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an-Nisa` (Women)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah Women(an-Nisa`)
4:1 --(translation missing in source)-
4:2 Hand over to the orphans their inheritance. Do not exchange your lower quality commodities with their belongings and do not devour their properties; this is certainly a great crime
4:3 An if your common properties are mixed up in such a way that it is difficult to distinguish what belongs to who, then you may marry them (or their mothers) up to four woman at a time, if such an arrangement reduces your financial burden
4:4 Give your wives their dowries, as well as whatever you have promised them at the moment of wedding. If they want to make it (or a part of it) a gift for you, enjoy it and be thankful to them
4:5 Do not give immature (and crazy) orphans their properties which God has entrusted with you as guardians; feed and cloth them from it and treat them kindly to please your Lord
4:6 When the orphans (to whom you are appointed as a guardian) reach puberty, see if they have a sound sense of judgment. If they pass your test, give them back their inheritance. If you have to use the orphans’ properties for their maintenance, do not be extravagant. The rich guardians (in order to please God) should not charge any wage for their upbringing; the poor guardians, however, may charge a just wage. When it is time to hand over their inheritance, take God as a witness for the accomplishment of your duty; God is, indeed, the best witness
4:7 Inheritance is not just for men. Women also have a right to inheritance no matter how large or small their relatives have left behind for them
4:8 When the inheritance is being distributed, give something to the relatives, orphans and the needy ones who are present and be nice to them
4:9 If you are concerned about what will happen to your own children after your death, have the same concern about those whom you are appointed as guardian too. Be mindful of God and be equitable for his sake
4:10 The guardians who “eat up” an orphan’s property, will eat nothing but fire in Hell
4:11 Good, hereby, decrees the best way of distributing the inheritance: First the deceased debts should be paid. Then the deceased will (limited up to 1/3rd of the inheritance) should be fulfilled. The sons will inherit twice as much as the daughters. If there is only one daughter (no son) left, she will receive half of the inheritance. If there are more than one daughter (and no son) they will receive 2/3rd of the inheritance together. The parents of the deceased will get each 1/6th of what the deceased one has left behind (if there is a child); if there is no children involved and the parents are the only inheritors, the mother of the deceased will inherit 1/3rd of what is left behind, if the deceased dos not have a brother. If there is a brother involved, the mother then will get 1/6th.You can not decide who is dearer to you: your children or your parents. God is his Wisdom has decided the inheritance being divided in this way. This is God’s law, He is the Most Knowledgeable and Wise
4:12 If a woman dies, her debt should be paid and her wishes (up to 1/3rd of what she leaves behind) should be honored. The husband, then will inherit half of what the wife leaves behind, if she does not have any children. If she has any children, the husband then will get 1/4th of the inheritance. The wife will get 1/4th of what man leaves behind, if there is no children. If there are children involved, the wives will get 1/8th of what is left behind. If a man or woman leaves a property to be inherited, by neither parents nor off springs, and he/she has a brother or sister, each will receive 1/6ht but if there are more than two brothers or sisters, they will share 1/3rd. This is God’s law; God is indeed the Most Knowledgeable and Generous
4:13 The above mentioned are the laws of God. Whoever obeys God and His messenger will end up in paradise where rivers flow in its gardens. This is indeed “real” achievement
4:14 Those who disobey God and his messenger [including those who write the “modern” laws which do not correspond to God’s laws] will end up in Hell to live in (forever) and be punished by its fire. This is indeed the worse painful punishment
4:15 If any of your women have committed the adultery, you have to gather four witness to testify against them. If they do bear witness, then you should keep them under house arrest [not only as a punishment but to prevent them to see the other people and spread indecency in the society] for lifetime; or until God out of him mercy purify them
4:16 As far as two among you [man & man or man & woman or woman & woman] found guilty of indecency, punish them. If they repent, leave them alone as God is the Most Merciful and He accepts people’s repentance
4:17 Bear in mind that God accepts repentance only from those who have committed indecencies out of ignorance and are sincere in promising not to repeat it as God is Knowing and Wise
4:18 Repentance is not accepted from those who persist in committing sins and use their last breath asking for forgiveness [like Pharaoh who said I submit myself to God while he was being drowned in the Red Sea]. Repentance is not accepted of those who die while not believing in God; I God) have prepared a painful punishment for the latter
4:19 O you believers, do not take your women’s inheritance (and their belongings) from them. Unless your women have committed a big sin, it is forbidden for you to treat them badly so that they give up and sign up their wealth to you. Treat your women kindly and try not to dislike them; you may grow to dislike a woman [because her appearance is not like a TV model] while God may have showered her with so much beauty inside
4:20 But if you fail to love your existing wife and have decided to marry another one instead, then do not take back anything that you have given her even though it is a big fortune. Do not recourse to slander or harshness to take your wife’s belonging
4:21 How can you even think about doing such a wrong thing when you offered her (whatever you offered as gift) with the most strong promise during the wedding
4:22 It is a sin to marry your father’s ex-wife (a shameful and disgusting tradition of the days of ignorance) unless it has happened before the revelation of this law
