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ad-Dukhan (Smoke, The Evident Smoke)
as rendered by Arthur John Arberry
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Arthur John Arberry rendition of Surah Smoke, The Evident Smoke(ad-Dukhan)
44:1 Ha Mi
44:2 By the Clear Book
44:3 We have sent it down in a blessed night (We are ever warning
44:4 therein every wise biddin
44:5 determined as a bidding from Us, (We are ever sending
44:6 as a mercy from thy Lord (surely He is the All-hearing, the All-knowing
44:7 Lord of the heavens and earth, and all that between them is if you have faith
44:8 There is no god but He; He gives life and makes to die; your Lord and the Lord of your fathers, the ancients
44:9 Nay, but they are in doubt, playing
44:10 So be on the watch for a day when heaven shall bring a manifest smok
44:11 covering the people; this is a painful chastisement
44:12 'O our Lord, remove Thou from us the chastisement; we are believers.
44:13 How should they have the Reminder, seeing a clear Messenger already came to them
44:14 then they turned away from him and said, 'A man tutored, possessed!
44:15 'Behold, We are removing the chastisement a little; behold, you revert!
44:16 Upon the day when We shall assault most mightily, then We shall take Our vengeance
44:17 Already before them We tried the people of Pharaoh, and a noble Messenger came unto them
44:18 saying, 'Deliver to me God's servants; I am for you a faithful Messenger
44:19 and, 'Rise not up against God; behold, I come to you with a clear authority
44:20 and I take refuge in my Lord and your Lord, lest you should stone me
44:21 'But if so be that you believe me not, go you apart from me!
44:22 And he called to his Lord, saying, 'These are a sinful people.
44:23 'Then set thou forth with My servants in a watch of the night; surely you will be followed
44:24 And leave the sea becalmed; they are a drowned host.
44:25 They left how many gardens and fountains
44:26 sown fields, and how noble a station
44:27 and what prosperity they had rejoiced in
44:28 Even so; and We bequeathed them upon another people
44:29 Neither heaven nor earth wept for them, nor were they respited
44:30 and We delivered the Children of Israel from the humbling chastisement
44:31 from Pharaoh; surely he was a high One, of the prodigals
44:32 and We chose them, out of a knowledge, above all beings
44:33 and gave them signs wherein there was a manifest trial
44:34 These men do say
44:35 'There is nothing but our first death; we shall not be revived
44:36 Bring us our fathers, if you speak truly!
44:37 Are they better, or the people of Tubba' and those before them whom We destroyed? They were surely sinners
44:38 We created not the heavens and earth, and all that between them is, in play
44:39 We created them not save in truth; but most of them know it not
44:40 Surely the Day of Decision shall be their appointed time, all together
44:41 the day a master shall avail nothing a client, and they shall not be helped
44:42 save him upon whom God has mercy; He is the All-mighty, the All-compassionate
44:43 Lo, the Tree of Ez-Zakkou
44:44 is the food of the guilty
44:45 like molten copper, bubbling in the bell
44:46 as boiling water bubbles
44:47 'Take him, and thrust him into the midst of Hell
44:48 then pour over his head the chastisement of boiling water!
44:49 'Taste! Surely thou art the mighty, the noble
44:50 This is that concerning which you were doubting.
44:51 Surely the godfearing shall be in a station secur
44:52 among gardens and fountains
44:53 robed in silk and brocade, set face to face
44:54 Even so; and We shall espouse them to wide-eyed houris
44:55 therein calling for every fruit, secure
44:56 They shall not taste therein of death, save the first death, And He shall guard them against the chastisement of Hell -
44:57 a bounty from thy Lord; that is the mighty triumph
44:58 Now We have made it easy by thy tongue, that haply they may remember
44:59 So be on the watch; they too are on the watch


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