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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim

al-An`am (Cattle, Livestock)
as rendered by [Al-Muntakhab]
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Al-muntakhab fi tafsir al-Qur'an al-Karim rendition of Surah Cattle, Livestock(al-An`am)
6:1 Praise is to Allah Who created the heavens and the earth and introduced darkness and light- both physical and spiritual-. Yet the infidels equalize Him with creatures of their fancy and incorporate them with Him as a corporate deity
6:2 You people had better realize, that it was He who brought you into being and effected your special creation from clay, then ordained He your span and the span of the universe and kept to Himself the knowledge of the point of time when all shall come to an end, and the Hereafter, begins, Yet you see O Muhammad how they contend with opposing arguments about Resurrection
6:3 And He is Allah in the heavens and on earth, Who alone has the rightful claim to reverence and veneration featured in the act of worship and in displaying the appropriate acts and rites. He is 'Alimun (Omniscient) of all that you converse secretly or whisper under your breath and of what you suggest, secretly to the mind, of all that your breasts store of thoughts and feelings and of all that you utter. Furthermore, He is 'Alimun of all that you earn of qualities, actions and deeds
6:4 Yet no revelation, sign or event betokening Allah's Omnipotence and authority and evinces both His Oneness and exclusive power to control fate and destiny, but they refuse to pay heed to it and they turn a deaf ear
6:5 They rejected the truth and counselled deaf to the Quran when it was presented to them to guide them into all truth. But soon shall they realize the truth of all that has been discoursed in this Quran which they hold up to ridicule
6:6 Did they not perceive by sight, apprehend by thought and learn by reading how many generations have We destroyed! generations who came to this world before them, endowed with power and ability, diligence and' capacities of action, wealth and knowledge, mental receiving power and talent and with many qualities which total up to a much higher degree than those summed up in you people. We poured down upon them rain and blessings bringing them into a people of condition and We made the rivers run beneath their settled habitations. But in consequence of their ingratitude and inordinate self -esteem, We destroyed them in requital of their transgression of the divine law, their offences against Allah and their violation of the religious and moral principles. We replaced them by other people who listened to reason and whose prudence got the better of their pride
6:7 And if We sent down to you O Muhammad a written discourse in sheets of paper fastened together, forming a material whole and they perceived it by sight and felt it by touch; thus still the infidels would have labelled it Sheer magic
6:8 They insolently say: If only an angel had been sent down to companion him - Muhammad- to confer on him dignity in an order of Prophethood! But if We had sent down an angel, then their Hereafter would have been planted in the now and their punishment would not have been put in respite
6:9 And if We had sent an angel as a Messenger or to companion Our human Messenger, We would have disguised him as a man, and there one disorder would be aggravated by another; they would not believe in him either, and a fallacious mode of reasoning would be created more than ever; they would not know whether to use the premise to prove the conclusion or to use the conclusion to prove the premise - a vicious circle
6:10 None the less, Messengers who were sent before you O Muhammad were also bombarded with foul epithets. The infidels mocked them and gave them a lick with the rough side of their tongues and called them everything they could lay their tongues to. In consequence were the mockers beset on all sides by the same material and immaterial things they turned into ridicule
6:11 Say to them: "Journey the land and open your mind’s eyes to see for yourselves the fatal consequence which united all those who persisted in their intentional assertion of falsehood"
6:12 Ask them: "To whom do you think the universe belongs!" and say to them: "Rest assured that all things including the earth and the Heavens and all that is in them, constituting a systematic whole, belong to Allah alone, Who ascribed mercy unto Himself to give people a chance to repent before the undoubted Day of Resurrection when He shall gather you all to His August Presence. There and then shall the infidels who denied Him realize that they were born to be great losers"
6:13 And to Him belong all created beings whose activity is suspended during the darkness of the night as well as all created beings whose activity is suspended during day light and He is AL-Sami' with unlimited audition and AL-'Alim
6:14 Say to them: "Would I choose to be under the tutelage of any besides Allah Who has generated the heavens and the earth! He provisions all with the requisites of life while He is provisioned by no one nor is He contingent on, nor conditioned by, the material or the immaterial". Say to them: "I have been commanded to be the first who conforms to Islam and never to be one of those who incorporate with Him other deities"
6:15 Say to them: "I am fearful to offend Allah, my Creator. If I were to disobey Him, Heaven shall lay my transgression to my charge and requite me with an immense punishment on a momentous Day"
6:16 "He who escapes censure on that Momentous Day, will have won Allah's mercy, and this is indeed triumph supreme"
6:17 "If Allah afflicts you with a touch of a misfortune then no one can relieve you of it but Him. And if He should grace you with a touch of good fortune, He is Qadirun to effect all in all"
6:18 " He is the Supreme controlling and influencing power inherent in all His servants and in His Created beings, and He is the Source of wisdom and wise mysterious dispensations and AL-Khabir (Cognizant of all things)"
6:19 Ask O Muhammad those who doubt your mission: "What documentary evidence has more weight to support the truth of my mission than the attestation by Allah Himself!" "He is the witness of my actions and of your actions". "This Quran has been inspired to me to guide you into all truth and to warn you and warn all those whom it shall reach against counting Allah as being plural". "Do you people really bear witness to the plurality of Allah!" "I Just will not accord with this". Say to them: "Indeed He is only One Ilah, and I am absolutely innocent of your ills, and above all of your notion of incorporating with Him other deities"
6:20 Those who were recipients of Our Word -Jews and Christians- to whom We gave the Book -AL-Tawrah and AL-Injil (Torah and Bible) do recognize this Book -the Quran- as well as the Messenger to whom it is sent. They assert the existence of this reality as much as they are able to assert the identity of their sons, but those who are cheaply vicious to the perdition of their own souls refuse to recognize the truth
6:21 And who is more wrongful than he who viciously and wrongfully relates to Allah falsehood or denies His revelations and signs betokening Omnipotence and Authority! Never shall the wrongful of actions find one instance of physical or spiritual prosperity Hereafter
6:22 The Day shall come when We throng them all together and say to them: "Where are your deities which you presumed to have divine nature that you incorporated them with Allah!"
