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Faridul Haque

as-Saffat (Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers)
as rendered by Faridul Haque
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Faridul Haque rendition of Surah Those Who Set The Ranks, Drawn up in Ranks, The Rangers(as-Saffat)
37:1 By oath of those who establish proper ranks
37:2 And by oath of those who herd with a stern warning
37:3 And by oath of the groups that read the Qur’an
37:4 Indeed your God is surely only One
37:5 Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them - and the Lord of the sun’s rising points
37:6 We have indeed adorned the lowest heaven with stars as ornaments
37:7 And to protect it from every rebellious devil
37:8 They cannot listen to the speech of those on higher elevations and they are targeted from every side
37:9 To make them flee, and for them is a never-ending punishment
37:10 Except one who sometimes steals a part, so a blazing flame goes after him
37:11 Therefore ask them (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “Are they a stronger creation, or are other things of our creation, (the angels, the heavens etc.)?” We have indeed created them from sticky clay
37:12 Rather you are surprised, whereas they keep mocking
37:13 And they do not understand, when explained to
37:14 And whenever they see a sign, they mock at it
37:15 And they say, “This is nothing but clear magic.&rdquo
37:16 “When we are dead and have turned into dust and bones, will we certainly be raised again?&rdquo
37:17 “And also our forefathers?&rdquo
37:18 Proclaim, “Yes, and with disgrace.&rdquo
37:19 So that is just a single jolt, thereupon they will begin staring
37:20 And will say, “O our misfortune!” It will be said to them, “This is the Day of Justice.&rdquo
37:21 “This is the Day of Judgement, which you used to deny!&rdquo
37:22 “Gather all the unjust persons and their spouses, and all that they used to worship!”
37:23 “Instead of Allah - and herd them to the path leading to hell.&rdquo
37:24 “And stop them - they are to be questioned.&rdquo
37:25 “What is the matter with you, that you do not help one another?&rdquo
37:26 In fact this day they have all surrendered
37:27 And some of them inclined towards others, mutually questioning
37:28 They said, “It is you who used to come to us from our right, in order to sway.&rdquo
37:29 They will answer, “You yourselves did not have faith!&rdquo
37:30 “And we did not have any control over you; but in fact you yourselves were rebellious.&rdquo
37:31 “So the Word of our Lord has proved true upon us; we will surely have to taste (the punishment).&rdquo
37:32 “We therefore led you astray, for we ourselves were astray!&rdquo
37:33 So this day they all are partners in the punishment
37:34 This is how We deal with the guilty
37:35 Indeed, when it was said to them, “There is no God except Allah”, they were haughty
37:36 And they used to say, “Shall we forsake our gods upon the sayings of a mad poet?&rdquo
37:37 In fact he has brought the Truth, and testified for the Noble Messengers
37:38 “You surely have to taste the painful punishment.&rdquo
37:39 “And you will not be compensated except for your deeds.&rdquo
37:40 Except the chosen bondmen of Allah
37:41 For them is the sustenance known to Us
37:42 Fruits; and they will be honoured
37:43 In Gardens of peace
37:44 Facing one another on thrones
37:45 Cups of wine will be presented to them in rounds, from a spring flowing in front of them
37:46 White, delicious for the drinkers
37:47 Neither does it intoxicate, nor give a headache
37:48 And with them are those who do not set gaze upon men except their husbands, the maidens with gorgeous eyes
37:49 As if they were eggs, safely hidden
37:50 So one among them turns to the other, questioning.
37:51 The speaker among them said, “I had a companion.”
37:52 “Who used to tell me, ‘Do you believe it is true?’
37:53 ‘That when we are dead and have turned into dust and bones, that we will either be rewarded or punished?’ &rdquo
37:54 He said (to others on the thrones), “Will you take a glimpse (into hell) below?&rdquo
37:55 He therefore looked down and saw him amidst the blazing fire
37:56 He said, “By Allah, you had nearly ruined me!&rdquo
37:57 “And were it not for the munificence of my Lord, I too would have been seized and brought forth (captive)!&rdquo
37:58 “So are we never to die?” (The people of Paradise will ask the angels, with delight, after the announcement of everlasting life.
