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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

an-Nisa` (Women)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah Women(an-Nisa`)
4:1 You, you the people, fear and obey your Lord who created you from one self and He created from it its spouse, and He scattered/distributed from them (B) many men and women, and fear and obey God who you ask each other/make oath to each other with Him, and the wombs/uteruses, that God was/is on you observing
4:2 And give the orphans their properties , and do not exchange/replace/substitute the bad/spoiled with the good/beautiful , and do not eat their properties to your properties , that it was a great/large sin/crime
4:3 And if you feared that you not be just/equitable in the orphans , so marry what (was) allowed/permitted for you from the women two twos/twos, and threes, and fours, so if you feared that you not be just/equitable, so (marry) one or what your rights owned/possessed, that (is) nearer that you not side away from justice
4:4 And give the women their dowries specified personally , so if they (them)self allowed/permitted for you from a thing/something from it, so eat it pleasurable/wholesome tasty
4:5 And do not give the ignorant/foolish your properties , which God made for you keeping/taking care of (maintenance), and provide for them in it and dress/clothe them and say to them a kind/good/known saying
4:6 And test the orphans until when they reached the marriage, so if you perceived from them correct guidance , so pay to them their properties/possessions and do not eat it excess of the limit/extravagance hastening that they become old, and who was/is rich, so he should refrain/restrict (E) and who was/is poor, so he should eat with the kindness , so if you paid to them their properties/possessions, so call a witness on them and (it is) enough with God counting/calculating
4:7 To the men a share from what the parents and the nearest/relations left, and to the women a share from what the parents and the nearest/relations left, from what lessened from it or increased , a share specified/stipulated
4:8 And if of the relations, and the orphans, and the poorest of poor/poor oppressed attended the apportionment/division, so provide for them from it, and say to them a saying (that is) kind/good
4:9 And those who, if they left from behind them weak descendants should fear, fear on them, and so they fear and obey (E) God, and they should say an accurate/truthful saying
4:10 That those who eat the orphans' properties/possessions unjustly/oppressively, but they eat in their bellies a fire, and they will roast/suffer/burn (from) blazing/inflaming (fire)
4:11 God directs/commands/recommends you in your children, to the male equal (the) fortune (share of) the two females, so if they are/were women more/over two, so for them (F) two thirds (from) what he left, and if she was one, so for her the half and to his parents, to each one from them (B) the sixth from what he left,if for him was a child (son), so if (there) was not for him a child (son), and his parents inherited him, so to his mother the third, so if brothers were for him, so to his mother the sixth, from after a bequest/will he bequeaths with it or a debt; your (P) fathers and your (P) sons, you (P) do not know, which of them (is) closer to you (P) (in) benefit/usefulness, a religious duty/command from God, that God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious
4:12 And for you (P) half (of) what your (P) spouses/wives left, if (there) was/is not for them (F) a child, so if (there) was/is for them a child, so for you (P) the quarter from what they (F) left from after a bequest/will they (F) bequeath/direct with it or a debt, and for them (F) the quarter from what you (P) left, if (there) was not for you (P) a child, so if (there) was for you (P) a child, so for them (F) the eighth from what you (P) left from after a bequest/will you (P) bequeath/direct with it or a debt, and if (he) was/is a man to be inherited without a child or father or a woman (wife), and for him (is) a brother, or a sister, so for each one from them (B) the sixth, so if they were more than that, so they are partners in the third, from after a bequest/will is bequeathed/directed with it or a debt not harming, (a) direction/command from God, and God (is) knowledgeable clement. (NOTICE THAT SOME TRANSLATIONS MISTRANSLATED THE TERM IN THE PRECEDING VERSE BY OMITTING WIVES IN THE DEFINITION
4:13 Those are God's limits/boundaries and who obeys God and His messenger, He makes him to enter treed gardens, the rivers flow from beneath it, immortally in it, and that (is) the great, the success/triumph
4:14 And who disobeys God and His messenger and transgresses His limits/boundaries, He makes him enter a fire immortally/eternally in it, and to him (is) a despised torture
4:15 And those who came/do/commit (F) with the enormous deed/atrocious deed/ugly deed/saying/adultery/fornication/homosexuality from your women, so call a witness on them (F), four from you, so if they witnessed , so hold them (F) in the houses/homes until the death makes them (F) die, or God makes/manipulates for them (F) a way/means
4:16 And those who (B/M), they both come/do/commit it from you, so harm them (B), so if they (B) repented, and they (B) corrected, so turn away from them, that God was/is forgiving, merciful
4:17 But the repentance (is) at God to those (who) make/do the bad/evil with ignorance/foolishness, then they repent from near/close, so those God forgives on them, and God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious
4:18 And the forgiveness is not to those who make/do/commit the sins/crimes until if the death attended one of them, he said: "I repented now." And nor those who die and they are disbelievers, those We prepared for them a painful torture