6:23 Not knowing what to do nor which way to turn they shall say: "By Allah, our Creator, never did we incorporate with Allah other deities"
6:24 See how they will lie in their teeth and tell lies about themselves and be forsaken and renounced by those whom they presumed to share with Allah His divine nature and how they shall fail their expectations
6:25 And among them are some who listen to your discourse on practical divinity and to the Quran when you recite it, not to profit by it but to pick holes in it and be able to tell their evil minds. The fact is that We have closed their hearts’ ears and deafened their ears to reason. They just would not apprehend with their senses any revelation or any sign no matter how convincing to the mind they be. And when they come to you O Muhammad they do not humble themselves but in arrogance they are more ready to argue than to obey. Vested with infidelity, they interpret their thoughts in words: "This is nothing", they say, "but fables of old"
6:26 And they incite people to reject the Quran and decline to accept it, and they themselves have nothing to do with it. They only bring irretrievable disaster upon themselves and they do not have the wisdom to perceive this fact
6:27 If only you could visualize their change of mind when they are confined into the slavish imprisonment of Hell! They shall wish they could be sent back to life below and they would never deny Allah's revelations and signs, and they would be among those who conform to Allah's will
6:28 The fact is that now they do realize their earlier sinful settled behaviour, representing their hidden common feeling of the denial of the truth. And if they were sent back to life below, they would, thus still, resume the same evil practice they were advised to avoid; they are indeed liars
6:29 They fail to recall to mind what they perpetuated of thoughts which they expressed in words, thus: "There is only this present life" they say, "and it, is only time that shall do away with it, and never shall we be resurrected"
6:30 And if you could visualize them when they are in the August presence in audience of Allah, their Creator, and He asks them: "Is this not the graphic description of the truth which was related to you by our Messenger you simply denied! "By Allah, our Creator, it is", they say, there and then they shall be told: "Taste the torment laid upon the damned for your intentional denial of the truth"
6:31 Losers indeed are those who deny Resurrection and their audience of Allah, their Creator. And when all of a sudden the predetermined Eventful Hour surprises them, they shall say with pining regrets and vain repentances: "It is a great pity to have neglected our duty to Allah in life below and for what we left undone." They shall be burdened with wrongs more then their backs can bear. Evil indeed is the fate of those who are burdened with wrongs, and evil indeed are the wrongs they wear
6:32 Indeed life here is but an illusive and rapid change of feeling, fancy and thought and an amusement bringing happiness to those who cannot think, whereas, the abode in heaven's realm Hereafter is far better and indeed blissful but for those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah; can you people not reflect
6:33 We do know O Muhammad that what their dishonesty admits of irreverent discourse grieves you at heart, In fact it is not you that they charge with falsehood, but it is Allah's revelations, signs and Authority that the wrongful deny. They befool their minds and their judgement of the truth to cause what is false be accepted as true
6:34 Messengers before you O Muhammad had been charged with falsehood just the same and they put up with the charge and bore criticism and wrongful treatment with forbearance, and they bore with their opponents their faults and limitations until Allah ordained to be their very present help ; decisions pronounced by Allah are decisive, irrevocable and conclusive. You have already been given a narrative of the Messengers who preceded you
6:35 If their natural aversions and antipathies perturb you, and you are able to excavate a roadway underground or set up a ladder to ascend heavenward to bring about a sign to convince them of the truth of your mission, then by all means do it. Had Allah willed He would have united their thoughts and feelings to meditate reverence and obedience to Him and seek His guidance and spiritual union. Therefore, do not be one of those destitute of Allah's knowledge
6:36 It is only those who bow down their ears and open their heats’ ears that favourably respond to heaven's call and to spiritual prompting, whereas those destitute of spiritual life are as good as dead to admonition and the dead shall only hear when Allah resurrects them, be it in this world or in the world to come when back to Him they return
6:37 And the infidels say: "If only a convincing divine sign be bestowed on him, a sign we perceive mentally or by sight! Say to them O Muhammad: "Allah is Omnipotent enough to send down any specific sign, but most of them are so ignorant to know the truth"
6:38 There is not a beast in the animal kingdom on earth nor a bird moving through the air with its wings but form distinct nations like you people. We have not left out anything informative but included it in this Book, and all shall just the same be thronged before Allah, their Creator
6:39 Those who denied Our revelations and signs betokening Omnipotence and Authority, and denied your mission O Muhammad are indeed deaf and dumb; they are shrivelled into the darkness of want of spiritual and intellectual sight. But Allah misguides the minds of whom He. Will and guides to His path of righteousness whom He will
6:40 Say to them: "What if Allah afflicts you with a penalty in requital of your evil deeds or your Hereafter be planted in the now! Who is there besides Allah to invoke for mercy, if indeed you declare the truth!"
6:41 "Indeed it is only Allah Whom you shall inevitably invoke to relieve your misery if He will, and you shall forget your false deities whom you incorporate with Him"
6:42 We have sent Messengers before you O Muhammad to peoples who came to this world before your people, and We afflicted them with misfortunes and wedded them to calamities hoping they would, humble themselves to Allah
6:43 But even then and thus still, they became hard-hearted and were befooled by AL-Shaytan (Satan) who allured them to brighter worlds as a reward for their doings and he led the way
6:44 And when they became wilfully unmindful of all that We had imparted to them of knowledge and of the misfortunes they suffered, We opened, for them all the great channels of prosperity until their appetite and desire were gratified and they rejoiced beyond a common joy. There and then We suddenly seized them and dressed them with ruin and there, they simply gave up hope and nursed despair
6:45 There, were struck at the root and uprooted from the earth the people who were wrongful of actions. An inducement to people of piety to turn to Allah, Creator of the worlds, with praise and best thanks for purging the world of its corrupt members
6:46 Ask them O Muhammad: "What if Allah denies you your faculty of hearing and that of sight, faculties divine, and closes your hearts' ears! Who is that deity who is able to restore them to you!" See Muhammad how We expound and orient Our revelations to circumstances and requirements yet they counsel deaf and refuse to heed
6:47 Ask them: "What if Allah 's punishment surprises you or casts its shadow before it strikes you to your marrow! Who but the wrongful of actions shall perish!"
