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Luqman (Luqman, Lukman)
as rendered by Musharraf Hussain
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Musharraf Hussain rendition of Surah Luqman, Lukman(Luqman)
31:1 Alif Lam Meem
31:2 These are the verses of the Book full of wisdom,
31:3 a guidance, beneficial for the righteous;
31:4 who perform the prayer, pay Zakat and believe firmly in the Hereafter.
31:5 They follow their Lord’s guidance and are the successful
31:6 Some people pay for false stories to be told to divert people from Allah’s way, treating it as a joke; they will have a humiliating punishment.
31:7 When Our verses are recited to him, he arrogantly turns away as though he had not heard it, as though his ears were blocked; so cheer him up with news of a painful punishment.
31:8 The believers who do righteous deeds will have gardens of delight,
31:9 living in them forever. Allah’s promise is true; and He is the Almighty, the Wise
31:10 Allah created the skies without any pillar that you can see; and has fixed mountains like pegs in the Earth, so you don’t feel it’s tremors; and spread all animals across it. And We sent rain from the sky, growing plants of every kind all over it.
31:11 This is Allah’s creation. Now show me what others beside Him have created. Nothing! The wrongdoers are clearly misguided
31:12 We gave Luqman wisdom: “Be thankful to Allah.” Whoever is thankful benefits himself; and whoever is unthankful harms himself. Allah is Self-Sufficient, Praiseworthy
31:13 Remember when Luqman said to his son, as he advised him, “My dear son, don’t associate anything with Allah. Associating is a major sin.
31:14 We commanded every human to care for his parents; his mother carried him in pain during pregnancy, and breastfed him for nearly two years. So be thankful to Me and your parents, your destination is to Me.
31:15 However, if they force you to associate something with Me of which you have no proof, then don’t obey them. Despite this care for them in this life. Follow the path of those who turn to Me, eventually you will return to Me, and I shall inform you of what you did
31:16 “My dear son, everything – even as small as a mustard seed hidden inside a rock, or in the Heavens or under ground – Allah will bring out on Judgement Day. Allah is the infinitely Subtle, the All-Aware.
31:17 “My dear son, perform the prayer regularly, enjoin good, forbid evil, and be patient in times of hardship; these are the marks of determination.
31:18 “Don’t look down on people or swagger about. Allah dislikes every rude boaster.
31:19 Walk humbly and keep your voice down. The most disliked sound is the braying of the donkey.
31:20 Haven’t you considered how Allah made everything in the Heavens and the Earth serve your needs, and bestowed His gifts on you, visible and hidden? Yet there are people who argue about Allah without any knowledge, guidance or book to enlighten them.
31:21 When they are told: “Follow what Allah has revealed,” they say, “No! We follow what we found our forefathers doing.” What? Even if it is Satan who is calling them to the torment of the fiery Blaze?
31:22 Whoever turns his face in submission and righteousness towards Allah has grasped an unshakable handhold. Thereafter, the outcome of events rests with Allah.
31:23 The disbelievers’ disbelief shouldn’t grieve you. They will return to Us, and We’ll tell them what they did. Allah knows well their innermost thoughts.
31:24 We let them enjoy themselves a little, then force them in to a severe punishment
31:25 If you ask them: “Who created the Heavens and the Earth?” They will say, “Allah.” Say: “Praise be to Allah!” Most don’t have any knowledge.
31:26 Whatever is in the Heavens and the Earth belongs to Allah. He is the Self-Sufficient, the Praiseworthy.
31:27 If all the trees on Earth were pens, and the sea and seven more seas beside were ink, the words of Allah would not end. Allah is Almighty, Wise.
31:28 For Him, creating and resurrecting all of you is just like creating and resurrecting a single soul. Allah is Hearing, Seeing
31:29 Haven’t you considered how Allah causes night to merge into day, and day to merge into night; and how He has made the sun and the moon for your benefit, each coursing through the sky until their appointed time to set; and how Allah is fully aware of what you do?
31:30 Since Allah is the Truth, while whatever disbelievers call beside Him is false. Allah is the Exalted, the Great.
31:31 Haven’t you considered how ships sail across the sea by the grace of Allah to show you some of His signs? In that there are signs for every patient and thankful person.
31:32 Whenever a wave covers them like shadows they call Allah, sincere in their devotion; but when He brings them safely to land, some of them hesitate to believe. Anyone who disputes Our signs, is disloyal, unthankful
31:33 People, be mindful of your Lord and fear a Day when a parent will not benefit his child, nor a child benefit his parent. Allah’s promise is true; so make sure this worldly life doesn’t deceive you, and make sure Satan, the arch-deceiver, doesn’t deceive you either.
31:34 Allah alone has knowledge of the Final Hour; He sends rain and He knows what is in wombs. Nobody knows what he will earn tomorrow, and nobody knows where on Earth he will die; but Allah is the Knower, Aware


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