4:23 The following women are to close for you to marry them: your mothers, daughters, sisters, father’s sister, mother’s sister, brother’s daughter, sister’s daughter, foster mother (who breast fed you) and their daughter, mother in law, step daughter (under your guardianship), step daughters (unless you divorced their mother before having sex with them), ex-wife of your biological sons. It is also forbidden for you to marry two sisters at the same time unless it has happened before the revelation of this law as God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
4:24 It is also against God’s law to marry married women, unless they have fled the tyranny of their disbeliever husbands who are at war with you. Apart from the above mentioned ones, you may engage in marriage (and not consenting adult sex) contract, with any other woman as long as you mutually agree upon a gift (or a sum) upon the wedding; if you mutually decide later to renegotiate this sum, you may do so as God is the Knowing and the Wise
4:25 Those who do not have the mean to marry properly, may, then, marry a believing woman whom his right hand possess (a slave woman or the one who does not have materialistic concerns) as you are all equal in God’s eyes. Wed the latter with the consent of their owners/ guardians promising them a “reasonable” sum. They should behave accordingly and avoid adultery or taking secret lovers. If they commit an indecency, their punishment shall be half of the one prescribed for a free woman. Marrying to a slave woman is the last resort and patience is better for you. God is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
4:26 It is God’s desire to explain the things for you by referring to its precedents; thus guide you to the way of those before you who were on the right path as God accepted their repentance. God is Knowledgeable and the Most Wise
4:27 God’s wishes to free you from the consequences of your ignorance. Those who follow their lust and vain desires, on the contrary, wish to turn you far away from God; far away
4:28 God wants to give you a brake in account of your weaknesses in creatio
4:29 O you who chosen to believe, do not spend your resources in an extravagant manner to impress each other; use it instead for promoting businesses by mutual good-will. [While talking about extravagances and going to the extreme measures,] do not kill each other: How Merciful is God to you [who takes time to explain all these things]
4:30 Whoever commits these sins will be condemned to live in Hell and this is easy for God to fulfill His promis
4:31 If you avoid the great sins, I will forgive your violating my laws and command I will admit you into paradise; the most honorable admission
4:32 You should not be jealous of each one’s faculties [and engage in power games]. Men are given certain faculties, women are given certain faculties. Instead of envies pray God for His blessings; God has knowledge over everything
4:33 For everyone your Lord has precisely specified a share out of what your near one leave after death. Obey God and let everyone who is entitled get his/ her fair share. God is watching
4:34 Men are put in charge of women; that is because, God has simply decided to provide them with faculties which facilitate this task of them and also that they spend out of their resources for their wives’ maintenance. The righteous women would gladly accept this division of the task as it is God’s commandment. They will therefore keep vigilance on their husband’s honor and belonging in their absence. As far as those women who rebel this commandment of their Lord, first try to reason with them and advise them of the consequence of rebelling against their Creator. If they do not submit them, punish them by separating your bedroom. As a last resort, you may beat them [not in a violent manner]. If they come to their senses, be nice to them; God is the Highest and the Greates
4:35 If you reach to the point that separation is eminent, chose a referee from the man’s part and a referee from the woman’s part so that they negotiate the ways that the marriage may be saved. If they both desire [at the bottom of their heart] a reconciliation, God will bring them together as God is Knowing and Aware
4:36 And worship none but God and raise none to His Divine level. Show kindness to and help your parents, the relatives, the orphans, the needy ones, the neighbors (related or non related to you, the stranded traveler and your slaves. Know that God does not like the arrogant show-offs who are stingy, reproach people for being charitable and hoard what God has blessed them out of His kindness
4:37 Indeed God has an awful punishment for such people who try to cover the truth
4:38 Such people have chosen the worst friend for themselves, i.e. Satan. They do not believe in God and the day of judgment and their participation in charity is just a show-off
4:39 What harm would have come upon them, if they had chosen to believe in God and the Last Day and spent in charity out of what God had given them [at first place]? Do they not understand that God is totally aware of what they do
4:40 God does not do an atom weight’s of injustice to nobody. On the contrary, He raises your good deeds to heaven and rewards you generously
4:41 When the Day [of Judgment] comes, I (God) will summon a person from each nation to serve as a witness (for what they were doing) and will summon you (Mohammad) to be a witness for [the behavior] these people
4:42 On that Day, those who chose the [convenience of] disbelief and disobeyed the Prophet of God, will [be so ashamed that they will] wish they were level with earth as all their [shameful] words [and action] will be publicly displayed
4:43 O’ you who believe, do not worship God while you are intoxicated [this is the first out of four verses that gradually prohibited the intoxication] so that you know what you are saying. Nor after sexual contact without bathing. If you are sick [and can not take a bath], traveling, have relieved yourself [have urinated, passed gas or defecated] and had sex with a woman and cannot find water, then touch clean soil and wipe of your hands and face; surely God [understands, makes it easy for your and] forgives and pardons [your shortcomings.]