6:48 We only send the Messengers in the capacity of spectacles and warnings, and those who recognize their missions and acknowledge Allah's Authority with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds with wisdom and piety will have won Allah's mercy; no fear or dread shall fall upon them nor shall they come to grief
6:49 But those who refuse to recognize Our revelations and signs betokening Omnipotence and Authority and rejecting the truth of Our Messengers’ missions shall suffer the torment laid on the damned who grew daily more and more wicked
6:50 Say to your people O Muhammad: "I do not claim to be in possession of the treasuries of Allah nor do I indulge in prophecy or claim to foretell future events nor do I say I am an angel. I only follow what is inspired to me of truth to guide all people into all truth". And ask them: "Shall they be esteemed alike, those who are lacking in intellectual, moral and spiritual perception, and those who perceive mentally and apprehend the truth by thought! Can you people not employ the faculty of reason in forming conclusions!"
6:51 And use the Quran O Muhammad to warn those who are apprehensive of the inevitable occasion when they are thronged before Allah, their Creator, besides Whom they simply have no tutelary protector nor an intercessor, they may, hopefully entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him
6:52 And do not oblige the rich infidels who suffer from inordinate self-esteem, by dismissing those who are humble in rank or station before they listen to your discourse on Islam. Poor as they are, they uplift their hands and their inward sight to Allah in their devotional exercise morning and evening seeking only the illumination proceeding from Him, featured in the language spoken by His countenance. You are not accountable O Muhammad to Allah for their deeds or actions, nor are they accountable to Allah for your deeds or actions to induce you to dismiss them and be wrongful of action
6:53 Thus did We take matters of fact as they were and circumstanced them after Our own manner. We gathered the rich and the poor together to try them and expose the inclination of the one in the presence of the other. And there contemptuously, said the rich who were extravagant in their accounts of themselves: "Is it these whom Allah has graced among us!" Does Allah not know best the thankful who are actuated with the feeling of gratitude
6:54 And when those who opened their hearts’ ears and their minds’ eyes to Our revelations and signs come to you O Muhammad, address them with the expression of good will and courtesy "peace be upon you" and proclaim to them what will please them to hear, thus: " Allah ascribed mercy unto Himself as an attribute to Him to the end that he who commits himself among you to an evil line of conduct in ignorance and in lowliest plight stands repentant thereafter and henceforth imprints his deeds with wisdom and piety shall find Allah Ghafurun and` Rahimun"
6:55 Thus do We expound Our revelations and render Our discourse readily understood so as not to confound the course of action followed by the pious with that on which the wicked are resolved, and there shall the worker from the work distinct be known
6:56 Say to them O Muhammad: "I have been forbidden to worship those deities whom you invoke in prayer or appeal to for aid and protection besides Allah. " And say to them: "Should I be tempted to follow your wishes or act upon your desires, then I will have missed the path of righteousness and failed to be one of those who have the world all before them and Providence their guide"
6:57 Say to them O Muhammad: "I follow the law I received from Allah, the law illuminating the eyes and imparting spiritual and intellectual enlightenment -the Quran- which you have totally denied". "I do not have control over Allah's punishment which you challenge and impertinently urge that it be hastened on." Decisions lay in the hands of Allah; He declares the truth and He is infinitely the best of all who can decide a question, a matter of doubt or discussion and settle a dispute
6:58 Say to them: "If the punishment you have challenged to be hastened on rested on my hands, your Hereafter would have been planted thereupon and the case as put by both of us would have been decided." " Allah knows best the wrongful of actions"
6:59 And with Him are kept the keys serving to open up, disclose and explain the unknown, the mysterious and the obscure which no one knows but Him. He has omniscience of all that is on the land and in the sea, and not one single leaf, large or small, laterally produced from a stem or a branch, or springing from its root that falls, but comes to His knowledge. Nor a seed embedded in the darkness of the interior of the earth nor anything fresh, or moist, green or dry, withered or solid, but is inscribed and made manifest in a Book
6:60 And He is it Who disembodies your souls at night during sleep and knows fully well all that you have done by day when He actuates you; a process continuing up to a predetermined point of time, then back to Him shall you return when He informs you of all that your minds and your souls had impelled you to do
6:61 He is the Supreme controlling and influencing power inherent in His servants and in all His creatures, and He sends down guardian angels who keep you in sight and commit to writing all your actions and the thoughts running before them until it is time for any of you to encounter death as predetermined by Allah, then Our Messengers disembody his soul and never are they negligent
6:62 There and then they are sent back to Allah, their Creator, Who is "Truth personified. " Is the right to Judgement not asserted as Allah's own! He is uniquely swift in putting the law in execution
6:63 Ask them O Muhammad "Who saves you from the darkness of deepest dismay when you are unable to cope with a dangerous situation on land or at sea!" "You invoke Him with bated breath and whispering humbleness and in secret that if He extended His mercy to you and saved you, you would be impelled to the feeling of gratitude and gratefulness"
6:64 And say to them: "Allah is He who saves you from this dangerous situation and from endless occasions of faintness of the heart from terror, yet and thus still you incorporate with Him other deities"
6:65 Say to them: "He is the Omnipotent Who is able to drive against you a retributive punishment from the realm above you or from beneath your feet, or to fan the flow of discord among you and split you into adversative factions and make some of you iniquitous and oppressive to the others and make some of you taste the hostilities launched out by others". See O Muhammad how We expound and orient Our revelations to circumstances and requirements that they may hopefully reflect