37:59 “Except our earlier death, and nor will we be punished?&rdquo
37:60 “This is, most certainly, the supreme success.&rdquo
37:61 For such a reward should the workers perform
37:62 So is this welcome better, or the tree of Zaqqum
37:63 We have indeed made that a punishment for the unjust
37:64 Indeed it is a tree that sprouts from the base of hell
37:65 Its fruit like the heads of demons
37:66 So indeed they will eat from it, and fill their bellies with it
37:67 Then after it, indeed for them is the drink of boiling hot water
37:68 Then surely their return is towards hell
37:69 They had indeed found their forefathers astray
37:70 So they hastily follow their footsteps
37:71 And indeed before them, most of the former people went astray
37:72 And indeed We had sent Heralds of warnings among them
37:73 Therefore see what sort of fate befell those who were warned
37:74 Except the chosen bondmen of Allah
37:75 And indeed Nooh prayed to Us – so what an excellent Acceptor of Prayer We are
37:76 And We rescued him and his household from the great calamity
37:77 And We preserved his descendants
37:78 And We kept his praise among the latter generations
37:79 Peace be upon Nooh, among the entire people
37:80 This is how We reward the virtuous
37:81 He is indeed one of Our high ranking, firmly believing bondmen
37:82 We then drowned the others
37:83 And indeed Ibrahim is from his (Nooh’s) group
37:84 When he came to his Lord, with a sound heart. (Free from falsehood)
37:85 When he said to his father (paternal uncle) and his people, “What do you worship?&rdquo
37:86 “What! You desire, through fabrication, gods other than Allah?&rdquo
37:87 “So what do you assume regarding the Lord Of The Creation?” (That He will not punish you?
37:88 He then shot a glance at the stars
37:89 He then said, “I feel sick (of you)!&rdquo
37:90 And they turned their backs on him and went away. (The pagans thought he would transmit the disease)
37:91 He then sneaked upon their deities and said, “Do you not eat?&rdquo
37:92 “What is the matter with you, that you do not say anything?&rdquo
37:93 He then began striking them with his right hand, unseen by the people
37:94 So the disbelievers came running towards him
37:95 He said, “What! You worship what you yourselves have sculpted?&rdquo
37:96 “Whereas Allah has created you and your actions?&rdquo
37:97 They said, “Construct a building (furnace) for him, and then cast him in the blazing fire!&rdquo
37:98 So they tried to execute their evil scheme upon him – We therefore degraded them. (Allah saved him, by commanding the fire to turn cool)
37:99 And he said, “Indeed I shall go to my Lord Who will guide me.&rdquo
37:100 “My Lord! Give me a meritorious child.&rdquo
37:101 We therefore gave him the glad tidings of an intelligent son
37:102 And when he became capable of working with him, Ibrahim said, “O my son, I dreamt that I am sacrificing you - therefore now consider what is your opinion”; he said, “O my father! Do what you are commanded! Allah willing, you will soon find me patiently enduring!&rdquo
37:103 Then (remember) when they both submitted to Allah’s command, and Ibrahim lay his son facing downwards. (The knife did not hurt Ismail
37:104 And We called out to him, “O Ibrahim!&rdquo
37:105 “You have indeed made the dream come true”; and this is how We reward the virtuous
37:106 Indeed this was a clear test
37:107 And We rescued him in exchange of a great sacrifice. (The sacrifice of Ibrahim and Ismail – peace be upon them – is commemorated every year on 10,11 and 12 Zil Haj)
37:108 And We kept his praise among the latter generations
37:109 Peace be upon Ibrahim
37:110 This is how We reward the virtuous
37:111 He is indeed one of Our high ranking, firmly believing bondmen
37:112 And We gave him the glad tidings of Ishaq, a Herald of the Hidden, from among those who deserve Our proximity
37:113 And We sent blessings upon him and Ishaq; and among their descendants - some who do good deeds, and some who clearly wrong themselves
37:114 And We indeed did a great favour to Moosa and Haroon
37:115 And rescued them and their people from the great calamity
37:116 And We helped them, so they were victorious
37:117 And We bestowed the clear Book to both of them
37:118 And guided them to the Straight Path
37:119 And We kept their praise among the latter generations
37:120 Peace be upon Moosa and Haroon
37:121 This is how We reward the virtuous
37:122 Indeed they are two of Our high ranking, firmly believing bondmen
37:123 And indeed Ilyas is one of the Noble Messengers
37:124 When he said to his people, “Do you not fear?&rdquo
37:125 “What! You worship Baal (an idol) and leave the Best Creator?”