4:44 Have you ever noticed how those who have received only a portion of the Lord’s Book have chosen the darkness [at the cost of giving up a God pleasing way of life] and wish you were following them too? {This verse clearly applies to our modern time where the Western societies have tossed the Scriptures away, chosen a “secular” way of life and wish the Muslim follow them too.
4:45 God is fully aware of their hostile intentions. If you put your trust in God, You have chosen the Best Help [against your enemies’ ill intentions.]
4:46 Among those who (have changed their name from “Submitters” [in Arabic = Islam] long after Prophet Abraham and ) call themselves “Jews”, there are some who twist the Arabic words and quote them out of their context [to change their true meanings] in order to make fun. If they had said “We hear and obey” instead of “We hear and do not obey”, “We hear you” instead of “Your words are falling over our deaf ears” or “Watch over us” instead of “Be our shepherd”, it would have been much proper and constructive for them. However, as they have earned God’s disenchantment, there is less hope for them to be guided toward the belief
4:47 God, hereby, is calling upon the people of the Scriptures to believe in this Book, sent down now, which confirms [the divine source of the existing] Scriptures. They better do so, before God changes the faces and the fames of some of them beyond all recognition or lay a curse on them the same way that He dealt with those who did not obey His Law of the Sabbath. Know that the decision of God must be carried out
4:48 God will never forgives the one who raises someone or something to His Divine level. Apart from this sin, God may forgive whoever He wants. The one who worships the idols [in any form or shape] has committed the worse possible sin
4:49 Have you ever noticed how some people speak very highly of their own purity? Do they not realize that only God purifies those whom He decides to? They deserve it (to be purified or not to be purified) as God does not commit the least injustice
4:50 See how they fabricate lies about God (by saying that they are chosen and blessed by God). This sine is enough to show what kind of sinners they are
4:51 Have you noticed how those who have got only a portion of the Divine Book believe in sorcery and magic? Such people then declare that disbelievers are better than the believers (The Jewish rabies had declared that the idol worshippers of the time were better than the Muslims!
4:52 [Just for making such an unjust statement,] they have indeed earned the condemnation of God and those who are cursed by God can never find any one to help them
4:53 Have they have any share in the Kingdom? [Indeed not for the simple reason that:] If they had any, they would have not shared an atom weight of it with the others
4:54 Why are they so jealous that God has showered other people (Mohammad and the Muslims) with His blessings [thus showing their racist attitude]? Did not God bless [them] the descendants of Abraham with the Scripture, wisdom and a great kingdom
4:55 Some of them have believed [in God’s revelations in Qur’an] and the rest turned their back. The Hellfire is enough of a punishment for the latter
4:56 Those who reject My revelations will soon be cast into the Fire [and stay there long enough till] their skins completely burn. They will then grow a new layer of skin to be subject to the same torture [again and again.] God is indeed Almighty and the Most Wise [and knows what He is doing.]
4:57 As to those who choose to believe and do good deeds, they will be admitted into the Gardens [of Paradise] beneath which the canals flow and they will live therein forever. They will have pure wives and enjoy the pleasant shades [of its trees.]
4:58 God hereby orders you to return what people have trusted you with back to them. If you have to judge in a case, do with the utmost justice. See how excellent the teachings of the Lord are. Never forget that God hears [whatever you say] and sees [whatever you do.]