6:66 Yet your people, thus still, deny the Quran, the truth guiding into all truth and deny themselves the knowledge, the wisdom and the spiritual light! Say to them: "I am not entrusted to your care nor am I responsible for your ordinary pursuits of life"
6:67 To every announcement or a proclamation embodied in the Quran there is a fixed point of time, place and incidence; the inception and duration as well as the completion are predetermined. And then you people shall know of it when it comes to pass
6:68 And when you see those critical of Our revelations holding a, fault - finding and censorious, discourse on the subject, you just avoid them and do not keep company with them until they have changed the subject and virtue and wisdom no longer sit in want. Should Al-Shaytan make you forget, then collect your spirits, thoughts and mind and sit no longer with the wrongful of actions
6:69 Those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah are in no way accountable to Allah for the deeds or actions of the wrongful However they should put them in mind of the truth hoping to bring them to their senses and. Induce them to entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah
6:70 And dismiss O Muhammad from your thoughts those who do not justify faith as a conviction operative on their character and will and treat it mockingly and amuse themselves with its principles pinning it ostentatiously to their sleeves. They are deceived by the sensuous enjoyment they regarded as the chief object of life. But put them in mind of the truth, it may hopefully bring them to their senses and they come to realize that every soul shall be requited with what is commensurate with its deeds and shall have no tutelary protector besides Allah. Nor shall humble intercession be accepted from any on behalf of another, nor shall the equivalent in ransom pay for the expiation of the guilt of the one or the other. These persons of common attributes, qualities and actions shall be requited with what is commensurate with their deeds. Their uneasy and painful sensation of thirst shall only be quenched with boiling water and they shall suffer the torment laid on the damned who grew daily more and more wicked, intentionally denying the truth and asserting falsehood
6:71 Say to them O Muhammad: "Is it befitting to invoke besides Allah mortals, immortals or figures made of stone or wood, when none of them can afford us help nor is it in their capacity to do us harm, and we be so ignorant to depreciate the spirit of truth guiding into all truth!" And is it wise to turn on our heels and reverse our natural instinct which manifests itself in rational acts after we have received divine enlightenment and illumination and the world is all before us and Providence our guide! "If so, we would stand similitude exact of someone who has been befooled by the Satanic, who wanders over the earth without rest perplexed in its enormous extent, not directed by reason or a fixed purpose, and in quest, he knows not of what, unknowing where his course is bound! "Influenced by the Satanic, he hardly hears the call of his good and pious friends begging him to come back to them and urge peace with Allah and reconcile himself with his own heart and with Allah". Say to them; "it is, only the course steered by Allah that leads to the path of righteousness where Providence is the guide and we Muslims have been commanded to conform our will to Allah’s will
6:72 And we have been commanded to engage in the act of worship and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him, for to Him We shall all be thronged
6:73 He is it Who created the heavens and the earth in truth and with a set of invariable cosmic laws in all manner of wisdom and for a valid reason. The instant He says to an object or to an event "Be" it is there. His Word is the truth personified and to Him belong the absolute sovereignty and the full control of the Eventful Event when the trumpet is sounded indicative of Resurrection and Judgement. He is the Omniscient of the invisible, the hidden and the unseen, the Omniscient of what the breasts store of thoughts and feelings and of what they forge. He has cognizance and holds prescience of what you converse secretly and utter below your breath and of what is suggested secretly to the mind. He is well acquainted with the visible and the seen and with what is avowed openly and openly disclosed, with all that is uttered loudly and with all that is being said. He is Al Hakim (he Source of wisdom and wise mysterious dispensations) and AL-Khabir (The Omniscient)
6:74 For once did Ibrahim ask his father Azar (Athar) "Do you take figures made of stone and/or wood as godheads? O my father, I do see you and your people lost in the maze of error"
6:75 Thus, did We carry Ibrahim beyond the physical world to show him the wonders and spiritual glories behind the magnificent powers and laws of the physical universe to affirm his inward sight and his deep thoughts with certainty
6:76 When the night darkened the world around him, he saw, with his inward sight a heavenly body glittering in the vault of heaven. This, said he, "is my Allah." But when it set he said: "I just do not like things that set, and cease to be"
6:77 Then when he saw the moon, again with his inward sight, rising into view and over head it sat: "This is my Allah", he said. But again when it vanished from sight he said: "Unless the supreme controlling and influencing power actuates me with thought and guidance, I will certainly be lost in a maze"
6:78 When he saw the sun rising, he acknowledged it his Allah; "It is greater ", he said. But when it set, he opened his mind’s eyes and said: "O my people, I am indeed innocent of all that you incorporate with Allah the Eternal"
6:79 "Now do I turn my face and set my thoughts with firmness in fidelity, allegiance and fulfilment of all duties owed to Him, the Eternal Ilah, Creator of the heavens and the earth, and I am not one of those incorporating with Him other deities"
6:80 His people contended with him with opposing arguments against the thought of one Allah and warned him of their indignation. But he said to them: "Do you contend with me with opposing arguments against Allah Who has guided me to His path of righteousness!" "I do not regard with fear those deities whom you incorporate with Him nor shall I be in harm's way unless it be Allah's will. Allah, My Creator is Omnipresent, and His Omniscience embraces all in all; can you not reflect!"
6:81 "And how should I fear those deities whom you incorporate with Him and you do not fear the consequences and the malignant fate awaiting you in requital of incorporating with Him other deities whom He never authorized! "Which of the two parties, would then be safe and secure if only you knew!"
