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Dr. Kamal Omar

al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Dr. Kamal Omar
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Dr. Kamal Omar rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the Inevitable Event (i.e., the Day of Resurrection) has befallen
56:2 There is no false statement regarding its appointed time
56:3 (It is) one that causes to go low (and it is) one that exalts (some others to a higher rank than the one they experienced in the worldly life)
56:4 When the earth stands shaken in a terrible tremor
56:5 And the mountains stand powdered to dust
56:6 So (the firm and fixed mountains) became dust and debris made to float and fly
56:7 And (O mankind!) you have become three (separate) groups
56:8 So the occupiers of the Desirable Site: what (is meant by) ‘the occupiers of the Desirable Site'
56:9 And the occupiers of the undesirable site: what (is meant by) ‘the occupiers of the undesirable site'
56:10 And the Foremost (are on the) Foremost (Site)
56:11 Those people (are) the ones made closest (to Allah)—
56:12 in the Gardens of Delight
56:13 a major portion from the initial ones
56:14 and a small portion from the later ones. [This refers to each and every period of human history when Al-Kitab has been directly propagated and preached to a society or nation]
56:15 (These successful people will be seated) on seats woven with gold and precious stones—
56:16 (as) those who recline thereon (and as) those who sit in front of one another
56:17 Youthful lads, granted perpetual freshness shall move all around them—
56:18 alongwith cups and jugs, and a glass (full) of a freely flowing (drink)
56:19 whereof they are not given aching of the head; and nor they go into intoxication
56:20 And fruits out of that which they shall desire
56:21 And the flesh of bird out of that which they crave for
56:22 And Hurun Eeinun
56:23 like the shapes of the pearls, well preserved
56:24 as a reward for what they used to do
56:25 They shall not listen therein (any) Laghw (vain talk), nor anything sinful
56:26 except (the) utterance: Salam! , Salam!
56:27 And the Rightists: what (is meant by) the Rightists
56:28 Under the thornless Lote-tree
56:29 and clustered banana
56:30 and extended shade
56:31 and water-fall
56:32 and fruit in abundance —
56:33 neither interrupted in supply (due to season), and nor prohibited (due to any side-effects on any one)
56:34 and carpets hanging (as decoration)
56:35 Verily We, We have created them (see Verse Nos. 22, 23) of special creation
56:36 so We made them chaste and youthful
56:37 polite, of identical age and nature —
56:38 for the Rightists
56:39 a major portion from the initial ones
56:40 and a major portion of the later ones
56:41 And the leftists: What (is meant by) the leftists
56:42 (The leftists shall suffer) in dry hot wind and boiling (water)
56:43 and shadow of black smoke
56:44 neither cool and nor palatable
56:45 Verily, they used to be before (this stage) — those who indulge in luxury
56:46 And they used to insist on extreme sin
56:47 And they used to say: “Whether, when we have died and we changed into dust and bones shall surely we be indeed those who stand resurrected
56:48 What? And our forefathers (too)?”
56:49 Say: “Surely, the earlier ones as well as the later ones —
56:50 indeed would be those who are assembled for an appointed time of (the) Well-known Day.
56:51 Then surely, you people, O you erring and straying ones, the deniers and rejectors
56:52 would be surely those who are about to eat out of the tree of Zaqqum
56:53 then are about to fill up (their) bellies therewith
56:54 then are about to drink on top of it from boiling water
56:55 then are about to drink in the style of the drinhead of state act of a thirsty (camel)
56:56 This (is the) reception unto them on (the) Day of Judgment
56:57 We have created you, so why don't you verify (all these facts by studying and accepting Allah’s Al-Kitab)
56:58 Have you then (ever) pondered over what semen you emit
56:59 Do you, you create it, or We are the Creators
56:60 We, We have assessed the time of death amongst you, and We are not those who could be prevente
56:61 from that We may replace (someothers) similar to you; and We may make you grow into (a new creation) which you do not comprehend
56:62 And surely, indeed you have become acquainted with the initial creative-process; so why don’t you pay heed to the Message
56:63 Have you then pondered what you sow
56:64 Do you, you make it grow, or are We the Growers
56:65 If We desire, surely We made it a decomposed piece; then you were — you regret and lament (thus)
56:66 “Verily, we (are) indeed those burdened in debts
56:67 Nay! We are deprived ones!”
56:68 Have you then (ever) pondered over the water which you people drink
56:69 Have you, you, made it descend from the laden cloud, or We are those Who bring it down (as rains)
56:70 If We desire, We could make it salty; then why don’t you pay thanks (for the Bounties of Allah)
56:71 Have you then pondered about the fire which you kindle
56:72 Have you, you grew its tree, or We are the Growers
56:73 We, We have made it a reminder (of Our Handiwork), and an article of comfort and convenience for the denizens of deserts
56:74 So make Glorifications with the Name of your Supreme Nourisher-Sustainer
56:75 So no (blind Faith)! I bring to evidence the shooting of the stars
56:76 And surely this indeed is a mighty oath if you know
56:77 Surely this indeed is Quranul Karim (‘An Honourable Reading or Recital’)
56:78 in the form of a Book, well guarded
56:79 Shall not approach it (for direct understanding) except Al-Muttahharun (those who have been cleansed of non-Divine human-influences in the matters of Religion)
56:80 (It is) a Descent from (the) Nourisher-Sustainer of the worlds
56:81 Would then, with this Al-Hadees you are those who feel reluctance
56:82 And you have made it your livelihood that you declare (this Book) as false. [You deny or damage the Unique status and position of Allah’s Scripture]
56:83 Then why don’t (you intervene) when (the soul of a dying person) has reached the throat
56:84 and you are at that moment loohead of state on as a helpless person
56:85 and We are nearer to this (dying person) than you (are) — but you see not
56:86 Then why don’t you — if you are other than those whose abilities have been made limited (by Allah)—
56:87 bring back that (soul which is leaving the body) — if you are those who speak the truth
56:88 So if it is, if he became of those who have been sanctioned nearness (to Allah)
56:89 (then for such a one is) rest and fragrance and a Garden of Bliss
56:90 So if it is, if he became of the Rightists
56:91 then (a greeting of) Salam unto you from the Rightists
56:92 And if it is, if he became of the deniers and the straying ones
56:93 then a 'reception' with boiling (water)
56:94 and becoming a part of’ Hell-Fire
56:95 Verily, this (Scripture of Allah) surely it (is) Haqq-ul-Yaqin (‘Truth with Certainty’)
56:96 So make Glorifications with the Name of your Supreme Nourisher-Sustainer


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