
6:36 The truth is that they alone who listen to it (with truthful hearts) accept (the invitation of truth). And Allah will raise the dead (the deniers of the truth from the graves as disbelievers). Then they will be returned to the same (Lord that they used to deny
6:37 And they said: ‘Why has a (permanent) sign not been sent down to this (Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]) from his Lord?’ Say: ‘Allah assuredly has the power to send down (such a) sign, but most of them do not know (the secrets of His wisdom).
6:38 And, (O mankind,) there is no moving (animal) on the earth nor a bird that flies on its two wings but (such) that they are species like you (umamun amthalu-kum—in several traits). We have not omitted anything (which is not given symbolic or elaborate details) in the Book. Then all (the people) will be gathered before their Lord
6:39 And those who reject Our Revelations are deaf and dumb, (groping) in the folds of darkness. Allah holds astray whom He wills (due to his stubbornness and the denial of the truth), and puts whom He pleases on the straight road (due to the acceptance of the truth)
6:40 Say (to these disbelievers): ‘Give your view: if Allah’s torment befalls you, or the Last Hour comes upon you, will you then call upon anyone other than Allah (to escape the torment? Reply) if you are truthful.
6:41 (Nay, that is not possible at all.) The truth is that it is (Allah) Whom you call upon (even now). Then, if He wills, He averts those (hardships) for which you call upon (Him). (At that time) you forget those (idols) that you associate as partners (with Allah)
6:42 Indeed, We sent Messengers to many communities before you. Then We seized them with scarcity and distress (due to their disobedience and defiance), so that they might beseech (with submissiveness and humility)
6:43 Then why did they not humble themselves and wail and moan when Our torment came upon them? But (the fact is that) their hearts became hardened, and Satan made those (sinful) acts that they used to perpetrate appear to them attractive and alluring
6:44 But when they forgot that Reminder which was urged upon them, We opened up for them the gates (to abundance) of everything (to take them to their end) until when they luxuriated (in ecstasy of sensual delights and sensuous gratification) with all that was provided for them, We seized them all of a sudden (with torment) and they were struck with despair
6:45 So the root of the wrongdoing and unjust people was cut off. And all praise belongs to Allah alone, Who is the Sustainer of all the worlds
6:46 Say (to them): ‘What do you think if Allah deprives you of hearing and sight and seals up your hearts, (then) who is the god other than Allah who can restore to you these (blessings afresh)?’ Look how diversely We explain Our Revelations! Yet they continue turning away
6:47 (Also) say (to them): ‘Tell me if the punishment of Allah comes upon you all of a sudden or openly, will (any other) be destroyed except those who do injustice?
6:48 And We do not send Messengers but as Bearers of glad tidings and as Warners. So whoever believes and changes into a righteous person (practically), they will have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve
6:49 But those who belie Our Revelations, torment is bound to befall them because they used to disobey
6:50 Say (to these disbelievers): ‘I do not say to you that I possess the treasures of Allah, nor do I know the unseen myself, nor do I say to you that I am an angel. I follow only that (commandment) which is revealed to me.’ Say: ‘Can the blind and the seeing be equal? So do you not ponder?
6:51 And warn by means of this (Qur’an) those who fear that they will be assembled before their Lord whilst they are without (any) helper or intercessor apart from Him so that they may become pious
6:52 And do not turn away these (run-down and broken-hearted) people (from your company and close circle) who call upon their Lord persistently, seeking only His pleasure morning and evening. There is nothing (obligatory) either on you from their account (of deeds and rewards) or upon them from your account. Even then if you turned them away (from your munificence and benevolence), you would be of those who deprive others of their rights (which does not go with your glory)
6:53 And in this way, We put to the test some of them by means of some others so that these (affluent disbelievers seeing the poor Muslims) say (mockingly): ‘Are these the ones from amongst us upon whom Allah has bestowed His favours?’ Does Allah not know best the grateful
6:54 And when those who believe in Our Revelations come to you, then say (affectionately): ‘Peace be upon you!’ Your Lord has made mercy incumbent upon Himself (as a gracious obligation). So whoever from amongst you commits some evil out of ignorance (or suspension of discretion) but later turns to (Allah in) repentance and amends (himself), then surely He is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful
6:55 And so do We elucidate in detail the Revelations, (and this is) in order that the pattern of behaviour of the evildoers may become distinctly known (to all)
6:56 Say: ‘I am forbidden to worship those (false gods) that you worship apart from Allah.’ Say: ‘I cannot follow your desires, for if I did, I would certainly lose the right path; nor would I be one of the rightly guided (which is impossible).
