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ad-Dukhan (Smoke, The Evident Smoke)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah Smoke, The Evident Smoke(ad-Dukhan)
44:1 H.M
44:2 I (God) swear by this book which clearly answers man’s most difficult questions [about the purpose of life and Hereafter.]
44:3 Qur’an is revealed in a blessed night as God decided to shower man with His blessing
44:4 Qur’an answers to those philosophical questions that no one is capable of answering
44:5 This book is revealed with God’s command. God (out of His Mercy) sends prophets to people to relay His divine message
44:6 This revelation is a proof of God’s Mercy; God is indeed the Most Knowledgeable and hears everything
44:7 Have faith that God is the creator of the heavens and earth and anything in the universe
44:8 There is no other god but God. He is the one who gives life and takes it away. He is your Lord and the Lord of your ancestors
44:9 What a shame that you doubt in the existence of God
44:10 Your doubt will certainly be removed, when you see the mass of smoke descending from the heaven
44:11 When this painful punishment overtakes man, he will pray saying:…
44:12 “Our Lord, remove this disaster as we really believe in you!&rdquo
44:13 It will be too late to believe then; God’s Prophet did already warned them
44:14 [When there was still the opportunity], they turned away from the Prophet saying: “He is well educated but unfortunately gone crazy!&rdquo
44:15 [The fact of the matter is] Anytime, I postpone the punishment, the disbelievers start rebelling again
44:16 The Day that I (God) send the severest quake, will be the Day when I will take the vengeance
44:17 In the past, I (God) put the people of Pharaoh to the same test by sending my honorable Prophet (Moses)
44:18 He (Moses) said: “Listen to me (you the creatures of God); I am an honest messenger of the Lord.&rdquo
44:19 “[Listen to me and obey your Lord.] Do not rebel against God. I will come up with powerful miracles [to convince you.]
44:20 If you assault me, I will take refuge in the same God that has Created you and me
44:21 If you do not believe me, [for your own sake] do not even think about harming me
44:22 Finally Moses gave up and said: “[My Lord] These people are indeed criminals.&rdquo
44:23 God answered Moses saying] “Take my servants [Israelites and non- Israelites believers] out tonight. You will be followed [by Pharaoh].&rdquo
44:24 “Cross the sea quickly and let their army drawn.&rdquo
44:25 What a shame that] they left behind many gardens and springs
44:26 Crops and their easy life
44:27 And God’s blessing that they were enjoying
44:28 All the above God made to be inherited by other people
44:29 None cared about their death and they were not given any more opportunity
44:30 That is the way that I (God) saved the descendents of Israel from a humiliating persecution from&hellip
44:31 the Pharaoh who was indeed the most prominent tyrant
44:32 Then I (God) gave them superiority over other nations, knowing their defaults
44:33 I showed them so many proofs to test their believe [immediately after having seen the greatest proof, i.e., passage through the Red Sea, they worshiped a cow instead of God.]
44:34 The disbelievers say:&hellip
44:35 “There is nothing after death and we will not be raised back to life.&rdquo
44:36 [They say:] “Bring our forefathers back to life, if [there is such thing as life after death and if] you are truthful.” [Even then they will not believe as the Jews did not believe in vs. 33]
44:37 Do these disbelievers think that they are better than the [mighty] people of Tubba [strong rulers of Hyyarites B.C.-A.D.] and the ones before them? I (God) destroyed them as they were guilty
44:38 I have not created the heavens and the earth (and whatever between) for fun
44:39 There is a higher purpose behind the creation but most people do not understand it
44:40 Know that on the Day of Resurrection, everyone will be gathered together
44:41 On that Day no one may benefit from any supporter and nobody will be of any help
44:42 The only available recourse will be the mercy of God. God is Almighty, the Most Merciful
44:43 The Hellish fruit of &hellip
44:44 the Zaqqum tree will be the food of the sinners&hellip
44:45 this will burn the stomach the same way&hellip
44:46 that boiling water burns the stomach
44:47 “Catch the sinner and bring him to the&hellip
44:48 middle of Hell and pour over his head the boiling water. &hellip
44:49 See what an honorable man [as you were proud of] you are&hellip
44:50 This is what you were mocking at.&rdquo
44:51 The God loving people will end up in the securest [no disease, no aging, no worry] place
44:52 Roaming in the gardens with the springs
44:53 Dressed in fine silk cloths
44:54 Married to most beautiful women
44:55 In absolute peace. Every kind of tasty things at their disposition
44:56 They will never be touched by death and God, by His grace will protect them from the Hell
44:57 This is the real success
44:58 I have made this book easy to understand in Arabic. May you take advantage of it
44:59 Wait [to get your share], as the disbelievers are waiting [to get their share] too


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