4:59 O you who have chosen to believe, obey the Lord, His Prophet and your [righteous] leaders. If there is any disagreement, turn to God [and His revelations in Qur’an as a source of reference] and His Prophet [as long as he is among you.] Theses [sources of references] are the best (compared to the man made laws) for those who believe in God and the Day of Judgment
4:60 Have you noticed how those [hypocrites] who pretend that they believe in what is revealed to you, as well as the followers of the Scripture, refer to other evil sources [such as man made laws] to settle down their disputes? They do so in spite of being ordered that they must follow the Divine laws. They have indeed submitted themselves to Satan and are lost beyond any hope to return
4:61 When they are invited to return to the Divine laws and His Prophet’s judgment, they manifest their hostility
4:62 When they are afflicted by a distress, caused by their own deeds, they come to you swear by God that [by not obeying the Lord’s laws and referring to none-Devine source of references] they had the best intention of the world
4:63 God exactly knows what their true belief is. Keep distance from them but continue inviting them to the right path may they be guided
4:64 God has sent His Prophets to be obeyed [and not be put aside and treated like a ceremonial person that should only be respected.] After all, the Prophets represent the will of the Lord. If the unjust people had sought the forgiveness of the Lord and, the Prophet, too, had begged the Lord to forgive them, they would have found God the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
4:65 Never indeed, by your Lord; they can never be a true believer until the submit their disputes to your judgment, do not resent it and accept it full heartedly
4:66 If I had asked them to put their lives in line for the cause of God or leave their homes to participate in a God pleasing mission, only a few would have obeyed in spite of the fact that obeying the Lord’s orders is the best for them as it will make them stronger people
4:67 [If they had obeyed,] I would have certainly given them a great reward
4:68 And would have guided them to the right path
4:69 The one who obeys God and follows the Prophet will find himself among those whom God has showered with His favors and blessings, i.e., the Prophets, the truthful ones, martyrs and the righteous ones; what a wonderful fellowship
4:70 Such is the generosity of God. [It does not matter if no one is aware of your good deeds as] God alone suffice as knower
4:71 O you who have chosen to believe; [now that all your enemies try to harm you after your defeat at Ohud,] be alert and go in missions in group or [in case of hostility,] march as a body
4:72 Surely among you there are hypocrites who will [not join you in your campaigns and] stay behind. If a misfortune happens to you, they will say: “How kind of God not letting us to join them.&rdquo
4:73 If, on the contrary, you gain something in your campaigns, they will [become jealous and] say (in a hostile manner): “What a pity that we did not join them to take advantage of their victory!&rdquo
4:74 Those who sincerely fight in the cause of God, they trade the pleasures of this world to the pleasures of Hereafter. Whether they die in their campaign or come out victorious, there is a great reward in reserve for them
4:75 How is it possible that one refrain from fighting in the cause of God while hearing that the helpless and oppressed men, women and children [who can not migrate to the only safe island for Muslims, i.e., Medina at the time and] implore God: “Lord, rescue us from these oppressors and send us a protector out of your grace.&rdquo
4:76 Those who have chosen the belief, they are God’s soldiers. Those who have chosen the [convenience of] disbelief, they are [knowingly or unknowingly] the soldiers of the Evil. Thus, you should fight the army of the evil, keeping in mind that the Satan’s strategy is weak
4:77 Remember how in the past you were not allowed to fight back and were ordered just to worship God and engage in charitable actions. As soon as you were permitted to defend yourselves, some feared mankind more than God and complained to their Lord saying: “Why have you put this burden of fighting [and being killed] upon us? Could you not give us a break?” Say: “This world is too short compared to Hereafter. Besides, God will never treat the righteous ones with the least injustice [and will reward you generously if you become a martyr in the battle field.]
4:78 Know that wherever you are (even in a fortified castle,) you will meet the death, when the time comes. It is funny how the hypocrites thank God for good fortunes of life and blame His Prophet for their misfortune. Let them know that everything is from God. What is wrong with this people who do not get it
4:79 Any good thing that happens to you is by the grace of God. As to your misfortune [most of them] is the repercussion of your own deeds. I have sent you (Mohammad) as a Prophet and who else better than God Himself can testify for your prophet hood
4:80 Whoever obeys the Prophet, has obeyed God [for the simple reason that he carries the orders of God]. As to those who disobey you (Mohammad), never mind them as you are not responsible for their deeds [and attitudes.]
4:81 They pledge obedience to God at your presence; but as soon as they leave, some of them entertain other thoughts. God indeed registers their hostile intentions. Be firm with them and put your trust in God Who is the best Protector
4:82 Why do they not study the Qur’an? If it was the words of other than God, they would have found many contradiction in it
4:83 When a matter of security arises, they look for a solution elsewhere out of fear [the same way that today’s people look to other than Qur’an for a solution to their “civil” issues]. If they had come to you or their leaders, they would have found the best solution. If it was not for the Grace of your Lord, most of you have been misled by the Satan
4:84 Fight for the cause of God. You (Mohammad, as well as any body) are not responsible for any one else but yourself. Encourage the others [to join the fight.] May God neutralize the power of your disbeliever enemies. God is much more powerful [than anyone else in helping you] and has the highest hand in punishment [of the disbelievers.]
