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al-Ahzab (The Clans, The Coalition, The Combined Forces, The Allies)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah The Clans, The Coalition, The Combined Forces, The Allies(al-Ahzab)
33:1 Prophet, be mindful of Allah, and don’t listen to the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
33:2 Follow what is revealed to you from your Lord. Allah is fully aware of what you do
33:3 Put your trust in Allah, He is a sufficient Guardian
33:4 Allah has not set two hearts in any human chest; He doesn’t turn your wives that were given divorce into your mothers; nor does He turn your adopted sons into sons. These are empty words from your mouths; Allah speaks the truth, and He guides along the straight path.
33:5 Call the adopted children by the names of their biological fathers; that is fairer in Allah’s sight. And if you don’t know who their fathers are, then they are your brothers in faith and your clients deserving protection. You won’t be blamed for any mistakes you make, but only for deliberately planned activities. Allah is Forgiving, Caring
33:6 The Prophet cares for the believers far more than they care for themselves, and his wives are their spiritual mothers. Although blood relatives are still closer to each other than are the believers and the emigrants – in Allah’s Book – you should still act with common decency towards your dependants. All this is written in the Book.
33:7 Remember when We took a contract from the prophets, and you, Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa and Isa, son of Maryam; We took a solemn contract from all of them:
33:8 He would test the claim of truthfulness of the truthful; He has prepared a painful punishment for the disbelievers
33:9 Believers, remember Allah’s favour when the armies gathered against you, We sent a wind-stoked sandstorm against them that you couldn’t see. Meanwhile, Allah saw whatever you did.
33:10 They came against you from above and below, your eyes rolled, your hearts leapt to your throats, and you had wild thoughts about Allah;
33:11 the believers were tested and severely shaken
33:12 The hypocrites and those with sickness in their hearts said, “Allah and His Messenger promised us nothing but deception.”
33:13 A group of them said, “People of Yathrib, you will not be safe anywhere, so retreat,” while another group sought the Prophet’s permission to go back, saying, “Our homes are exposed,” yet they were not exposed; they wanted to flee.
33:14 If the enemy had attacked the city from all sides, and they had been offered an incentive to switch sides, they would have done so without hesitation,
33:15 despite previously having sworn by Allah that they would not turn tail and flee. They will be questioned about the oaths sworn in Allah’s name.
33:16 Say: “Fleeing will not benefit you, if you run away from death or fighting you will have limited enjoyment in life.”
33:17 Say: “Who can hold back Allah from you, if He wishes you harm or kindness?” They will not find any supporter or helper beside Allah
33:18 Allah knows those who obstruct and those who said to their brothers: “Why don’t you come over to our side?” They hardly entered the battlefield.
33:19 They are envious of you; and when fear strikes, you see them looking to you for reassurance, their eyes flitting back and forth like someone dazed by dread of dying. Then, when the fear ebbs, they abuse you with sharp words. They resent you, expecting to gain something good. Such people haven’t believed, so Allah will render their deeds worthless on Judgement Day, that’s easy for Allah.
33:20 They reckon the confederates haven’t gone yet; and if the confederates should return, they would then love to be mingling with the Bedouins, seeking news about you. Even if they were on your side, they would barely fight
33:21 You have an excellent role model in the Messenger of Allah, particularly for anyone who longs for Allah and the Last Day and remembers Him abundantly.
33:22 When the believers saw the confederates, they said, “This is what Allah and His Messenger promised us. Allah and His Messenger spoke the truth,” and this experience increased their faith and submission.
33:23 Amid the believers are men who fulfilled their promise to Allah, some fulfilled their vow by dying as martyrs, while others are waiting; they didn’t change.
33:24 So Allah will reward the truthful for their truthfulness and punish the hypocrites for disloyalty as He pleases, or forgive them, Allah is Forgiving, Caring.
33:25 Allah turned back the disbelievers, who were furious for not achieving any material gain; and Allah was sufficient in His support for the believers throughout the battle. Allah is Strong, Almighty
33:26 The People of The Book who backed the confederates came out of their forts, but He cast terror into their hearts, enabling you to kill some and take others captive,
33:27 and made you the heirs of their homes, wealth and land, the land that you had never set foot on. Allah has power over everything
33:28 Prophet, tell your wives: “If you desire worldly life and its luxuries, then come forward, I’ll ensure that you get them, and release you from marriage in a dignified manner.
33:29 But if you desire Allah and His Messenger, and the home of the Hereafter, then Allah has prepared a great reward for your righteousness.”
33:30 Wives of the Prophet, if any one of you commits a flagrant act of indecency, she will suffer double the usual punishment. That’s easy to do for Allah;
33:31 but whoever is dedicated to Allah and His Messenger and does good works shall have double the reward; and We have prepared a generous provision for her
33:32 Wives of the Prophet, you are not like other women, you are more mindful. Don’t speak softly, in case someone with sickness in his heart should build up his hopes; be polite but assertive;
33:33 stay home; don’t dress to show off, like the custom of the Age of Ignorance; perform the prayer, give Zakat, and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah wants to remove all blemish from you as you are the Prophet’s household, and to purify you.