4:19 You, you those who believed, (it) is not permitted/allowed for you that you (P) inherit the women compellingly/forcefully , and do not limit/confine/oppress them (F) to go/take away with some (of) what you gave them (F), except that they (F) come/do/commit with an enormous/atrocious deed evident, and mix/associate/befriend them (F) with the kindness , so if you (P) hated them (F), so maybe/perhaps that you hate a thing and God makes in it much good
4:20 And if you wanted exchanging (to exchange) a spouse (in) place (of a) spouse, and you (P) gave one of them (F) a ton , so do not take from it a thing, do you take it wrongfully/slanderfully, and an evident sin/crime
4:21 And how do you take it and some of you to some had revealed and they (F) took from you a strong promise/covenant
4:22 And do not marry what your fathers married from the women, except what had preceded/passed, that it was an enormous/atrocious deed , and abhorrence/hateful , and (it is an) evil way/path
4:23 Your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters, and your paternal aunts, and your maternal aunts, and the brothers' daughters (nieces), and the sisters' daughters (nieces), and your mothers who breast fed you, and your sisters from the lactation/breast feeding, and your women's (wives') mothers (mothers in-law), and your step- daughters who (are) in your custody from your women (wives) whom you entered with them (F), are forbidden on you, so if you were not entered with them (F), so no offense/sin on you, and (also forbidden on you are) your sons' allowed/permitted women (wives) whom (are) from your backbones/genealogical relations ,and that you combine between the two sisters, except what had preceded, that God was/is forgiving, merciful
4:24 And the married from the women except what your rights owned/possessed (from spoils of war) God's decree/judgment on you, and became/is permitted/allowed for you, what (is) behind that, that you ask/desire with your (P) wealths , marrying not fornicating/adulterating, so what you enjoyed with it, from them (F), so give them (F) their (F) rewards/fees (dowries) a religious duty/command/stipulation ,and no offense/guilt on you in what you (P) mutually agreed with it, from after the religious duty/command/stipulation , that God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious
4:25 And who is not able, from you wealth/capability (means) that he marries the chaste, the believing (F) (free women), so from what your rights owned from your youths (girls) the believers (F), and God (is) more knowing with your (P) faith/belief, some of you (are) from some, so marry them (F), with their families'/relations'/(masters') permission, and give them (F) their rewards/fees (dowries) with the kindness marrying, not fornicating/adulterating, and not taking (P/F) lovers/secret friends, so if they (F) married, so if they committed with an enormous deed/atrocious deed/adultery, so on them (F) half what (is) on the chaste/married (woman) from the torture, that (is) to who feared the exertion/corruption from you, and (to) be patient (is) better for you, and God (is) forgiving, merciful
4:26 God wants to clarify/show/explain to you and (He) guides you (to) those who (were) before you's laws/ways, and He forgives on you, and God (is) knowledgeable, wise/judicious
4:27 And God wants that He forgives on you, and those who follow the lusts/desires want that you bend/sway (a) great bending/swaying
4:28 God wants that He reduces/lightens from you, and the human was created weak
4:29 You, you those who believed, do not eat/annihilate/consume your properties/possessions between you with the falsehood except that (it) be commercial trade/buying and selling on acceptance/approval from you, and do not kill your selves, that God was/is with you merciful
4:30 And who makes/does that transgressively and unjustly/oppressively, so We will roast him/make him suffer a fire, and that was/is on God easy
4:31 If you avoid/distance your selves (from) big crimes/sins that you are being forbidden/prevented from it, We substitute from you, your sins/crimes and We make you enter an honoured an entrance
4:32 And do not wish/desire what God favoured with it, some of you on (over) some, to the men a share from what they earned , and to the women a share from what they (F) earned , and ask/beg God from His grace , that God was/is with every thing knowledgeable
4:33 And to each We made guardians/relatives (heirs) from what the parents and the nearest/relations left, and those who your oaths (had) determined/intended (you mad a contract with), so give them their share, that God was/is on every thing a witness/present
4:34 The men (are) taking care of matters for livelihood on (for) the women with what God preferred/favoured some of them (men and women) on some, and with what they spent from their (M) properties/possession , so the correct/righteous females are obeying humbly , worshipping humbly, protecting/safekeeping to the invisible with what God protected ; and those whom (F) you fear their (F) quarrel (disobedience) , so advise/warn them (F) and desert/abandon them (F) in the place of lying down (beds), and ignore/disregard/push them (F) , so if they obeyed you, so do not oppress/transgress on them (F) a way/method, that God was/is high, mighty/great
4:35 And if you feared defiance/disobedience between them (B) so send a judge from his family and a judge from her family , if they (B) want reconciliation, God reconciliates/inspires/harmonizes between them (B), that God was/is knowledgeable, expert/experienced
4:36 And worship God and do not share/make partners with Him a thing, and with the parents a goodness, and with of the relatives, and the orphans, and the poorest of poor/poor oppressed, and the neighbour of the relations/near, and the neighbour the distant/foreign, and the companion/friend with the side (close), and the traveler/stranded traveler, and what your rights owned; that God does not love/like who was/is a conceited/arrogant, proud/arrogant
4:37 Those who are being stingy/miser, and order/command the people with the stinginess/miserliness and they hide/conceal what God gave them from His grace/favour/blessing, and We prepared to the disbelievers a despised torture
