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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

an-Najm (The Star)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Star(an-Najm)
53:1 By/and the star/planet if (it) fell/dropped
53:2 Your companion/friend did not become misguided/lost , and did not become misguided/failed
53:3 And (your friend) does not speak/clarify from the self attraction for desire
53:4 That truly it is except inspiration/revelation (that) is being inspired/revealed
53:5 The powers'/strength's strong (severe) taught/instructed him
53:6 (Owner) of strength/wisdom , so he/He straightened/leveled
53:7 And he/He (is) at/by the highest horizon/direction
53:8 Then he neared, so he lowered/dropped
53:9 So he was (a) short measure of length (of) two arm's/bow's (lengths) or nearer
53:10 So he/He inspired/revealed to His worshipper/slave/servant what He inspired/revealed
53:11 The heart did not lie/falsify what he/it saw/understood
53:12 So do you argue/discuss with him on what he sees/understands
53:13 And he had (E) seen/understood him another/other one descent
53:14 At the lote-tree (at) the ultimate/absolute end
53:15 At it (is) the shelter's/refuge's treed garden/paradise
53:16 When what covers/darkens covers/darkens the lote-tree
53:17 The eye sight/knowledge did not deviate/turn away, and (it) did not exceed the limit
53:18 He had (E) seen/understood from his Lord's greatest/magnified evidences/signs
53:19 Did you see/understand Allata/Hashtaroot (most famous idol goddess in pre-Islamic ignorance) and Elozza (idol statue)
53:20 And Manat , the third the other
53:21 Are for you the male and for Him the female
53:22 That (is) then unjust apportionment/division
53:23 That truly it is except names, you named it, you and your fathers/forefathers, God did not descend with it from a proof/evidence , that truly they follow except the doubt/suspicion , and what the selves desire/attract , and the guidance had (E) come to them from their Lord
53:24 Or (is it) to the human/mankind what he wished/desired
53:25 So to God (is) the end (other life) and the first/beginning
53:26 And how many from (an) angel (is) in the skies/space, their mediation does not enrich/suffice a thing except from after that God permits/allows to whom He wills/wants/intends, and He accepts/approves
53:27 That truly those who do not believe with (in) the end (other life) they name (E) the angels the female's naming
53:28 And (there is) no knowledge for them with it, that truly they follow except the doubt/suspicion , and that truly the doubt/suspicion does not enrich/suffice from the truth a thing
53:29 So turn away from who turned away from mentioning/remembering Us , and he did not want/intend except the life the present/worldly life
53:30 That (is) their capacity/limit from the knowledge, that truly your Lord, He is more knowledgeable with who was misguided from His way/path , and He is more knowledgeable with who was guided
53:31 And to God what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, to reimburse those who did bad/evil because (of) what they made/did , and reimburse those who did good with the best/goodness
53:32 Those who avoid/distance themselves (from) the sin's/crime's greatest/biggest and the enormous/atrocious deeds , except the minor sins , that truly your Lord (is) rich/spread (in) the forgiveness, He is more knowledgeable with (of) you, when He created/originated you from the earth/Planet Earth and when you are embryos/fetuses/hidden in your mother's bellies/insides, so do not commend/claim righteousness (for) yourselves, He is more knowledgeable with who feared and obeyed
53:33 So did you see/understand who turned away
53:34 And gave little and skimped/stinged
53:35 Is it at him the unseen's/absents knowledge so he sees/understands
53:36 Or he did not get informed with what (is) in Moses' sheets/pages (scriptures)
53:37 And Abraham who fulfilled/completed
53:38 That no sinner/burdener bears/carries another's sin/burden
53:39 And that (E) (there is) not to the human except what he strived/endeavored
53:40 And that (E) his striving/endeavor will be seen
53:41 Then he (will) be reimbursed the reimbursement , the most fulfilling/completing
53:42 And that truly to your Lord (is) the ultimate/absolute end
53:43 And that He made laugh,and He made to weep
53:44 And that He made to die , and He revived/gave life
53:45 And that He created the pairs/couples , the male and the female
53:46 From a drop/males or female's secretion , if/when (it be) ejaculated/discharged semen/sperm
53:47 And that on Him (is) the creation , the other
53:48 And that He, He enriched/sufficed , and He made content/satisfied
53:49 And that He is the star's (dog star's) Lord
53:50 And that He destroyed Aad the first/beginning
53:51 And Thamud , so none (were) left/protected
53:52 And Noah's nation from before, that they truly were, they (were) more unjust/oppressive, and more tyrant/arrogant
53:53 And the overturned/destroyed (city was) more dropping/tumbling down
53:54 So covered/came upon it what covers
53:55 So with which (of) your Lord's blessings (do) you argue/discuss
53:56 That (is) a warning/notice from the warnings/notices , the first/beginning
53:57 The Resurrection approached/neared
53:58 (There is) not a remover/uncoverer (reliever) for it from other than God
53:59 Is it from this the information/speech you wonder/surprise
53:60 And you laugh/wonder, and you do not weep
53:61 And you are astonished singing/arrogant
53:62 So prostrate to God and worship


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