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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

Ghafir (The Forgiver, The Forgiving One)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Forgiver, The Forgiving One(Ghafir)
40:1 H M
40:2 The Book's descent from God, the glorious/mighty , the knowledgeable
40:3 The crime's forgiver, and the repentances' acceptor, strong (severe in) the punishment, (owner) of the wealth/might , (there is) no God except Him, to Him (is) the end/destination
40:4 None argue/dispute in God's evidences/verses except those who disbelieved, so let not their turning/returning in the countries/lands deceive/tempt you
40:5 Noah's nation lied/denied/falsified before them, and the groups/parties from after them, and every/each nation intended/began with their messenger to take/punish him , and they argued/disputed with the falsehood to nullify with it the truth , so I punished/took them so how was My punishment
40:6 And like that, your Lord's word/expression became correct/true on those who disbelieved, that they are the fire's owners/company
40:7 Those who carry/lift the throne and who (is) around/surrounding it, they praise/glorify with their Lord's praise/gratitude/thanks, and they believe with (in) Him, and they ask for forgiveness to (for) those who believed; (say): "Our Lord, you extended/contained/ widened over every thing (with) mercy and knowledge, so forgive to those who repented and they followed Your way/path , and protect them (from) the Hell's torture."
40:8 Our Lord, and enter them (into) treed gardens/paradises (as) eternal residence, which You promised them, and who was correct/repaired from their fathers/forefathers, and their spouses , and their descendants, that You are, You are the glorious/mighty , the wise/judicious
40:9 And protect them (from) the sins/crimes; and whom You protect/preserve from the sins/crimes (on) that day, so You had mercy upon him, and that it is the winning/success , the great
40:10 That truly those who disbelieved they are being called: "God's hatred/abhorrence (E) (is) greater than your hatred/abhorrence (to) yourselves if/when you are being called to the faith/belief so you disbelieve."
40:11 They said: "Our Lord You made us die two (twice), and You revived us/gave us life two (twice), so we confessed/acknowledged with our crimes, so is (there) from a way/path to getting out/(an) exit?"
40:12 This is with that it is if God was called alone, you disbelieved, and if He be shared with/be made a partner with Him, you believe (with that), so the judgment/rule (is) to God, the high/elevated, the great
40:13 He (is) who shows you/makes you understand His verses/evidences , and He descends for you from the sky provision , and none mentions/remembers except who repents/obeys
40:14 So call God faithful/loyal/devoted to him (in) the religion, and even if the disbelievers hated (it)
40:15 Raiser/honourer (of) the steps/stages/degrees, (owner) of the throne , He throws the Soul/Spirit from His order/command on (to) whom He wills/wants from His worshippers/slaves to warn/give notice (of) the Meeting Day/Resurrection Day
40:16 A day/time they are emerging/appearing, not a thing from them hides on (from) God; to whom (is) the kingdom/ownership the day/today? To God the one, the defeator/conqueror
40:17 The day/today every/each self is being reimbursed with what it gathered/acquired , no injustice/oppression the day/today, that truly God (is) quick/speedy (in) the account/calculation
40:18 And warn/give notice (of) the Resurrection Day when the hearts/minds (are) at/by the larynxes/voice boxes (throats), holding/suppressing (themselves), (there is) no concerned (relative/friend), and nor a mediator (to) be obeyed to the unjust/oppressive
40:19 He knows the eyes'/sights' betrayal/unfaithfulness (E), and what the chests (innermosts) hide
40:20 And God passes judgment/orders with the truth , and those whom they call from other than Him, they do not pass judgment/order/accomplish with a thing, that truly God, He is the hearing/listening, the seeing/knowing
40:21 Do they not walk/move/ride in the land/Planet Earth , so they see/wonder about how was those who were from before them's end/turn (result)? They, they were, stronger than them (in) strength/power, and tracks/historical remains in the earth/Planet Earth, so God punished/took them because (of) their crimes, and (there) was not for them from a protector/preserver from God
40:22 That (is) because they (E), their messengers were coming to them with the evidences, so they disbelieved, so God punished/took them , that He truly is strong, strong (severe in) the punishment
40:23 And We had (E) sent Moses with Our verses/evidences/signs, and a clear/evident proof/power
40:24 To Pharaoh, and Haman , and Qaroon/Korah , so they said: "A liar/falsifier , magician/sorcerer."
40:25 So when He came to them with the truth from at Us, they said: "Kill/fight (the) sons of those who believed with him, and shame/keep alive their women, and the disbelievers' plot/conspiracy (is) not except in misguidance."
40:26 And Pharaoh said: "Leave me (to) kill Moses, and he should call his Lord, that I, I fear that (E) he exchanges/replaces your religion, and that (E) he makes the corruption in the earth/Planet Earth apparent/visible."
40:27 And Moses said: "That I seeked protection with (from) my Lord, and your Lord, from every arrogant (that) does not believe, with (in) the Account Day/Resurrection Day."