6:57 Say: ‘(O disbelievers!) Verily, I stand (firm) on the enlightening proof from my Lord and you treat it as false. I do not have that (chastisement) which you seek in haste. The command rests only with Allah. He relates the truth and He is the Best Judge.
6:58 Say (to them): ‘Had I had that (torment) which you desire to have in haste, then certainly the matter between me and you would have been settled once and for all. And Allah knows the unjust full well.
6:59 With Him (under His control and possession) are the keys of the unseen (i.e., the ways and means by which the unseen is disclosed to someone); no one (by one’s own effort) knows them but He. And He knows (directly) whatever is in the land and in the sea. And not a leaf falls but He knows it. There is not a grain in the folds of the earth’s darkness, nor anything green or dry but (has been recorded) in the enlightening Book
6:60 And He is the One Who takes your souls by night and knows whatever you earn by day, and then wakes you up in the day, so that the appointed term (of your life) may be completed. Then to Him will you return. Then (on the Day of Reckoning) He will unfold to you (all those actions) which you used to do (during this term of life)
6:61 And He has dominance over His servants, and He sends to you (angels as) guardians until when death approaches any of you, (then the angels) We send take his soul and they do not err (or default)
6:62 Then they will (all) be returned to the presence of Allah, their true Lord. Beware! It is only His (prerogative) to decree. And He is the Quickest in taking account
6:63 Inquire of them: ‘Who delivers you from the layers of the darkness of the land and the sea? When (in trouble) you supplicate Him, totally prostrated and (also) in secret: ‘If He delivers us from that (adversity), we shall surely be amongst the grateful.
6:64 Say: ‘It is Allah Who rescues you from this (adversity) and every other distress, yet you associate partners with Him.
6:65 Say: ‘He has the power to send you the torment (whether) from above you or from underneath your feet, or engage you in strife by splitting you into sects and making you taste the violence of one against the other.’ See in what diverse ways We elucidate the Revelations, so that they may comprehend
6:66 And your people have rejected this (Qur’an) as false, whereas it is the absolute truth. Say: ‘I am not a guardian over you.
6:67 Every news has a fixed time (to occur) and soon will you come to know
6:68 When you see those who engage themselves in (vain discourse and making a jest of) Our Revelations, keep away from them till they get busy with some other subject of conversation. But if Satan makes you forget (it), then never (ever) sit with the unjust people after it strikes your mind
6:69 And there is nothing (obligatory) upon the Godfearing from the account of these (disbelievers), but they (should) admonish them so that they may be protected (from disbelief and mocking the Qur’an)
6:70 And let them be forsaken who have made their own din (religion) a sport and pastime and who have been deceived by the worldly life. And continue to exhort them (for their awareness) by means of the (Qur’an), so that no soul gets consigned to ruin as a result of its doings. (Then) there will be neither any helper nor any intercessor for him apart from Allah. And even if that (soul) atones (for its sins) full recompense (i.e., ransom), that will not be accepted from it (at all). It is they who are destroyed in consequence of their doings. For them is drinking of scalding water and a torturous torment because they used to reject faith
6:71 Say: ‘Should we worship besides Allah something that can neither bring us any profit nor do us any harm, and turn on our heels after Allah has blessed us with guidance, like the one whom the satans have persuaded away from the right path into bewilderment in the land, whose companions are calling on him to the straight path: Come to us (but he can perceive nothing)?’ Proclaim: ‘The guidance of Allah is the only (true) guidance, and (that is why) we have been commanded to submit totally to the Lord of all the worlds.
6:72 And this (has also been commanded:) ‘Establish Prayer and always fear Him, and Allah is He to Whom you (all) will be gathered.
