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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When/if the battle/Resurrection/event fell/happened
56:2 (There) is not to its falling/happening a liar/deniance/falsehood
56:3 Lowering/reducing, raising/removing away
56:4 When/if the earth/Planet Earth trembled and quaked , trembling and quaking
56:5 And the mountains was crumbled/scattered , crumbling/scattering
56:6 So it was dust scattered/distributed
56:7 And you were three kinds
56:8 So owners/company/friends (of) the blessing/right (hand), (are) owners/company/friends (of) the blessing/right (hand)
56:9 And owners/company/friends (of) the bad omen/left side/misfortune , (are) owners/company/ friends (of) the bad/omen/left side/misfortune
56:10 And the racing/surpassing , (are) the racing/surpassing
56:11 Those are the neared/closer
56:12 In treed gardens/paradises (of) the comfort and ease
56:13 A group from the first/beginners
56:14 And little/few from the others/lasts
56:15 On royal beds/sofas lightly woven
56:16 Leaning/reclining on it, facing each other
56:17 Immortal/eternal children/boys circle/walk around on them
56:18 With cups and jugs and a cup/wine flowing easily and plentifully
56:19 They do not get headache from it, and nor they be drunk/exhausted
56:20 And fruits from what they prefer/choose
56:21 And bird's meat from what they desire
56:22 And eyes with intense blackness of pupils and whiteness (beautifully contrasted)
56:23 As/like similar/equal (to) the pearls, the covered/protected
56:24 Reimbursement because (of) what they were making/doing
56:25 They do not hear/listen (to) nonsense/senseless talk in it, and nor sinning/committing crimes
56:26 Except little : "Greeting/peace ." (And): "Greeting/peace ."
56:27 And the right (hand's) owners/company/friends, (are) the right (hand's) owners/company/friends!
56:28 In bent over/thornless/ripe sedre/a lote tree
56:29 And acacia/bananas , neatly piled over each other
56:30 And shade expanded/spread
56:31 And poured continuously water
56:32 And many/much fruits
56:33 Not cut off/severed , and nor prohibited/forbidden
56:34 And raised spreads/beds
56:35 We (E) created/originated them (F) creation/origination
56:36 So We created/made them (F) first borns/virgins
56:37 Humorous (amusing) same age/not aging
56:38 To the right (hand's) owners/friends/company
56:39 A group from the first/beginners
56:40 And a group from the others/lasts
56:41 And the left (hand's) owners/friends/company, (are) the left (hand's) owners/friends/company !
56:42 In severe hot wind , and hot water/red hot coal
56:43 And shade from black smoke
56:44 Not cool/cold, and nor hospitable/kind
56:45 That they truly were before that luxuriated, ungrateful and arrogant
56:46 And they were persisting/insisting on the sin the great
56:47 And they were saying: "Is (it that) if we died, and we were dust/earth and bones, are we being resurrected/revived?"
56:48 Or (are) our fathers the first/beginners
56:49 Say: "That truly the first/beginners and the lasts/others ."
56:50 Are being gathered/collected (E) to a known day's appointed time
56:51 Then, that you are, you the misguided, the liars/deniers/falsifiers
56:52 Eating exaggerated/gluttons (E) from trees from deadly food
56:53 So you are filling from it the bellies/insides
56:54 So you are drinking on it from the hot water/red hot coal
56:55 So you are drinking the extreme thirst's drink
56:56 That (is) their places of descent (on) the Judgment Day/Resurrection Day
56:57 We created you, so if only you believe Me
56:58 Did you see/understand what you ejaculate/discharge semen/sperm
56:59 Do you create it? Or We are the creators
56:60 We predestined between you the death/lifelessness, and We are not with being surpassed/preceded
56:61 On that We exchange/replace similar/equal to you, and We create/originate you in what you do not know
56:62 And you had (E) known the creation/origination , the first/beginning, so if only you mention/remember
56:63 Did you see/understand what you cultivate/plant
56:64 Do you sow/seed/cultivate it ? Or We are the sowers/seeders/cultivators
56:65 If We willed/wanted We would have made it debris/crumbs , so you continued/remained regretting/wondering
56:66 That We, We are in burdensome debt/loss (E)
56:67 But We are deprived
56:68 Did you see/understand the water which you drink
56:69 Did you descend it from the rain/clouds ? Or We are the descenders
56:70 If We will/want We made it salty and bitter, so if only you thank/be grateful
56:71 Did you see/understand the fire which you strike/ignite
56:72 Did you create its trees? Or We are the creators/originators
56:73 We made it a reminder and a long life/enjoyment to the hungry/starving
56:74 So praise/glorify with your Lord's name, the great
56:75 So I do not (many translations disagree on the use of the negative in this verse it could possibly mean emphasis) swear/make oath with the stars'/planets' positions
56:76 And that it truly is an oath (E), if you know (it is) great
56:77 That it truly (is) a Koran (E) , honoured
56:78 In a Book , protected/covered
56:79 None touches it except the pure/clean
56:80 Descant from the creations all together's/(universes') Lord
56:81 So is it with this, the information/speech, you are greasing/cheating
56:82 And you make/put your provision that you are lying/denying
56:83 So if only that the throat/pharynx (the death) reached
56:84 And you are at that time looking/watching
56:85 And We are nearer/closer to it than you, and but you do not see/understand
56:86 So if only if you were not indebted
56:87 You return it (the life), if you were truthful
56:88 So but if he was from the neared/closer
56:89 So a happiness/rest/mercy, and basil/fragrant plants, and treed gardens/paradises, and comfort and ease (is for him)
56:90 But/as for if (he) was from the right (hand's) owners/company/friends
56:91 So greeting/peace (is) for you from the right (hands') owners/company/friends
56:92 And but/as for if (he) was from the liars/deniers/falsifiers, the misguided
56:93 So a place of descent from hot water/red hot coal
56:94 And Hell's roasting/suffering
56:95 That truly that it is (E) true , the assurance/certainty
56:96 So praise/glorify with your Lord's name, the great


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