4:85 The one who wishes the best [and engage in a good deed] will get a share from it and the one who entertains the evil thoughts [and participate in an evil deed], will be caught in its consequences. God oversees everything
4:86 When you are greeted in a courteous manner [by a Muslim or non-Muslim], your response should be at least equal, if not more courteous. God thus takes into consideration the least of your behavior
4:87 The Lord, Who is the only God, will gather you all together in the Day of Judgment. Do not have the least doubt about it; after all, who else better than God can inform you of the truth
4:88 Why some of you have pity on hypocrites? God has already put the stamp of His approval on their disbelief. Do you want to guide a person that God has already turned the light off on him? When God leaves someone in darkness, none can return him to the light
4:89 The hypocrites hope to see you join them in disbelief. Do not accept their friendship until they show their sincerity by leaving their homes [and belongings] behind and migrate to participate in the cause of God. Fight them all the way to death, when they challenge you, and do not take them as friends nor allies
4:90 Exempted are those who join the people with whom you have already signed a peace treaty as well as those who pledge not to fight with you nor their own people. If God had willed, He would have given them an upper hand against you. therefore, if they leave you alone, do not engage in animosity with you and extend their hands in peace to you, then God does not give you the permission to fight with them
4:91 You will realize that some of them would like to please you as well as your enemies [and consequently will engage in any mischief when the opportunity knocks.] If such people do not stop animosity against you nor pledge peace nor stop fighting with you, then they deserve the capital punishment as God has authorized you
4:92 No believer should kill another believer intentionally. In case of unintentional man slaughter (such as car accident), the killer must set free a believing slave and pay blood money to the heirs unless the latter do not demand it to please God. If the believing victim lived among the enemies (and was killed say in a military campaign by mistake), the expiation will be freeing a believing slave. If the believing victim lived among the non-believers with whom you have a peace treaty, the expiation will be freeing a Muslim slave and the payment of the blood money to his heirs. If one (for monetary reasons) can not free a slave, then he has to fast two consecutive months and ask for forgiveness from God, the Most Knowledgeable, the Most Wise
4:93 As to a Muslim who kills another Muslim intentionally, his punishment will be the Hell where he will stay in forever. Such a criminal has earned the anger and the curse of the Lord and God will submit him to an awful punishment
4:94 If you leave for fight in the cause of God, you must make enough investigation [to be sure of the hostile intention of the enemy.] If you are greeted and received a peace offer, do not refuse it by abruptly saying: “You are disbelievers.” If you take such an attitude for the sake of making some money [by engaging in the war], remember that God can offer you more wealth [if you adopt righteousness.] Remember that you were in a similar (weak) situation and God blessed you with His grace. You must be absolutely sure [of the hostile intention of the enemy as well as your pure intention of fighting for the cause of God and not for making some fortune] before you strike keeping in mind that God is fully aware of what you are doing
4:95 Those who prefer the safety of their house are not equal to those who go to fight in the cause of God offering their wealth and lives. Those who sacrifice their lives and wealth earn a higher rank from their Lord. Although God has promised a good reward for all believers, those who fight for the sake of God will get a better reward than those who stay behind
4:96 Those who fight for the cause of God are ranked higher, and will earn God’s forgiveness and mercy. God is indeed the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful
4:97 When the angles take the should of those who [had compromised and in consequence] were unjust to their own souls, they will ask why did you do this to your own should. They will reply: “We did not have any other choice as we were under oppression.” The angles will reply: “Was the Lord’s earth not big enough to migrate and find another place [to live in accordance with the Lord’s laws?] Hell is where they will end up; what a terrible place to live in
4:98 Exempted are the weak men, women and children who did not have neither the means nor a guide to migrate
4:99 God may forgive them as He is Forgiving and Forbearing
4:100 The one who leaves his home [,belongings, friends and loved ones] behind and migrate to join the cause of God, will find many safe refuges [with ample provisions] in the Lord’s spacious earth. Now if he dies in account of obeying the Lord and His Prophet, a great reward for him will be in reserve with God
4:101 When you travel [either migrating or setting forth towards a military campaign], you may shorten your daily prayers, if you fear that your enemies may [take advantage of your devotion to worship the Lord and] attack you. Beware [and take all necessary precaution;] the disbelievers are your most vicious enemies
4:102 When you (Mohammad) stand to worship your Lord in the midst of a military campaign, let a party of your troops join you in prayer, with their arms besides. When they finish their prayers, put them on guard so that the others join you in worship. You may leave your arms apart if you are too sick [or injured] or the weather is too inclement (making it too difficult for you to carry the arm) as long as you remain alert. Beware that your enemies wish to take advantage of your slightest relaxation to finish you all up. Rest assured that God has prepared a disgraceful punishment for the disbelievers
4:103 When your congregational prayer is over, continue remembering your Lord all the time (whether standing, sitting or laying on bed.) When the emergency situation is over, say your regular daily prayers on time as these daily prayers are decreed for you as an obligation
4:104 Show no weakness in following up the enemy. If you are suffering a hardship (such as a wound of war), they also suffer. Besides, you expect a reward from your Lord while they do not hope for nothing. Indeed God is the Most Knowledgeable and the Most Wise
4:105 I (God) have revealed this book to you (Mohammad, as well as all Muslims) so that you use it as a source of reference in your judgments [and establishing a God pleasing justice] between people. Therefore, do not be like the [previous] treacherous [who left the laws of the Lord aside and established their own convenient “civil” laws as dictated by Satan.]
