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az-Zumar (The Troops, Throngs, The Companies)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Troops, Throngs, The Companies(az-Zumar)
39:1 This Book is revealed by Allah, the Almighty, the Wise.
39:2 We revealed to you the Book of the Truth, so worship Allah sincerely with commitment.
39:3 Take heed! Sincere commitment should be for Allah alone. People who take protectors beside Him, claiming that we just worship them to achieve nearness to Allah, Allah will judge their disagreement. Allah will not guide the lying thankless person.
39:4 Had Allah wanted to take a son, He would have chosen from His creation as He pleased, glory be to Him. He is Allah, the One, the Dominant.
39:5 He created the Heavens and the Earth for a purpose; He merges the night into the day and the day into the night; and made the sun and the moon for a specific task, each floating in its orbit of a fixed time. Indeed, He is the Almighty, the Forgiving.
39:6 He created you from a single being, then made from it its spouse, and gave you eight pairs of livestock. He creates you in the wombs of your mothers, developing stage by stage inside three layers of darkness. That is Allah your Lord, the Absolute Controller; He is the only God so how can you turn away from Him?
39:7 If you are unthankful, then Allah has no need of you; He’s not pleased with the unthankfulness of His servants. If you are thankful, He will be pleased with you. No one will carry the burden of another person, then to your Lord you will be returned and He shall tell you what you did. He knows your innermost thoughts
39:8 When a person suffers a hardship he calls His Lord devoutly, then when He eases the suffering he forgets that a short while before he had prayed to Him, and he sets up rivals with Allah which misguide him from His path. Say: “Enjoy your thanklessness for a while; you are people of the Fire.”
39:9 Can such a person be compared to the obedient, prostrating and standing during the night, fearful of the Hereafter and hopeful of his Lord’s kindness? Say: “Can those who know be equal to those who don’t know? Only the understanding people pay attention.
39:10 Say: “My believing servants, be mindful of Your Lord.” Those who are righteous in this life will have goodness. Allah’s Earth is vast; He shall fully reward the patient without limits.
39:11 Say: “I have been commanded to worship Allah, sincerely committed to His religion,
39:12 and I was ordered to be the first to submit.”
39:13 Say: “If I disobey my Lord, I fear the punishment of a Great Day.”
39:14 Say: “I worship Allah sincerely committing myself to Him,
39:15 so worship whoever you please beside Him.” Say: “The losers are those who lose themselves and their families on Judgement Day. That is a big loss!”
39:16 Smoke of fire above and smoke beneath them; with that Allah frightens His servants, so My sincere servants, be fearful of Me.
39:17 Good news for those who avoid serving the idols and turn genuinely to Allah, so give My servants good news:
39:18 those who listen attentively to what is said and follow the best of it, Allah has guided these, the one’s with understanding.
39:19 The one who Allah has passed sentence against, how can you rescue him? He’s already in the Fire.
39:20 But those who fear their Lord, they will have lofty apartments luxuriously furnished and streams flowing beneath them; this is Allah’s promise. Allah doesn’t break His promise
39:21 Don’t you see that Allah sends rain from the sky. He lets it seep into the ground, where it forms springs. Then with it He produces plants of different colours, then they become dry, so you see them turn yellow, and then He turns it back into soil. In this are lessons for the understanding people.
39:22 So the one whose mind Allah opens with the light of Islam will have light from His Lord. But those whose minds are closed to the remembrance of Allah will be ruined; they are wholly misguided
39:23 Allah has sent down a beautiful set of teachings in a Book that is consistent, proclaiming promises and warnings. The skin shivers of those who fear their Lord. Then, their skin and hearts relax with the remembrance of Allah; that is Allah’s guidance. He guides with it who He pleases. Whoever Allah allows to go astray, will have no guide.
39:24 So the one who must shield his face from the terrible punishment of Judgement Day, the evil, will be told: “Taste what you have earned.”
39:25 Others before them also disbelieved, and they were unaware of where the punishment came from.
39:26 So Allah made them taste humiliation in this worldly life, and the punishment of the Hereafter is even greater. If only they knew
39:27 In this Majestic Quran, We give examples for people of all kinds so they pay attention,
39:28 to an Arabic Quran, free from any defect so they may be mindful of Allah.
39:29 Allah gives this example: can a servant devoted to many masters who are at odds with each other be the same as the one who is devoted to only one master? All the praises belong to Allah! Unfortunately, majority don’t know
39:30 You shall die, so shall they die;
39:31 then on Judgement Day you will argue with one another, near Your Lord.
39:32 Who can be more wretched than the one who lied about Allah and denied the truth when it came to him? Isn’t Hell the final home of the disbelievers?
39:33 The one who came with the truth and the one who accepted him, such are the mindful people.
39:34 They shall have whatever they want from their Lord. That is the reward of the righteous.
39:35 Allah will remove their wrongs and give them an excellent reward for what they did.
39:36 Isn’t Allah enough for His servant? Yet they threaten you with idols they worship beside Allah; anyone Allah allows to go astray will have no guide.