4:38 Those who spend their properties/wealths showing off/pretending/appearing (to) the people, and do not believe with God, and nor with the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and who the devil is for him a companion , so he was/is a bad/evil companion
4:39 And what (is) on them if they believed with God, and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, and they spent from what God provided for them, and God was/is with them knowledgeable
4:40 That God does not cause injustice/oppress a weight/smallest particle, and if (it) be a goodness, He doubles it, and gives from at Him a great reward
4:41 So how if We came from every nation/generation with an honest witness and We came with you (S/M) on those a witness
4:42 That day those who disbelieved and disobeyed the messenger if the earth/Planet Earth be straightened with them, and they do not hide/conceal (from) God an information/speech
4:43 You, you those who believed, do not approach the prayers and you are intoxicated , until you know what you are saying, and nor distant from God/impure , except crossing a road/way, until you wash yourselves with water , and if you were sick/diseased or on a long distance travel, or any of you came from the safe and hidden depression in ground used for human discharge (toilet) or you touched repeatedly/touched and felt repeatedly (could mean: had intercourse with) the women, so you did not find water, so wipe your hands and face with dust , pure/good dust, so wipe with your faces and your hands, that God was/is often forgiving/pardoning, forgiving
4:44 Did you not see to those who were given a share from The Book , they buy/volunteer the misguidance and they want that you (also) be misguided (from) the way
4:45 And God (is) more knowing with (about) your enemies, and enough/sufficient with God (as) a guardian and enough/sufficient with God (as) a victorior/savior
4:46 From those who repented/guided/Jews, they alter the words/expressions from its places, and they say: "We heard/listened and we disobeyed." And hear/listen not making others hear, and: "Observe us ."Distortion with their tongues/languages and defaming in the religion, and if that they said: "We heard/listened and we obeyed and hear/listen and give us time/delay us ." (It) would have been best for them and more just/direct, and but God cursed them, with their disbelief, so they do not believe, except (for a) few. (NOTE: IN HEBREW MEANS `OUR EVIL ONE')
4:47 You, you those who were given The Book , believe with what We descended, confirming to what (is) with you (P) from before that We efface/wipe out faces, so We return it on its backs or We curse/humiliate them as We cursed/humiliated the owners of the Saturday/Sabbath, and God's order/command is/was done
4:48 That God does not forgive that to be shared with Him, and He forgives what (is) other than that, to who He wills/wants, and who shares with God, so he fabricated a great sin/crime
4:49 Did you not see to those who purify themselves, but God purifies/corrects who He wills/wants, and they are not being caused injustice to, (as little as) a cleft in a seed/twine
4:50 See how they are fabricating on God the lies/falsehood, and enough with it, (as an) evident sin/crim
4:51 Did you not see to those who were given a share from The Book , they believe with the idol/sorcery/sorcerer and the anything worshipped other than God/the devil , and they say to those who disbelieved: "Those (are) more guided from those who believed (by) a way/path."
4:52 Those, are those who God cursed/humiliated them, and whom God humiliates, so you will never find for him a victoriors/savior
4:53 Or for them (is) a share from the ownership/kingdom , so then they do not give the people (as little as) a peck in a seed/stone
4:54 Or do they envy the people with jealousy on what God gave them, from His grace/favour/blessing, so We had given Abraham's family The Book , and the wisdom, and We gave them a great ownership/kingdom
4:55 So from them who believed with (in) Him, and from them who prevented/obstructed from Him, and enough with Hell blazing
4:56 That those who disbelieved, with Our verses , We will roast them (in) a fire, whenever their skins were done/cooked (burnt), We replaced/substituted them (with) skins other than it, to taste/experience the torture, that God was/is glorious/mighty , wise/judicious
4:57 And those who believed and did/made the correct/righteous deeds, We will enter them treed gardens, the rivers flow from beneath it, (they are) immortally/eternally in it, for them in it (are) purified spouses, and We enter them (in) shade, continuous/permanent shade
4:58 That God, orders/commands you that you discharge/fulfill the deposits/securities to its people (owners), and if you judged/ruled between the people, that you judge/rule with the justice/equality, that God (is) blessed/praised, He preaches/advises/warns you with (about) Him, that God was/is hearing/listening, seeing/knowing/understanding
4:59 You, you those who believed, obey God and obey the messenger, and (those) of the order/command from you, so if you disputed in a thing, so return it to God and the messenger, if you were believing with God, and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, that is better and (the) best interpretation/explanation
4:60 Did you not see to those who claim that they believed with what was descended to you (S/M), and what was descended from before you, they want that to be judged to the anything worshipped other than God/the devil , and they were ordered/commanded that to disbelieve with it, and the devil wants that to misguide them, (a) far/distant misguidance
4:61 And if (it) was said to them: "Come to what God descended and to the messenger." You saw the hypocrites preventing/obstructing from you preventfully/obstructively
4:62 So how if a disaster struck them with what their hands advanced/presented/undertook , then they came to you swearing by God: "That truly we wanted except a goodness, and harmony."
