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al-Waqi`ah (The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming)
as rendered by Edward Henry Palmer
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Edward Henry Palmer rendition of Surah The Event, The Inevitable, That Which is Coming(al-Waqi`ah)
56:1 When the inevitable happens
56:2 none shall call its happening a lie!
56:3 abasing - exalting
56:4 When the earth shall quake, quaking
56:5 and the mountains shall crumble, crumbling
56:6 and become like motes dispersed
56:7 And ye shall be three sorts
56:8 And the fellows of the right hand - what right lucky fellows
56:9 And the fellows of the left hand - what unlucky fellows
56:10 And the foremost foremost
56:11 These are they who are brought nigh
56:12 In gardens of pleasure
56:13 A crowd of those of yore
56:14 And a few of those of the latter day
56:15 And gold-weft couches
56:16 reclining on them face to face
56:17 Around them shall go eternal youths
56:18 with goblets and ewers and a cup of flowing wine
56:19 no headache shall they feel therefrom, nor shall their wits be dimmed
56:20 And fruits such as they deem the best
56:21 And flesh of fowl as they desire
56:22 And bright and large-eyed maid
56:23 like hidden pearls
56:24 A reward for that which they have done
56:25 They shall hear no folly there and no sin
56:26 Only the speech, 'Peace, Peace!
56:27 And the fellows of the right - what right lucky fellows
56:28 Amid thornless lote trees
56:29 And tall trees with piles of fruit
56:30 And outspread shade
56:31 And water out-poured
56:32 And fruit in abundance
56:33 neither failing nor forbidden
56:34 And beds upraised
56:35 Verily, we have produced them a production
56:36 And made them virgins
56:37 darlings of equal age (with their spouses
56:38 for the fellows of the right
56:39 A crowd of those of yore
56:40 and a crowd of those of the latter day
56:41 And the fellows of the left - what unlucky fellows
56:42 In hot blasts and boiling water
56:43 And a shade of pitchy smoke
56:44 Neither cool nor generous
56:45 Verily, they were affluent ere this
56:46 and did persist in mighty crime
56:47 and used to say, 'What, when we die and have become dust and bones, shall we then indeed be raised
56:48 or our fathers of yore?
56:49 Say, 'Verily, those of yore and those of the latter da
56:50 shall surely be gathered together unto the tryst of the well-known day.
56:51 Then ye, O ye who err! who say it is a lie
56:52 shall eat of the Zaqqum tree
56:53 and fill your bellies with it
56:54 and drink thereon of boiling water
56:55 and drink as drinks the thirsty camel
56:56 This is their entertainment on the judgment day
56:57 We created you, then why do ye not credit
56:58 Have ye considered what ye emit
56:59 Do we create it, or are we the creators
56:60 We have decreed amongst you death; but we are not forestalle
56:61 from making the likes of you in exchange, or producing you as ye know not of
56:62 Ye do know the first production - why then do ye not mind
56:63 Have ye considered what ye till
56:64 Do ye make it bear seed, or do we make it bear seed
56:65 If we pleased we could make it mere grit, so that ye would pause to marvel
56:66 'Verily, we have got into deb
56:67 and we are excluded
56:68 Have ye considered the water which ye drink
56:69 Do ye make it come down from the clouds, or do we make it come down
56:70 If we pleased we could make it pungent - why then do ye not give thanks
56:71 Have ye considered the fire which ye strike
56:72 Do ye produce the tree that gives it, or do we produce it
56:73 We have made it a memorial and a chattel for the traveller of the waste
56:74 Then celebrate the grand name of thy Lord
56:75 So I will not swear by the positions of the stars
56:76 and, verily, it is a grand oath if ye did but know
56:77 that, verily, this is the honourable Qur'an
56:78 in the laid-up Book
56:79 Let none touch it but the purified
56:80 A revelation from the Lord of the worlds
56:81 What! this new discourse will ye despise
56:82 And make for your provision, that you call it a lie
56:83 Why then - when it comes up to the throat
56:84 and ye at that time look on
56:85 though we are nearer to him than you are, but ye cannot see,
56:86 why, if ye are not to be judged
56:87 do ye not send it back, if ye do tell the truth
56:88 But either, if he be of those brought nigh to God,
56:89 then rest and fragrance and the garden of pleasure
56:90 Or, if he be of the fellows of the right
56:91 then 'Peace to thee!' from the fellows of the right
56:92 Or, if he be of those who say it is a lie,- who err
56:93 then an entertainment of boiling wate
56:94 and broiling in hell
56:95 Verily, this is surely certain truth
56:96 So celebrate the grand name of thy Lord


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