4:106 Implore God for forgiveness and bear in mind that He is Forgiver and Merciful
4:107 Do not ask your Lord to forgive those who [knowingly] have wronged their own soul as God does not love the sinful betrayers
4:108 These hypocrites may hide what is in their heart but God is aware of their plotting in the midst of night [against Islam.] God is fully aware of what they do
4:109 Here you are [innocently] asking God to forgive them. Who can they find in the Day of Judgment to plead on their behalf [when their unforgivable wrongdoings are publicly exposed]
4:110 If someone has been unjust to his own soul, or has done a wrong thing, and then beg God for forgiveness, he will find the Lord Most Forgiving and Merciful
4:111 Anyone who chooses to commits a sin, does it to the detriment of his own soul. Keep in mind that God knows everything and is the Most Wise
4:112 If someone makes a mistake and then blames an innocent one for that, then he has committed a big sin
4:113 If it were not for the Lord’s Grace and Mercy, the disbelievers could have changed your faith. They do not realize that their conspiracies lead to their further being misled and that they can not harm you the least [as you are protected by Go.] God has sent you this book and has blessed you with wisdom. He has taught you what you never knew before. Great indeed is God’s Grace on you
4:114 When a person murmurs in somebody’s ear [or a secret gathering is called for], usually nothing good comes out of it; except when he invites the person to righteousness, engagement in charity or making peace among the people. I (God) will give a great reward to the one who does so to please His Lord
4:115 If someone realizes the truth and then opposes the Prophet and adopts a way different from that of the believers, I (God) will push him in that wrong way chosen by him so that he ends up in the Hell; what a terrible place to end up in
4:116 The only unforgivable sin is believing in more than one God. God [at His discretion] may forgive any other sin. Anyone who idolizes beside God, has gone far into the darkness
4:117 Those who worship goddesses, are indeed worshipping Satan; the rebellious one who is cursed by God
4:118 In response to God’s turning His back to Satan, he made a business of his to lead a good portion of men to the darkness
4:119 The Satan said: “I will mislead men, make them to fall into vain desires, create pagan rituals for them and entice them to change the nature of God’s creation [to invent unnatural behaviors such as homosexuality].” The one who takes Satan (and not God) as his guide, is a big time looser
4:120 Satan makes promises and excite people with vain desires which are nothing more than illusions
4:121 The followers of Satan will end up in Hell where there is no escape from
4:122 As to those who chose to believe and engaged in good deeds, they will enter the gardens under which water flows and live therein forever. Such is the truthful promise of God; after all, who else but God can be trusted to tell the truth
4:123 Anyone who does an evil will pay for it; this does not have to do anything with your wishful thoughts or those of the followers of the Scriptures. Rest assured that no one can save you from the punishment of God
4:124 Any man or woman who chooses to believe and do good deeds will go to the Paradise without any discrimination
4:125 Who may have a better religion than the one who entirely submits himself to the will of God, is a graceful person and follows the tradition of Abraham (the faithful one that God chose as His beloved friend)
4:126 Everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to God and He is in absolute control
4:127 People will come to you asking about the way women should be dealt with. Say: “As it is recited in the book, be trustworthy in handling the wealth of the female orphans. If you decide to marry them, do not cheat them out of their dowries. Do not take advantage of them and take the weak and oppressed children under your protection. You must be fair in dealing with male orphans too. Be nice to the orphans and know that whatever good you do, God is aware of it.&rdquo
4:128 If a woman feels being mistreated or not loved by her husband, [she should speak up and] the couple should find a solution for their marital problems; after all, establishing a peaceful relationship is the best of all. Know that narrow mindedness [in marital relationship] is a general characteristic of human beings. If you [can overcome this narrow mindedness and] be graceful in your relationships and always keep the Lord in mind, God will surely notice it as He is aware of everything you do
4:129 You can never treat your wives in an equal manner, even if you do your best. But this does not mean that you can leave a wife of yours in limbo (not having a real marital relationship with her nor divorcing her so that she may find a better relationship.) It will be ideal to establish a peaceful marital relationship in order to please the Lord as God [will take it into consideration and you will find that the Lord] is Merciful and Forgiving
4:130 However, if the disagreement is too deep, divorce is the last resort. Do not fear the consequences of the divorce as God will provide for you out of his generosity. God’s resources are limitless and He is the Most Wise and the Most Knowledgeable [about what His creatures are going through.]