4:63 Those are, those who God knows what (is) in their hearts/minds, so object/oppose from them, and preach/advise/warn them , and say to them in themselves an eloquent/sufficient saying
4:64 And We did not sent from a messenger except to be obeyed with God's permission; and if that when they caused injustice/oppression to themselves, they came to you, so they asked for forgiveness (from) God, and the messenger asked for forgiveness for them, they would have found God forgiving, merciful
4:65 So no, and by your Lord, they do not believe, until they appoint you to judge in what quarreled/disputed between them, then they do not find in themselves a strain/blame from what you judged/ordered ,and they submit/surrender submissively/surrenderingly
4:66 And if that We wrote/ordered/decreed on them, that kill yourselves or get out from your homes, they would not have done it, except (a) few from them, and if that they did what they are being advised/warned with it (it) would have been best for them, and strongest affirmation
4:67 And then We would have given them from at Us a great reward
4:68 And We would have guided them a straight/direct road/way
4:69 And who obeys God and the messenger, so these (are) with those who God blessed on them from the prophets and the always very truthful, and the witnessing/those killed in God's sake , and the correct/righteous, and those are a good helper/supporter/companion/friend
4:70 That (is) the grace/blessing from God, and enough/sufficient with God knowledgeable
4:71 You, you those who believed, take your caution/fear, so rush/hasten (in) groups, or rush/hasten all together
4:72 And that from you who (E) will slow/delay/linger (E) , so if a disaster struck you, he said: "God had blessed on me, when I was not present with them."
4:73 And if (E) grace/blessing from God struck you, he will say (E) as if love/affection/friendship was not between you (P), and between him: "Oh, if only I were with them, so I succeed/win a great success/winning/triumph."
4:74 So those who volunteer the present world/worldly life with the end (other life) should fight/kill in God's sake, and who fights/kills in God's sake, so he is killed or he defeats/conquers, so We will give him a great reward
4:75 And for what (why) do you not fight/kill in God's sake? And the weakened from the men and the women, and the children/newborns, those who say: "Our Lord, bring us out from this the village/urban city, the unjust/oppressive (to) its people, and make for us from at You a guardian/victorior/ally , and make for us from at You a savior/supporter."
4:76 Those who believed, fight/kill in God's sake, and those who disbelieved fight/kill in the devil/idol's sake, so fight/kill the devil's supporters/allies/followers, that the devil's conspiracy/deceit was weak
4:77 Did you not see to those who were said to them: "Prevent/stop your hands and keep up the prayers, and give the charity." So when the fighting/killing was written/decreed on them, then a group from them fear the people, as God's fear, or stronger fear, and they said: "Our Lord, for what (did) You write/decree on us the fighting/killing, if only You delayed us to (a) near term/time." Say: "The present world's enjoyment (is) little, and the end (other life) (is) best to who feared and obeyed, and you do (will) not be caused injustice to/oppressed (as little as) a cleft in a seed ."
4:78 Wherever you are, the death catches up/reaches you , and (even) if you were in towers/castles/constellations built/erected , and if a goodness strikes them, they say: "This (is) from at God." And if a sin/crime (harm) strikes them, they say: "This (is) from at you." Say: "All/each (are) from at God, so how those the nation, they almost do not understand an information/speech?"