37:126 “Allah, Who is, your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers?&rdquo
37:127 In response they denied him, so they will surely be brought forth as captives
37:128 Except the chosen bondmen of Allah
37:129 And We kept his praise among the latter generations
37:130 Peace be upon Ilyas
37:131 This is how We reward the virtuous
37:132 He is indeed one of Our high ranking, firmly believing bondmen
37:133 And indeed Lut is one of the Noble Messengers
37:134 When We rescued him and his entire household
37:135 Except an old woman, who became of those who stayed behind
37:136 We then destroyed the others
37:137 And indeed you pass over them in the morning.
37:138 And during the night; so do you not have sense
37:139 And indeed Yunus is one of the Noble Messengers
37:140 When he left towards the laden ship
37:141 Then lots were drawn and he became of those who were pushed into the sea
37:142 The fish then swallowed him and he blamed himself. (For not waiting for Allah’s command.
37:143 And were he not one of those who praise.
37:144 He would have remained in its belly till the day when all will be raised
37:145 We then put him ashore on a plain, and he was sick
37:146 And We grew a tree of gourd (as a shelter) above him
37:147 And We sent him towards a hundred thousand people, in fact more
37:148 So they accepted faith - We therefore gave them usage for a while
37:149 Therefore ask them (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), whether the daughters are for your Lord and the sons for them
37:150 Or that have We created the angels as females, while they were present
37:151 Pay heed! It is their slander that they say. &ndash
37:152 That “Allah has offspring”; and indeed, surely, they are liars
37:153 “Has he chosen daughters instead of sons?&rdquo
37:154 “What is the matter with you? What sort of a judgement you impose!&rdquo
37:155 “So do you not ponder?&rdquo
37:156 “Or do you have some clear proof?&rdquo
37:157 “Then bring forth your Book, if you are truthful!&rdquo
37:158 And they have appointed a relationship between Him and the jinns; and indeed the jinns surely know that they will be brought forth
37:159 Purity is to Allah from the matters they fabricate
37:160 Except the chosen bondmen of Allah
37:161 Therefore you and all what you worship. (The disbelievers and their deities.
37:162 You cannot make anyone rebel against Him
37:163 Except the one who will go into the blazing fire
37:164 And the angels say, “Each one of us has an appointed known position.&rdquo
37:165 “And indeed we, with our wings spread, await the command.&rdquo
37:166 “And indeed we are those who say His purity.&rdquo
37:167 And indeed the disbelievers used to say,
37:168 “If we had some advice from the earlier generations,”
37:169 “We would certainly be the chosen bondmen of Allah.&rdquo
37:170 They therefore denied it, so they will soon come to know
37:171 And indeed Our Word has already gone forth for Our bondmen who were sent
37:172 That undoubtedly, only they will be helped
37:173 And surely, only Our army will be victorious
37:174 Therefore turn away from them for some time
37:175 And watch them, for they will soon see
37:176 So are they being impatient for Our punishment
37:177 So when it does descend in their courtyards – so what an evil morning it will be for those who were warned
37:178 And turn away from them for some time
37:179 And wait, for they will soon see
37:180 Purity is to your Lord, the Lord of Honour, from all what they say
37:181 And peace is upon the Noble Messengers
37:182 And all praise is to Allah, the Lord Of The Creation


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