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Sad (The Letter Sad)
as rendered by Amatul Rahman Omar
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Amatul Rahman Omar rendition of Surah The Letter Sad(Sad)
38:1 Sad - Allah is the Truthful, (as proof of this fact) the Qur'an which exalts (mankind) to eminence bears witness
38:2 (There is nothing wrong with the Prophet,) the only thing is that the disbelievers are suffering from a sense of (false) pride and are hostile (to him)
38:3 (Do they not see that) We have destroyed so many generations before them? (They did not care to listen to the warning at first) then (later) they cried (for help) but the time for escape had passed
38:4 They wonder that there should come to them a Warner from among themselves, and the disbelievers say, `He is a sorcerer, a great liar (in his claim)
38:5 `Has he turned (the whole lot of) gods (we worshipped) into One God? Very strange indeed is this thing.
38:6 And the leaders among them go about saying, `Go (from here) and adhere constantly to (the worship of) your gods. This (claim of the Qur'an about the unity of God) is a thing designed (with some purpose behind it)
38:7 `We heard nothing of its kind about any of the previous creeds. This is nothing but a forgery
38:8 `Is it that this Reminder (- the Qur'an) has been revealed only to him (the chosen Warner) in (preference to) all of us?' The thing is they have doubts about My Reminder (itself). As a matter of fact they have not (yet) suffered (the agony of) My punishment
38:9 Do they possess the treasures of the mercy of your Lord, the All-Mighty, the Great Bestower
38:10 Or does the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them belong to them? (If so) then let them rise higher with the means (at their disposal and stop the onward march of Islam)
38:11 (But bear in mind the prophecy:) there will be several hosts of the confederates which shall be completely routed here (at Madinah)
38:12 The people of Noah, (the tribe of) `ad and Pharaoh, lord of mighty hosts, treated (their Apostles) before them as liars
38:13 So did (the tribe of) Thamud and the people of Lot, and the dwellers of the Thicket. These were (all routed) groups of people
38:14 Each one had cried lies to the Messengers. So My punishment rightly became due (on them)
38:15 And also for these (people of your time) awaits a sudden punishment which shall know no pause
38:16 They say, `Our Lord! hurry up with our portion (of punishment in this very life) before the Day of Reckoning.
38:17 Bear with patience what they say. And remember (the event of the life of) Our servant David, the possessor of might. Verily, he was ever turning (to God)
38:18 Indeed, We made (the people of) the mountains subservient to him (and) they celebrated (Our) praises at nightfall and at sunrise
38:19 And (We made) the birds and the people (who were) full of dislike for habitations to flock together (to him). All of them were always turning in obedience (to God) on his account
38:20 And We strengthened his kingdom, and We granted him wisdom and decisive judgment
38:21 Have you heard the news of the adversaries (of David) who scaled the rampart of the fortress (to take David unawares in his chamber)
38:22 When they intruded upon David and (found that) he had become alert (on account of) them, they said, (by way of an excuse,) `Have no fear. We are two parties litigants. One of us has transgressed against the other, therefore judge between us as justice demands, and delay not (by giving the date of decision,) and guide us (in our litigation) to the fair way
38:23 `(The case of the litigation is that,) this is my brother. He has ninety nine ewes while I have one ewe; still he says, "Make it over to me," and he has been prevailing by his arguments upon me.
38:24 (David) said, `He has certainly been unjust to you in demanding your ewe (to be added) to his own ewes. And surely many partners transgress against one another except those who believe (in God) and do deeds of righteousness. Yet how few are these!' (While saying this) David realised that We had tried him, therefore he sought protection of his Lord and fell down bowing in worship and turned (to his Lord) in repentance
38:25 So We gave him that protection (sought for by him from that danger he felt). And verily he enjoyed Our close proximity and an excellent status
38:26 (We said,) `O David! verily We have made you the ruler in this land. So rule among the people according to (the tenants of) justice, and do not follow their vain desires, (for if you do) it will lead you astray from the path leading to Allah. Behold! a severe punishment awaits those who go astray from Allah's way, because they have forgotten the Day of Reckoning
38:27 And We have not created the heaven and the earth and all that lies between them in vain. That is the view of the disbelievers only. Therefore woe to those who disbelieve because of (the punishment by means of) the Fire (that awaits them)
38:28 Are We to treat those who believe and do deeds of righteousness in the same way as the creators of disorder in the land? Or are We to treat those who guard against evil in the same way as the wicked and impious
38:29 (Behold! this Qur'an is) a great Book which We have revealed to you; full of excellences, so that these (people) may ponder over its verses and so that those gifted with pure understanding may take heed
38:30 And We gave (a pious son like) Solomon to David. How excellent a servant (of Ours) he was! For he turned to Us in obedience and repentance again and again
38:31 (Think of the time) when towards the close of the day, steeds of the noblest breed and swift of foot were brought before him
38:32 He said, `I prefer the love of good things because they make (me) remember (God), my Lord.' And (he remained busy in his devotion and prayer), when these (horses) disappeared (while passing by) behind the veil (of distance)
38:33 (He said,) `Bring them back to me.' Then (as they were brought) he began to stroke their hind legs and necks (with kindness)
38:34 Behold! We tried Solomon (too) and We placed on his throne (of kingdom) a (mere) body (without any spirit or faith). Then he turned (to God seeking His mercy)
38:35 He said (praying), `My Lord! grant me protection and bestow on me a kingdom that belongs to none (by inheritance) after me. You indeed are the Great Bestower.