4:79 What struck you from a goodness, so (it is) from at God, and what struck you from a sin/crime (harm) so (it is) from your self, and We sent you to the people, (as) a messenger and enough with God, (as) a witness/present
4:80 And who obeys the messenger, so he obeyed God, and who turned away, so We did not send you on them (as) a protector
4:81 And they say: "Obedience." So if they emerged from at you, a group from them schemed at night other than what you say, and God writes what they scheme at night, so oppose/turn away from them and rely/depend on God, and enough with God (as) a guardian/protector
4:82 So do they not consider The Koran, and if (it) were from at other than God, they would have found in it much difference/disagreement
4:83 And if a matter/affair from the safety/security or the fear came to them, they spread/circulated with it, and if they returned it to the messenger and to (those) of the order/command from them; those who from them conclude/discover (understand) it would have known it (E), and where it not for God's grace/favour/blessing on you, and His mercy, you would have followed the devil, except a few (from you)
4:84 So fight/kill in God's sake, you are not burdened/imposed upon except (with) your self, and instigate/urge/encourage the believers, maybe that God prevents/stops those who disbelieved's might/power, and God (is) stronger power/might, and stronger severe exemplary punishment
4:85 Who mediates a good mediation, for him is a share from it, and who mediates a bad/evil mediation, for him is a share from it, and God was/is on every thing providing
4:86 And if you were greeted with a greeting, so greet with better from (than) it, or return it, that God was/is on every thing counting/calculating
4:87 God, no God except He/Him, He will gather/collect you (E) to the Resurrection Day, no doubt/suspicion in it; and who (is) more truthful from (than) God (in) an information/speech
4:88 So what for you (so why are you being divided) two groups in (regarding) the hypocrites? And God set them back because (of) what they gathered, do you want that to guide who God misguided? And who God misguides, so you will not find for him a path/means
4:89 They wished/loved if you disbelieve, as they disbelieved, so you become equal/alike. So do not take from them allies , until they emigrate in God's sake, so if they turned away, so take/punish them and fight/kill them, where/when you found them, and do not take from them an ally , and nor a supporter/savior
4:90 Except those who reach to (a) nation between you and between them (is) a) covenant (treaty), or they came to you, their chests (are) restricted/depressed , that they fight/kill you, or they fight/kill their nation, and if God wanted/willed, He would have empowered them on you, so they would have fought/killed you (P), so if they separated/isolated themselves from you , so they did not fight/kill you, and they threw (offered) to you the peace/surrender , so God did not make for you on them a path/means
4:91 You will find others, they want that they (be) secured by you (have peace with you), and they be trusted/secured (by) their nation, whenever they are returned to the treason , they were made to be set back/replaced in it, so if they did not separate/ isolate/withdraw themselves from you , and they (did not) throw (offer) to you the peace/surrender , and (nor) they stop their hands, so take them and fight/kill them where/when you defeated them/caught up with them, and those, We made for you on them a clear/evident power
4:92 And (it) was/is not to a believer that he kills a believer except mistakenly, and who killed a believer mistakenly, so freeing/liberating a believing neck (slave), and compensation handed over/delivered to his (the victim's) family, except that they give charity (forgive), so if he was from a nation, an enemy for you, and he (the victim was) a believer, so freeing/liberating a believing neck (slave), and if he was/is from a nation between you and between them (is) a covenant (treaty), so a compensation handed over/delivered to his (the victim's) family and freeing/liberating a believing neck (slave), so who does not find, so fasting two months following each other (E), a repentance from at God, and God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious
4:93 And who kills a believer intentionally/purposely, so his reward (repayment/retribution is) Hell immortally/eternally in it, and God became angry on him, and He cursed/humiliated him, and He prepared for him a great torture
4:94 You, you those who believed, if you moved in God's sake, so seek clarification/explanation , and do not say to who threw (offered) the peace/surrender/greeting , you are not a believer, you wish/desire the life the present's/worldly life's enjoyable accessories, so at God (are) many winnings/gains/spoils, like that you were from before, so God blessed on you, so seek clarification/explanation, that God was/is with what you make/do expert/experienced
4:95 From the believers the remaining (behind) not/other than those of the difficult circumstances and the struggling/defending for God's sake with their properties and themselves do not become equal, God preferred the struggling/defending with their properties and themselves over the remaining in a stage/degree, and each/all God promised the goodness, and God preferred the struggling/defending above the remaining (by) a great reward
4:96 Stages/degrees from Him and a forgiveness and a mercy, and God was/is a forgiver, merciful
4:97 That those the angels make them die, unjust (to) themselves, they said: "In what you were/have been?" They said: "We were weakened in the Earth/land." They said: "Was not God's Earth/land wide/spacious so you emigrate in it." So those, their shelter/refuge (is) Hell, and it was a bad/evil end/destination
4:98 Except the weakened from the men, and the women, and the children, they are not able (of a) solution (means) and nor they be guided a way/path
4:99 So those, maybe God that He forgives/pardons on them, and God was/is often forgiving, (a) forgiver
4:100 And who emigrates in God's sake, he finds in the earth an escape , and a wealth/an abundance, and who gets out from his house emigrating to God and His messenger, then the death overtakes him, so his reward had fallen/been placed on God, and God was/is a forgiver, merciful
