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ad-Dukhan (Smoke, The Evident Smoke)
as rendered by John Medows Rodwell
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John Medows Rodwell rendition of Surah Smoke, The Evident Smoke(ad-Dukhan)
44:1 Ha. Mim
44:2 By this clear Book
44:3 See! on a blessed night have we sent it down, for we would warn mankind
44:4 On the night wherein all things are disposed in wisdom
44:5 By virtue of our behest. Lo! we have ever sent forth Apostles
44:6 A mercy from thy Lord: he truly heareth and knoweth all things
44:7 Lord of the Heavens and of the Earth and of all that is between them, - if ye be firm in faith
44:8 There is no God but He! - He maketh alive and killeth! - Your Lord and the Lord of your sires of old
44:9 Yet with doubts do they disport them
44:10 But mark them on the day when the Heaven shall give out a palpable SMOKE
44:11 Which shall enshroud mankind: this will be an afflictive torment
44:12 They will cry, "Our Lord! relieve us from this torment: see! we are believers."
44:13 But how did warning avail them, when an undoubted apostle had come to them
44:14 And they turned their backs on him, and said, "Taught by others, possessed?"
44:15 Were we to relieve you from the plague even a little, ye would certainly relapse
44:16 On the day when we shall fiercely put forth our great fierceness, we will surely take vengeance on them
44:17 Of old, before their time, had we proved the people of Pharaoh, when a noble apostle presented himself to them
44:18 "Send away with me," cried he, "the servants of God; for I am an apostle worthy of all credit
44:19 And exalt not yourselves against God, for I come to you with undoubted power
44:20 And I take refuge with Him who is my Lord and your Lord, that ye stone me not
44:21 And if ye believe me not, at least separate yourselves from me."
44:22 And he cried to his Lord, "That these are a wicked people."
44:23 "March forth then, said God, with my servants by night, for ye will be pursued
44:24 And leave behind you the cleft sea: they are a drowned host."
44:25 How many a garden and fountain did they quit
44:26 And corn fields and noble dwellings
44:27 And pleasures in which they rejoiced them
44:28 So was it: and we gave them as a heritage to another people
44:29 Nor Heaven nor Earth wept for them, nor was their sentence respited
44:30 And we rescued the children of Israel from a degrading affliction
44:31 From Pharaoh, for he was haughty, given to excess
44:32 And we chose them, in our prescience, above all peoples
44:33 And we shewed them miracles wherein was their clear trial
44:34 Yet these infidels say
44:35 "There is but our first death, neither shall we be raised again
44:36 Bring back our sires, if ye be men of truth."
44:37 Are they better than the people of Tobba, And those who flourished before them whom we destroyed for their evil deeds
44:38 We have not created the Heavens and the Earth and whatever is between them in sport
44:39 We have not created them but for a serious end: but the greater part of them understand it not
44:40 Verily the day of severing shall be the appointed time of all
44:41 A day when the master shall not at all be aided by the servant, neither shall they be helped
44:42 Save those on whom God shall have mercy: for He is the mighty, the merciful
44:43 Verily the tree of Ez-Zakkou
44:44 Shall be the sinner's food
44:45 Like dregs of oil shall it boil up in their bellies
44:46 Like the boiling of scalding water
44:47 "Seize ye him, and drag him into the mid-fire
44:48 Then pour on his head of the tormenting boiling water
44:49 - 'Taste this:' for thou forsooth art the mighty, the honourable
44:50 Lo! this is that of which ye doubted."
44:51 But the pious shall be in a secure place
44:52 Amid gardens and fountains
44:53 Clothed in silk and richest robes, facing one another
44:54 Thus shall it be: and we will wed them to the virgins with large dark eyes
44:55 Therein shall they call, secure, for every kind of fruit
44:56 Therein, their first death passed, shall they taste death no more; and He shall keep them from the pains of Hell:
44:57 'Tis the gracious bounty of thy Lord! This is the great felicity
44:58 We have made this Koran easy for thee in thine own tongue, that they may take the warning
44:59 Therefore wait thou, for they are waiting


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