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as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by Sher Ali
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Sher Ali rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 By those who range themselves in close ranks
37:2 And those who repel evil vigorously
37:3 And those who recite the Reminder - the Qur'an
37:4 Surely, your God is One
37:5 Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them and the Lord of the places from which light spreads forth
37:6 WE have adorned the lowest heaven with an adornment - the planets
37:7 And have guarded it against all rebellious satans
37:8 They cannot listen to anything from the Exalted Assembly of angels - and they are pelted from every side
37:9 Repulsed, and for them is a perpetual punishment
37:10 But if any of them snatches away something by stealth, he is pursued by a piecing flame
37:11 So ask them whether it is they who are harder to create, or those others whom WE have created? Them WE have created of cohesive clay
37:12 Nay, thou dost wonder at what they say, and they ridicule what thou sayest
37:13 And when they are admonished, they pay no heed
37:14 And when they see a Sign, they mock at it
37:15 And they say, this is nothing but plain sorcery
37:16 `What ! when we are dead and have become dust and broken bones, shall we then be raised up again
37:17 `And our fathers of yore also?
37:18 Say, `Yea; and you will, then, be abased.
37:19 It will be but one stern call, and lo ! they will be up and seeing
37:20 And they will say, `Alas for us ! this is the Day of Requital.
37:21 ALLAH will say, `This is the day of the final Decision which you used to deny.
37:22 The angels will be commanded: `Assemble those who acted wrongfully along with their companions and what they used to worshi
37:23 `Beside ALLAH; and lead them along the path of Hell
37:24 `And stop them, for they shall be questioned.
37:25 They will be asked, `What is the matter with you that you help not one another?
37:26 Nay, on that day they will surrender themselves completely
37:27 And some of them will address others, questioning one another
37:28 They will say, `Verily you used to come to us from the right.
37:29 The others will answer, `Nay, you yourselves were not believers
37:30 `And we had no power over you; but you yourselves were a transgressing people
37:31 `Now the word of our Lord has been fulfilled against us that we must taste the punishment
37:32 `And we caused you to go astray for we ourselves had gone astray.
37:33 Truly, on that day they will all be sharers in the punishment
37:34 Surely, thus do WE deal with the guilty
37:35 For when it was said to them, `There is no god but ALLAH, they behaved arrogantly
37:36 And said, `Shall we give up our gods for a mad poet?
37:37 Nay, he has brought the truth and has testified to the truth of all the Messengers
37:38 You shall, surely, taste the painful punishment
37:39 And you will be requited only for what you have wrought
37:40 Save the chosen servants of ALLAH
37:41 They will have a known provision
37:42 Fruits; and they shall be honoured
37:43 In the Gardens of Bliss
37:44 Seated on thrones, facing one another
37:45 They will be served round with a cup from a flowing fountain
37:46 Sparkling white, delicious to the drinkers
37:47 Wherein there will be no intoxication, nor will they be exhausted thereby
37:48 And with them will be chaste women, with restrained looks and large beautiful eyes
37:49 As though they were sheltered eggs
37:50 Then some of them will address the others, questioning one another
37:51 A speaker from among them will say, `I had an intimate companion
37:52 `Who used to say, `Art thou, indeed, among those who believe the Resurrection to be true
37:53 `When we are dead, and have become dust and broken bones, shall we indeed, be requited?
37:54 The speaker will then ask those around him, `Will you have a look and find out about him?
37:55 Then he will look himself and see him in the midst of the Fire
37:56 And will say to him, `By ALLAH, thou hadst almost caused my ruin
37:57 But for the grace of my Lord, I should, surely, have been of those who are called up before Hell
37:58 `Tell me, is it not so that we are not going to suffer death again
37:59 `Save our first death, and that we are not to be punished
37:60 Surely, this is the supreme triumph.
37:61 For the like of this, then, let the workers work
37:62 Is that better as an entertainment, of the tree of Zaqqhm?
37:63 Verily, WE have made it a trial for the wrongdoers
37:64 It is a tree that springs forth in the bottom of Hell
37:65 The fruit thereof is as though it were the heads of serpents
37:66 And they shall eat of it and fill their bellies therewith
37:67 Then will they have in addition to it a mixture of boiling water to drink
37:68 Then, surely, their return shall be Hell
37:69 They found their fathers erring
37:70 And they hurried on in their footsteps
37:71 And most of the ancient peoples had erred before them
37:72 And WE had sent Warners among them
37:73 Behold, then, how evil was the end of those who were warned
37:74 Save the chosen servants of ALLAH
37:75 And Noah, indeed, did cry unto US, and how excellent Answerer of Prayers are WE
37:76 And WE saved him and his family from the great distress
37:77 And WE made his offspring the only survivors
37:78 And WE left for him a good name among the later generations
37:79 Peace be upon Noah among the peoples
37:80 Thus, indeed, do WE reward those who do good
37:81 He was, surely, one of our believing servants
37:82 Then WE drowned the others
37:83 And, verily, of his party was Abraham
37:84 When he came to his Lord with a pure heart
37:85 When he said to his father and to his people, `What is it that you worship
37:86 `A lie - false gods beside ALLAH do you desire
37:87 `What think ye of the Lord of the worlds?
37:88 Then he cast a glance at the stars
37:89 And said, `I am feeling unwell.
37:90 So they went away from him, turning their backs
37:91 The he went quietly to their gods and addressing them said, `Will you not eat
37:92 `What is the matter with you that you speak not?