40:28 And a man believing from Pharaoh's family, he hides/conceals his faith/belief said: "Do you kill a man that (E) he says, my Lord is God? And he had come to you with the evidences from your Lord, and if he be a liar/falsifier so on him his lies/defiance/falsification, and if he be truthful, some of which he promises you strikes you ,that truly God does not guide who he is (a) waster/extravagator , liar/denier/falsifier."
40:29 You my nation, for you (is) the kingdom/ownership the day/today, conquering/defeating in the earth/Planet Earth, so who gives us victory/aid from God's courage/might/power, if (it) came to us? Pharaoh said: "I do not show you/make you understand except what I see/understand, and I do not guide you except the corrects/right guidance's way/path ."
40:30 And who believed said: "You my nation, that I, I fear on (for) you, equal/alike to day (of) the groups/parties."
40:31 Equal/alike (to) Noah's, and Aad's, and Thamud's habit/affair, and those from after them, and God does not want injustice/oppression to the worshippers/slaves
40:32 And you my nation, that I, I fear on (for) you the Calling Day/Resurrection Day
40:33 A day/time you turn away giving your backs, no protector/shelterer (is) for you from God, and whom God misguides, so (there is) no guide for him
40:34 And Joseph had come to you from before with the evidences, so you are still continuing in doubt/suspicion from what he came to you with it, until when he perished/died, you said: 'God will never/not send from after him a messenger.' as/like that God misguides whom He is (a) waster/extravagator , doubtful/suspicious
40:35 Those who argue/dispute in God's evidences/verses/signs without a proof/evidence (that) came to them, abhorrence/hatred became big at God, and at those who believed, as/like that God stamps/seals on every/each arrogant tyrant/merciless heart/mind
40:36 And Pharaoh said: "You Haman , build/construct a palace/towering building for me, maybe/perhaps I reach the reasons/motives ."
40:37 The skies'/space's reasons/connections so I look/see to Moses' God, and that I think/suppose (E) him (to be) a liar/denier/falsifier. And as/like that (it) was decorated/beautified to Pharaoh, his deed's bad/evil ,and he was prevention/obstruction from the way/path , and Pharaoh's plot/conspiracy is not except in destruction/loss
40:38 And who believed said: "You my nation, follow me, I guide you the correct/right guidance's way/path."
40:39 You my nation, truly this the life the present/worldly life (is) enjoyment , and that truly the end (other life) it is the settlement's house/home
40:40 Who made/did a sin/crime so (he) will not be reimbursed except equal/alike to it, and who made/did correct/righteous deeds from a male or a female, and he is believing, so those they enter the Paradise, (they are) being provided for in it, without account/calculation
40:41 And you my nation, why (is it) for me (that) I call you to the salvation/rescue , and you call me (E) to the fire
40:42 You call me (E) to disbelieve with God, and I share/make partners with Him, what is not for me with it knowledge, and I call you to the glorious/mighty , the forgiving often/forgiver
40:43 Undoutably/certainly that what you call me (E) to it, a call/request/prayer is not for him/it in the present world and nor in the end (other life), and that (E) our return (is) to God, and that (E) the wasters/extravagators , they are the fire's friends/company
40:44 So you will remember what I say to you, and I authorize/entrust/empower my matter/affair to God, that truly God (is) seeing/knowing/understanding with the worshippers/slaves
40:45 So God protected/preserved him (from) what they plotted/conspired (in) sins/crimes, and was surrounded/encircled with Pharaoh's family, the torture's bad/evil/harm
40:46 The fire they are being displayed/exhibited on (to) it, (at) early morning and (at) evening/first darkness , and a day/time the Hour/Resurrection starts Pharaoh's family enter (in) the torture's strongest
40:47 And when they argue/quarrel in the fire , so the weak say to those who became arrogant: "That we, we were for you following, so are you enriching/sufficing from us a share from the fire ?"
40:48 Those who became arrogant said: "We (E) all/each (are) in it, that truly God had judged/ruled between the worshippers/slaves ."
40:49 And those in the fire said to Hell's safe keepers: "Call your Lord, (to) reduce/lighten from us a day from the torture."
40:50 They said: "Were your messengers not being coming to you with the evidences?" They said: "Yes/certainly." They said: "So call, and the disbelievers' call/prayer (is) not except in misguidance."
