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adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by T.B.Irving
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T.B.Irving rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 By the Winnowing [Winds]
51:2 and those bearing a burden
51:3 and the ones blowing gently
51:4 and those delivering a command,
51:5 whatever you are promised is certain!
51:6 Doom is about to occur!
51:7 By the sky full of orbits,
51:8 you (all) have different ways of saying things,
51:9 to brush off anyone who may be brushed off.
51:10 Damned will be guessers
51:11 who are dazed with excitement.
51:12 They ask: "When will Doomsday be?"
51:13 Some day they will be tested over the Fire:
51:14 Taste your test! This is what you wanted to hurry up.
51:15 The heedful will be in gardens and by springs
51:16 partaking of whatever their Lord has given them. They had acted kindly even before that;
51:17 they used to slumber only a portion of the night
51:18 while in vigils towards dawning they sought forgiveness.
51:19 The beggar and the destitute had some right to their wealth.
51:20 On earth there are signs for the convinced,
51:21 and even within yourselves; do you not notice them?
51:22 In the sky is your sustenance and whatever you are promised;
51:23 so by the Lord of Heaven and Earth, it is the Truth just the same as you have been uttering!
51:24 Has the report of Abraham´s honored guests ever come to you,
51:25 when they entered his home and said: "Peace [be upon you]!"? He said: "[On you be] peace!" [even though] they were people he did not know.
51:26 So he slipped off to his family and fetched a fattened calf,
51:27 and brought it up to them. He said: "Will you not eat?"
51:28 He felt a fear concerning them. They said: "Don´t be afraid," and gave him the news of a clever lad.
51:29 His wife came up sighing, and struck her face and said: "[I´m] a barren old hag!"
51:30 They said: "Even so did your Lord say. He is the Wise, the Aware!
51:31 He said: "Yet what is your errand, 0 emissaries?"
51:32 They said: "We have been sent to a criminal folk,
51:33 to launch clay pellets on them
51:34 marked by your Lord for the dissipated."
51:35 So We brought out anyone there who were believers,
51:36 though We found only one house with Muslims in it.
51:37 We left a sign there for those who fear painful torment.
51:38 And with Moses when We sent him off with clear authority to Pharaoh,
51:39 who turned away with his warlords and said: "[He´s either] a magician or a madman!"
51:40 We seized him and his troops and hurled them into the deep while he was to blame.
51:41 And with Ad, when We loosed a devastating wind on them:
51:42 it left nothing that it chanced upon without turning it into rubble.
51:43 And with Thamud when someone told them: "Enjoy things for a while!"
51:44 They strutted around against their Lord´s command, as the Thunderbolt caught them while they were looking on.
51:45 They were unable to withstand it nor were they supported.
51:46 And Noah´s people had already been such immoral folk.
51:47 The sky We have built firmly and We are extending it.
51:48 The earth have We spread out; how Blissful is the One Who has smoothed it off!
51:49 With everything We have created pairs so that you may be reminded;
51:50 so flee to God: "I am a plain warner to you from Him!
51:51 "Do not place any other deity alongside God [Alone]: I am a plain warner to you from Him.
51:52 Thus no messenger ever came to those who preceded them unless they said: ´[He´s] a magician or a madman!´
51:53 Do they recommend it to one another? Yet they are such arrogant folk.
51:54 Turn away from them; you are not to blame!
51:55 Remind, for reminding benefits believers."
51:56 I have only created sprites and men so they may worship Me;
51:57 I do not want any sustenance from them nor do I need them to feed me.
51:58 God is the Provider, wielding sturdy strength.
51:59 The ones who do wrong have offences just like their companions´ offences, so do not let them ask Me to hurry things up.
51:60 It will be too bad for those who disbelieve on their day which has been promised them!


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