4:131 To God belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. I (God) am telling you (as I told the others before you, whom I blessed with the Scripture) that you should always keep God with all respect in mind. If you disobey the Lord, [it matters the least as] everything in the universe belongs to God; thus, God is not in need of anyone and is worthy of all praise
4:132 The One Who owns whatever is in the heavens and the earth is enough to be depended upon
4:133 You mankind should realize that if God wills, He can destroy all of you (as He made the dinosaurs extinct) and replace you by other creatures. He is Powerful enough to do it
4:134 If one appreciates receiving a reward for his efforts in this world, he should realize that God rewards not in this world, but also in Hereafter. God hears [everything that you say] and sees [everything that you do and consequently rewards you according to what you say and what you do.]
4:135 You, as a believer, should stand out firmly for justice. Therefore, if you testify, please God by saying the truth; even if it is against yourself, your parents and your dearest ones. It does not matter if the truth hurt the rich person or the poor person involved as seeking God’s pleasure has the priority [and He will take care of those who are hurt by your testimony.] Do not follow your sentiments in the matter of justice and know that God is fully aware of what you do
4:136 As a believer, you must believe in God, His Prophet, this Qur’an which is revealed to your Prophet and the Scriptures which was revealed to the previous Prophets. The one who denies God, His angles, His Books His Prophets and the Day of Judgment is indeed in absolute darkness
4:137 The one who joins the believers, then turns into the disbelief, then [change his mind and] claims that he is a believer and then turns his back to the faith and walks into the darkness, will neither be forgiven nor receive any guidance from the Lord
4:138 Let the hypocrites know that a painful punishment is awaiting them
4:139 What do they look forward to when they prefer the patronage of the disbelievers over the friendship of the believers? Do they want to secure peace and honor for themselves? Do they not realize that God is the source of honor and security
4:140 God has already ordered you in this Book not to stay in a gathering (such as a comedy show) where the words of God are being disclaimed and ridiculed. You may return back as soon as they change the subject. If You stay in such a meeting, you are equally guilty. Beware that God will gather all hypocrites and disbelievers in the Hell
4:141 The latter are those who want you to give them credit for their “support”, if you win and ask for credit from your enemies, if they win. God will judge their case in the Day of Judgment. Rest assured that God will never give the [final] victory to the disbelievers over the believers
4:142 The hypocrites think that they are smart; but they cannot play a trick on God. When they stand in congregational prayers, it its just for the sake of being seen and not to worship God wholeheartedly. They are the ones who rarely keep God in mind and rarely mention Him
4:143 They are moving back and forth between the belief and the disbelief. They are neither on this side or that side. [They have earned God’s disenchantment and] you cannot guide the one whom God has left to wonder further in darkness
4:144 If you are a believer, you should not prefer the patronage of the disbelievers over the friendship of the believers. Do you wish to provide God with a tangible proof against yourselves
4:145 The hypocrites have already earned their place in the lowest level of the Hellfire and you cannot find any one to help them
4:146 Except those of them who sincerely repent, improve their situation, hold fast to God and stick with their religion. Then God will count them among the believers and the believers are entitled to a great reward
4:147 What will God earn by punishing you, if you are a thankful believer? No way; God appreciates [the goodness] and knows [the truth.]
4:148 God does not like fowl language used in public, except by the one who has been subject to a gross injustice [and cannot control himself.]
4:149 If you do something good (known by public or kept secret) or forgive someone’s evil deed, God will notice it. Know that God is Forgiving and Powerful
4:150 Those who deny God and His Prophet, try to establish the separation of God and His Prophet and believe in some part of the God’s commandments and disregard the rest and try to be smart by staying in between,..
4:151 they are indeed disbelievers and there is an awful punishment in reserve for the disbelievers
4:152 As to those who believe in God and His Prophet and do not seek any separation between God and prophet hood, they will soon receive their due reward as God is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful
4:153 The people of the scripture will ask you to perform a miracle and ask God to send down a divine book from the heaven [as a proof to your claim for prophet hood.] Never mind them as these are the same people who asked Moses for even greater miracle. They said: “Show us God in person.” They [naturally could not stand the presence of the Lord and] were caught by thunder and lightening for their audacity. In spite of all that, they turned into cow worshipping! [This proves that no miracle can change their behavior/ attitude.] Even so I forgave them and blessed Moses with the most amazing miracles
4:154 I raised the Mount Sinai over them and took the most serious covenant from them [to follow the orders of God. But when ] I asked them to enter the city [of Jerusalem and purify it from the disbelievers, they said: “Moses, you and your God go conquer the city and then we will enter in!] I also asked them to take off on Saturdays and rest [but they disobeyed this commandment too.]