6:73 And He is the One (Allah) Who has created the heavens and the earth (in accordance with His decreed celestial order based) on truth. And the Day when He will say: ‘Be,’ then that (Day of Judgment) will come into being. His Word is the truth. And His will be the sovereignty on the Day when the Trumpet will be blown (by Israfil). He (is the One Who) has the knowledge of the unseen and the seen, and He is All-Wise, All-Aware
6:74 And recall when Ibrahim (Abraham) said to his father Azar (he was in fact his paternal uncle and is called father according to Arabic usage): ‘Do you take the idols as gods? Indeed, I find you and your people (engaged) in manifest error.
6:75 And in the same way, We showed Ibrahim (Abraham) all the kingdoms of the heavens and the earth (i.e., the wonders of Our creation) so that he might be one of those who possess the eye of certitude
6:76 So when the night spread its darkness over him, he beheld a star and said: ‘Is this my Lord (according to your view)?’ But when it set, he said (communicating to his people): ‘I do not like the setting ones.
6:77 Then when he saw the moon shining, he asked: ‘Is this my Lord (according to your view)?’ But when that (also) went down, he said (communicating to his people): ‘Had my Lord not guided me, I would surely have become (like you) one of those who go astray.
6:78 Then when he saw the sun shining, he said: ‘Is it my Lord (in your view because) this is the biggest?’ But when that (too) set, he exclaimed: ‘O people! I dissociate myself from (all) those (objects) that you associate (with Allah) as His partners
6:79 I have indeed turned my face single-mindedly (from all sides) towards that (Being) Who has created the heavens and the earth beyond compare and (beware, for) I am not from amongst the polytheists.
6:80 And his people started disputing and contending with him. (Then) he said: ‘Do you dispute with me about Allah, Who has in fact guided me aright? And I fear not these (false gods) that you associate with Him except that whatever (harm) my Lord may will (He can do). My Lord has encompassed everything with (His) knowledge. So, do you not accept admonition
6:81 And how should I fear these (false gods) that you associate as partners (with Allah) whilst you do not fear that you have set up (idols as) peers to Allah (whereas) He has not sent down to you any authority (to associate? Now reply yourselves:) Which of the two parties then has greater right to be free from the fear (of chastisement) if you have knowledge?
6:82 Those who believe and do not mix up their belief with injustice (of polytheism), it is they who are entitled to peace (i.e., fearlessness in the Hereafter), and it is they who are blessed with guidance
6:83 And this was Our proof (of the Oneness of Allah) that We imparted to Ibrahim (Abraham) against a people (hostile to him). We exalt to higher ranks whom We please. Surely, your Lord is Most Wise, All-Knowing
6:84 And We bestowed upon him (Ibrahim [Abraham]) Ishaq (Isaac) and Ya‘qub (Jacob—son and grandson) and blessed all (of them) with guidance. (Also) before (them), We provided guidance to Nuh (Noah) and (guided aright) amongst his progeny Dawud (David), Sulayman (Solomon) and Ayyub (Job) and Yusuf (Joseph) and Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron). And thus do We reward the pious
6:85 And (We guided also) Zakariyya (Zacharias), Yahya (John) and ‘Isa (Jesus) and Ilyas (Elias). All these were the righteous people (blessed with His nearness and divine consciousness)
6:86 And (We guided) Isma‘il (Ishmael), al-Yasa‘ (Elisha) and Yunus (Jonah) and Lut (Lot, too). And We exalted all of them above all the people (of their time)
6:87 And also of their ancestors and descendants and their brothers (We honoured some with similar excellence) and We chose them (for Our special favour and eminence) and guided them to the straight road
6:88 This is the guidance of Allah whereby He guides those of His servants whom He wills. But, if (supposedly) they had associated partners with Allah, all their (pious) deeds that they performed would have been seized (i.e., become void)
6:89 (It is) they whom We gave the Book and the Authority of Judgement (Shariah) and Prophethood. Then if these people (the disbelievers) deny these things, We have indeed appointed such people (to believe in these things) as (will) never deny them
6:90 It is (these) people (the Messengers of Allah) whom Allah has granted guidance. So, (O Last of the Messengers,) put into your practice all their (exalted and superior) ways and methods (and assimilate them into your holy personage so that all the superior traits and sublime attributes of all the Messengers of Allah collect in you). Say: ‘(O people,) I do not ask you for any wages (for this provision of guidance); it is but an admonition for mankind.
