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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

adh-Dhariyat (The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Winnowing Winds, The Scatterers(adh-Dhariyat)
51:1 And/by the scatterers/spreaders , scattering/spreading
51:2 So the clouds carrying rain , a heavy weight
51:3 So the flowing/orbiting , easily/flexibly
51:4 So the apportioners/distributors a matter/affair/order/command
51:5 Truly/indeed what you are being promised is truthful/true (E)
51:6 And that truly the religion/debt/rule/might (is) happening/landing (E)
51:7 And the sky/space (owner) of the paths/courses (movements/orbits)
51:8 That you truly are in (E) (a) different word/statement
51:9 Who was lied to/turned away from it, he (will) be lied to/turned away
51:10 The liars/speculators were killed
51:11 Those who, they are in an intoxication/hatred (are) careless/negligent
51:12 They question/ask when (is) the Judgment Day/the Resurrection Day
51:13 A day/time they are on the fire they are being tortured
51:14 Taste/experience your misguidance/seduction this, which you were with it hurrying/hastening
51:15 That truly the fearing and obeying (are) in treed gardens/paradises and water springs/wells
51:16 Taking what their Lord gave them, that they were before that good doers
51:17 They were little from the night what they (spend in) sleep
51:18 And at the times at end of night before dawn they ask for forgiveness
51:19 And in their properties/possessions (is) a share/duty for the asker/questioner/beggar and the deprived
51:20 And in the earth/Planet Earth (are) evidences/signs for the sure/certain
51:21 And in your selves, so do you not see/look/understand
51:22 And in the sky/space (is) your provision and what you are being promised
51:23 So with/by the skies'/space's and the earth's/Planet Earth's Lord, that it truly is true (E) , equal/alike (to) what that you, you speak
51:24 Did information/speech (of) Abraham's guests, the honoured, come to you
51:25 When they entered on him, so they said: "A greeting/security/peace." He said: "A greeting/security/peace (you) unknown/disguised nation."
51:26 So he conned his way to his family/relation , so he came with a fat/fleshy (M) calf
51:27 So he neared/approached it to them, he said: "Do you not eat?"
51:28 So he felt inner horror/fear from them, they said: "Do not fear." And they announced good news to him with a knowledgeable boy (son)
51:29 So his woman (wife) approached/came in an outcry/frown, so she hit/struck (an act of surprise) her face/front and she said: "Old/weak, infertile."
51:30 They said: "As/like that your Lord said, that He truly, He is the wise/judicious, the knowledgeable."
51:31 He said: "So what (is) your matter/affair/concern, oh you the messengers?"
51:32 They said: "That we, we were sent to a nation committing crimes/sins."
51:33 To send on them stones from mud/clay
51:34 Marked/identified/distinguished at your Lord for the spoilers/extravagators/wasters
51:35 So We brought out who was in it from the believers
51:36 So We did not find in it other than (a) house/home from the submitters/Moslems
51:37 And We left in it an evidence/sign to those who fear the torture, the painful
51:38 And in Moses when We sent him to Pharaoh with a clear/evident proof/evidence
51:39 So he turned away at his corner/strong support, and he said: "A magician/sorcerer, or mad/insane."
51:40 So We punished/took him and his soldiers/warriors , so We discarded them/casted them off in the body of water, and he is blameworthy/blamed
51:41 And in Aad, when We sent on them the wind/breeze, the infertile/sterile
51:42 It does not leave from a thing it came on it, except it made it as/like the decomposed/decayed
51:43 And in Thamud , when (it) was said to them: "Live long/enjoy until a time/period of time."
51:44 So they become arrogant/disobedient from their Lord's order/command, so the death/destructive torture punished/took them, and (while) they are looking/watching
51:45 So they were not able from getting up/standing, and they were not victorious
51:46 And Noah's nation from before, that they truly were a nation (of) debauchers
51:47 And the sky/space We built/constructed it with power/support , and We (E) are extending/spreading (E)
51:48 And the earth/Planet Earth We spread it out so the levelers/preparers (are) blessed/praise
51:49 And from every thing We created a pair/couple , maybe/perhaps you mention/remember
51:50 So escape/flee to God, that I am for you from Him a clear/evident warner/giver of notice
51:51 And do not make/put with God another god, that I am for you from Him a clear/evident warner/giver of notice
51:52 As/like that none from a messenger came to those from before them except (that) they said: "A magician/sorcerer, or mad/insane."
51:53 Do they command/entrust with it? But they are a tyrannizing/arrogant nation
51:54 So turn away from them, so you are not with being blamed/reprimanded
51:55 And remind, so that the reminder/remembrance benefits/becomes useful (to) the believers
51:56 And I did not create the Jinns and the human/mankind except to worship Me
51:57 I do not want/intend from them from provision , and I do not want/intend that (E) they feed Me
51:58 That truly God, He is the provider, (owner) of the power/strength, the solid/sturdy
51:59 So that to those who were unjust/oppressive (are) crimes, equal/alike (to) their company's/friends' crimes, so do not hurry/hasten Me
51:60 So calamity/scandal to those who disbelieved from their day/time which they are being promised


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