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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The Hour of Revolution is fast approaching. And the moon bearing banner is torn asunder
54:2 But if they see a Sign of the oncoming Change, they turn away and say, "A persistent bewilderment." (46:11)
54:3 For they adamantly belie the Truth and follow their desires. Yet, everything moves to its destination in stages
54:4 And indeed, there has come unto them news sufficient to deter them from arrogance
54:5 And profound Wisdom! But all the warnings have been of no avail
54:6 Therefore, (O Messenger) Ignore them for a while. The Day is coming when the caller will call them to a thing they have not conceived. (Shackles of captivity following the battle when they come to attack the believers.
54:7 They will come forth from their places of rest like a swarm of locusts, but will be thoroughly dispersed with their eyes downcast
54:8 Running in bewilderment toward the caller, the same deniers will then exclaim, "This is an awful day!"
54:9 Long before them, Noah's people had belied the Message, and belied Our servant and said, "Madman", and he was rebuked. (11:25-48)
54:10 Thereupon he cried unto his Lord, "I am suppressed. Do help me, then."
54:11 And so, We opened the gates of the heaven pouring down torrents of water
54:12 And caused the earth to gush forth springs so that the waters met together in due measure as decreed
54:13 And We carried him on a watercraft made of mere planks and nails
54:14 And it floated before Our eyes, a reward for him who had been denied with ingratitude
54:15 And verily, We left this event as a lesson. Then, is there any who will learn
54:16 Then see how was My Requital after My warnings
54:17 And indeed, We have made the Qur'an easy to understand. Then, is there any who will learn
54:18 The tribe of Aad had also belied the Message. Then see how was My retribution after My warnings! (7:65
54:19 Behold, We sent raging winds upon them on a day of relentless misery. (69:6-8)
54:20 Tossing people around like empty, uprooted palm-trunks
54:21 Then see how was My retribution after My warnings
54:22 And indeed, We have made the Qur'an easy to understand. Then, is there any who will learn
54:23 Thamud also rejected the warnings. (Thamud and Saleh (7:73-79), (11:61-68), (26:141), (26:158))
54:24 And they said, "What! A human being! Shall we follow a man among us while he has no party with him? Behold, we then, shall fall into error and loss
54:25 Why - Has the Message been given to him alone among us? Nay, but he is a flagrant liar."
54:26 Ah! They will come to know on the morrow who the flagrant liar is
54:27 Behold, We are sending the she-camel as a test for them. So watch them (O Saleh) and hold yourself in patience
54:28 And let them know that the water must be shared by all. Every drinking will be witnessed. (The she-camel was a symbol of obedience for them.
54:29 But they called their (most forward) comrade and he took charge and killed her
54:30 Then see how was My retribution after My warnings
54:31 Behold, We sent upon them a single mighty Blast whereupon they crumbled to chaff
54:32 And indeed, We have made the Qur'an easy to understand. Then, is there any who will learn
54:33 Lot's folk rejected warnings. (11:69-83)
54:34 Behold, We sent a storm of fiery stones on them, except the family of Lot whom We saved at dawn. (51:32-34)
54:35 As a Bliss from Us. Thus it is, We reward the grateful
54:36 For he had truly warned them of Our Grasp, but they contended about the warning
54:37 And demanded that he give up his guests. Whereupon We sealed their vision. Taste now My punishment after the warnings
54:38 And indeed, the inevitable punishment befell them early in the morning
54:39 Now taste My retribution after My warnings
54:40 And behold, We have made the Qur'an easy to understand. Then, is there any who will learn
54:41 And warnings came indeed to Pharaoh's people
54:42 They, too, denied Our Messages, every one. Thereupon We grasped them with the grasp of the Mighty, the Powerful
54:43 Are your deniers better than those others, or do you have some amnesty in the Scriptures
54:44 Or do they say, "We are a group united bound to be victorious?"
54:45 Yet, all these troops will be routed and will turn back and flee
54:46 Nay, the Hour is the time promised them, and that Hour will be most grievous with a most bitter defeat
54:47 The violators of human rights are in grave error and loss
54:48 On the Day when they shall be dragged through the Fire on their faces, "Taste you the touch of Blaze!" ('Wajh' = Face = Countenance = Whole being = Total personality.
54:49 Behold, We have created all things in due measure and proportion. (And appointed Laws so that all things become what they are meant to be.
54:50 And Our Command is but a single Word, like the twinkling of an eye
54:51 And often in the past We have annihilated gangs like you. Then, is there any who will learn
54:52 And everything they did is in the Scriptures
54:53 And everything, be it small or great, is recorded
54:54 Behold, those who walk aright will be in the midst of gardens and rivers
54:55 Seated honorably in the Presence of a Mighty King


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