38:36 So (We accepted his prayer and) We subjected to him a gentle wind. It blew gently according to his requirements in the direction he desired to go
38:37 And (We also subjugated to him) the rebellious people (- the unruly Amaliqah people of far off lands), all (their) builders and divers
38:38 And others (among them, who were) bound in chains
38:39 (We said to him,) `This is Our gift that knows no measure. So give it freely or withhold it (from whomsoever you deem fit) without reckoning
38:40 Behold! there is for him (- Solomon) Our close proximity and an excellent resort
38:41 And recall Our servant Job when he called to his Lord (saying), `The devil (of the desert - thirst) has afflicted me with weariness and torment.
38:42 (We directed him,) `Urge (your riding beast) with your foot (and depart swiftly). There lies (yonder) a cool bathing place and a (refreshing) drink.
38:43 (Not only that rather) We gave him his own family (and the followers he had before) and as many more with them (in the form of new adherents) by way of mercy from Ourselves (the lesson thus taught will serve) as a means to attain eminence for those gifted with pure and clear understanding
38:44 And (We commanded him,) `Take in your hand a handful of twigs and strike (the riding beast) therewith. And do not ever incline towards falsehood. Indeed, We found him steadfast. An excellent servant was he. He was always turning (towards God) in obedience
38:45 Recall Our servants Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (all) endowed with power for action, and insight
38:46 We had indeed chosen them for one special purpose; for reminding (people) of the abode (of the Hereafter)
38:47 And of course they are in Our sight among the elect and the select
38:48 And recall Ismail, Elisha and Dhul Kifl (- Ezekiel); they were all of (Our) chosen ones
38:49 This (narrative) is the way to eminence. Behold! there awaits the righteous a beautiful and excellent resort
38:50 Gardens of Eternity with their gates thrown open to receive them
38:51 There they will be reclining (comfortably) on couches and there they will order (at pleasure) for many (sorts of) fruits and drinks
38:52 And they will have by their sides chaste mates with downcast and restrained looks, and of suitable age (and matching in every aspect)
38:53 This is what you are promised for the Day of Reckoning
38:54 Verily, this is Our provision which knows no end
38:55 This is (the reward for the righteous only). As for the rebellious, surely evil is their end
38:56 Gehenna, wherein they will enter. And (it shall be) an evil cradling (for nursing them to spiritual growth)
38:57 This is (what the disbelievers will have), so let them suffer from it a burning despair and intensely cold and stinking drink
38:58 And other various (torments) of similar nature
38:59 (It will be said to their leaders of mischief,) `This is a whole army (of yours) which is rushing headlong with you (into Hell). There is no welcome for them. They are bound to enter the Fire.
38:60 They (- their followers) will say (to their leaders), `Nay, it is rather you (who deserve Hell)! There is no welcome for you (either). In truth it was you that brought about this (evil punishment) for us (by leading us astray), what an evil resting place it is!
38:61 They will (then) say, `Our Lord! whoso brought about this (evil end) for us, increase for him more and more agony in the Fire.
38:62 And these (inmates of Hell) will say, `What is the matter with us that we do not see (here) the men whom we used to count among the wicked
38:63 `Is it because we (unjustly) held them in scorn or (is it) that (our) eyes have missed them?
38:64 Behold! this is an invariable fact that the inmates of the Fire will be disputing together
38:65 Say, `I am only a Warner. There is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but Allah, the One, the Subduer of all
38:66 `The Lord of the heavens, and the earth and all that lies between the two, the All-Mighty, the Great Protector.
38:67 Say, `This (universal call of Islam) is a very important announcement
38:68 `Yet you are turning away from this
38:69 `I had no knowledge of the Exalted assembly (comprising of the angels in the upper zones) when they discussed (the matter) among themselves
38:70 `But all that has been revealed to me is that I am a Warner telling the right from the wrong.
38:71 (Call to mind) when your Lord said to the angels, `I am about to create a human being from clay
38:72 `And when I have fashioned him in perfection and I have inspired into him of My revelation then fall down submitting to him.
38:73 So (when He inspired into him His revelation) the angels submitted one and all
38:74 But Iblis did not, he behaved arrogantly for he was of the disbelievers
38:75 (God) said, `O Iblis! what prevented you from submitting to him whom I have created with My own special powers (bestowing him with the maximum attributes). Is it that you seek to be great or is it that you are (really) of the highly proud ones (above obeying My command)?
38:76 (Iblis) said, `I am better than he. You created me from fire while him You created from clay.
38:77 (God) said, `Then get out of this (state); you are surely driven away (from My mercy)
38:78 `And surely upon you shall be My disapproval till the Day of Judgment.
38:79 (Iblis) said, `My Lord! reprieve me till the day when the people are raised to life (spiritually whether here or in the Hereafter).
38:80 (God) said, `You are of course of the reprieved one
38:81 `Till the Day of which the time is known and fixed.
38:82 (Iblis) said, `(I swear) by Your might, I will surely seduce them all
38:83 `Except Your servants from among them, the true and purified ones (who are out of my powers).
38:84 (God) said, `Truth has dawned and I speak the truth
38:85 `That I will fill Gehenna with the like of you and with all those from among them who follow you.
38:86 Say (O Prophet!), `I ask no reward from you for it (for preaching the Message of truth, and for warning the people,) nor am I of those who are given to affectation (and are impostors)
38:87 `This (Qur'an) is nothing but a means to rise to eminence for the peoples
38:88 And you shall surely know (the truth of) the news thereof before long.


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