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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Aisha Bewley
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Aisha Bewley rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the scatterers scattering,
51:2 and those bearing weighty loads,
51:3 and those speeding along with ease,
51:4 and those apportioning the command:
51:5 what you are promised is certainly true —
51:6 the Judgement will certainly take place!
51:7 By Heaven with its oscillating orbits,
51:8 you certainly have differing beliefs.
51:9 Averted from it is he who is averted.
51:10 Death to the conjecturers:
51:11 those who flounder in a glut of ignorance,
51:12 asking, ´When is the Day of Judgement?´
51:13 On the Day they are tormented by the Fire:
51:14 ´Taste your torment! This is what you were trying to hasten!´
51:15 The people with taqwa will be among Gardens and Fountains,
51:16 receiving what their Lord has given them. Certainly before that they were good-doers.
51:17 The part of the night they spent asleep was small
51:18 and they would seek forgiveness before the dawn.
51:19 And beggars and the destitute received a due share of their wealth.
51:20 There are certainly Signs in the earth for people with certainty;
51:21 and in yourselves as well. Do you not then see?
51:22 Your provision is in heaven — and what you are promised.
51:23 By the Lord of heaven and earth, it is certainly the truth, just as you have speech.
51:24 Has the story reached you of the honoured guests of Ibrahim?
51:25 When they entered his dwelling and said, ´Peace!´ he said, ´Peace, to people we do not know.´
51:26 So he slipped off to his household and brought a fattened calf.
51:27 He offered it to them and then exclaimed, ´Do you not then eat?´
51:28 He felt afraid of them but they said, ´Do not be afraid!´ and gave him the good news of a son imbued with knowledge.
51:29 His wife came up with a shriek and struck her face and said, ´What, and me a barren old woman!´
51:30 They said, ´That is what your Lord says. He is the All-Wise, the All-Knowing.´
51:31 He inquired, ´What, then, is your business, messengers?´
51:32 They said, ´We have been sent to a people of evildoers
51:33 to unleash upon them lumps of clay
51:34 earmarked by your Lord for the profligate.´
51:35 We brought out all the muminun who were there
51:36 but found in it only one house of Muslims.
51:37 And We left a Sign in it for those who fear the painful punishment.
51:38 And also in Musa when We sent him to Pharaoh with clear authority.
51:39 But he turned away with his forces, saying, ´A magician or a madman!´
51:40 So We seized him and his armies and hurled them into the sea, and he was to blame.
51:41 And also in ´Ad when We unleashed against them the barren wind,
51:42 which left nothing it touched without turning it to dust.
51:43 And also in Thamud, when they were told: ´Enjoy yourselves a while!´
51:44 But they spurned their Lord´s command, so the Blast seized them as they looked.
51:45 They could not stand upright and they were not helped.
51:46 And the people of Nuh before, they were a people of deviators.
51:47 As for heaven — We built it with great power and gave it its vast expanse.
51:48 And the earth — We spread it like a carpet and how well We smoothed it out!
51:49 And We created all things in pairs so that hopefully you would pay heed.
51:50 So flee to Allah. Truly I bring you a clear warning from Him.
51:51 Do not set up another god together with Allah. Truly I bring you a clear warning from Him.
51:52 Equally, no Messenger came to those before them without their saying, ´A magician or a madman!´
51:53 Did they bequeathe this to one another? Indeed they are an unbridled people.
51:54 So turn away from them, for you are not to blame.
51:55 And remind them, for truly the muminun benefit from being reminded.
51:56 I only created jinn and man to worship Me.
51:57 I do not require any provision from them and I do not require them to nourish Me.
51:58 Truly Allah, He is the Provider, the Possessor of Strength, the Sure.
51:59 Those who do wrong will have their due, the same as that of their friends. So they should not hurry Me!
51:60 Woe then to those who are kafir on account of the Day they have been promised!


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