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Fussilat (Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah Explained in Detail, Revelations Well Expounded(Fussilat)
41:1 H.M
41:2 The verses of Qur’an are exact words of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Forgiving
41:3 A book which its verses are explained in detail, worthy of being read, in [your own] Arabic language for those people who are blessed with the faculty of understanding
41:4 Qur’an informs you of the good news [for the believers] and also warns [the wrongdoers]; what a pity that most people care less
41:5 The disbelievers say: “Qur’an has no way open to reach our hearts. It has divided us; you go your way and we will follow ours.&rdquo
41:6 Say: “I am only a human being like you but blessed with God’s revelations indicating that there is only One God. Worship only God and return to his path and ask forgiveness for your wrongdoings. What a terrible end awaits those who worship the idols [in any form or shape.]
41:7 The latter are those who do not pay their charity dues and deny the Hereafter
41:8 As for those who have believed and have done good deed, an everlasting reward is waiting for them
41:9 Tell them: “How dare you to deny the [powerful] One Who’s sign of power is that He] created the earth in two periods? Instead you believe in [powerless] idols! Only God is the Lord of the universe.&rdquo
41:10 God is the One Who [after having created the earth] established the mountains and made it hospitable and established an eco-system to provide the needs of the living species in four periods
41:11 When God created the earth and the universe, which at the beginning was nothing but gases, He said: “Come into existence willingly or unwillingly”. They replied: “We do come to existence in submission to your [physical] laws.&rdquo
41:12 God, in two periods, created the seven universes and in each heaven He established its [physical] laws. God has adorned the lower heaven [where we live in] with beacons and made it secure. Such is the [impeccable] design of the Almighty, the most Knowledgeable
41:13 If the disbelievers [after being reminded of God’s greatness] still persist, then say: “I am warning of a disaster like the thunderbolt which descended upon the nations of Ad and Thamud.&rdquo
41:14 Their Prophets tried in every way to make them understand that: “You should worship none but God”; they (jokingly) said: “If God really wanted [to convey a message], He would have sent us angles; [as you are people like us,] we do not believe in what you say
41:15 People of Ad became increasingly arrogant for no reason. They were challenging any one to be stronger than them. Did they not realize that God, who created them at first place, is much more powerful than they? Yet they refused to submit to their Lord
41:16 Consequently they deserved to be humiliated by the strong windstorm that I sent upon them as punishment for several miserable days. Their punishment in Hereafter is much worth and they can never escape it
41:17 As for the Thamud, I offered them the right path but they chose to stay blind rather than opening their eyes to my light of guidance. Consequently I humiliated them by sending a disastrous thunderbolt which they really deserved it
41:18 Only [a few] righteous ones among them were spared
41:19 Just imaging the Day that the enemies of God will be gathered together to face the Hell
41:20 Their own ears, eyes and skins will testify against what they have been doing in this world [after all who can deny the video of his own actions?]
41:21 They will ask their skins: “Why did you witness against us?” They will reply: “God made us to speak up. God is the One Who makes everything to speak. God is the One Who created you at first place and now is time that you face Him.&rdquo
41:22 Where in the universe will you hide from your own eyes, ears and skins that you never thought will witness against you? You were under impression that God is not aware of all your deeds
41:23 This kind of attitude has ruined you and eventually turns you into a looser [even though you may look successful by worldly standards.]
