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Dr. Munir Munshey

al-Jathiyah (The Kneeling, Crouching)
as rendered by Dr. Munir Munshey
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Dr. Munir Munshey rendition of Surah The Kneeling, Crouching(al-Jathiyah)
45:1 Ha, Meem
45:2 The revelation of this book is from Allah, the Mighty and the Wise
45:3 For the believers, there are indeed (many) signs in the heavens and the earth
45:4 There are signs for the believing nation in the creation of their (own) selves, and the creation of the animals He has scattered (across the world)
45:5 (There are signs) in the alternation of the night and the day, and (also) in the provisions, (the rain), Allah sends down from the sky, with which He brings the land back to life after its death. And in the movement of the winds are certainly signs for any nation that ponders
45:6 These are the verses of Allah. We recite them to you, (oh prophet), with the truth. After (rejecting) Allah and His verses, what else would they believe
45:7 Misery to every sinful liar
45:8 (Misery to) the one who hears the verses of Allah being recited before him, yet acts like he has not heard them at all. Haughtily, he insists (upon his own notions). To such a one, give the news of an agonizing torment
45:9 He mocks whatever little he learns about Our verses. A humiliating punishment exists for such a one
45:10 The hellfire is their future! What they earn, (and amass in this world), would not help them at all. Those others they accept as patrons beside Allah would not help them. A tremendous torment is in store for them
45:11 This (Qur´an) is the guidance! There is an agonizing excruciating punishment for those who refuse to believe the signs of their Lord
45:12 It is Allah Who has calmed the oceans for you, in order to let the ships sail through them by His command, and so that you may seek His blessings. Perhaps you would express gratitude
45:13 And for you, He has subdued whatever is in the heavens and on earth _ everything (as a favor) from Him. In that, are certainly signs for a nation that ponders
45:14 (Oh prophet), tell those who believe, "The unbelievers do not expect the ´days of Allah´ _(the Day of Resurrection and all days after that). Overlook them, so He may compensate people in accordance with the deeds they earn!"
45:15 The one doing the righteous deeds, as also the one committing evil deeds, does so for his own sake. Then, towards your Lord you shall (all) return
45:16 We had certainly given the book, the wisdom and the prophethood to the children of Israel. We blessed them with the wholesome provisions (of life). We had given them precedence over the whole world
45:17 And We gave them clear instructions about every matter. It was only after (real) knowledge had come to them, that they indulged in internecine rivalry. It was (not out of ignorance but) with intent to wrong each other. Indeed, on the Day of Judgment your Lord will settle all matters of dispute between them
45:18 Then, We prescribed for you a clear way (of life) concerning (the rules and rites of) religion. So follow that, and do not give in to the whims of those who do not know
45:19 They shall not be able to help you a bit against Allah. Indeed, the evildoers are each other´s friends and patrons, and Allah is the friend of the righteous
45:20 This (Qur´an) is an insight for all mankind, the source of guidance and grace for any nation that affirms the faith
45:21 Do they think that We would treat the unbelievers committing evil deeds, in just the same manner as We treat the believers performing the righteous deeds? Should their lives and their deaths be equal? How wrong is their judgment
45:22 Allah created the heavens and the earth with justice. So that every being may receive compensation, commensurate with what it earns (in this life). No one shall be wronged
45:23 And how about the one, who takes his fancies and fantasies as his god? Allah has purposely allowed him to go astray; Allah has placed a seal upon his heart and his hearing, and has laid a (thick) veil over his eyes. Now, other than Allah, who can guide him? Do they not heed, then
45:24 They say, "There is nothing except our life in this world; here is where we die, or survive. There is nothing but fate, (just the vicissitudes of life) that destroys us." They do not have any (real) knowledge about that! They merely speculate
45:25 When Our clear unambiguous verses are read to them, they are left with no answer. By way of rebuttal they merely retort, "Bring our forefathers back to life, if you are right."
45:26 Say, "Allah gives you life, and then He gives you death; and again, He will assemble you on the day of resurrection. No doubt about it! But most people do not know."
45:27 The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. The day the hour (of Judgment) dawns, is the day the followers of falsehood _ (the followers of absurd notions, and the vain and trivial pursuits) _ will incur a severe loss
45:28 (That day) you would see (the people of) every nation humbled and dropped on their knees. Each of them will be summoned to (look at) his book of deeds. (They would be told), "Today, you will face the results and consequences of what you used to do."
45:29 "This record of deeds prepared by Us speaks (for itself); and it is the precise evidence against you. Of course, We had recorded everything you used to do."
45:30 There, at that time, the Lord will admit into His mercy (only) the believers _ those with righteous deeds to their credit. And that is a definite unequivocal achievement
45:31 To the unbelievers (Allah will say), "Is it not a fact, that My verses had been read to you? But you were arrogant and disdainful! You are the criminal nation!"
45:32 "You were told that the promise of Allah is the absolute truth, and that there is no doubt about the hour (of Judgment)." But you said, "We do not know about the hour. We think it is only a belief; we are not certain."
45:33 The evil of their deeds will (then) become apparent to them. That, which they (now) ridicule, (will come back to haunt them and) will surround them
45:34 They would be told, "Today, We shall spurn (and slight) you, just like you had ignored the meeting of this day. Fire shall be your abode, and you shall find no one to help you."
45:35 "That is because you took the verses of Allah lightly; you mocked them. The (temporary and temporal) life of this world duped and deceived you. This day (onwards), you shall not be taken out of hellfire. Nor would you be asked to apologize and atone. "
45:36 And all praise belongs to the Lord of the heavens, the Lord of the earth, the Lord of the (entire) universe
45:37 The glory and the grandeur in the heavens and on earth belong to Him (exclusively). He is the Almighty, the all-Wise


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