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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Amatul Rahman Omar
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Amatul Rahman Omar rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour (of doom of the enemies of the Prophet) has drawn nigh and (to indicate it) the moon is rent asunder
54:2 Yet, whenever these (disbelievers) see a sign they turn away (paying it no heed) and say, `(It is) an oft-repeated and tremendous illusion.
54:3 They have cried lies (even to this sign) and have followed their low desires. Yet every decree (of God) shall certainly come to pass
54:4 And certainly there has already come to them the important accounts (concerning the fate of the ancients) in which there is provision of abstaining (from obstinately following the wrong course)
54:5 (And wherein is) profound and perfect wisdom but the warnings were of no avail (to them)
54:6 Therefore turn away from them, (and await) the day when the summoner will summon them to a most disagreeable thing
54:7 While (with the sense of remorse) their eyes will be downcast, they will come forth from (their) graves as though they were (swarms of) locusts being scattered about
54:8 Rushing headlong towards the summoner. The disbelievers will say, `This is a hard day.
54:9 The people of Noah cried lies (to Our Prophets) before them. Accordingly they rejected Our servant and said (about him), `A mad man and one who is spurned and chided (by our idols).
54:10 At last he prayed to his Lord (saying), `I am overcome so come to (my) help to defend me.
54:11 Thereupon We opened the gates of the clouds and allowed water to pour down in torrents
54:12 And We caused the land to burst with gushing springs so that the (two) waters gathered together for a great purpose (of divine punishment) that was decreed
54:13 And We bore him (- Noah) on that (Ark which was made) of planks and nails
54:14 It floated on (the waters of the deluge) under Our supervision and care. This (punishment) was for the sake of him (- Noah) who had been denied
54:15 And We left this (incident of deluge for the succeeding generations to serve them) as a sign. But is there anyone who would take heed
54:16 Then (behold!) how terrible was My punishment and (how true) My warning
54:17 Indeed, We have made the Qur'an easy for admonition and to understand, follow and remember. But is there anyone who would take heed
54:18 (The tribe of) `ad (too) cried lies (to the warning of the Prophet, Hud) and behold, how (terrible) was My punishment and (how true) My warning
54:19 We let loose upon them a clamorous and alarmingly furious wind on a day (when) the sky remained red like copper till long
54:20 It (- the howling wind) tore the people away as though they were the hollowed stumps of uprooted palm-trees
54:21 Behold how (terrible) was My punishment and (how true) My warning
54:22 And We have indeed made the Qur'an easy for admonition and to understand, follow and remember. But is there anyone who would take heed
54:23 (The tribe of) Thamud (too in rejecting Salih) cried lies to all the (Divine) Warners
54:24 And they said, `Shall we follow a man who hails from ourselves and is all alone? (If we do) indeed we, in that case, would be (involved) in a great error and (suffering from) insanity
54:25 `Is it that, from amongst all of us, the Reminder has been revealed to him (alone)? Nay (what he says is wrong), he is an impudent liar and self conceited.
54:26 (God said to Salih,) `Very shortly shall they know who is the impudent liar and selfconceited
54:27 `We, in order to distinguish the good from the bad of them, are going to send a she-camel (in a state that she is not to be interfered with, in anyway). Therefore, wait (till their end comes), and patiently persevere (against their insults)
54:28 `And inform them that their water is to be shared by them (and the she-camel), each time of drinking to be attended (by everyone) in turns.
54:29 Thereupon they called their comrade who seized her (- the she-camel) quite unlawfully with the help of others and hamstrung (her, and they were then overtaken by a calamity)
54:30 And (behold!) how (terrible) then was My punishment and (how true) My warning
54:31 And We let loose a single and sudden blast against them and they became crushed like dry twigs whittled down by an enclosure-maker
54:32 And We have made the Qur'an easy for admonition, and to understand, follow and remember. But is there anyone who would take heed
54:33 Lot's people (also in rejecting Lot) cried lies to all (the Divine) Warners
54:34 We let loose a (destructive) storm upon all of them except the family of Lot whom We delivered (through Our mercy from the punishment) by early dawn
54:35 (It was) a favour from Us. That is how We reward those who give thanks
54:36 While he (- Lot) had warned them of Our seizure (with punishment) but they doubted this warning and disputed over it
54:37 And they (deceitfully) sought to turn him away from his guests. So We put a covering on their eyes. (And We said to them,) `Now taste My punishment and (suffer the consequences of ignoring) My warning.
54:38 And certainly there overtook them early in the morning a lasting punishment
54:39 Now taste My punishment and (suffer the consequences of ignoring) My warning
54:40 And indeed We have made the Qur'an easy for admonition and to understand, follow and remember. But is there anyone who would take heed
54:41 And surely the Warners came to the people of Pharaoh (also)
54:42 But they cried lies to all Our signs. So We took them to task such as befitted the Mighty, the Powerful
54:43 Are those of you who are disbelievers better than these? Or have you been promised amnesty (from punishment) in the (previous) Scriptures
54:44 Or do (Makkan disbelievers) say, `We are a united force, capable of defending one another (against any calamity)
54:45 Soon that united force shall surely be routed. They will turn (their) backs (and flee before the Muslims)
54:46 The (promised) Hour (of their complete discomfiture) is their appointed time. The fact is that the Hour will be grievously calamitous and most bitter
54:47 Surely, the guilty are (involved) in clear error and (suffering from) insanity
54:48 On that day they shall be dragged on their faces into the fire (of the battle, it will be said to them), `Suffer the smite of fire.
54:49 Verily, all things have We created in correct proportion and measure
54:50 Our command is (at once carried out by) only one (word) as quickly as the twinkling of an eye
54:51 We have surely destroyed (gangs of) people like you (O disbelievers! before). But is there anyone who would take heed
54:52 Everything they did is (recorded) in scrolls (of deeds)
54:53 And everything, small and great, has been noted down
54:54 (That is why) those who became secure against evil and were dutiful (to God) shall be amidst gardens and bounties
54:55 Occupying positions of honour and excellence with the Omnipotent Sovereign


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