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Mir Aneesuddin

al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Mir Aneesuddin
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Mir Aneesuddin rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The hour drew near and the moon was split .
54:2 And if they see a sign they turn away and say, “Magic (of old) repeated.”
54:3 And they denied and followed their desires. And every affair has a (set) time/place of happening.
54:4 And there has come to them (that part) of the news in which there is (a warning for them) to restrain,
54:5 mature wisdom, but warnings are of no use (to them),
54:6 so turn away from them. The day an announcer will call them towards an awful thing put,
54:7 with their sight humbled, they will come out of the graves, as if they were scattered locusts,
54:8 hastening with their eyes fixed towards the announcer. The infidels will say, “This is a day of difficulty.”
54:9 The people of Nuh denied before them, so they denied Our servant and said, “One influenced by jinn,” and he was scolded and driven away.
54:10 Then he prayed to his Fosterer, “I am overcome so help me.”
54:11 So We opened the gates of the sky with water pouring forth,
54:12 and We caused the earth to gush forth with springs, so the waters met for (the execution of) an affair already programmed.
54:13 And We carried him on (the ship) made of planks and nails (or planks tied with palm fibre),
54:14 sailing before Our eyes, a reward for him who was rejected.
54:15 And We left it as a sign, but is there anyone who will mind?
54:16 Then how (terrible) was My punishment and My warning!
54:17 And We have indeed made the Quran easy to remember (understand and be mindful), but is there anyone who will mind?
54:18 Aad denied, then how (terrible) was My punishment and My warning!
54:19 We sent on them a furious wind during the day (period) of repeated loss,
54:20 uprooting men as if they were trunks of uprooted date palms.
54:21 Then how (terrible) was My punishment and My warning!
54:22 And We have indeed made the Quran easy to remember, but is there anyone who will mind?
54:23 Samood were deniers of the warnings,
54:24 so they said, “Should we follow him who is a single man from among us? We will then certainly be in error and madness.
54:25 Has the reminder been made to come down (only) on him from among (all of) us? No, he is a self interested liar.”
54:26 Tomorrow they will know who is a self interested liar.
54:27 We are sending the she camel as a test for them, so be vigilant (over) them and be patient.
54:28 And inform them that the water is to be shared between (the she camel and) them, each one should be present (for) the drink (at one’s turn).
54:29 But they called their companion, so he took (the sword) then slew (the she camel).
54:30 Then how (terrible) was My punishment and My warning!
54:31 We sent on them a single loud cry so they became like dry broken pieces (of trees used to make) an enclosure (for the cattle or around fields).
54:32 And We indeed made the Quran easy to remember, but is there anyone who will mind?
54:33 The people of Lut were deniers of the warnings.
54:34 We sent on them a sand storm (or volcanic debris), except the followers of Lut, We delivered them by dawn.
54:35 A favour from Us, thus do We reward him who is grateful.
54:36 And he had warned them of Our seizure but they doubted and disputed about the warnings.
54:37 And they even sought to take away from him his guests (for an evil purpose), but We blinded their eyes, so taste My punishment and My warning.
54:38 The punishment set (to befall) at its place/time of happening, befell them in the morning.
54:39 So taste My punishment and My warning.
54:40 And We indeed made the Quran easy to remember, but is there anyone who will mind?
54:41 And the warnings came to the people of Firawn
54:42 but they were deniers of Our signs, each of them, so We seized them (with a) seizure of One Mighty, Powerful.
54:43 Are infidels (among) you better than those or is there a freedom for you in the scriptures?
54:44 Or do they say, “We are a defended army.”
54:45 The army will be defeated and they will be made to turn their backs.
54:46 No, the hour of doom is their promised time and the hour of doom will be most grievous and most bitter.
54:47 The criminals are certainly in error and madness.
54:48 On the day they will be dragged into the fire on their faces, (it will be said), “Taste the affliction of hell.”
54:49 We have certainly created everything with a programme.
54:50 And Our command is but one, like the twinkling of an eye.
54:51 And We indeed destroyed sects (like those of) yours, but is there anyone who will mind?
54:52 And everything they did, is in the books
54:53 and everything small or great is written down (recorded).
54:54 Those who guard (against evil) will certainly be in gardens with rivers,
54:55 in a confirmed seat, near the King, the Holder of power.


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