6:91 And they (the Jews) did not appreciate Allah with the just estimation that is His true measure (when they denied the Prophethood of Muhammad [blessings and peace be upon him]) saying: ‘Allah has not sent down anything to any human being.’ Say: ‘Who sent down the Book which Musa (Moses) brought, a light and guidance for the people? You have made them into separate sheets of paper showing it (to the people) and (also) concealing much (of it). And you have been taught what neither you nor your forefathers knew.’ Say: ‘(All this is but the blessing of) Allah.’ Then leave them (in whatever plight they are) sporting with their falsehood
6:92 And this is (that) Book which We have sent down, the most blessed one. It (authentically) confirms those revealed Books that preceded it. And (this) has been (sent down) in order that (firstly) you warn the residents of the nucleus of all the (human) communities, Mecca, and (secondly) the dwellers around it (the world over). And only those who believe in it have faith in the Last Day, and they alone keep a vigilant watch over their Prayers
6:93 And who is more unjust than one who invents a lie against Allah (and making a false claim of Prophethood) says: ‘Revelation has been sent down to me,’ whereas no revelation is sent to him? And who can be more unjust than one who (making a false claim of being a god) says: ‘I (too) shall soon send down such (a Book) as Allah has sent’? And if you visualize (the sight) when the unjust will be (suffering from) the death throes, and the angels will stretch forth their hands (towards them demanding:) ‘Deliver your souls from your bodies. This Day you will be recompensed with humiliating torment because you used to speak falsehood against Allah and disobey and disregard His Revelations.
6:94 And verily, (on the Day of Resurrection) you will come to Us all alone as We created you (all alone) the first time, and you will leave all that behind you which We have bestowed on you (of wealth and children). And We shall not see your intercessors accompanying you whom you have assumed to be Our partners in your affairs. Surely, (Today) your mutual relation (and confidence) has broken off, and (all) the claims that you used to make have become void
6:95 Verily, Allah alone causes the seed-grain and the fruit-stone to burst forth and sprout. He brings forth the living from the dead and the dead from the living. Such is Allah (the Glorious); then where do you stray away
6:96 He is the One Who cleaves through the dark of the night, and causes the (light of) the day to burst forth. And He is the One Who has made the night for rest and the sun and the moon for reckoning and computing. This is the appointed measure of the Almighty, the All-Knowing (Lord)
6:97 And He is the One Who has made for you stars so that you may navigate through all kinds of darkness of the land and the sea. Indeed, We have elucidated (Our) Revelations in detail for those who possess knowledge
6:98 And (Allah) is He Who has created you from a single soul (i.e., a single cell). Then (for you) there (is) a place of residing and a place of storage (i.e., the mother’s womb and the world, or the world and the grave respectively). Surely, We have explained the signs (of Our Power and Might) in detail for the people who understand
6:99 And He is the One Who sends down water from the sky. Then by means of this (rain), We bring forth vegetation of every kind out of which We produce green (foliage) from which We bring forth clustered grain packed one over the other, clusters of date-palm hanging low from its spathe, and gardens of grapes, olives and (also) pomegranates (which from many aspects look) alike but (in products, tastes and effects) are unlike. Look at the fruit of the tree when it bears fruit, and (also observe) when it ripens. Verily, in these are signs for those who believe
6:100 And these (disbelievers) associate jinn as partners with Allah, whereas He is the One Who has created them. And (also) without knowledge (and reason), they falsely attribute sons and daughters to Allah. Holy is He and far Exalted above (all) that they attribute (to Him)
6:101 He is the One Who is the Originator of the heavens and the earth. How can He have children when He has no wife? And He is the One Who has created everything, and He has the best knowledge of everything
6:102 That is (Allah) your Sustainer; none has the right to be worshipped except He. (He is) the Creator of everything. So worship Him alone, and He is the Protector of everything
