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al-Qamar (The Moon)
as rendered by John Medows Rodwell
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John Medows Rodwell rendition of Surah The Moon(al-Qamar)
54:1 The hour hath approached and the MOON hath been cleft
54:2 But whenever they see a miracle they turn aside and say, This is well-devised magic
54:3 And they have treated the prophets as impostors, and follow their own lusts; but everything is unalterably fixed
54:4 A message of prohibition had come to them
54:5 Consummate wisdom - but warners profit them not
54:6 Quit them then. On the day when the summoner shall summon to a stern business
54:7 With downcast eyes shall they come forth from their graves, as if they were scattered locusts
54:8 Hastening to the summoner. "This," shall the infidels say, "is the distressful day."
54:9 Before them the people of Noah treated the truth as a lie. Our servant did they charge with falsehood, and said, "Demoniac!" and he was rejected
54:10 Then cried he to his Lord, "Verily, they prevail against me; come thou therefore to my succour."
54:11 So we opened the gates of Heaven with water which fell in torrents
54:12 And we caused the earth to break forth with springs, and their waters met by settled decree
54:13 And we bare him on a vessel made with planks and nails
54:14 Under our eyes it floated on: a recompence to him who had been rejected with unbelief
54:15 And we left it a sign: but, is there any one who receives the warning
54:16 And how great was my vengeance and my menace
54:17 Easy for warning have we made the Koran - but, is there any one who receives the warning
54:18 The Adites called the truth a lie: but how great was my vengeance and my menace
54:19 For we sent against them a roaring wind in a day of continued distress
54:20 It tore men away as though they were uprooted palm stumps
54:21 And how great was my vengeance and my menace
54:22 Easy for warning have we made the Koran - but, is there any one who receives the warning
54:23 The tribe of Themoud treated the threatenings as lies
54:24 And they said, "Shall we follow a single man from among ourselves? Then verily should we be in error and in folly
54:25 To him alone among us is the office of warning entrusted? No! he is an impostor, an insolent person."
54:26 To-morrow shall they learn who is the impostor, the insolent
54:27 "For we will send the she-camel to prove them: do thou mark them well, O Saleh, and be patient
54:28 And foretell them that their waters shall be divided between themselves and her, and that every draught shall come by turns to them."
54:29 But they called to their comrade, and he took a knife and ham-strung her
54:30 And how great was my vengeance and my menance
54:31 We sent against them a single shout; and they became like the dry sticks of the fold-builders
54:32 Easy have we made the Koran for warning - but, is there any one who receives the warning
54:33 The people of Lot treated his warning as a lie
54:34 But we sent a stone-charged wind against them all, except the family of Lot, whom at daybreak we delivered
54:35 By our special grace - for thus we reward the thankful
54:36 He, indeed, had warned them of our severity, but of that warning they doubted
54:37 Even this guess did they demand: therefore we deprived them of sight, And said, "Taste ye my vengeance and my menace;"
54:38 And in the morning a relentless punishment overtook them
54:39 [empty verse. see 54:37]
54:40 Easy have we made the Koran for warning but, is there any one who receives the warning
54:41 To the people of Pharaoh also came the threatenings
54:42 All our miracles did they treat as impostures. Therefore seized we them as he only can seize, who is the Mighty, the Strong
54:43 Are your infidels, O Meccans, better men than these? Is there an exemption for you in the sacred Books
54:44 Will they say, "We are a host that lend one another aid?"
54:45 The host shall be routed, and they shall turn them back
54:46 But, that Hour is their threatened time, and that Hour shall be most severe and bitter
54:47 Verily, the wicked are sunk in bewilderment and folly
54:48 On that day they shall be dragged into the fire on their faces. "Taste ye the touch of Hell."
54:49 All things have we created after a fixed decree
54:50 Our command was but one word, swift as the twinkling of an eye
54:51 Of old, too, have we destroyed the like of you - yet is any one warned
54:52 And everything that they do is in the Books
54:53 Each action, both small and great, is written down
54:54 Verily, amid gardens and rivers shall the pious dwell
54:55 In the seat of truth, in the presence of the potent King


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