6:82 Indeed those who believed in Allah with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and did not confuse their spiritual apprehension of divine truths with wrongful actions and injustice are they who shall escape censure; they shall be graced with safety and security and the world is all before them and Providence their guide
6:83 One judgement was deduced from another; that was the reasoning We imparted to Ibrahim to use against his people's contention. We raise whom We will to higher ranks and exalt them in dignity, wisdom and power. Allah, your Creator, is indeed Hakimun and 'Alimun
6:84 We invested him with the privilege of begetting a pious progeny, Ishaq and Ya'qub (Isaac, Jacob) both of whom We guided into all truth just as We had guided Nuh (Noah) aforetime. And of Nuh's posterity We conducted Dawud (David) and Sulayman (Solomon), Ayub (Job) and Yusuf (Joseph), Mussa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron). Thus do We reward those whose deeds are imprinted with wisdom and piety
6:85 And Zakariya (Zachariah) and Yahya (John), ‘Isa (Jesus) and Ilias (Elias), all and each were enrolled among the virtuous
6:86 And Isma‘IL (Ishmael) and Ilias, Yunis (Jonah) and Lut (Lot), all and each We favoured by preference out of all mankind
6:87 And of their forefathers, posterity and brethren did We choose some whom We guided into all truth and We led the way
6:88 This is the true accord of Allah - the union of His will and affections - attuned to the spirit of truth guiding whom He will of His servants into all truth. Had they incorporated with Him other deities they would have been denied the prerogative of Prophethood besides the loss incurred. Their hopes would have been doomed to disappointment and their deeds to worthlessness
6:89 These were they to whom We entrusted the Book, the spirit of truth guiding people into all truth and ministering to their material and spiritual lives. We graced them with the divinely - given wisdom and sovereignty and with the special prerogative of Prophethood. If these people* - reject these divinely - given advantages, others have been entrusted with them; they fulfilled the requirements and proved worthy of the trust. * Meccan
6:90 These are they whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand; they proved to be worthy of Allah's grace and prerogatives. Therefore, take them O Muhammad as a guide, follow their example and espouse their opinions. And say to your people: " I do not charge you a price for imparting to you Allah's revelations or disclosures, wisdom or practical divinity; the Quran - is simply the fountain - head of all truth that puts mankind in mind of reality"
6:91 And they* did not credit Allah with the attributes asserted as His own; they failed to ponder His marvels crediting His Omnipotence. They said: "Never did Allah disclose divine knowledge to a human being nor did He admit discourse directly or indirectly to His Omnipotence and Authority". Ask them; "Who then had sent down the Book you knew that Mussa presented to his people, the Book flowing forth with illumination and enlightenment to illuminate the intellect of mankind; the Book the Jews divided and again broke up into subdivisions and published the parts they planned to disclose and concealed the many parts which would publish their shame and their immorality; the Book which imparted to them divine knowledge and acquainted them intellectually with facts neither they nor their fathers had ever known". "Is it not Allah!" Let them Muhammad drown themselves in the nonsensical and engage in amusement which is the happiness of those who cannot think. * The Meccan Infidels and the Jew
6:92 And this Quran -is Heaven's- sent Book breeding perpetual benediction, corroborating and authoritatively validating the authentic Books revealed aforetime; Use it Muhammad to warn people of the mother City and the people of all cities around. It is a Book highly credited by those who acknowledge the truth of the Hereafter and regularly observe their act of worship
6:93 And who is more wrongful than him who relates falsehood to Allah and attributes to Him every falsity that could be devised, or claims that he has been inspired by Allah when in fact nothing whatsoever has been inspired to him! And who is more wicked than him who says: I am able to produce a book the like of that sent down by Allah! If only you Muhammad could see the wicked at the distressful moment of death when they are in agony, of mind and soul, as the angels of death put forward their hands to disembody their souls and say to them: "Now is the moment to surrender your souls "Today you shall suffer the humiliating torment laid upon the damned for attributing to Him nothing but falsehood and for turning your heads in contempt objecting to His signs and revelations with inordinate self-esteem"
6:94 "Now" they are told, "you have come back to Us singly, not less alone than when you were alone when We created you at first and delivered you nude naked and bare to the world below". "Now you have come back to Us stripped of all possessions and of all that We had ascribed to you in life." Nor do We see you accompanied by your intercessors whom you had claimed they enjoyed the same position and power of a god; now the ties of your common fanciful belief are being severed, and those whom you presumed to be godheads have failed your expectation"
6:95 Allah is indeed the controlling power that influences the seeds and the date-stones to split to take root and to sprout to produce plants and trees; He causes the living to egress from the dead and the dead to fall from the living*; yet how strongly deluded you people are, that you believe a lie
6:96 He causes the night to lose its character, and the incipience of the gleam of dawn to cleave its way, and He designated the night as the period of natural repose and recuperation*, and the sun and the moon for determining and computing time. Such is the plan determined by the AL- Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-'Alim
6:97 And it is He Who designated the stars as a guide-post for you in your travels amid the darkness of night on land and beyond and at sea. We have expounded and distinctly expressed our revelations to people who reflect
6:98 And He is it who brought you into being from one single soul* then He ordained your prototype in the seed** and He made the earth your destined habitation*** where you live a life that deserves the name until the encounter with death when you are deposited in the graves and in due course be reclaimed for Judgement. We have expounded and distinctly expressed Our revelations to people who comprehend the facts
6:99 And it is He Who sends down from the floor of the vault of heaven rain-water and with it do We cause vegetal activity of all -plants-*. And We prompt the green blades to spring up and develop into clusters of ears of grain which ripen and be brought to maturity. And out of the palm trees commanding a view of all that lies around, hang pinnate of fan shaped leaves and sprouting offshoots of variegated and delightful fruits. And of the fruit trees are orchards of grapes, olives and pomegranates besides similar species and -Common characteristics- and dissimilar genus -class or distinct group-. Direct you people your intellectual eye and your inward sight to the fruit trees when they bloom and put forth blossoms and when the flowers come to be fruits which grow ripe, and you shall find enough tokens representing convincing divine evidence symbolic of Allah's Omnipotence and Authority, giving insight to those whose hearts have been touched with the divine hand
6:100 Yet the infidels incorporate with Him the Jinn as partners of Omnipotence and Authority albeit He brought the Jinn into being and caused them to exist. And in ignorance they insolently ascribe to Him sons and daughters; glory be to Him and extolled are His glorious attributes, He is infinitely far beyond all they falsely attribute to Him
6:101 He is it who generated the heavens and the earth. How would He have a child when He is infinitely beyond taking a wife! He created all and brought the whole into existence and He is 'Alimun of all in all
6:102 This is Allah, your Creator; there is no Ilah but Him, the Creator Who generated all. Therefore, regard Him with reverence and veneration and worship Him alone; He is the Tutelary Guardian of the whole and of all in all
6:103 He is not apprehended by sight whereas He comprehends all that is displayed to the bodily eye and all that is brought before the mind’s eye, and He is the Gracious Who gives His servants an understanding heart, and He is AL-Latif (Kind) and Al- Khabir
