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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall
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M. M. Pickthall rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the event befalleth
56:2 There is no denying that it will befall
56:3 Abasing (some), exalting (others)
56:4 When the earth is shaken with a shoc
56:5 And the hills are ground to powde
56:6 So that they become a scattered dust
56:7 And ye will be three kinds
56:8 (First) those on the right hand; what of those on the right hand
56:9 And (then) those on the left hand; what of those on the left hand
56:10 And the foremost in the race, the foremost in the race
56:11 Those are they who will be brought nig
56:12 In gardens of delight
56:13 A multitude of those of ol
56:14 And a few of those of later time
56:15 On lined couches
56:16 Reclining therein face to face
56:17 There wait on them immortal youth
56:18 With bowls and ewers and a cup from a pure sprin
56:19 Wherefrom they get no aching of the head nor any madness
56:20 And fruit that they prefe
56:21 And flesh of fowls that they desire
56:22 And (there are) fair ones with wide, lovely eyes
56:23 Like unto hidden pearls
56:24 Reward for what they used to do
56:25 There hear they no vain speaking nor recriminatio
56:26 (Naught) but the saying: Peace, (and again) Peace
56:27 And those on the right hand; what of those on the right hand
56:28 Among thornless lote-tree
56:29 And clustered plantains
56:30 And spreading shade
56:31 And water gushing
56:32 And fruit in plent
56:33 Neither out of reach nor yet forbidden
56:34 And raised couches
56:35 Lo! We have created them a (new) creatio
56:36 And made them virgins
56:37 Lovers, friends
56:38 For those on the right hand
56:39 A multitude of those of ol
56:40 And a multitude of those of later time
56:41 And those on the left hand: What of those on the left hand
56:42 In scorching wind and scalding wate
56:43 And shadow of black smoke
56:44 Neither cool nor refreshing
56:45 Lo! heretofore they were effete with luxur
56:46 And used to persist in the awful sin
56:47 And they used to say: When we are dead and have become dust and bones, shall we then, forsooth, be raised again
56:48 And also our forefathers
56:49 Say (unto them, O Muhammad): Lo! those of old and those of later tim
56:50 Will all be brought together to the tryst of an appointed day
56:51 Then lo! ye, the erring, the deniers
56:52 Ye verily will eat of a tree called Zaqqu
56:53 And will fill your bellies therewith
56:54 And thereon ye will drink of boiling water
56:55 Drinking even as the camel drinketh
56:56 This will be their welcome on the Day of Judgment
56:57 We created you. Will ye then admit the truth
56:58 Have ye seen that which ye emit
56:59 Do ye create it or are We the Creator
56:60 We mete out death among you, and We are not to be outrun
56:61 That We may transfigure you and make you what ye know not
56:62 And verily ye know the first creation. Why, then, do ye not reflect
56:63 Have ye seen that which ye cultivate
56:64 Is it ye who foster it, or are We the Fosterer
56:65 If We willed, We verily could make it chaff, then would ye cease not to exclaim
56:66 Lo! we are laden with debt
56:67 Nay, but we are deprived
56:68 Have ye observed the water which ye drink
56:69 Is it ye who shed it from the raincloud, or are We the Shedder
56:70 If We willed We verily could make it bitter. Why then, give ye not thanks
56:71 Have ye observed the fire which ye strike out
56:72 Was it ye who made the tree thereof to grow, or were We the grower
56:73 We, even We, appointed it a memorial and a comfort for the dwellers in the wilderness
56:74 Therefor (O Muhammad), praise the name of thy Lord, the Tremendous
56:75 Nay, I swear by the places of the stars
56:76 And lo! that verily is a tremendous oath, if ye but knew
56:77 That (this) is indeed a noble Qur'a
56:78 In a Book kept hidde
56:79 Which none toucheth save the purified
56:80 A revelation from the Lord of the Worlds
56:81 Is it this Statement that ye scorn
56:82 And make denial thereof your livelihood
56:83 Why, then, when (the soul) cometh up to the throat (of the dying
56:84 And ye are at that moment lookin
56:85 - And We are nearer unto him than ye are, but ye see not
56:86 Why then, if ye are not in bondage (unto Us)
56:87 Do ye not force it back, if ye are truthful
56:88 Thus if he is of those brought nigh
56:89 Then breath of life, and plenty, and a Garden of delight
56:90 And if he is of those on the right hand
56:91 Then (the greeting) "Peace be unto thee" from those on the right hand
56:92 But if he is of the rejecters, the erring
56:93 Then the welcome will be boiling wate
56:94 And roasting at hell-fire
56:95 Lo! this is certain truth
56:96 Therefor (O Muhammad) praise the name of thy Lord, the Tremendous


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