41:24 If the disbelievers insist upon their attitude and way of life, they will end up in Hell no matter what excuse they come up with
41:25 [In account of their attitudes,] God has surrounded them with the kind of companies which make their deeds fair seeming to them. Thus, they will end up where the ungrateful men and extraterrestrials (Jins) before them ended up . Indeed they were the losers
41:26 The disbelievers say: “Do not listen to Qur’an and whenever it is being recited, make noise so that you overcome the Muslims.&rdquo
41:27 I (God) will certainly punish them and they will pay for their wrong deeds
41:28 Hell is the punishment for the enemies of God in which they will live forever as a punishment for discarding my words
41:29 [Once found themselves in the Hell,] the disbelievers will say: “Our Lord, give us those men and extra-terrestrials (Jins) who led us to the wrong way so that we may beat them down with our feet and reduce them to dust.&rdquo
41:30 Those who used to say: “God is our Lord” and led a righteous life, will be welcomed by the Angles, saying: “have no fear or worry, you will enjoy the Paradise which was promised to you.&rdquo
41:31 “We were your companions in your worldly life and will company you Hereafter&hellip
41:32 You will have whatever you desire in the Paradise and whatever you wish will be at your disposition; your reward from the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.&rdquo
41:33 What word better than: “I have submitted myself to God” may be pronounced by the one who does the goods deeds and invites people to join a style of life sanctioned by the Lord
41:34 (Mohammad), know that goodness and evil are not equal. Therefore resort to the nicest response [to the worse treatment]. It is only then that your worse enemy may turn to be your best friend one day
41:35 None can attain such a greatness except those who practice patience; how fortunate they are
41:36 When you feel that Satan is inciting you to leave the way to the greatness, say: “I seek refuge in God.” Know that God is Hearer and the Most Knowledgeable
41:37 Among the signs/ proofs of [the existence and the greatness] God are the night and the day and the sun and the moon. Do not prostrate before the sun nor the moon [pretending that you are worshipping God through them!]; prostrate before the One Who has created them, if you are sincere in worshipping God
41:38 It does not matter if the disbelievers persist in their arrogance and not worship the Lord. [God does not really need their worship as the] Angles who are nearest to God glorify Him day and night without being tired of
41:39 Another sign of [the greatness of] God is the water that He orders to be sent down to give life to a dead land. The same God Who brings the dead land to life can bring the dead person also to life. Indeed God has power over everything
41:40 Those who misrepresent God’s signs are not out of His reach. Just consider who is better off: he who will be thrown into the Hellfire or he who meets his Lord securely in the Day of Judgment? The choice is yours, but know that God is watching over everything you do
41:41 The who reject their Lord’s message when it is presented to them are guilty as they reject an honorable Book (Qur’an)
41:42 No falsehood can enter into the God’s [original] Book [which is revealed to all prophets] throughout the time; it is a revelation of the Most Wise and the Most Praiseworthy
41:43 Nothing is being said to you (Mohammad) which has not already been said to the Prophets before you [Qur’an is thus being the same book which was revealed to all Prophets but lost throughout the time]. Surely your Lord is forgiving [as he gives ample time to disbelievers to contemplate] as well as harsh in punishment
41:44 If Qur’an was revealed in another language, the argumentative people would have said: “Why is it revealed in such and such language?” Arabic or non-Arabic, let them know that: “It is a guide and healing for those who believe. As to the disbelievers, they have a plug in their ears to hear it and a cover over their eyes to see it. It sounds to them a call to far away from them to listen.&rdquo
41:45 Before you, I gave the Book to Moses which was equally disputed. If God had not pre-determined it [the Day of Judgment], they would have been judged immediately. That is why they carry so many doubts
41:46 If you do a good deed, God will reward you and if you do an evil deed, you will bear its consequences. God is not so unjust as to let go to waste the good deeds and not punish the evil doers
41:47 Only God knows when the Resurrection will take place. God has such a perfect knowledge of His dominion that He knows What fruit will come out of such and such seed, which female is pregnant and who has given birth. On the Day of Judgment, God will ask the disbelievers: “Where are those whom you choose as your lords besides me?” They will say: “Now we submit ourselves to you and bear witness that there is no lord but God.&rdquo
41:48 [they will look around desperately to see if ] their idols [in any form and shape that they used to worship] will come to their rescue and none will come to help them
41:49 Man [in general, does not submit himself to the will of God and always] prays for good things. When an unfortunate thing happens, he loses hope
41:50 When God, out of mercy, changes the man’s unfortunate situation, he says: “I deserve it”; then he [becomes rebellious and] denies the Resurrection. Then he says: “If by any chance I am brought back to my Lord, I have been good enough to be rewarded.” The fact of the matter is I (God) will inform the disbelievers of all their deeds and punish them severely
41:51 When I bless man, he turns away and forgets about his Lord; but when in trouble, he comes to Me with lengthy prayers
41:52 Say to disbelievers: “What if this Qur’an [that you blindly reject] is truly from God; then who will be more unjust to himself than the one who [without any consideration] denies his Lord’s Commandments?&rdquo
41:53 Pretty soon I will show the consequences of their refusal inside them [their chronicle problems of alcoholism, gambling, infidelity, etc. etc. etc.] as well as their surroundings [a corrupt society which refuses to accept God’s medication for its social problems] so that they realize this Qur’an is indeed the truth. Do they not realize the importance of the fact that God is watching them
41:54 These people are in doubt about the meeting with their Lord. God is fully aware of everything


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