6:104 Say to them O Muhammad: "You people have now received divine evidence engaging the intellect, and enough signs sensed by mental and spiritual vision of those who lift to Allah their inward sight. Therefore, he who exercises his mind’s eyes shall advantage himself, and he who blinds hims elf to the truth shall prejudice his own interests, and you must realize that I am not here to watch over your innocence and folly"
6:105 Thus much do We explicitly present Our revelations and signs and orient them to circumstances and requirements and explain the various aspects of every thought by symbols, parables and narratives so as to apply you O Muhammad to the standard which is not level to their capacities so that Ahl al-Kitab dismiss the idea that you were taught by some of them. We also meant to give insight to those who comprehend the truth
6:106 You Muhammad just follow all that has been inspired to you and act upon it and in accordance with its precepts enjoined by Allah, your Creator; there is no Ilah but Him, and disregard those who incorporate with Him other deities
6:107 Had Allah willed, He would have graced them with a religious mind and they would not have incorporated with Him other deities. And you rest assured that We did not send you to watch over their innocence and folly, nor are you entrusted to their care or responsible for their ordinary pursuits of life
6:108 Do not assail those who incorporate with Allah other deities nor their idols with abusive language conveying injurious reproach lest they should revile Allah in retaliation by want of thought. Thus did We allure every nation acting upon a given belief to brighter present and happier destiny, then back to Allah, their Creator, all are destined to go, there and then shall He inform them of all that their minds and souls had impelled them to do
6:109 The infidels make a solemn declaration with an appeal to Allah that if a significant sign be revealed to them to evince both Muhammad’s Prophethood and integrity; they would most certainly accept it. Say to them: "Revelations and signs evincing my Prophethood and the truth of my mission rest in the hands of Allah alone. Nonetheless, how do you know, you Muslims, whether the infidels will or will not favourably respond to the miraculous sign
6:110 We divert their hearts, their feelings and their sight from one thought to another and throw their minds into confusion and We manoeuvre their disposition to induce difficulties sufficient to turn the edge of the finest wit that they lose sight of the truth as they did at the beginning and shall do henceforth. And We give them plenty of rope to allow them free scope of action in order to commit themselves to the loss in the maze of error
6:111 Had We sent down angels whom they could perceive by sight and resurrected for them the dead to discourse with them practical divinity, and thronged before their eyes, beings, matters and affairs of the spiritual world, they would not have acknowledged the truth nor would they have conformed to Islam unless it be the will of Allah. But most of them are so ignorant to realize this fact
6:112 Thus did We apply to every Prophet enemies characterized with Satanic attributes among both mankind and the Jinn who actuate each other with the feeling of confidence pertaining to fair-spoken discourse with implication of deceit. Had Allah willed they would never have dwelled on such settled behaviour as representative of feeling or opinion nor lingered round it. Therefore, let them sink under the vexations of their thoughtless minds and befool the minds and judgement of the people so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true
6:113 Such deceit attracts the victims of deception who deny the truth of the Hereafter and allow themselves to be deluded. They accept such deceitful discourse with consenting minds and open their hearts’ ears to such deceitful advice as these satanic incline them to propound, and perpetrate what their submitting minds and souls impel them to do
6:114 Say to them O Muhammad: "Shall I choose a judge besides Allah when it is He Who makes and gives the law whereas all other judges only interpret it? It is He Who has sent down -the Quran- distinctly expressing all that is meant leaving nothing merely implied," .Ahl al-Kitab know it is Allah's sent Book in all truth. Therefore, do not let O Muhammad those who hide the truth and contend with opposing arguments influence your feelings or put you in doubt
6:115 And now has the word of Allah, your Creator, answered the purpose and complied with the conditions truthfully and justly; His words are decisive, irrevocable and conclusive, and He is AL-Sami’ (Omnipresent with unlimited audition) and AL-'Alim
6:116 And if you open your heart’s ears to people at large domiciled on earth, most of them shall alienate you from Allah's purpose and lead you in the wrong; they only follow the false suppositions and the incitement arising from the state of their minds and feelings; they simply lie and indeed they lie in their teeth
6:117 Allah, your Creator, knows best who intentionally or unintentionally alienates himself from His path of righteousness and alienates His purpose, just as He has cognizance of those whose feet are irresistibly drawn by magnetic influence, as it were, to the path of righteousness
6:118 Therefore, do not lend an ear to those who deny Allah and set themselves at defiance, but eat only of the flesh of the permitted animals slaughtered under the invocation of Allah's Name if indeed you have solemnly accepted His revelations and signs betokening His Authority
6:119 And why should you not eat of the flesh of the permitted animals slaughtered under the invocation of Allah's Name when He has designated to you the forbidden and admitted of relaxation under compelling circumstances! Indeed a good many lead themselves as well as others in the wrong upon their desires reflecting ignorance and want of knowledge. But Allah knows well those who disregard His commandments and go beyond the limits prescribed by Him
6:120 And avoid the impious, the immoral and the sinful act whether it be apparent or real, committed openly or secretly or suggested secretly to the mind. Indeed those who commit themselves to an evil line of conduct shall be requited with what is commensurate with their evil deeds
6:121 Therefore do not eat of the flesh of the permitted animal which has not been slaughtered under the invocation of Allah's Name; this is impiety. The Satanic suggest to the minds of those similarly disposed to contend with you with opposing arguments, and should you yield to their incitement of evil, you will have reverted to paganism
6:122 Does he who has been destitute of spiritual life and We inspirited with illumination and enlightenment to conduct himself well among the people and Providence his guide, compare with him who is led by the nose by the prince of darkness into deepest dismay where there is no escape! Thus were the infidels deluded with sensuous notions that in vain they wasted their days
6:123 Thus did We set in every city the principal persons among the people who set no bounds to their sensuous vain and evil desires to take cunning for a sinister and crooked wisdom, and lie in wait to deceive the people, when in fact they beset themselves with evils and malice but they fail to perceive
6:124 When an authoritative revelation or a sign is revealed to them, they interpret their thoughts in words: "We will not", they say: "Conform to Islam until we are accorded the like of what the Messengers of Allah were given by inspiration". Indeed Allah knows best whom to entrust with His divine message. But those who grow daily more and more wicked shall be subjected to humiliation in heaven's realm and shall be imprisoned in the realm of Hell in requital of, taking cunning for a sinister and crooked wisdom
6:125 Nonetheless, he whom Allah wills to guide to His path of righteousness, He comforts him with strange and mystical feelings and makes his breast -the seat of affections and emotions - amenable and responsive to the joyful thought of conforming to Islam. But he whom Allah decides to leave to his evil thoughts, He tightens his reins in despair and tightens his chest so as to be rendered impervious to a breath of spiritual knowledge; a feeling similar to that he experiences if he were climbing skywards to high altitudes*. Thus does Allah afflict those who deny Him with the torment laid on the damned
6:126 But why follow the crooked path when Allah's path is a path of piety, righteousness and virtue! We have expounded Our revelations to people who keep Allah in mind