6:103 No vision can grasp His Sight, but He has encompassed all vision and eyesight. And He is the All-Penetrating Viewer, All-Aware
6:104 The signs (of guidance) have indeed come to you from your Lord. So he who perceives (them by his insight) brings (benefit) to his own self, and he who remains blind (also) brings loss upon his own self. And I am not a guardian over you
6:105 And it is this way We elucidate (Our) Verses repeatedly (diversifying the styles) so that they (the disbelievers) may exclaim: ‘You have studied (from somewhere),’ and that We make it clear to the people who are prone to learn
6:106 Follow this (Qur’an) which has been revealed to you from your Lord. There is no God except Allah, and turn away from those who associate partners with Allah
6:107 And if Allah had willed (to prevent them forcefully), these people would (never) have set up partners with Him. And We have (also) not made you a guardian over them, nor are you a protector over them
6:108 And, (O Muslims,) do not abuse these (false gods) that these (polytheists) worship besides Allah, lest these people should (also, in retaliation,) revile against Allah’s Glory wrongfully due to ignorance. Thus have We made the conduct of every sect (and faction) seem attractive to (their own eyes and they regard only that as truth). Then all have to return to their Lord, and He will inform them of (the results of) their deeds which they used to do
6:109 They swear their most solemn oaths by Allah that if there comes to them some (manifest) sign, they shall certainly believe in that. Say (to them): ‘Signs are but with Allah alone. And, (O Muslims,) you are not aware that when the sign comes, they will (still) not believe.
6:110 And (due to their own malice) We shall turn their hearts and their eyes away from (accepting the truth the same way) as they have disbelieved (in the Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him]) the first time. (So, they will not believe even on seeing the sign). And We shall leave them to wander astray in their rebellion and defiance
6:111 And if We sent down to them angels, and the dead started talking to them, and We gathered everything in clusters (before their eyes), even then they would not believe except what Allah willed, and most of them put ignorance to work
6:112 And the same way We made for every Prophet enemies—the satans from amongst men and jinn—who always pour into one another’s hearts (flattery and) gilded talk (as suspicions) in order to deceive. And if your Lord had willed (to prevent them forcefully), they would not have done so. So leave them and (also) the falsehood which they fabricate
6:113 And (its) purpose is that the hearts of the people who do not believe in the Hereafter may incline to this (deceit), and that they may develop fondness for it, and (also) that they may begin to do (the evil deeds) which they are themselves (perpetrating)
6:114 (Say:) ‘Should I look for someone other than Allah as authority (and judge), whilst He (Allah) is the One Who has revealed to you the elaborate Book (comprising a clear course of action)?’ And those whom We gave the Book (before) know (with conviction) that this (Qur’an) has been revealed from your Lord (based on) truth. So do not be of the sceptics (with regard to these People of the Book whether or not they know that the Qur’an is a revealed Book)
6:115 And the Word of your Lord has been perfected in truthfulness and justice. There is no one who can change His Words. And He is All-Hearing, All-Knowing
6:116 And if you obeyed what the majority of people (dwelling) on earth say, they would lead you astray from the path of Allah. They simply follow assumptions and speculations (instead of truth and certitude) and remain engaged in mere guesswork (and telling lies)
6:117 Surely, your Lord alone knows best the one who strays away from His path, and only He knows best the rightly guided (as well)
6:118 So always eat of that (slaughtered animal) over which the Name of Allah has been pronounced (at the time of slaughter) if you believe in His Revelations
6:119 And what is the matter with you that you do not eat of that (meat) over which the Name of Allah has been pronounced (at the time of slaughter? You regard these lawful animals as unlawful without any reason), whilst He has spelled out to you in detail (all) those things which He has forbidden to you except when (under the unavoidable circumstances) you are forced (to eat the bare necessity just as a life-saving measure. So do not declare more things forbidden on your own anymore). Surely, many a people, devoid of (concrete) learning, lead (others) astray consistently by means of their own lusts (and fantasies). And surely, your Lord knows well the transgressors