4:155 They broke their covenant, killed the Prophets of God [who had done nothing but stand for the justice] and said that: “Our hearts are sealed [and cannot respond to the Lord’s appeals.]” Only a few of them are true believers
4:156 They turned their back to the faith and accused Mary of having committed a great sin
4:157 They [proudly] spread a rumor that: “We killed Jesus, son of Mary.” For sure they did neither kill Jesus nor crucify him. Their wishful thinking has created so much confusion in account of the lack of [historical] proof for their saying. Know for sure that they did not kill him
4:158 Indeed not. God raised Jesus unto Him and God is Most Powerful [and can do such a thing] and the Most Wise [in doing so.]
4:159 It is an obligation of all those who believe in the Scripture, to believe in the prophet hood of Jesus before their deaths. Otherwise, Jesus will testify against them on the Day of Judgment
4:160 Due to the wrongdoings of [those who chose to call themselves] the “Jews” and their persistence in deviation from the straight path, I made some lawful things unlawful for them [and this probably by their own hands, when they dared to change the words of God in the Scriptures and insert what suited them the best.]
4:161 After all, they are the ones who loan money to earn interest (in spite of the fact that this was clearly prohibited for them) and devour people’s wealth. Know that I have prepared an awful punishment for those of them who have turned their back to the faith
4:162 As to those of them who have devoted themselves to the discovery of the truth, have chosen to believe, believe in what is revealed to you as well as the previous Prophets, worship God on regular basis, engage in charity and believe in God and the Day of Judgment, I will give them a great reward
4:163 There is no doubt that I have sent my revelations to you the same way that I revealed them to Noah and the prophets after him such as Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Patriarchs, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron and Solomon. As to David, I gave him the Psalms
4:164 There are the Prophets that I have told you about and there are the Prophets that I have not told you about. As to Moses, God directly talked to him
4:165 Prophets have been sent to give good news [about the rewards for their good deeds] and warn people [of the consequences of their evil deeds and their responsibilities.] They are sent so that people could not justify their wrongdoings by the reason of ignorance. Indeed God is the Most Wise and the Highest in rank
4:166 God, hereby, testifies that what you say on His behalf is the true revelation of God, reflecting His Knowledge. The angles also testify for this; but God Himself is enough to be relied upon as witness
4:167 Those who have chosen to disbelieve and prevent people [in any manner such as recourse to multi- media in our time] to join the believers, have indeed gone far in darkness [to be saved.]
4:168 As to those who disbelieve and do injustice, God will not forgive them nor guide them to the straight path
4:169 The only path that God will guide them to is the path which leads to the Hell (in which they will live in forever) and this is certainly easy for God to do
4:170 O’ mankind! this Prophet has come from God, armed with truth to you. Believing in him is the best decision of yours. If you decide not to believe, know that [you harm none but yourself as God does not need your belief as] everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to God. Know that God knows everything [thus you cannot do mischief in His Kingdom without His knowledge and that] He is the Most Wise
4:171 O’ people of the Scripture, do not exaggerate your religion [and make such over-exaggerated statement such is Jesus in son of God or the God Himself re-incarnated] and attribute nothing but the truth to God. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was no more than a Prophet of God and His Command [as he was born without a father and only by the command of God: “Be” and he was.] His word was the word of God and his spirit was originated from the Divine source. So believe in God and His Prophets and do not believe in “trinity” as rejecting such concept will be your best decision. Know that God [Who is referred to by Christians as “God the Father”] is the One and Only God. It is beneath His Dignity to have a son [which characterizes the low level forms of lives such as animals.] To God belongs everything which is in the heavens and the earth [including His dearest Prophet Jesus.] God alone suffice to rely upon [and you do not have to beg the others such as Jesus, Holy Spirit or no one else] as Protector [and Provider.]
4:172 Jesus by no means will regard it as unworthy of him to be the servant of God; nor do the angles who are near to God. The one who is arrogant and resents worshipping the Lord, [he should know that] God [ pretty soon] will gather them all to His court
4:173 As to those who believe and do good deeds, God will give them their due rewards and even more out of generosity. To the arrogant ones and those who resent His worship, on the contrary, God will impose a painful punishment and they will find none to help them out and realize that there is only One God
4:174 O mankind! Here God has sent you His undeniable proof. Indeed I have sent you a radiant beacon
4:175 Thus those who chose to believe and gather around the beacon of God will soon receive His Grace and Mercy and will be guided to the right path
4:176 When they ask you about the division of the inheritance of a childless person, say: “If the deceased is a man, his sister will get half of the inheritance. If the deceased is a woman, her brother will get all the inheritance. If the deceased man has two sisters, they will inherit two-thirds of the inheritance and if there are more than two brothers and sisters involved, the share of each brother will be twice as much as the share of each sister.” God thus makes His commandments plain so that you do not have any doubt about your duties. God has perfect knowledge over everything [and, therefore, gives you the best instruction.]


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