6:127 Who shall make abode in heaven's realm in a world of peace in the August presence of Allah, their Creator, Who shall overshadow them by His gracious wing in return for the deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety
6:128 And on the Day -Allah- throngs them all, He shall say to them: "O you people of the Jinn, you seduced many among mankind and led them astray". Their allies among mankind shall say: "O Allah, our Creator, We had enjoyed each other and mutually profited one another until our predetermined time was fulfilled". Then says Allah: "The realms of Hell are where you make abode wherein you will have passed through nature to eternal suffering except as Allah wills. Allah, your Creator, is indeed Hakimun and 'Alimun"
6:129 Thus do We induce those who confirm themselves in prepensed malice to be attracted to each other and be disposed to tutelary friendship by reason of their common attributes and of exercising themselves for the purpose of alienating people from Allah's purpose
6:130 In Day of Judgement shall all be addressed , thus: "O you people of the Jinn and mankind, asks Allah, "did you not receive Messengers, people of your own , to present you with My signs and narrate to you My revelations evincing both My Omnipotence and Authority, and warn you of this Momentous Day! "We plead guilty, they say, and we confess to the charge". They were deceived by the sensuous enjoyment, they regarded as the chief object of life, and they were witnesses of their own actions and of their deeds reflecting infidelity and disobedience to Allah
6:131 Among the set of Allah's correlated principles is His merciful dealing with the guilty who lacked knowledge of what is wrong and what is right, nor has he been guided or warned. Therefore, never would Allah, your Creator, do away with the cities when their inhabitants were unconscious of the wrong they were accustomed to do
6:132 There are grades for all; grades of appreciation and those of depreciation, grades commensurate with deeds, and Allah, your Creator, is not unaware of what people do
6:133 Allah, your Creator, is the Independent, the Absolute and the Source of mercy; if He wills, He can do away with you people and replace you by others of His choice just as He brought you into being from the posterity of other people
6:134 You people had better realize that all that you have been promised shall come to pass at the predetermined point of time and you shall not be able to avert what shall befall you nor things threatened
6:135 Say to them O Muhammad: "O you people of thoughtless minds, you may pursue what your minds and souls impel you to do, but I am steering my course of action by guiding indications set by Providence Who guides into all truth, and you shall come to know who shall be the winner of Allah's mercy Hereafter and who shall succeed in attaining the blissful and happy end. Never shall the wrongful find one instance of physical or spiritual prosperity Hereafter"
6:136 And the idolaters, in their corrupted minds, portion out to Allah a share of what He Himself has created of crops and cattle, and another share they apportion to their idols which they regard as their predominant partners. And what they apportion to their partners reach them in full*; whereas what is apportioned to Allah is hardly spent in divine service**. Evil indeed is the proposition their minds assent to
6:137 Furthermore, infanticide - mainly females, occasionally a male - was imposed by the Satanic mediators as a religious rite which allured many of them to brighter worlds; a plan devised by the priests and the satanic to demoralize them and induce them to perfect their own ruin and throw their idolism into confusion. Had Allah willed they would not have indulged in such an evil practice. Therefore let them O Muhammad sink under the vexations of their thoughtless minds and befool the minds and the judgement of the people so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true
6:138 They classified cattle and crops into
6:139 Again they exercise their corrupted minds in creating another taboo. They say: "What these cattle carry in their wombs are reserved exclusively for our males and forbidden to our females, unless the offspring be a still-born then both sexes go shares". Allah shall requite them for this discrimination they falsely picture as a divine ordinance. He is Hakimun and 'Alimun
6:140 Losers indeed are those who foolishly and irreligiously committed the crime of infanticide, an evil wrought by want of thought. Who forbade the victuals provisioned for them; forging lies against Allah and criminally relating to Him falsehood. They have indeed erred and strayed and they missed the path of righteousness
6:141 He is it Who brought into being orchards, some trellised and others untrellised. He brought into being the palm trees and the whole of the agricultural yield of every district and season, varying in kind and in flavour, and the olives and the pomegranates besides many others of similar species and dissimilar class. Eat, therefore, of their flowers when they come to be fruits and grow ripe and pay, when you reap in harvest, what ought to be given in benevolence or in alms, but avoid prodigality, for Allah does not like the extravagant
6:142 And of the cattle, he availed you of some to carry your burdens and provide you with commodities and others for meat. Therefore, eat of what Allah has provisioned you, it is all replete with choice of all delights, and do not follow the footsteps of AL-Shaytan nor walk in the footsteps of those with characteristics befitting AL-Shaytan. He is indeed your avowed enemy
6:143 Another strained point upon which the whole unreasoning turns is their superstitious belief of dedicating what they consider sacred to their males denying and condemning their females. Thus they dedicate what sheep and goats, camels and oxen carry in their wombs to their males and exclude their females; a concept bringing Us to eight copulatory mates. Four of them are a pair of sheep and a pair of goats. Ask them O Muhammad: "Is it the two males or the two females that Allah has forbidden or is it what both females carry in their wombs! "Tell me who gave you this authority that you speak like a book if indeed you are declaring the truth"
6:144 -And to keep to the point-, there follow the pair of camels and those of oxen. Ask them: "Is it the two males or the two females that Allah has forbidden or is it what the two females carry in their wombs! "Or were you present as spectators and auditors at the execution of the alleged divine ordinance enjoined by Allah and you subscribe it in attestation thereof! " Who then is more wicked indeed than he who viciously and wrongful relates to Allah falsehood and acts as a guide to people when his ignorance has reached up unto heaven! Indeed Allah does not guide to His path of righteousness the vicious and wrongful of actions
6:145 Say to them O Muhammad: "I do not find among the divine ordinances inspired to me an act prohibiting an article of food consumed by mankind unless it be, a permitted animal found dead –carrion- or blood streaming from an animal or the flesh of swine; this is impure and unclean food. There is also the permitted animal slaughtered under the invocation of a name other than that of Allah. But under compelling circumstances and not in transgression shall Allah admit of relaxation; Allah is Ghafurun and Rahimun
6:146 And to those imbued with Jewish doctrines and principles We forbade every animal with undivided hoof -camels, rabbits, hares- and of the oxen and the sheep We forbade them only their fat except the fat covering their backs and their entrails and the fat attached to the bones. This prohibition was imposed on them in requital of their vice and corruption. This is the truth We justly declare
6:147 Should they disbelieve you O Muhammad then say to them: " Allah's mercy is vast; it is extended to all, especially to those who repent. But His indignation against those who grow daily more and more wicked is irrevocable"
6:148 And to excuse their unjustifiable infidelity, the idolaters will insolently say: "Had Allah willed, neither we nor our fathers would have incorporated with Him other deities nor would we have instituted taboos. Thus much did their predecessors charge their Messengers with falsehood until they tasted the fatal consequences of the evil way they conducted themselves in life. Say to them O Muhammad: "Do you have such knowledge serving as evidence to bring it to book? "You only follow the false suppositions and the incitement arising from the state of your minds and feelings; you simply lie and indeed you lie your teeth."