37:93 The he turned upon them, striking them with the right hand
37:94 Thereupon the people came towards him, hastening
37:95 He said, `Do you worship that which you yourselves carve out
37:96 `Whereas ALLAH has created you and also your handiwork?
37:97 They said, `Build for him a structure and cast him into the fire.
37:98 Thus they designed an evil design against him, but WE made them most humiliated
37:99 And he said, `I am going to my Lord. HE will, surely, guide me.
37:100 And he prayed, `My Lord, grant me a righteous son
37:101 So WE gave him the glad tidings of a forbearing son
37:102 And when he was old enough to run along with him, he said, `O my dear son, I have seen in a dream that I offer thee in sacrifice. So consider what thou thinkest of it !' He replied, `O my father, do as thou art commanded; thou wilt find me, if ALLAH please, steadfast in my faith.
37:103 And when they both submitted to the will of God, and Abraham had thrown him down on his forehead
37:104 WE called to him, `O Abraham
37:105 `Thou hast, indeed, fulfilled the dream.' Thus, indeed, do WE reward those who do good
37:106 That, surely, was a manifest trial
37:107 And WE ransomed him with a mighty sacrifice
37:108 And WE left for him a good name among the succeeding generations
37:109 Peace be upon Abraham
37:110 Thus do WE reward those who do good
37:111 Surely, he was one of our believing servants
37:112 And WE gave him the glad tidings of Isaac, a Prophet, and one of the righteous
37:113 And WE bestowed blessings on him and on Isaac. And among their progeny are some who do good and others who clearly wrong themselves
37:114 And, indeed, WE bestowed favours on Moses and Aaron
37:115 And WE saved them both and their people from the great distress
37:116 And WE helped them, and it was they who were victorious
37:117 And WE gave them the Book that made everything clear
37:118 And WE guided them to the right path
37:119 And WE left for them a good name among the succeeding generations.
37:120 Peace be on Moses and Aaron
37:121 Thus, indeed, do WE reward those who do good
37:122 Surely, they were both among Our believing servants
37:123 And, assuredly, Elias also was one of the Messengers
37:124 When he said to his people, `Will you not be God-fearing
37:125 `Do you call on Ba`l and forsake the Best of creators
37:126 ALLAH, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers of old?
37:127 But they rejected him, and they will, surely, be brought before God to render an account of their deeds
37:128 Except the chosen servants of ALLAH
37:129 And WE left for him a good name among the later generations.
37:130 Peace be on Elias and his people
37:131 Thus, indeed, do WE reward those who do good
37:132 Surely, he was one of Our believing servants
37:133 And assuredly, Lot, too, was one of the Messengers
37:134 When WE delivered him and all his family
37:135 Except an old women who was among those who stayed behind
37:136 Then WE utterly destroyed the others
37:137 And, surely, you pass by them in the morning
37:138 And by night, Will you not understand
37:139 And, surely, Jonah also was one of the Messengers
37:140 When he fled to the laden ship
37:141 And he cast lots with the crew of the ship and was of the losers
37:142 And the fish swallowed him while he was reproaching himself
37:143 And had he not been of those who glorify God
37:144 He would, surely, have tarried in its belly till the Day of Resurrection
37:145 Then WE cast him on a bare tract of land, and he was sick
37:146 And WE caused a gourd plant to grow over him
37:147 And WE sent him as a Messenger to a hundred thousand people or more
37:148 And they all believed; so WE permitted them to enjoy life for a long while
37:149 Now ask them whether thy Lord has daughters, whereas they have sons
37:150 Did WE create the angels females while they were witnesses
37:151 Now, surely, it is of their fabrications that they say
37:152 `ALLAH has begotten children;' and they are certainly liars
37:153 Has HE chosen daughters in preference to sons
37:154 What is the matter with you? How judge ye
37:155 Will you not take heed
37:156 Or, have you a clear authority
37:157 Then produce your book, if you are truthful
37:158 And they assert a kinship between HIM and the jinn while the jinn themselves know well that they will be brought before ALLAH for judgment
37:159 Holy is ALLAH and free from what they attribute to HIM
37:160 But the chosen servants of ALLAH do not attribute anything derogatory to HIM
37:161 Verily, you and what you worship
37:162 None of you can mislead anyone against HIM
37:163 Except only him who shall burn in Hell
37:164 They say, `There is not one of us but has known a station
37:165 `And, verily, we are those who stand ranged in rows
37:166 And we, verily, are those who glorify ALLAH.
37:167 And, surely, the Meccan disbelievers used to say
37:168 `If we had with us a Reminder like that of the people of old
37:169 `We would, surely, have been ALLAH's chosen servants.
37:170 Yet when it has come to them they disbelieve therein, but they will soon come to know
37:171 And, surely, Our word has gone forth to Our servants, the Messengers
37:172 That it is, certainly, they who will be helped
37:173 And that it is Our host that will, certainly, be victorious
37:174 So turn thou away from them for a while
37:175 And watch them, for they will soon see their own end
37:176 Is it then Our punishment that they seek to hasten on
37:177 But when it descends into their courtyard, it shall be an evil morning for those who were warned
37:178 So turn thou away from them for a while
37:179 And watch, for they will soon see their own end
37:180 Holy is thy Lord, the Lord of Power, far above that which they assert
37:181 And peace is ever upon the Messengers
37:182 And all praise belongs to ALLAH, the Lord of the worlds


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