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at-Tur (The Mount, The Mountain)
as rendered by Arthur John Arberry
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Arthur John Arberry rendition of Surah The Mount, The Mountain(at-Tur)
52:1 By the Moun
52:2 and a Book inscribe
52:3 in a parchment unrolled
52:4 by the House inhabite
52:5 and the roof uplifte
52:6 and the sea swarming
52:7 surely thy Lord's chastisement is about to fall
52:8 there is none to avert it
52:9 Upon the day when heaven spins dizzil
52:10 and the mountains are in motion
52:11 woe that day unto those that cry lies
52:12 such as play at plunging
52:13 the day when they shall be pitched into the fire of Gehenna
52:14 'This is the fire that you cried lies to
52:15 What, is this magic, or is it you that do not see
52:16 Roast in it! And bear you patiently, or bear not patiently, equal it is to you; you are only being recompensed for that you were working.
52:17 Surely the godfearing shall be in gardens and bliss
52:18 rejoicing in that their Lord has given them; and their Lord shall guard them against the chastisement of Hell
52:19 'Eat and drink, with wholesome appetite, for that you were working
52:20 Reclining upon couches ranged in rows; and We shall espouse them to wide-eyed houris
52:21 And those who believed, and their seed followed them in belief, We shall join their seed with them, and We shall not defraud them of aught of their work; every man shall be pledged for what he earned
52:22 And We shall succour them with fruits and flesh such as they desir
52:23 while they pass therein a cup one to another wherein is no idle talk, no cause of sin
52:24 and there go round them youths, their own, as if they were hidden pearls
52:25 They advance one upon another, asking each other questions
52:26 They say, 'We were before among our people, ever going in fear
52:27 and God was gracious to us, and guarded us against the chastisement of the burning wind
52:28 we were before ever calling upon Him; surely He is the All-benign, the All-compassionate.
52:29 Therefore remind! by thy Lord's blessing thou art not a soothsayer neither possessed
52:30 Or do they say, 'He is a poet for whom we await Fate's uncertainty'
52:31 Say: 'Await! I shall be awaiting with you.
52:32 Or do their intellects bid them do this? Or are they an insolent people
52:33 Or do they say, 'He has invented it?' Nay, but they do not believe
52:34 Then let them bring a discourse like it, if they speak truly
52:35 Or were they created out of nothing? Or are they the creators
52:36 Or did they create the heavens and earth? Nay, but they have not sure faith
52:37 Or are thy Lord's treasuries in their keeping? Or are they the registrars
52:38 Or have they a ladder whereon they listen? Then let any of them that has listened bring a clear authority
52:39 Or has He daughters, and they sons
52:40 Or askest thou them for a wage, and so they are weighed down with debt
52:41 Or is the Unseen in their keeping, and so they are writing it down
52:42 Or desire they to outwit? The unbelievers, they are the outwitted
52:43 Or have they a god, other than God? Glory be to God, above that which they associate
52:44 Even if they saw lumps falling from heaven, they would say, 'A massed cloud!
52:45 Then leave them, till they encounter their day wherein they shall be thunderstruck
52:46 the day when their guile shall avail them naught, and they shall not be helped
52:47 And there surely awaits the evildoers a chastisement beyond even that, but most of them know it not
52:48 And be thou patient under the judgment of thy Lord; surely thou art before Our eyes. And proclaim the praise of thy Lord when thou arisest
52:49 and proclaim the praise of thy Lord in the night, and at the declining of the stars


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