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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Wahiduddin Khan
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Wahiduddin Khan rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the inevitable event takes place
56:2 and there can be no denying its happening
56:3 some shall be abased and others exalted
56:4 When the earth is shaken violently
56:5 and the mountains are totally shattered and crumble to piece
56:6 and become like scattered dust particles
56:7 [on that Day] you shall be divided into three groups.[43]
56:8 Those on the Righthow blessed are those on the Right
56:9 Those on the Lefthow unlucky are those on the Left
56:10 The third to the fore shall be the foremost
56:11 They shall be the nearest to God
56:12 They will dwell in the Gardens of Bliss
56:13 a large group of the early believers
56:14 and a lesser number from the later generations
56:15 Seated on couches wrought in gold and encrusted with precious stones
56:16 reclining on them facing each other
56:17 they will be waited on by ageless youth
56:18 carrying goblets and ewers and cups filled with the purest wine
56:19 neither causing headaches, nor intoxication
56:20 along with fruits of their choice
56:21 and the meat of any bird that they may desire
56:22 and fair maidens with large, lustrous eye
56:23 like the pearls in their shells
56:24 shall be their recompense for their deeds
56:25 They will not hear therein any vain or sinful talk
56:26 only the words of peace and tranquillity
56:27 Those on the Right, how fortunate are those on the Right
56:28 They shall recline on high amidst lote trees without thorn
56:29 and clustered bananas
56:30 and spreading shad
56:31 and flowing water
56:32 and fruits in abundance
56:33 never-ending and unrestricted
56:34 on raised couches
56:35 We have created maidens perfectl
56:36 and made them virgins
56:37 loving companions, matching in age
56:38 for those on the Right
56:39 a large group of the earlier peopl
56:40 and a large group of those of later times
56:41 Those on the Left: how unfortunate are those on the Left
56:42 They will find themselves in scorching wind and scalding water
56:43 and under the shadow of black smoke
56:44 neither cool nor refreshing
56:45 They had been affluent before
56:46 and they persisted obstinately in awful sin
56:47 and they used to say, What! After we have died and become dust and bones, shall we indeed be raised up again
56:48 And also our forefathers
56:49 Say, Indeed, the earlier ones and the later one
56:50 will indeed be gathered together at a fixed time on an appointed Day
56:51 Then you, you misguided ones, who deny the truth
56:52 shall eat the fruit of the tree of Zaqqum
56:53 and fill your bellies with it
56:54 and shall drink boiling water on top of that
56:55 You shall drink it as the thirsty camels drink
56:56 This shall be their entertainment on the Day of Judgement
56:57 We have created you: why then do you not accept the truth
56:58 Have you thought about [the semen] that you discharg
56:59 did you create it or did We
56:60 It is We who have ordained death for all of you; and We cannot be prevente
56:61 from replacing you by others like yourselves or changing your forms and re-creating you in forms that you know nothing of
56:62 You have certainly known the first creation. Why, then, do you not take heed
56:63 Have you thought about what crops you plant
56:64 Is it you who cause them to grow or do We
56:65 If We so pleased, We could turn your harvest into chaff. Then you would start lamenting
56:66 We are ruined
56:67 nay, we are deprived [altogether]
56:68 Have you considered the water that you drink
56:69 Is it you who cause it to descend from the clouds, or do We
56:70 If We so pleased, We certainly could make it salty. Why, then, are you not grateful
56:71 Have you thought about the fire that you kindle
56:72 Did you produce the tree that serves as fuel or do We
56:73 We have made it to be a reminder and a benefit for the wayfarers
56:74 So glorify the name of your Lord, the Supreme
56:75 Nay, I swear by the setting of the star
56:76 and, indeed, that is a most mighty oath, if you only kne
56:77 that this is indeed a noble Quran
56:78 in a well-guarded preserved Book
56:79 which none can touch except the purified
56:80 It is a revelation sent down from the Lord of the worlds
56:81 How can you regard this discourse with disdain
56:82 Do you make its denial your means of livelihood
56:83 Why, then, when the soul of the dying man reaches the throat
56:84 and you are [at that moment] looking on [helplessly]
56:85 and We are nearer to him than you, although you cannot see U
56:86 why, then, if you are not subject to Our command
56:87 do you not cause the soul to return to him if you are truthful in your claim
56:88 But if he [the dying person] is one of those brought near to God
56:89 then for him there shall be comfort and plenty and a Garden of Bliss
56:90 and if he is of those who are on the Right
56:91 he will be greeted with, Peace be to you, by those on the Right
56:92 But if he is one of those who rejected [the truth] and went astray
56:93 he will be welcomed with boiling water
56:94 He will burn in Hell
56:95 This is indeed the indubitable truth
56:96 So glorify the name of your Lord, the Supreme


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