6:149 Say to them: "The final and authoritative proof and pronouncement lie in the hands of Allah; had He willed, He would have guided you all to His path of righteousness"
6:150 Say to them: "Bring your witnesses who are able to testify that Allah has forbidden all that you presumed He has" . And should they bear witness to this effect, then do not give credence to their testimony, they are lying, nor act upon their desires or the desires of those denying Our revelations and signs and the truth of the Hereafter who equalize Allah, with creatures of their fancy incorporating them with Him as a corporate deity
6:151 Say to them: "Come: I will give you an account of all that Allah has forbidden
6:152 e) "You must not encroach upon the property of the orphan, unless it be with the motive of improving, advancing or raising it to a better quality or condition, until he or she reaches maturity and be able to take charge of it"
6:153 "And to complete worthily and bless with a divine issue, Allah says to you"; "This is My path of righteousness; follow it, you may attain moral straightness, goodness, integrity, virtue and piety. Do not tread other paths lest you miss the path chosen to guide you into all truth. " This is what He has commended unto you so that you may hopefully entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Him"
6:154 Aforetime We had given Mussa the Book -AL-Tawrah- completed to the taste of those who had obeyed Allah and conformed their will to His will. It was well expounded to interpret all matters and issues , guiding people into all truth and a mercy vouchsafed by Allah to His creatures; they might faithfully realize that they shall inevitably assemble before Him, at the predetermined point of time
6:155 And this Quran We sent down as a mercy and knowledge personified, confeing divine favour and invoking blessings on those who have the world all before them and Providence their guide. Therefore, follow its precepts and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah so that you may hopefully be recipients of His mercy
6:156 We have sent it down as the spirit of truth guiding into all truth lest you people render such a reason as to say: "The Book sent down to the people of Mussa and to those of Isa aforetime was expressed in their own tongues, in languages, we were not taught nor did we understand"; an excuse which it shall no longer be possible to justify
6:157 Or you may say: "Had we received their Book we would have regarded with more reverence and veneration, and in all things we would have conformed our will to Allah's will and we would have regarded His way but the one way of arriving at the truth". Now, there has come to you a convincing evidence of the truth of Our Messenger's mission and with him has come the Quran with illumination and enlightenment and a spirit of truth guiding into all truth and inviting Allah's mercy. Therefore, who is more wicked than he who denies Allah's revelations and signs and counsels deaf to Allah's disclosure of divine knowledge and spiritual enlightenment! Indeed, those who counsel deaf to Our revelations and signs betokening Omnipotence and Authority shall be put to the torment laid upon the damned in requital of closing their hearts, ears and their minds’ eyes to intellectual and spiritual enlightenment
6:158 Do they purpose to wait until some fitting event presents itself and they distinctly perceive the angels or perceive Allah, your Creator, Himself by sight or. Some of His signs evincing both His Omnipotence and the truth of your mission! But when such overwhelming signs present themselves, no soul which did not surrender itself earlier to Allah's Authority nor accomplished a useful purpose in virtue of its faith, shall profit of its submission now. Say to them: "Await the justice prepared above in heaven's realm and we will await it also"
6:159 Indeed, those who broke the unity of their religion and separated it into parts in fact and in thought, in opinion and in feeling and in interest and set themselves at variance shall have much to answer for; you are not a part of them nor have you a personal relation with them nor will you be responsible for the way they conduct themselves in life. Their account rests with Allah Who shall inform them in Day of Judgement of all that they perpetrated of wrong doings
6:160 He who crowns the deed with equity, shall be rewarded with ten times what is commensurate with his equitable deed and he who commits himself to an evil line of conduct shall be requited with what is commensurate with the evil deed and no one shall ever be wronged
6:161 Say to them O Muhammad: "Allah, my Creator, has guided me to the path of glory, the path of moral straightness, goodness and integrity, virtue and piety; the path of righteousness, the path on which was founded the religion of Ibrahim, the Orthodox Muslim, who never incorporated with Allah other deities"
6:162 Say to them: "Indeed, my act of worship and my pilgrimage and all religious rites incidental to it are acts due in discharge of the debt to Allah, my Creator and Creator of the universe, and my life and my death are processes asserted as His own"
6:163 "No partners does He have nor does He have anyone associated with Him in any function, act or course of action. To this fundamental truth I have been enjoined to adhere and I am the first who have conformed to Islam"
6:164 Say to them: "Shall I choose a god other than Allah, the Creator, Who is the Creator of the whole and of all in all". And no soul imprints its deed with piety or with evil but it is to its own credit or discredit respectively, nor shall a soul bearing wrongs or not, bear the wrong of another, then back to Allah, your Creator, you are all destined to go. There and then shall He inform you of the detailed particulars of all the points upon which the whole unreasoning turned
6:165 He is it Who has inducted you on earth and made one generation inherit the other, and He promoted and exalted, in rank, honour, estimation, development, power, and wealth some above others, and arranged you in grades so as to test your qualities with what He has ordained for you. You had better realize that Allah, your Creator, is swift indeed in putting the law in execution and in effecting just retribution and He is also Ghafurun and Rahimun


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