33:34 And think about the wonderful verses of Allah recited and the Prophetic wisdom that’s practiced in your homes. Allah is Subtle, Aware
33:35 The Men and the women who submit to the will of Allah are: believers, devout, truthful, patient, humble, charitable, keep fast, are chaste and pure and remember Allah frequently. Allah has prepared forgiveness and a mighty reward for them
33:36 A believing man and a woman have no choice in a matter that is decided by Allah and His Messenger; and anyone who disobeys Allah and His Messenger is wrong
33:37 Remember when you said to the one Allah had favoured, and you also favoured: “Remain married to your wife, and be mindful of Allah.” You kept to yourself what Allah had made clear to you, because you feared people’s reaction, though Allah is to be feared more. When Zayd formally dissolved his marriage to her, We married her to you so that believers might feel no shame regarding marrying the ex-wives of their adopted sons, if they had formally dissolved their marriages to them, so that Allah’s command is fulfilled.
33:38 The Prophet should feel no embarrassment regarding what Allah has made obligatory on him. This is the practice of Allah regarding those prophets who lived previously – and Allah’s command is fulfilled –
33:39 delivering the messages of Allah, fearing Him alone, and fearing no one else but Allah; and Allah is sufficient Reckoner
33:40 Muhammad is not a father of anyone of your men, he is the Messenger of Allah and the seal of the Prophets, the final Prophet. Allah has knowledge of all things.
33:41 Believers, remember Allah frequently,
33:42 and glorify Him in the morning and evening.
33:43 He blesses you, His angels pray to bring you out of darkness into the light; and He cares for the believers.
33:44 Their greeting on the Day they meet Him will be: “Peace!” And He has prepared for them a generous reward
33:45 Prophet, We sent you as a witness, a herald of good news, and a warner,
33:46 calling people to Allah by His permission, and a shinning lamp.
33:47 So bring the believers good news of the bounty they will receive from Allah
33:48 and don’t follow the disbelievers and hypocrites; ignore their harassment and put your trust in Allah. Allah is a sufficient Guardian
33:49 Believers, if you marry believing women, then before the consummation of your marriage you decide to divorce them, there is no waiting period for them. Provide for them and release them from their marriage in a dignified manner
33:50 Prophet, We made lawful for you: your wives who you gave a bridal gift; a maid you own from what Allah allotted you; the daughters of your paternal and maternal uncles and aunts, who emigrated with you; and any believing woman who offers herself to you, and you also want to wed; this last ruling is solely in relation to you, as distinct from the other believers – We know what We made obligatory on other believers regarding their wives and what their slave maids – so that there is no embarrassment for you. Allah is Forgiving, Caring.
33:51 You may postpone the turn of whomever of your wives you wish and receive back into your intimacy whomever you wish, including those you had withdrawn from, there should be no blame on you. That will reassure them, not sadden them; and please them with whatever intimacy you give them. Allah knows what is in your hearts. Allah is Knowing, Gentle.
33:52 From now on, no other women will be lawful for you, nor can you exchange them for other wives, even if you like their beauty, except a slave maid. Allah is the Observer of all things
33:53 Believers, don’t enter the Prophet’s apartments to eat without permission, and don’t come early and wait around for it to be cooked. However, if you are invited, then come, and once you have eaten, leave without staying on to chat. Such behaviour offended the Prophet, he’s embarrassed to tell you; but Allah is not embarrassed of telling the truth. And if you ask his wives for something, do so from behind a curtain; that is purer for your hearts and theirs. It isn’t right for you either to cause offence to the Messenger of Allah or marry his wives after him, ever; such behaviour would be outrageous in Allah’s sight.
33:54 Whether you reveal or conceal something, Allah has knowledge of everything.
33:55 There is no blame on the Prophet’s wives being visited by their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or the sons of their brothers and sisters, or their servant women, or their servants. Be mindful of Allah, Allah sees everything
33:56 Allah and His angels continually bless the Messenger; so believers, you too bless and greet him with peace.
33:57 Anyone who insults Allah and His Messenger, Allah curses them in this world and the next, and has prepared for them a humiliating punishment.
33:58 Similarly, those who insult believing men and women for no reason will carry the burden of their slandering and sinfulness
33:59 Prophet, tell your wives, daughters, and the believers’ wives to draw their overcoats close around; that will ensure they are recognised and will not be harmed. Allah is Forgiving, Caring.
33:60 If the hypocrites and the troublemakers with sickness in their hearts don’t stop harassing women in the city, then We will instruct you to act against them, after which they won’t remain your neighbours for long.
33:61 They are cursed, and in the past, wherever they were found, they were seized and slain.
33:62 This was the practice laid down by Allah regarding those who lived previously; and you will never find any change in the law of Allah
33:63 When people ask you about the time of the Final Hour, say: “Allah Knows that.” And who knows the Final Hour could be near?
33:64 Allah cursed the disbelievers and prepared a fiery Blaze for them
33:65 in which they will live forever, they won’t find a protector or a helper.
33:66 On the Day that their faces will be distorted in the Fire, they will say, “If Only we had obeyed Allah and the Messenger.”
33:67 And they will say, “Our Lord, we obeyed our leaders and the elders, and they led us astray.
33:68 Our Lord, give them double the punishment and put a great curse on them.
33:69 Believers, don’t be like those who insulted Musa, yet Allah declared him innocent of what they alleged; Musa was honourable in Allah’s sight.
33:70 Believers, be mindful of Allah and speak straight to the point,
33:71 so Allah may improve your deeds and forgive your sins. Anyone who obeys Allah and His Messenger has won a mighty victory
33:72 We presented the Trust to the Heavens, the Earth and the mountains, but they declined to carry it since they were fearful; but humans decided to carry it – humans were wrong and ignorant of the demands
33:73 Allah would punish them for this failure, especially the hypocrites and the idolaters, both men and women; but Allah will relent towards the believers, both men and women, for their failures. Allah is, Forgiving, Caring


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