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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
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Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When what is to occur (the Hour of Resurrection) will occur
56:2 There is no falsehood in its occurrence
56:3 (That Hour) will lower (some) and raise (some others) high
56:4 When the earth will tremor and then shake violently
56:5 And the mountains will be crumbled into bits
56:6 Then will become dust particles spread in the air
56:7 And you will be divided into three classes
56:8 So (first) those on the Right Hand; what a class the Right Hand will be
56:9 And (second) those on the Left Hand; (in what miserable plight will be) the Left Hand party
56:10 And (third) the Excellent; (they) are the Foremost
56:11 It is they who will be the ones drawn near (to Allah)
56:12 (They will live) in the Gardens of Bliss
56:13 A large group (of those drawn near) will be from the earlier people
56:14 And a small number (amongst them) will be from the later generations
56:15 (Those drawn near) will be on the thrones ornamented with gold
56:16 Reclining there on cushions, face to face
56:17 The serving youths, rapt always in the same state of being, will go round them
56:18 (They will be attending) carrying bowls, ewers and cups filled with (transparent) drink of (nearness) from the free-flowing springs
56:19 By (drinking) this, they will have neither headache nor derangement of senses (and stupefaction)
56:20 And (the servants of Paradise) will be (roaming about) with fruits which (the ones drawn near) will like
56:21 And (there will be) bird-meat as well which they (the ones drawn near) will desire
56:22 And also (in their companionship will be) maidens with wide lovely eyes
56:23 Like pearls kept hidden, well-guarded
56:24 (That) will be the reward of the (pious) works which they used to do
56:25 There they will hear nothing absurd nor any word of sin
56:26 But (these people of peace will hear) only one thing (from all sides:) ‘Peace, Peace.
56:27 And those of the Right Hand; what a class the Right Hand are
56:28 Amid thornless lote-trees
56:29 And layers of banana fruit
56:30 And long-stretching, (wide-spreading) shades
56:31 And flowing, gushing waters
56:32 And (they will be rejoicing) in abundance of fruits
56:33 They will be neither exhausted nor restricted (to eat)
56:34 And (they) will be (staying) on raised (splendid) floors
56:35 Surely, We have created these (maidens) as a special creation (reflecting beauty and refinement)
56:36 Then We have made them virgins
56:37 The ardently loving (wives) of the same age
56:38 These (maidens and other bounties) are for those on the Right Hand
56:39 A large group of them will be from the earlier people
56:40 And from later generations will (also) be a large group (amongst them)
56:41 And those of the Left Hand; what (an evil people) on the Left Hand are
56:42 They will be amid fierce, hot wind of Hell and simmering water
56:43 And under the shadow of black smoke
56:44 That will neither (ever) cool nor be pleasing
56:45 No doubt, these (inmates of Hell) lived luxuriously before this (in the world)
56:46 And obstinately persisted in great sin (of denying Allah and setting up partners with Him)
56:47 And they used to say: ‘When we are dead and become (a heap of) dust and (decomposed bones), shall we then be raised up (alive again)
56:48 And shall our ancestors too (be given life)?
56:49 Say: ‘Indeed, the earlier and the later
56:50 (All of them) will be gathered together on a fixed Hour of an appointed Day
56:51 Then surely, O strayed people, deniers
56:52 You will certainly eat of thorny (cactus) tree
56:53 And will fill your stomachs with it
56:54 And (you) will drink boiling water over it
56:55 Drinking as a thirst-stricken camel drinks.
56:56 This will be their feast on the Day of Resurrection
56:57 It is We Who created you. Then why do you not confirm (resurrection)
56:58 Well, give your view: the semen (sperm drop) that you ejaculate (into the womb)
56:59 Is it you who create (a human being) from it, or are We the Creator
56:60 It is We Who have decreed death amongst you, and We are not helpless either (to bring you back to life after this)
56:61 Nor are We (powerless) to change others into the like of you in your place and make you grow into a form which you do not know
56:62 And surely, you have learnt (the reality of) the first creation. Then why do you not accept advice
56:63 Well, give your view: the (seed) that you cultivate
56:64 Is it you who make (the crop) grow from it, or are We its Grower
56:65 If We so intend, We would crumble it to pieces. Then you would only be struck with awe and shame
56:66 (And you may say:) ‘We are punished with ransom
56:67 Rather we are seized by misfortune.
56:68 Well, give your view: the water that you drink
56:69 Have you sent it down from the cloud, or are We its Sender
56:70 If We will, We can make it bitter. Then why do you not give thanks
56:71 Well, give your view: the fire that you kindle
56:72 Have you grown its tree, or are We its Grower
56:73 It is We Who have made it (the fire of tree) a reminder (of the Fire of Hell, an admonition and a warning) and a source of profit and comfort for the travellers in forests
56:74 So always glorify the Name of your Lord, Most Magnificent
56:75 So I swear by the places where different portions of the Qur’an descend (on the Arab Messenger).
56:76 And this is a mighty oath if you realize
56:77 Surely, this is a Glorious Qur’an (which is being sent down on the most Glorious Messenger [blessings and peace be upon him])
56:78 It has been (inscribed) in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (the Preserved Tablet) before this
56:79 No one can touch it except the purified (and cleansed) ones
56:80 It has been sent down by the Lord of all the worlds
56:81 So is it this Revelation that you disdain
56:82 And you have made your means of subsistence (and fortune) to reject it
56:83 Then why do you not (make the soul return) when it reaches the throat (to pass away)
56:84 And at that moment, you do nothing but helplessly look on
56:85 And We are nearer to him (the dying one) than you but you do not see (Us)
56:86 Then if you are under no one’s command and control, why do you not (do this)
56:87 That you turn that soul back if you are truthful
56:88 Then if he (who died) was of those drawn near
56:89 For him is Paradise packed with bounties, pleasure and delight and spiritual sustenance and comforts
56:90 And if he was of those on the Right Hand
56:91 Then (it will be said to him:) ‘Peace for you from those on the Right Hand! (Or, O Prophet, peace on you from those on the Right Hand!)
56:92 But if he (who died) was of the strayed beliers
56:93 Then he will be entertained with scalding, boiling water
56:94 And his (end) is the admission to Hell
56:95 Assuredly, this is the absolute truth of certitude
56:96 So always glorify the Name of your Lord, Most Magnificent


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