4:101 And if you (P) moved in the Earth/land, so offense/guilt is not on you, that you shorten/reduce from the prayers if you feared that those who disbelieved betray/torture you , that the disbelievers are/were to you an evident, an enemy. (NOTE: THE CONDITION FOR REDUCTION OR SHORTENING OF PRAYERS DURING TRAVEL IN THE PRECEDING VERSE
4:102 And if you were in them, so you started for them the prayer, so a group from them should stand with you, and they should take their weapons/arms, so if they prostrated, so they be from behind you, and another group should come (that) they did not pray, so they pray (E) with you, and they should take their caution, and their weapons/arms; those who disbelieved, wished if you ignore/neglect your weapons/arms, and your belongings/effects/goods, so they lean on you one bend, and no offense/guilt (is) on you if mild harm was with you from rain or you were sick/diseased, that you lay your weapons/arms, and take your caution, that God prepared to the disbelievers a degrading/humiliating torture
4:103 So if you (P) accomplished the prayers, so mention/remember God standing, and sitting, and on your sides, so if you became secured, so keep up the prayers, that the prayers was/is on the believers decreed (at) appointed times . (NOTE: THE SIGNIFICANCE OF PRAYERS, ITS TIMES, AND THE IMPORTANCE OF REPEATEDLY MENTIONING GOD THROUGHOUT THE DAY IN THE PRECEDING VERSE
4:104 And do not weaken in asking/desiring the nation, if you are feeling pain, so then they are feeling pain, as/like you feel pain/ache, and you hope/expect from God what they do not hope/expect, and God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judicious
4:105 That We have descended to you The Book with the truth to judge/rule between the people with what God showed you, and do not be to the betrayers an arguer
4:106 And ask for God's forgiveness, that God was/is a forgiver, merciful
4:107 And do not argue/dispute about those who betray themselves, that God does not love/like who was/is often betraying/often being unfaithful, a sinner, a criminal
4:108 They hide from the people and they do not hide from God, and He is with them when they scheme at night what He does not accept/approve from the saying, and God was/is with what they do surrounding/enveloping
4:109 Here you are those (who) argued/disputed about them in the life the present/worldly life; so who argues/disputes (with) God about them (in) the Resurrection Day, or who will be on them a guardian/protector
4:110 And who does bad/evil/harm or causes injustice (to) himself then he asks for forgiveness (from) God, he finds God a forgiver, merciful
4:111 And who acquires/carries a sin/crime , so but he carries it on himself, and God was/is wise/judicious
4:112 And who acquires/carries a sin or a sin/crime , then he blames and accuses an innocent, so he had carried wrongfully/slanderfully and an evident sin/crime
4:113 And where it not for God's grace/favour/blessing on you and His mercy, a group from them resolved/started (E) that (to) misguide you, and they do not misguide except themselves, and they do not harm you from a thing, and God descended on you The Book and the wisdom, and He taught you, what you did (and) were not to know, and God's grace/favour on you was/is great
4:114 (There is) no goodness in much from their confidential talk/secret conversation, except who ordered/commanded with charity or kindness or reconciliation between the people, and who does that asking/desiring God's satisfactions, so We will give him a great reward
4:115 And who defies/makes animosity with the messenger from after the guidance was clarified to him and he follows other than the believers' way/path, We enable him what he followed , and We roast/make him suffer Hell, and it was a bad end/destination
4:116 That God does not forgive that He be made a partner with Him, and He forgives what (is) other than that to whom He wants/wills, and who shares/makes partners with God, so he had misguided a distant misguidance
4:117 That they call from other than Him except females, and that they call except a rebellious/evil devil
4:118 God cursed him , and he (the devil) said: "I will take (E) from your worshippers/slaves a specified share."
4:119 And I will misguide them (E), and I will make them desire (E), and I will order/command them (E), so they will cut (E) the animals'/livestock's ears, and I will order/command them (E), so they will change (E) God's creation. And who takes the devil (as) a guardian/ally from other than God, so he had lost an evident loss
4:120 He promises them and he makes them wish/desire, and the devil does not promise them except deceit/temptation
4:121 Those, their shelter/refuge (is) Hell, and they do not find from it an escape/diversion
4:122 And those who believed and did the correct/righteous deeds, We will enter them treed gardens, the rivers flow from beneath it, immortally/eternally in it forever, God's promise truthfully , and who (is) more truthful from (than) God (in) a saying
4:123 (It is) not your wishes/desires nor The Book's people's wishes/desires, who makes/does bad/evil/harm (he) will be rewarded with it, and he does not find for him from other than God a guardian/ally , and nor a victorious/savior
4:124 And who makes/does from the correct/righteous deeds from a male or a female, and he is believing, so those enter the Paradise, and they are not being caused injustice/oppression to (in the amount of) a peck in a seed/stone
4:125 And who (is in) a better religion from (than) who submitted/surrendered his face to God, and he is (a) good doer, and he followed Abraham's religion/faith, Unifier of God ? And God took Abraham (as) a faithful/close friend
4:126 And to God what (is) in the skies/space, and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and God was/is with every thing surrounding/comprehending
4:127 And they ask for your opinion/clarification in the women, say: "God decreed/clarifies in them (F), and what is read/recited on you in The Book in the women orphans/minors that lose their father, those who (F) you did not give them (F) what was written/dictated to them (F), and you desire that you marry them (F), and the weakened from the children/new borns, and that you take care of to the orphans/minors that lose their father with the just/equitable; and what you make/do from goodness, so that God was/is with it knowledgeable."