40:51 We (E), We give victory/aid (to) Our messengers and those who believed in the life the present/worldly life, and a day/time the witnesses/testifiers stand/get up
40:52 A day/time, the unjust/oppressive, their apologies/excuses do not benefit (them), and for them (is) the curse/torture, and for them the house's/home's bad/evil/harm
40:53 And We had (E) given Moses the guidance, and We made Israel's sons and daughters inherit The Book
40:54 Guidance and a remembrance/reminder to (owners) of the pure hearts/minds
40:55 So be patient that truly God's promise (is) true , and ask for forgiveness for your crime, and praise/glorify with your Lord's praise/gratitude at the evening/first darkness and the day breaks/early morning
40:56 That truly those who argue/dispute in God's evidences/verses/signs without a proof/evidence/authority (that) came to them, that (E) in the chests (innermosts is) except arrogance/great sin/disbelief and sharing , they are not with reaching it, so seek protection by God, that He truly is the hearing/listening, the seeing/knowing
40:57 Creation (E) (of) the skies/space and the earth/Planet Earth (is) greater than the people's creation, and but most of the people do not know
40:58 And the blind, and the seeing do not become equal, and those who believed, and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, and nor the sinner/criminal, little (is) what you mention/remember
40:59 That truly the Hour/Resurrection is coming (E) no doubt/suspicion in it, and but most of the people do not believe
40:60 And your Lord said: "Call Me, I answer/reply to you, that truly those who are being arrogant from worshipping Me they will enter Hell degraded/lowly ."
40:61 God (is) who made/created for you the night to be tranquil/settled in it, and the daytime to see (clearly lit) , that truly God (is owner) of grace/favour/blessing on the people, and but most of the people do not thank/be grateful
40:62 That (is) God, your Lord creator (of) every thing, (there is) no God except Him, so how/when (are) you being turned away
40:63 As/like that those who were with God's verses/evidences/signs disbelieving and denying are being turned away
40:64 God is who made/created for you, the earth/Planet Earth (as) a settlement , and the sky/space (a) structure , and He pictured/shaped you , so He did good (perfected in) your pictures/shapes/forms, and He provided you from the goodnesses , that (is) God, your Lord, so blessed (is) God the creations all together's/(universes') Lord
40:65 He is the live/alive, (there is) no god except Him, so call Him faithful/loyal/devoted to him (in) the religion/faith, the praise/gratitude (is) to God the creations all together's/(universes') Lord
40:66 Say: "That I, I was forbidden/prohibited that (E) I worship those whom you worship from other than God when the evidences came to me from my lord, and I was ordered/commanded that (E) I surrender/submit/become Moslem to the creations altogether's/(universes') Lord."
40:67 He is who created you from dust/earth, then from a drop/male's or female's secretion , then from a blood clot/sperm/semen , then He brings you out (as) a child/children, then to reach your maturity/strength, then to be (E) old aged , and from you whom (is) made to die from before, and to reach a named/identified (specified) term/time, and maybe/perhaps you reason/comprehend
40:68 He is who revives/makes alive, and makes die, so if He passed judgment (in) a matter/affair/order/ command, so but He says to it: "Be." So it becomes."
40:69 Do you not see/understand to those who argue/dispute in God's verses/evidences/signs, where/how (do) they be diverted/misguided
40:70 Those who lied/denied/falsified with The Book and with what We sent Our messengers with it, so they will know
40:71 When the leather or iron collars or handcuffs (are) in their necks, and (with) the chains they be dragged on the ground
40:72 In the hot/cold water , then in the fire they overflow/burn and refuel
40:73 Then (it) was said to them: "Where (are) what you were sharing/making partners?"
40:74 From other than God? They said: "They were misguided from us, but we were not calling from before a thing." As/like that God misguides the disbelievers
40:75 That (is) because (of) what you were being happy/rejoiceful/delighted in the earth/Planet Earth without the right/truth , and because (of) what you were being lively and joyful
40:76 Enter Hell's doors/entrances, immortally/eternally in it, so how bad (is) the arrogant's home/residence/dwelling
40:77 So be patient, that truly God's promise (is) true/truth , so either We show you/make you understand some of which We promise them, or We make you die, so to Us they be returned
40:78 And We had (E) sent messengers from before you, from them whom We relayed/informed on (to) you, and from them whom We did not relay/inform on (to) you; and (it) was not to a messenger that (E) He comes with an evidence/verse/sign except with God's permission , so if God's order/command came, judgment was passed/ordered with the truth , and at that place and time the wasters/falsifiers lost
40:79 God (is) who made/created for you the camels/livestock to ride from it, and from it you eat
40:80 And for you in it (are) benefits/uses, and to reach on it a need/necessity in your chests (innermosts), and on it and on the ship/ships you be carried/loaded
40:81 And He shows/makes you understand His verses/signs/evidences, so which (of) God's verses/signs/evidences (do) you deny
40:82 Do they not walk/move in the earth/Planet Earth, so they see/wonder about how was those from before them's end/turn (result)? They were more than them, and stronger (in) strength/power and tracks/historical remains in the earth/Planet Earth, so what they were gaining/acquiring did not enrich/suffice from them (in a thing)
40:83 So when their messengers came to them with the evidences, they became happy/rejoiced/delighted with what (is) at them from the knowledge; and what they were with it mocking/making fun surrounded/afflicted with them
40:84 So when they saw/understood Our might/power they said: "We believed with (in) God alone, and we disbelieved with what we were with Him sharing/making partners."
40:85 So their belief did not be beneficial (to) them when they saw/understood Our might/power , God's law/manner which had past in His worshippers/slaves , and the disbelievers lost at that place and time


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