6:120 And give up all the sins of body and of heart (i.e., both open and secret). Indeed, those who are earning sins will soon be punished for (the evil works) that they used to perpetrate
6:121 And do not eat of (the meat of the animal) over which the Name of Allah has not been pronounced (at the time of slaughter). Verily, it is a sin (to eat that meat). And surely, the devils keep pouring (doubts) into the hearts of their companions so that they may dispute with you. And if you follow their instructions, (then) you will also become polytheists
6:122 Can he who was dead (i.e., devoid of faith), then We gave him life (by guidance) and created for him the light (of faith and gnosis), and (now) by means of that, he walks amongst (the rest of) the people (also to spread that light) be like the one who is steeped in the darkness of (ignorance and error in such a way) that he can by no means come out of it? Likewise, the actions disbelievers keep doing are made alluring and attractive (in their sight)
6:123 And in like manner, We made the lords (and the affluent) in every community the ringleaders of their crimes, so that they might execute frauds in that (town), and (in fact) they do not defraud anyone other than their own selves. And they are not aware (of its evil outcome)
6:124 And when a sign comes to them, they say: ‘We shall never believe until we too are given (a sign) like the one bestowed upon the Messengers of Allah.’ Allah knows best whom He is to assign the station of His Messengership. Soon the criminals will face humiliation before Allah, and (will undergo) a severe torment as well because they used to defraud (and deceive)
6:125 So he whom Allah intends to give guidance (by way of bounty), He broadens his breast for Islam, and he for whom He wills persistence in error (which he has purchased) He, (by way of justice,) tightens his breast with (such a) fierce constriction as if he were ascending up hard into the sky (i.e., height). In the same way, Allah sends the torment (of disgrace) upon those who do not come to believe
6:126 And this (Islam) is the (only) straight path of your Lord. Verily, We have clearly explained Revelations in detail for those who accept direction and guidance
6:127 For them is the home of peace and security with their Lord. And He is the One Who is their Protector because of the (pious) deeds which they used to do
6:128 And on the Day when He gathers them all together (He will say:) ‘O party of jinn (satans), certainly you misguided many a human being,’ and their friends amongst mankind will say: ‘O our Lord! We have (sufficiently) benefited from each other, and (in the same state of negligence and interest-mongering) reached the end of the term that You had fixed for us (but we could not make any preparation for this).’ Allah will say: ‘(Now) the Fire is your abode in which you will reside forever, except what Allah may will. Verily, your Lord is Most Wise, All-Knowing.
6:129 And in this manner, We continue making some of the oppressors dominate over others due to the (evil) deeds that they earn
6:130 O community of jinn and men! Did Messengers not come to you from amongst yourselves reciting My Verses to you, and warning you of your appearance (before Me) this Day? They will say: ‘We bear witness against our own souls.’ The life of the world had caught them in deception, and they will bear witness (to this effect) against themselves that (in the world) they were disbelievers (i.e., the beliers of the truth)
6:131 This (sending of the Messengers) was because your Lord would not destroy the towns due to injustice whilst the people living there were (absolutely) unaware (of the teachings of the truth, i.e., no one made them acquainted with the truth)
6:132 And there are ranks (determined) for all according to their works, and your Lord is not unaware (of the works) they do
6:133 And your Lord is Self-Sufficient, Lord of (great) mercy. If He wills, He can eliminate you and, after you, make your successor whom He likes as He has raised you from the descendants of another people
6:134 Indeed, (the torment) which you are being promised has to certainly come and you cannot thwart (Allah)
6:135 Say: ‘O (my) people! Keep working at your position and surely I continue working (at my place). Then you shall soon come to know for whom it ends (well) in the Hereafter. Indeed, the unjust will not be emancipated.
