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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad

ash-Shura (Council, Consultation, The Counsel)
as rendered by Bakhtiari Nejad
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Ali Bakhtiari Nejad rendition of Surah Council, Consultation, The Counsel(ash-Shura)
42:1 H. M. (Ha. Mim.
42:2 A. S. Q. (Ain. Sin. Qaf.
42:3 That is how God the powerful, the wise, reveals to you and to those before you
42:4 Whatever in the skies and whatever on the earth belongs to Him, and He is the superior, the great
42:5 The skies are about to tear apart from above them, and the angels glorify their Master with praise and ask forgiveness for whoever is on the earth. Know that indeed God is the forgiving, the merciful
42:6 And those who took protectors (and supporters) other than Him, God is guarding over them, and you are not their advocate
42:7 And that is how We revealed an Arabic Quran to you, so that you warn (the people of) the mother of the towns (Mecca) and its vicinity, and you warn of the day of assembly which there is no doubt in it, a group in the garden and a group in the burning fire
42:8 And if God wanted, He would have made you a single community (of faith), but He admits anyone He wants into His mercy. And the wrongdoers have no protector and no helper
42:9 Or did they take protectors other than God? Whereas God is the protector and He gives life to the dead and He is capable of everything
42:10 And anything you disagree about it, then its judgment (and decision) is with God. That is God, my Master, I trust in Him and I return to Him (in repentance)
42:11 Creator of the skies and the earth, He made spouses for you from yourselves, as well as mates for the livestock, by which He multiplies (and disperses) you in it. There is nothing like Him, and He hears all, sees all
42:12 The keys of the skies and the earth belong to Him, He increases and decreases the provision for anyone He wants. Indeed He knows everything
42:13 He legislated for you the religion (way of life) that He instructed Noah to it, and that which We revealed to you, and what We instructed Abraham and Moses and Jesus to it, to uphold the religion and do not become divided in it. What you invite them to it, is difficult for the polytheists. God chooses anyone He wants for Himself, and He guides to Himself anyone who turns (in repentance)
42:14 And they only became divided after the knowledge came to them because of jealousy between them. And if it was not for a word that previously came from your Master for a limited period, it would have been judged between them. And indeed those who were made to inherit the book after them are in a serious doubt about it
42:15 So invite for that (observing religion and not being divided in it), and stand firm as you were ordered, and do not follow their desires, and say: I believed in whatever book/mandate that God sent down, and I am ordered to be just (and fair) between you, God is our Master and your Master, our deeds for us and your deeds for you, there is no argument between us and you, God brings us together, and the final return is to Him
42:16 And those who argue about God after they answered to Him, their argument is invalid with their Master, and anger (of God) is upon them, and a severe punishment is for them
42:17 God is the One who sent down the book and the scale (of good and bad) with truth. And how would you know, the hour may be near
42:18 Those who do not believe in it want to rush it, and those who believed are afraid of it and they know that it is indeed the truth. Know that those who dispute about the hour are indeed lost far (from the right path)
42:19 God is nice to His servants, He provides for anyone He wants, and He is the strong, the powerful
42:20 Anyone who desires the harvest of the hereafter, We increase his harvest for him, and anyone who desires the harvest of this world, We give him from it, but in the hereafter there is no portion for him
42:21 Or do they have associates who legislate part of the religion for them, which God did not permit it? And if it was not for the decisive word (of God), it would have been judged between them. And indeed the wrongdoers have a painful punishment
42:22 You see the wrongdoers are afraid because of what they earned, and it (punishment) happens to them. And those who believed and did good works are in meadows of the gardens, they have whatever they want with their Master. That is the great bounty
42:23 That is what God gives good news (of it) to His servants, those who believed and did good works. Say: I do not ask you for any wage except for the love among the close ones (or the love of the closeness to God). And whoever commits a good deed, We increase its goodness for him. Indeed God is forgiving, appreciative
42:24 Or do they say: he made up a lie (and attributes it) to God? Then if God wants, He would seal your heart, but God eliminates the falsehood and proves the truth with His words. Indeed He knows what is inside the chests
42:25 And He is the One who accepts the repentance from His servants and excuses the bad deeds and knows what you do
42:26 And He answers those who believed and did good works, and He gives them more from His grace (and bounty), and the disbelievers have a severe punishment
42:27 And if He increases the provision of His servants, they would certainly commit injustice on the earth, but He sends down in amount that He wants. Indeed He is well informed and observant about His servants
42:28 And He is the One who sends down the rain after they lost hope and He spreads His mercy. And He is the praiseworthy protector
42:29 And among His signs is creation of the skies and the earth and whatever creature He scattered in them. And He is capable of bringing them together when He wants
42:30 And whatever tragedy happens to you is because of what your hands have done, and He excuses a lot
42:31 And you cannot weaken/escape (God) on the earth, and there is no protector or helper for you other than God
42:32 And among His signs are the sailing ships in the sea like the mountains/road signs
42:33 If He wants He makes the wind stand still, then they would become motionless on its back (sea's surface). Indeed there are signs in that for every patient and thankful (person)
42:34 Or He would destroy them for what they did, but He forgives a lot
42:35 And those who argue about Our signs should know that they have no way (or place) to escape
42:36 So everything you were given is an enjoyment of this world's life, but what is with God is better and more lasting for those who believed and trust in their Master
42:37 and those who avoid the great sins and indecencies, and they forgive when they are angry
42:38 and those who answered (the call of) their Master, and performed the mandatory prayer, and (conducted) their affairs by consultation among them, and spend (in God's way) from what We provided them
42:39 And those who defend themselves (or take revenge) when they suffer an injustice
42:40 (should know that) punishment of a bad deed is a bad deed like it, and anyone who excuses and settles then his reward is upon God. Indeed He does not like the wrongdoers
42:41 And certainly anyone who defends himself (or takes revenge), then there is no way against them
42:42 The way is only against those who do wrong to the people and unjustifiably commit injustice on the earth. They have a painful punishment
42:43 And anyone who is patient and forgives, indeed that is because of great determination (and willpower)
42:44 And whomever God misguides then he has no protector after Him. And you see the wrongdoers when they see the punishment, saying: is there any way to return
42:45 And you see them presented to it (the fire) humiliated from the disgrace, looking with a secret glance. And those who believed say: indeed the losers are those who lose themselves and their families on the resurrection day. Know that indeed the wrongdoers are in a lasting punishment
42:46 And there is no protector to help them other than God. And whomever God misguides, he has no way
42:47 Answer your Master before a day comes that it has no turning back by God. On that day there is no refuge for you and there is no denial for you
42:48 But if they stay away, We have not sent you as their guardian, you are only responsible for the preaching. And indeed when We make the human being taste from Our mercy he enjoys it, but if they suffer a tragedy because of what their hands sent ahead then indeed the human being is ungrateful
42:49 The rule of the skies and the earth belongs to God. He creates what He wants. He gives daughters to anyone He wants and gives the sons to anyone He wants
42:50 Or He combines them (giving them) sons and daughters and sons, and He makes anyone He wants infertile. Indeed He is knowledgeable and capable
42:51 And it is not for any human being that God speaks to him, except through revelation or from behind a barrier or by sending a messenger (angel) to reveal what He wants with His permission. God is indeed superior, wise
42:52 And like that We revealed to you a spirit by Our command. You did not used to know what the book or the belief/faith is, but We made it (Quran) a light and We guide anyone of Our servants that We want with it. And indeed you guide to a straight path (by this Quran)
42:53 path of God, the One that whatever in the skies and on the earth belongs to Him. Know that all affairs wind up with God


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