4:128 And if a woman feared from her husband quarrel/despise or objection/opposition/turning away, so no offense/guilt (is) on them (B) that they (B) correct/reconciliate between them (B) correction/reconciliation, and the correction/reconciliation (is) best ; and the selves the miser/careful were brought/made to be present/made to attend , and if you do good and you fear and obey, so then God was/is with what you make/do an expert/experienced
4:129 And you will never be able that you be just/equitable between the women, and (even) if you held onto stingily and desired strongly (were very careful), so do not bend/sway all the bend/inclination, so you leave her as/like the suspended neither properly married nor divorced and free to remarry (abused, abandoned and neglected), and if you reconciliate, and you fear and obey (God), so then God was/is a forgiving, merciful
4:130 If they (B) separate, God enriches/suffices each from his wealth/abundance, and God was/is rich/extended , wise/judicious
4:131 And to God what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and We had directed/commanded those who were given The Book from before you and you, that to fear and obey God, and if you disbelieve, so then to God what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and God was/is rich, praiseworthy/commendable
4:132 And to God what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, and enough/sufficient with God (as) a guardian/protector
4:133 If He wills/wants He makes you go away, you the people, and He comes with others, and God was/is on that capable/able
4:134 Who was/is wanting the present world's reward/compensation , so at God (is) the present world's and the end's (others life's) reward/compensation , and God was/is hearing/listening, seeing/ knowing/understanding
4:135 You, you those who believed, be/become (P) standing with the just/equitable, testifying/witnessing to God, and even if on (against) your selves, or the parents, and the nearest/closest, if (he) was/is rich or poor, so God (is) more worthy/deserving with them (B), so do not follow the self attraction for desire, love and lust/deviation from propriety that you be just/equitable, and if you twist/turn , or you oppose, so then God was/is with what you make/do an expert/experienced
4:136 You, you those who believed, believe with God and His messenger, and The Book that He descended on His messenger and The Book that He descended from before, and who disbelieves with God, and His angels, and His Books and His messengers and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, so (he) had misguided a distant/far misguidance
4:137 That those who believed then disbelieved, then they believed, then they disbelieved, then they increased disbelief, God was/is not to forgive for them, and nor to guide them a way/path
4:138 Announce good news (to) the hypocrites with that for them (is) a painful torture
4:139 Those who take the disbelievers (as) allies from other than the believers, do they wish/desire at them the glory/dignity , so that the glory/dignity (is) all to God
4:140 And (He) had descended on you in The Book, that if you heard God's verses/signs/evidences being disbelieved with it, and being mocked with it, so do not sit/remain with them until they plunge into in an information/speech other than it, that you are then similar/equal to them , that God (is) gathering/collecting the hypocrites and the disbelievers in Hell all together
4:141 Those who wait/remain with you, so if a victory/opening happened for you from God, they (the hypocrites) said: "Where we not with you?" And if to the disbelievers was a luck/fortune, they (the hypocrites) said: "Did we not dominate/drive fast/defeat on (with) you and protect you from the believers?" So God judges/rules between you (on) the Resurrection Day, and God will never/not make to the disbelievers on the believers a way/path
4:142 That the hypocrites deceive God, and He is deceiving them, and if they got up to the prayers, they got up lazy, they pretend/show off (to) the people, and they do not mention/remember God except a little
4:143 Hesitating/wavering between that, not to those and not to these, and whom God misguides, so you will not find for him a way/path
4:144 You, you those who believed, do not take the disbelievers (as) allies from other than the believers, do you want that you make for God on you an evident proof
4:145 That the hypocrites (are) in the lowest stage/bottom from the fire, and you will not find for them a victorior/savior
4:146 Except those who repented, and corrected/repaired, and they held fast with God, and they became faithful (to) their religion to God, so those (are) with the believers, and God will give the believers a great reward
4:147 What God makes/does with your torture if you thanked/became grateful and you believed, and God was/is thankful/grateful, knowledgeable
4:148 God does not love/like the publicity/declaration/loudness with the evil from the saying, except who was caused injustice to/oppressed, and God was/is hearing/listening, knowledgeable
4:149 If you show goodness, or you hide it, or you forgive/pardon on bad/evil/harm, so that God was/is often forgiving/pardoning, capable/able
4:150 That those who disbelieve with God and His messengers, and they want that they separate/distinguish/differentiate between God and His messengers, and they say: "We believe with some, and we disbelieve with some." And they want that they take between that a way/path
4:151 Those, they are the disbelievers truthfully , and We prepared to the disbelievers a despised torture
4:152 And those who believed with God and His messengers, and they did not separate/distinguish/differentiate between anyone from them, those (God) will give them their rewards , and God was/is a forgiving, merciful
