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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar
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Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour neared and the moon was split.
54:2 And if they see a sign, they turn aside and say: Incessant sorcery!
54:3 And they denied and followed their own desires. And every affair is that which is settled.
54:4 And, certainly, the tidings drew near them wherein was that which is to deter
54:5 —namely, that which is far reaching wisdom— yet warnings avail not.
54:6 So turn thou away from them• on a Day when One Who Calls will call to a horrible thing.
54:7 Their sight will be that which is humbled and they will go forth from the tombs as if they had been dispersed locusts,
54:8 ones who run forward with their eyes fixed in horror towards The One Who Calls. The ones who are ungrateful will say: This is a difficult Day!
54:9 The folk of Noah denied before them. They denied Our servant and said: One who is possessed! And he was deterred.
54:10 So he called to his Lord saying: I am one who is vanquished, so Thou help me.
54:11 So We opened the doors of heaven with torrential water.
54:12 And We caused the earth to gush forth with springs so the waters were to meet one another from a command that was measured.
54:13 And We carried him on a vessel of planks and caulked,
54:14 running under Our eyes, a recompense for Noah who had been disbelieved.
54:15 And, certainly, We left this as a sign. Then, is there one who recalls?
54:16 So how had been My punishment and My warning?
54:17 And, certainly, We made the Quran easy as a Remembrance. Then, is there one who recalls?
54:18 Ad denied. So how had been My punishment and My warning?
54:19 Truly, We sent a raging wind against them on a day of continuous misfortune,
54:20 tearing out humanity as if they had been uprooted palm trees, uprooted.
54:21 So how had been My punishment and My warning?
54:22 And, certainly, We made the Quran easy as a Remembrance. Then, is there one who recalls?
54:23 Thamud denied the warning
54:24 for they said: Follow we a lone mortal from among us? Truly, we would be going astray and insane.
54:25 Is it that the Remembrance was cast down to Salih from among us? Nay! He is a rash liar!
54:26 They will know tomorrow who the rash liar is!
54:27 Truly, We are ones who sent the she-camel as a test for them. So thou be on the watch for them and maintain patience.
54:28 And tell them that the division of the water is between them. Every drink was that which is divided in turn.
54:29 But they cried out to their companion, and he took her in hand and crippled her.
54:30 So how had been My punishment and My warning?
54:31 Truly, We sent against them one Cry and they had been like straw for the one who is a builder of animal enclosures.
54:32 And, certainly, We made the Quran easy as a Remembrance. Then, is there one who recalls?
54:33 The folk of Lot denied the warning.
54:34 Truly, We sent against them a sand storm, but the family of Lot. We delivered them at the breaking of day
54:35 as a divine blessing from Us. Thus, We gave recompense to him who gave thanks.
54:36 And, certainly, he warned them of Our attack but they quarreled over the warning.
54:37 And, certainly, they solicited his guests, so We obliterated their eyes. Then, experience My punishment and My warning.
54:38 And, certainly, it came in the morning, early morning at dawn, a settled punishment.
54:39 Then, experience My punishment and My warning.
54:40 And, certainly, We made the Quran easy as a Remembrance. Then, is there one who recalls?
54:41 And, certainly, drew near the warning to the people of Pharaoh.
54:42 They denied Our signs, all of them. So We took them with a taking, One Who is Almighty, Omnipotent.
54:43 Are ones who are ungrateful better than those? Or have you an immunity in the ancient scrolls?
54:44 Or say they: We are aided altogether.
54:45 Their multitude will be put to flight and they will turn their backs.
54:46 Nay! The Hour is what is promised them and the Hour will be more calamitous and more distasteful.
54:47 Truly, ones who sin are going astray and insane.
54:48 On a Day they will be dragged into the fire on their faces: Experience the touch of Saqar!
54:49 Truly, We created all things in measure
54:50 and Our command is not but one as the twinkling of the eye.
54:51 And, certainly, We caused to perish their partisans. Is there, then, one who recalls?
54:52 And everything they accomplished is in the ancient scrolls.
54:53 And every small and great thing is that which is written.
54:54 Truly, the ones who are Godfearing will be in Gardens and rivers,
54:55 in positions of sincerity near an Omnipotent King.


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