6:136 They have fixed for Allah a share of the same (things) that He has produced of crops and cattle. Then, out of their (false) speculation, they say: ‘This share is for Allah and that for our (so-called) partners.’ Then (the share) meant for their partners does not reach Allah, and that (portion) which is for Allah reaches their partners. What an evil judgment (they) are making
6:137 And in like manner, their partners have made the killing of their children appear attractive to many of the idolaters in order to ruin them, and (also) make their (leftover) religion doubtful for them. And had Allah willed (to prevent them forcefully), they could not have done it. So leave them alone (paying no heed to them) and that which they fabricate
6:138 And, according to their (heretic) concept, they (also) say: ‘These (particular) cattle and crops are prohibited. None can eat them except the one whom we wish. (And) there are (certain) cattle whose backs are forbidden (to ride). And there are (some) cattle on which these people do not pronounce the Name of Allah (at the time of slaughter. All this) amounts to fabrication against Allah.’ Soon He will punish them for (that) which they used to fabricate
6:139 And they (also) say: ‘The (offspring) in the wombs of these cattle is exclusively for our men but forbidden to our women, and if that (offspring) is stillborn, then they (men and women) all are partners in it.’ Soon He will punish them for their (invented) dogmas. He is indeed Most Wise, All-Knowing
6:140 Certainly, ruined are they who kill their children without (true) knowledge out of (sheer) foolishness, and make those (things) unlawful which Allah has bestowed upon them (as sustenance), inventing a lie against Allah. They have certainly lost the straight path and could not be rightly guided
6:141 And He is the One Who has produced trellised and untrellised gardens (i.e., plants climbing up with supports and those not climbing up) and (also created) date (palms) and vegetation with a wide variety of fruits and olive and pomegranates (that) resemble (in shape) but differ (in taste). When (these trees) bear fruit, eat of their fruits, and (also) give away its due (as appointed by Allah) on the day of harvest (of the crop and the fruit), and do not spend wastefully. Surely, He does not like those who spend extravagantly
6:142 And (He) has created (large) cattle to carry burden, and the ones lying-on-earth (due to short height or for slaughter). Eat of this (provision also by way of slaughter) which Allah has provided for you. And do not follow in the footsteps of Satan; certainly, he is your open enemy
6:143 (Allah) has created eight pairs: two of the sheep (male and female) and two of the goat (male and female). Say (to them): ‘Has He forbidden the two males or the two females or that (offspring) which is in the wombs of the two females? Answer me on the basis of knowledge and reason if you are truthful.
6:144 And two of the camel (male and female) and two of the cow (male and female). Say (to them): ‘Has He forbidden the two males or the two females or that (offspring) which is in the wombs of the two females? Were you present when Allah pronounced to you this (prohibitive) injunction?’ Then who can be more unjust than the one who fabricates a lie against Allah so that he may lead the people astray without knowledge? Indeed, Allah does not guide the unjust people
6:145 Say: ‘I do not find in that Revelation which has been sent to me anything forbidden to anyone who eats (such things) as he takes in food except carrion, or flowing blood, or the flesh of swine, for it is filthy and impious, or the sinfully slaughtered animal on which some name other than Allah’s Name has been invoked at the time of slaughter. But he who becomes helpless (due to hunger), and is neither disobeying nor transgressing, then surely your Lord is Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful.
6:146 And We forbade the Jews every (beast) having claws, and We forbade them the fat of the cow and the goat, except that (fat) which coats their backs or lines their entrails, or which is attached to the bones. This We awarded them as a punishment for their rebellion. And assuredly, We are Truthful
6:147 Should they belie you, then say: ‘Your Lord is the Lord of infinite mercy, but His torment will not be averted from the evildoers.
6:148 Those who associate partners with Allah will soon say: ‘Had Allah so willed, neither we nor our fathers would have committed polytheism; nor would we have declared anything forbidden (without authority).’ In like manner, the people before them also belied until they tasted Our torment. Say: ‘Do you have any (authentic) knowledge which you may bring forth for us? (If so, then present it).’ You (abandoning knowledge of certitude) follow only assumptions and speculations and tell sheer lies (based on guesswork).
6:149 Say: ‘Only Allah’s is the irrefutable proof. So, if He had willed (to force you), He would have made all of you guidance-bound.’
