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Mir Aneesuddin

ad-Dukhan (Smoke, The Evident Smoke)
as rendered by Mir Aneesuddin
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Mir Aneesuddin rendition of Surah Smoke, The Evident Smoke(ad-Dukhan)
44:1 Haa Miim.
44:2 By the book that makes (things) clear.
44:3 We certainly sent it down during a blessed night, We are certainly the Warners.
44:4 Every wise affair is made distinct in it (by)
44:5 a command from Us, We are certainly the Senders,
44:6 a mercy from your Fosterer, He is certainly the Hearing, the Knowing,
44:7 the Fosterer of the skies and the earth and that which is between them, if you like to be of those who are certain.
44:8 There is no god except Him, He gives life and causes death, your Fosterer and the Fosterer of your forefathers.
44:9 No, they are in doubt (therefore) they are not serious.
44:10 So be vigilant for the day when clear smoke will come from the sky,
44:11 which will cover mankind, this will be a painful punishment.
44:12 (People will pray), “Our Fosterer! remove from us the punishment we will certainly believe.”
44:13 How can their being mindful (be beneficial on that day), when a messenger who was clear (in his message) had come to them (earlier, but)
44:14 then they had turned away from him while saying, “One taught (by others), one under the influence of jinn.”
44:15 We will remove the punishment a little (but) you will certainly return (to evil).
44:16 One day We will seize with a great seizure. We are certainly Inflicters of retribution.
44:17 And before them We had tested the people of Firawn, when an honourable messenger came to them, (saying)
44:18 that, “Deliver to me the servants of Allah (children of Israel), I am a trustworthy messenger to you,”
44:19 and that, “Do not transgress against Allah, I have come to you with a clear authority.
44:20 And I seek the protection of my Fosterer and your Fosterer, lest you stone me.
44:21 And if you do not believe me then withdraw from me.”
44:22 Then he prayed to his Fosterer that, “These are a people who are criminals."
44:23 (Musa was ordered by Allah), “Then travel (away at) night with My servants, you will certainly be pursued (by Firawn’s army),
44:24 and let the sea remain (as a dry path in the form of) a furrow (bounded by water on two sides), they are an army to be drowned.”
44:25 How many of the gardens and springs have they left (behind)
44:26 and corn fields and places of honour
44:27 and comforts in which they used to be joyful!
44:28 Thus (it happened), and We made other people to inherit (all those things).
44:29 So neither the sky nor the earth wept over them, nor were they given time (for amendment).
44:30 And We saved the children of Israel from the disgraceful punishment,
44:31 of Firawn, he was certainly a transgressor, one among the extravagant.
44:32 And We chose them on (the issue of) knowledge, above the worlds (all people),
44:33 and We brought to them such of the signs in which there was clear trial.
44:34 These certainly say,
44:35 “There is nothing but our first death and we will not be raised again,
44:36 then bring back our fathers if you are truthful.”
44:37 Are they better or the people of Tubba and those before them? We destroyed them, they were certainly criminals.
44:38 And We did not create the skies and the earth and that which is between them, in play.
44:39 We did not create them but in reality, but the majority of them does not know.
44:40 The day of decision is certainly their appointed term, of all of them.
44:41 A day on which a friend will not be of any use to (another) friend in anything, nor will they be helped,
44:42 except him on whom Allah has mercy. He is certainly the Mighty, the Merciful.
44:43 Certainly the tree of Zaqqum
44:44 is food of the sinner,
44:45 like molten brass, it will boil in the stomachs
44:46 like the boiling of hot water.
44:47 (It will be said), “Catch him then drag him to the middle of the hell,
44:48 then pour above his head, from the tormenting boiling water.
44:49 Taste ! you were the mighty, the honoured!
44:50 This is certainly that about which you used to doubt.”
44:51 Those who guarded (against evil) will certainly be in a secure place,
44:52 in gardens and springs,
44:53 dressed in fine and thick silk, facing each other.
44:54 Thus (it will happen).And We will pair them with fair ones (having) wide beautiful eyes.
44:55 Therein, they will call for every fruit, being secure.
44:56 They will not taste death therein, except the first death, and He will save them from the punishment of hell.
44:57 A grace from your Fosterer, that is the great achievement.
44:58 So We have made the (Quran) easy in your language only that they may be mindful.
44:59 So be vigilant, they (too) are certainly vigilant.


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