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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling, Crouching)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah The Kneeling, Crouching(al-Jathiyah)
45:1 H. M. (Ha. Mim.
45:2 Sending down of the book is from God, the powerful, the wise
45:3 Indeed there are signs in the skies and the earth for the believers
45:4 And there are signs in your creation and creatures that He scatters (throughout the earth) for people who are certain
45:5 And the alternation of the night and the day, and what God sends down as provision from the sky (rain), then He gives life to the earth after its death with it, and changing of the winds, are signs for people who understand
45:6 These are God's signs that We read it to you in truth. So in what saying do they believe after God and His signs
45:7 Woe to every lying sinner
45:8 who hears God' signs that is read to him, then he arrogantly insists (on his disbelief), as if he did not hear them. So give him news of a painful punishment
45:9 And when he learns something from Our signs, he takes it as a joke. They have a humiliating punishment
45:10 Ahead of them is hell, and what they did is of no use to them at all, and neither is what they took as protectors other than God. And a painful punishment is for them
45:11 This (Quran) is guidance, and those who disbelieved in their Master’s signs have a punishment of painful filth
45:12 God is the One who brought the sea under your control (and at your service) so that the ships sail for you in it by His command, and so that you look for His bounty and you may be thankful
45:13 And He brought whatever in the skies and whatever on the earth under your control (and at your service), all of which are from Him. Indeed there are sings in that for people who think
45:14 Tell those who believed to forgive those who do not hope for God's days, so that He rewards people for what they were doing
45:15 Whoever does good work then it is for himself, and whoever does bad then it is against himself, then you are returned to your Master
45:16 And We have certainly given children of Israel the book and the authority and the prophethood, and We provided them with good things, and We preferred them over all other people
45:17 And We gave them clear proofs in the matter (of religion), then they disagreed because of jealousy between them only after the knowledge came to them. Indeed your Master judges between them regarding what they were disagreeing about it, on the resurrection day
45:18 Then We put you on a legislation of the affair (of religion), so follow it and do not follow the desires of those who do not know
45:19 Indeed they will never be of any use to you against God at all. And the wrongdoers are indeed protectors (and supporters) of each other, and God is protector of those who control themselves
45:20 This (Quran) is enlightenment for the people, and a guide and a mercy for people who are certain
45:21 Or do those who committed the bad deeds think that We make them equal, in their life and in their death, to those who believed and did good works? They judge badly
45:22 And God created the skies and the earth with the truth (and purpose), so that every person is rewarded for what it did, and they will not be wronged.
45:23 Did you see one who took his desires as his god, and God misguided him (according to His laws) in spite of his knowledge and sealed his hearing and his heart and put a cover on his eye? Who guides him after God? Do you not take notice
45:24 And they say: There is nothing except our life of this world, we die and we live (and world goes on), and only time destroys us. And they have no knowledge of this, they only guess
45:25 And when Our clear verses are read to them, their only argument is to say: bring our fathers back if you are truthful
45:26 Say: God gives you life, then makes you die, then gathers you on the resurrection day that there is no doubt about it, but most people do not know
45:27 And the rule of the skies and the earth belongs to God. And on a day that the hour establishes, on that day the falsifiers (and the followers of falsehood) lose
45:28 And you see every community kneeling down, every community is called onto its book (and is told): today you are rewarded for what you were doing
45:29 This is Our book speaking against you with the truth. We were writing out whatever you were doing
45:30 As for those who believed and did good works, their Master admits them into His mercy. That is the clear victory
45:31 And as for those who disbelieved (they are told): were not My verses read to you? But you were arrogant and you were guilty people
45:32 And when it was said: God’s promise is indeed true, and there is no doubt about the hour. You said: we do not know what the hour is, we think it is only a guess, and we are not certain
45:33 And badness of what they did appears to them, and what they used to ridicule surrounds them
45:34 And it is said: today We forget you as you forgot meeting of this day of yours, and your housing is the fire, and there is no helper for you
45:35 that is because you took God’s signs as a joke and this world’s life deceived you. So today they are not taken out of it, and they are not asked to apologize (to appease God)
45:36 All praise belongs to God, Master of the skies and Master of the earth, Master of humankind
45:37 And the greatness (and the majesty) in the skies and the earth belongs to Him, and He is the powerful, the wise


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