6:150 Say (to these polytheists): ‘Produce your witnesses who would (come to) testify that Allah has forbidden this.’ Then if at all they bear (false) witness, do not accept their testimony (but instead disclose to them their falsehood). Nor yield to the vain desires of those who refuse to accept Our Revelations as true and do not believe in the Hereafter and hold (false gods as) equal to their Lord
6:151 Say: ‘Come, I will recite to you those things which your Lord has forbidden to you: Do not set up anything as a partner with Him; be morally excellent with parents; and do not kill your children owing to poverty. We alone give you sustenance and (will provide for) them as well. And do not draw near to shameful deeds (whether) open or hidden. And do not kill the soul whose (killing) Allah has forbidden, except when it is rightfully due (according to law in self-defence against disruption and whilst combating terrorism). It is these (injunctions) He has enjoined upon you so that you may apply reason
6:152 And do not go near the property of the orphan but in the most likable manner until he reaches the age of maturity.’ And always give full measure and weight with justice. We do not burden any soul beyond its ability to bear it. And when you say (something pertaining to somebody), do justice even though he is (your) near relative. And always fulfil the promise of Allah. These are (the matters) which He has strictly ordained for you in order that you may accept direction and guidance
6:153 And that this (Islamic law) is My straight path. So follow it and do not follow (other) paths, because they (the other paths) will move you away from Allah’s path. This is what He has enjoined you strictly so that you may become Godfearing
6:154 Then We gave Musa (Moses) the Book to complete (the favour) on him who would become pious, and (revealed it) as explanation of everything and as guidance and mercy, so that they might believe in meeting with their Lord (on the Day of Resurrection)
6:155 And this (Qur’an) is a Book which We have revealed full of blessings. So (now) follow it and fear (Allah) persistently so that you are shown mercy
6:156 (The Qur’an has been revealed lest) you (should) say: ‘The (heavenly) Book was only sent down before us to the two communities (the Jews and the Christians), and undoubtedly, we were unaware of their reading and teaching.
6:157 Or (lest) you should say: ‘Had the Book been sent down to us, we would certainly have been better guided than they are.’ So, now has come to you from your Lord the clear proof and guidance and mercy. Then who can be more unjust than he who treats the Revelations of Allah as lies and evades them? Soon shall We inflict an evil torment upon those who evade Our Revelations because they used to turn away (from the signs of Allah)
6:158 They are just waiting for the angels (of torment) to reach them, or your Lord to come (Himself), or some (exclusive) signs of your Lord to come (perceptibly. Tell them:) ‘The Day when some signs of your Lord will come (in such an evident way, then accepting) the belief will not benefit someone who had not believed before, or did not earn any good (in the state of) having believed.’ Say: ‘Wait; we (too) are waiting.
6:159 Surely, those who have broken up their religion (by introducing segregated paths) and have divided into (different) sects, you are not (concerned with or responsible for) them in any matter. Their case is only with Allah. Then He would let them know what they used to do
6:160 Whoever brings one good deed will have to his credit (as a reward) ten more like it, and whoever brings an evil deed will not be punished for more than one similar (evil deed). And no injustice will be done to them
6:161 Say: ‘Verily, my Lord has guided me to the straight path. (This is the path of) the well-founded Din (Religion), the path followed by Ibrahim (Abraham) single-mindedly devoted to Allah, turning aside from every falsehood. And he was not of the polytheists.
6:162 Say: ‘My Prayer, my Hajj (Pilgrimage) and my sacrifice (together with the entire worship and servitude) and my life and my death are for Allah alone, the Lord of all the worlds
6:163 He has no partner and of this have I been commanded, and I am the first Muslim (in the entire creation).
6:164 Say: ‘Should I look for a Lord other than Allah, whilst He is the Sustainer of everything? And whatever (sin) each soul earns, (its evil outcome) falls back upon it. And no bearer of burden will bear another’s burden. Then you are to return to your Lord alone, and He will inform you (of the truth of the matters) wherein you used to differ.
6:165 And He is the One Who has made you vicegerents in the earth, and exalted some of you over others in ranks, so that He may test you by means of (things) which He has bestowed upon you (as a trust). Surely, your Lord is swift in awarding punishment (to those who deserve it), but He is indeed Most Forgiving, Ever-Merciful (towards the aspirants to forgiveness)


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