39:37 And anyone Allah guides no one can misguide him, isn’t Allah the Almighty, the Avenger
39:38 If you ask them: “Who created the Heavens and the Earth?” They will say, “Allah”. Say: “What do you think about those you worship beside Allah; can they relieve my distress if Allah wished to harm me, or if He wished to be kind to me could they stop Him being Kind?” Say: “Allah is enough for me, those who trust put their trust in Him.”
39:39 Say: “My people, do what you want to do and so will I; soon you will know
39:40 who will be humiliated by sufferings in the world and finally thrown in an everlasting punishment.
39:41 We sent down the Book for people, it has the truth. Whoever follows its guidance will benefit himself, and whoever goes astray will fail himself. You aren’t their caretaker.
39:42 Allah takes away the souls of people dying and the souls of the living during their sleep. He keeps hold of those whose time of death has come, but sends back others, so they will die at their fixed time. In this are lessons for thinkers
39:43 Have they chosen intermediaries beside Allah? Say: “Though they haven’t got power nor understanding?”
39:44 Say: “Allah has complete authority for intercession.” He controls the Heavens and the Earth, then to Him you shall be returned.
39:45 When Allah’s Oneness is declared, the disbelievers of the Hereafter hate it intensely, yet when their gods beside Allah are mentioned they are thrilled.
39:46 Say: “Allah, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, Knower of the unseen and the seen worlds, You shall decide between Your servants about their differences.
39:47 If everything on Earth plus twice as much belonged to the wicked, they would happily offer it as a ransom against the terrible punishment of Judgement Day. Allah will show them what they couldn’t have imagined.
39:48 Their evil deeds will be disclosed, and their mocking will track them as punishment.
39:49 When people are distressed they call on Us, but when We give them Our gifts, they claim: “We’ve been given this because of our knowledge.” Nay, it is a test but most do not know this.
39:50 Those before them said the same. Their works will not save them that Day.
39:51 The evil of what they did will distress them; the sinners will suffer the distress because of their deeds, and they will not escape.
39:52 Don’t they know Allah provides plentifully to some and sparingly to others as He pleases. In that are lessons for the faithful
39:53 Say: “My servants who wronged themselves, don’t be hopeless of Allah’s Kindness; Allah forgives all the sins, He is the Forgiver, the Kind.”
39:54 Turn devoutly to your Lord, and submit to Him before the punishment overtakes you – then you shan’t be helped.
39:55 And follow the best teachings sent down to you by your Lord before the unexpected punishment overtakes you when you are unaware
39:56 and a soul will cry out: “Woe to me since I disobeyed Allah and mocked His revelations.”
39:57 Or he will say, “Had Allah guided me I would be among the pious,”
39:58 or when he sees the punishment he will say, “If I could live again I would be among the righteous.”
39:59 Nay, My signs came to you but you denied them; you were arrogant and among the disbelievers.
39:60 You will see on Judgement Day those who denied Allah, their faces darkened – isn’t Hell the final home for the arrogant?
39:61 And Allah will save the pious in a safe place where they won’t be harmed, nor will they worry
39:62 Allah is the Creator and Guardian of all things.
39:63 He has the keys to the Heavens and the Earth. Those who disbelieve in Allah’s revelations will be the losers.
39:64 Say: “Ignorant ones! Are you telling me to worship others beside Allah?”
39:65 It was revealed to you and those before you: if you commit idolatry all your deeds will come to nothing and you will be the losers.
39:66 Nay, worship Allah and be among the thankful ones.
39:67 They don’t understand Allah’s true greatness; on Judgement Day, the entire Earth will be in His grip and the Heavens will be rolled up by His command. Glory be to Him, He is exalted above what they associate with Him
39:68 When the Trumpet is blown, whoever is in the Heavens and the Earth will fall unconscious, except him whom Allah wills. Then when it is blown again they will stand up looking dazed.
39:69 The Earth will shine with the light of its Lord, the Book of Deeds will lay open, the prophets and other witnesses will be brought forward, judgement will be made, and they will not be wronged.
39:70 Every soul will be fully rewarded for what it did; Allah knows best what they did
39:71 Those who denied their Lord will be driven into Hell in crowds. When they reach it, the gates will be opened and the gatekeepers will ask them, “Didn’t messengers from among you come to recite your Lord’s verses and warn you of this Day’s meeting?” They will say, “Yes,” but the sentence of punishment will come to pass against the disbelievers.
39:72 It will be said, “Enter through the gates of Hell; remain in it forever.” What a miserable home for the arrogant
39:73 Those who were mindful of their Lord will be led into Paradise in crowds. When they reach there, its gates will be opened, and the gatekeepers will greet them: “Peace be on you, you were good so enter it and stay here forever.”
39:74 They will say, “All the praises are for Allah Who kept His promise for us, and gave us this place, we shall live in the Garden wherever we want.” What a wonderful reward for those who worked hard.
39:75 You will see the angels around the Divine Throne glorifying and praising their Lord. A just judgement will be passed between them and it will be said: “All the praises are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.”In the name of Allah, the Kind the Caring.


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