4:153 The Book's people ask/question you, that to descend on them a book from the sky/space, so they had asked Moses greater than that, so they said: "Show us God publicly/openly." So the fire falling from the sky accompanied by thunderous noise punished/took them with their injustice/oppression, then they took the calf from after what came to them (from) the evidences, so We forgave/pardoned on that, and We gave Moses evident proof
4:154 And We raised above them the Mountain with their promise/covenant, and We said to them: "Enter the door/entrance prostrating". And We said to them: "Do not transgress/violate in the Saturday/Sabbath". And We took from them a strong promise/covenant
4:155 So with what their breaking/breaching (of) their promise/covenant, and their disbelief with God's signs/verses/evidences, and their killing (of) the prophets, without right , and their saying: "Our hearts/minds (are) covered/uncomprehending." But God stamped/covered/closed/sealed on it, with their disbelief, so they do not believe except a few
4:156 And with their disbelief, and their saying on Mary great falsehood/slander
4:157 And their saying: "We have killed the Messiah, Jesus, Mary's son, God's messenger, and they have not killed him, and they have not crucified him/placed him on a cross, and but (it) resembled/was vague/was doubtful to them, and that those who disagreed/disputed in (about) him (are) in (E) doubt/suspicion from him, (there is) no knowledge for them with (about) him, except following the assumption , and they have not killed him surely/certainly
4:158 But God rose him (Jesus) to Him, and God was/is glorious/mighty , wise/judicious
4:159 And that from The Book's people, except to believe (E) with him (Jesus) before his (the individual's) death, and (on) the Resurrection Day, he (Jesus) will be on them a witness/testifier
4:160 So with injustice from those who (were) guided/Jews, We forbade/prohibited on them goodnesses (that) were (previously) permitted for them, and with their much prevention/obstruction from God's way/path
4:161 And their taking the interest/usury , and they had been forbidden/prevented from it, and their eating the people's properties/possessions with the falsehood (could include unjust taxes), and We prepared to the disbelievers from them, a painful torture
4:162 But the affirmed in the knowledge from them, and the believers, they believe with what was descended to you, and what was descended from before you, and the keeping up (of) the prayers, and the giving the charity , and the believing with God, and the Day the Last/Resurrection Day, those, We will give/bring them a great reward
4:163 That We inspired/transmitted to you, as We inspired/transmitted to Noah and the prophets from after him, and We inspired/transmitted to Abraham, and Ishmael, and Issac, and Jacob, and the grandchildren/Jewish tribes, and Jesus, and Job, and Jonah and Aaron, and Solomon, and We gave David a Book
4:164 And messengers We had narrated/relayed them to you from before, and messengers We did not narrate/relay about them on you, and God conversed/spoke (to) Moses conversationally/speechfully
4:165 Messengers, announcers of good news and warners/givers of notice, for that (there is) no proof/argument be to the people on God after the messengers, and God was/is glorious/mighty, wise/judicious
4:166 But God witnesses/testifies with what He descended to you, He descended it with His knowledge, and the angels witness/testify, and enough with God (as) a witness
4:167 That those who disbelieved and prevented/obstructed from God's way/path, they had misguided a distant/far misguidance
4:168 That those who disbelieved and caused injustice/oppression, God was not to forgive for them, and nor to guide them a way/path
4:169 Except Hell's way/path, immortally/eternally in it forever, and that was/is on God easy/little
4:170 You, you the people, the Messenger had come to you with the truth from your Lord, so believe, (it is) best for you, and if you disbelieve, so to God (belongs) what (is) in the skies/space, and the earth/Planet Earth, and God was/is knowledgeable, wise/judiciou
4:171 You The Book's people, do not exaggerate/exceed the limit in your religion, and do not say on (about) God except the truth , but the Messiah, Jesus, Mary's son (is) God's messenger and His word/expression He threw it away to Mary, and a Soul/Spirit (could be Gabriel) from Him; so believe with God, and His messengers, and do not say: "Three." Stop (it is) best for you, but God (is) one God, His praise/glory that to be for him a child; for Him what (is) in the skies/space and what (is) in the earth/Planet Earth, enough/sufficient with God (as a) guardian/protector
4:172 The Messiah will never/not refuse/reject that to be a slave/worshipper to God, and nor the angels the neared/close, and who refuses/rejects from worshipping Him, and becomes arrogant, so He will gather them to Him all together
4:173 So but those who believed and made/did the correct/righteous deeds, so He fulfills/completes (to) them their rewards , and He increases them from His grace/favour, and but those who refused/rejected and were arrogant, so He tortures them a painful torture, and they do not find for them from other than God, a guardian/ally , and nor a victorior/savior
4:174 You, you the people, a proof had come to you from your Lord, and We descended to you a clear/evident light
4:175 So but those who believed with God, and they held fast with Him, so He will enter them in a mercy from Him, and grace/favour, and guide them a straight/direct road/way to Him
4:176 They ask your opinion/clarification , say: "God decrees/decides in the man or woman without a son/father , if (a) man/human died, not for him (without) a child, and for him (is) a sister, so for her half (of) what he left, and he inherits her if (there) was not for her a child, and if they (B) were two (F), so to them (B/F) the two thirds from what he left, and if they were brothers (siblings) men and women, so to the male equal/alike (the) share (of) the two females, God clarifies for you that (E) you (not) be misguided, and God is with every thing knowledgeable


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